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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 36 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 36 Part 1

Lin Chuyan didn’t go to the club meeting on Thursday, instead he went
home for his mother’s birthday.

Yue Yingying didn’t like big parties.  Rather than throw a birthday party,
she usually had a family gathering. Though she was quiet about her birthday,
she still received many birthday gifts.

This year, the gift she appreciated the most was Xiang Daying’s painting.
The most unusual gift was from her own son.

Lin Chuyan was taking a 3D design class this semester. He designed a
birthday cake and used the 3D printer in the school lab to print it out as
his mother’s birthday gift.

Yue Yingying didn’t really appreciate the cake, but she didn’t want to hurt
his son’s feelings either. She gave a red envelope in return to her son with
500 RMB inside.

Lin Chuyan didn’t appreciate that either.

“Don’t think it’s too little. You have to rent out your tuxedo for 5 days to
earn that much!”

It looked like his parents were aware of his tuxedo renting business.

In fact, his rental business wasn’t doing that great. Since the tuxedo was
tailor made for him, not many people could fit in his tuxedo. Chubby people
couldn’t put it on, even skinny people wouldn’t fit properly. Especially the pants,
they were too long for most people. Some even had to roll up the bottom of the
pants, making the entire outfit look rather awkward.

“How do you get to know Mr. Xiang?” Lin Xueyuan was curious.

Lin Chuyan wouldn’t tell his dad the truth since he was still unhappy that his
parents mistrusted him.

Lin Xueyuan continued: “Do you know that Mr. Xiang didn’t take any money
for the painting.”

“How could you do that?”

“I certainly wouldn’t accept it, but there was nothing I can do since he insisted
on it. Besides, he’s an artist, I can’t keep stuffing money into his pocket. I don’t
want to look too vulgar.”

Lin Chuyan thought for a while: “Then give me the money, I’ll give it to him.”

“Get lost!”

Lin Chuyan dropped the issue.

After a while, Lin Chuyan asked his dad: “Did Mr. Xiang ask you anything
about me?”

“No, why do you ask?”

“It’s nothing.” Lin Chuyan lowered his head, pretending to check cell phone.
His eyelids covered the disappointment in his eyes.

---- ----

It was Saturday again, the day Xiang Nuan’s team was playing the semi-finals.

Their opponent at the semi-finals was a team called “Black Space.”

The five players of the Black Space were all at the Master level. Xiang Nuan
had studied the team and found that the five players were classmates. Though
they were all Masters, their skill levels were uneven.

The best one was their Top, good at playing the champion Laofuzi.

Top usually stayed at the top lane by himself, facing the enemy’s Marksman and
Support. It was a position with a lot of pressure and sometimes unrewarding.

Laofuzi could attack, take pressure, and run fast. He did well in team fights as
well as fight on his own. When Black Space played a match, usually Laofuzi
would farm and push a tower all by himself, leaving his other teammates to their
own devices. Then Laofuzi would quietly push all the enemy towers on his own…...
A formidable champion.

Xiang Nuan’s team had to make sure that Laofuzi was banned.

In return, Black Space banned Xiang Nuan’s Donghuang Taiyi and Lin Chuyan’s
Li Bai.

Lin Chuyan’s Li Bai wasn’t very powerful, but under his control, there would be too
many surprises, making it harder to deal with.

Lin Chuyan wasn’t planning on playing Li Bai in the first place. He chose to play as
a mage.

Lately Lin Chuyan had been playing Diaochan which was more useful in a higher
level game.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 49 Part 4

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 49 Part 4

“The one who never gets a single bad comment is our captain.” Tong Yao
rolled her eyes. “Wait till one day when ZGDX loses a match, people will
have all sorts of terrible things to say about us. You think they’ll let us off
the hook?”

“We’re being trashed online right now. Some people are saying that we’re
a waste of a slot in the major league------”

“Didn’t you fight hard to get into the major league?”

“We did.”

“Then what do you care whatever they said.”

Tong Yao pulled out her cell phone as she spoke, afraid that Little Fatty and
the others would be looking for her. What she found instead was 20 replies
to her comment on Tieba before she’d entered the men’s bathroom-----


Tong Yao: “......”

