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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 57 Part 4

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 57 Part 4

Tong Yao happened to see a post on the first page of Weibo.

[The untold secret of the esports circle: I was told by a fan who was in the audience today that there was a person acting strangely in the first row of ZGDX’s fan section. She obviously wasn’t in the esport circle since everyone else was taking pictures of Kun who was sitting nearby, she even asked her neighbors who Kun was and why they were taking pictures of him-- --In addition, during the first match, there was a huge bouquet next to her feet. When the first match was about to end, she left her seat with the bouquet. Then at the beginning of the second match, she came back to her seat without the bouquet. Someone asked her who she was here to watch and her answer was: I’m a friend of Lu Sicheng.]

[The untold secret of the esports circle: Some backstage staff members have also disclosed that they saw that girl, with their own eyes, give the bouquet to Lu Sicheng. They definitely know each other and even exchanged a few words. Later on, that girl left and appeared to be not very happy……]

Tong Yao’s lips twitched and she put her leg down to sit straight up. There really weren’t any secrets in this world. She looked down at the culprit at her feet. The more she looked at the flowers the more she found them to be innocent…...Tong Yao exitted Weibo and checked other sites. The news about the mysterious woman was everywhere-- --

[A plum branch: See what all you’ve done by complaining about Smiling being too short to be a match for Cheng Ge. At least she knows how to play games.]

[Hum, not bad: Smiling’s eased my concerns, now I’m worrying again because that woman we don’t even know about.]

[Swimming whale: ………………...That woman’s makeup is so heavy.]

[Friendship first: I have to say, she’s definitely an outsider since we all call Cheng Ge either Chessman or Captain of ZGDX or Cheng Ge, rarely does anyone address him by his full name-- --As for why she came to the arena to show off her relationship with Cheng Ge, well, that’s beyond me.]

[Holy crap: When I realize that Cheng Ge is already at that age that he should have a girlfriend, I’m horrified.]

[Ahlalalei: I’m posting a GIF of the moment Lu Sicheng picked up Tong Yao to unnerve the shock from this woman. She obviously is showing off on purpose, otherwise she wouldn’t be sitting in the first row.]

[Wildfire: The above +1, on purpose +1. Cheng Ge never has any affair after so many years in the professional scene. What is this woman up to?]

Tong Yao: “......”

Tong Yao didn’t expect that a woman giving flowers to Cheng Ge could create such a big deal. All the fans online had turned into Sherlock Holmes-- --What’s more shocking was that most of their guesswork was correct.

As for that woman, whether she was deliberately stirring up gossip-- --

Tong Yao moved to sit next to Lu Yue and found him chatting with someone on his phone. She kicked him and Lu Yue confusedly looked up at her. He paused for a second then whispered: “......You’ve seen what they’re talking about on Tieba and Weibo.”

Tong Yao: “Based on my teenage girl’s sixth sense and so I can throw mud on her: She is doing it deliberately.”

Lu Yue rolled his eyes and handed over the cell phone in his hand-- --Tong Yao noticed that it was Lu Sicheng’s cell phone.  Just now Lu Yue was arguing with someone called [Luoluo] on it. To put it simply, Lu Yue told this person that he didn’t add her Wechat to have her cause trouble for his brother. Now everyone was saying that ZGDX’s captain was in love and had let his girlfriend come see him play and give him flowers……

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