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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 44 Part 3

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 44 Part 3

Xiang Nuan watched the back view of Invincible and curiously asked Lin Chuyan: “You didn’t rape him, did you?”

“No. Let me stress it again, I’m not gay.”

Xiang Nuan looked back at Lin Chuyan: “Well, you aren’t hurt, are you?”

Lin Chuyan wasn’t hurt at all. But when Xiang Nuan asked him in concern, he suddenly felt that maybe he had been wounded. He leaned back on a tree trunk, using one leg to support his weight and the other leg dangling above the ground.

“Actually, my leg hurts a little.”

“Then what should we do? Let’s go to the hospital?”

“It’s alright. I probably just sprained something on the leg. Just let me rest for a while.”

Lin Chuyan leaned his head against the tree trunk. His eyes cast down so he could see Xiang Nuan’s face. It was a little chilly and her face was pale from the cold. The paleness made the contours of her face even more soft and fragile. He felt like carefully holding the face with both of his hands.

Xiang Nuan’s delicate eyebrows were in a knot: “Does it hurt?”

He looked at her beautiful eyes that were filled with concern. He felt warmth in his heart and curved his lips into a smile without realizing it.

“Why are still smiling?”

“It’s nothing. Let’s go.”

Lin Chuyan was good at acting. He put all his weight on the good leg and walked, with the “hurt” leg only lightly touching the ground. He could still walk but staggering all the while, as if he would fall at any moment.

Xiang Nuan wasn’t comfortable with how he was walking. After a few steps, she grabbed his arm: “Let me help you. Don’t be shy, we’re good buddies.”

“En.” Lin Chuyan answered in a tiny voice.

He thought to himself: I’m not shy at all.

Then he thought: Who wants to be your good buddy.

Xiang Nuan supported Lin Chuyan’s arm. Their bodies close together. She was almost buried in his arms.

Lin Chuyan was quite taller than she was to the point that his body practically covered her. She felt like she was a chick hiding under the wings of an old hen.

There was a faint blush on her cheeks, an intinctual reaction for a girl so close to the opposite sex.

Suddenly she heard him speak above her head: “Do you want to listen to some songs?”


She thought he was going to let her listen to some songs on his phone, but instead he cleared his throat and started to sing.

He was singing <Can’t Help Falling In Love>.

His voice was so close it felt like he was singing the love song next to her ear; it was gentle and sweet. Xiang Nuan almost got drunk from his singing voice.

At that very moment, both of them hoped the narrow path would last forever.

-- --

That night, Lin Chuyan posted a comment in his friends circle, of which he had set viewing privileges for different groups of friends. Xiang Nuan didn’t have access to it, but Chen Yinghu could. His comment was -- --

All the girls are lustful.

Chen Yinghu replied: I wonder what you’ve been through……

Lin Chuyan: ^ _ ^

Translated by Team DHH at


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