She calmly finished reading all the derisive replies while crouched on the floor.
Then she sneered and put her cell phone away, flatly saying: “What the hell do
they know.” She stood up and patted Ah Guang’s head: “There isn’t any easy win
for any of the teams. No need to belittle yourself-----You earned your position in
the major league with your own ability, just make sure you can sit tight on it.”

Ah Guang looked up at her after she finished talking with a sincere expression.

Ah Guang: “You’re a bit too nice to a fault.”

Tong Yao: “I just don’t like seeing such unreasonable comments.”

Ah Guang: “Isn’t it better to let other teams dread yours?”

Tong Yao: “Why is it better? I almost went blind staying up at night watching all the
videos just so I could be pretentious in front of other teams?”

Ah Guang: “......”

Tong Yao clicked her tongue a couple times and shook her hand as if she couldn’t
stand the thought of it. Without knowing why, after comforting Ah Guang, Tong Yao
felt much better about herself, even Ah Tai didn’t seem that formidable anymore------

She thought to herself, who knew how much studying Ah Tai had done before
defeating her? They’re all human beings, how could anyone be so strong like an
alien from outer space?

The thought made Tong Yao curve her lips up and she began to whistle happily------

She started to walk away, suddenly she noticed a tall figure standing at the door of
the restroom. He had one of his hands tucked inside his pocket, quietly staring at her.

Tong Yao’s smile froze on her face. She stopped and raised her head, meeting a
pair of quiet, dark brown eyes-----He was wearing the blue and white team uniform,
holding the cell phone in one hand which was calling someone right at that moment.
Tong Yao took out her own phone which was on silent mode-----

Lu Sicheng ended the call and on Tong Yao’s phone, it showed that there were 4
missed phone calls.

Tong Yao: “..............................”

Tong Yao looked up to see the large sign showing “Men” on the door.

Tong Yao: “I………………….”

Tong Yao raised her head again to look at Lu Sicheng nervously.

Tong Yao: “..............No, he--------”

In the end, Tong Yao blankly turned to look behind her.

Tong Yao: “Damn!”

She decided to give up explaining.

“If you’re playing hide and seek, no one would expect you to hide in here.”
Lu Sicheng flatly said: “Smart.”

Tong Yao: “....................................”

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 35 Part 3

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 35 Part 3

Chen Yinghu was scheduled to fly home Tuesday night.

Tuesday afternoon, Lin Chuyan had a lab class that he couldn’t skip. He
asked Chen Yinghu whether he would like to come visit the lab. Chen Yinghu
asked about the experiment Lin Chuyan was going to do. Many of the terms in
Lin Chuyan’s description were very foreign to Chen Yinghu, which reminded him
the horror back when he was in highschool. He cautiously declined the invitation.

Chen Yinghu suddenly didn’t admire the college students. They had to study,
go to class, do lab experiments…...He pitied them.

In Lin Chuyan’s lab class, every two students worked as a team. He teamed
up with Zheng Dongkai. Usually, Lin Chuyan could finish the experiment very
quickly because he was very strong at anything hands-on.

Zhong Dongkai always thought it was quite unfair. Lin Chuyan was such a lazy
person, how could he deserve such an ability……

Maomaoqiu and Dayu were having some trouble with the experiment today. The
data they came up with was abnormal just at a glance.

Most of the other students had left the lab while they were still sweating over
the data.

Lin Chuyan unusually showed some compassion and comforted them: “Don’t panic.
You can copy our data and then just amend the report.”

“We won’t copy yours!”

Zheng Dongkai wiped his forehead: “Chuyan, this is not the way to comfort people.”

Lin Chuyan then rubbed his nose: “Well, then I’ll do it for you or I’ll direct you to do it.”

Maomaoqiu and Dayu both looked suspicious. They cautiously asked: “What’s in it
for you?”


Lin Chuyan rubbed his chin and asked them: “Do I look like I’m tricking you guys?”

“Yes, very much so!”

He were being taken as a con man again?

---- ----

The last straw that broke the camel’s back came that night.

That night, Lin Chuyan sent a message on WeChat to his mother-- --Ever since he
helped his dad get the painting for his mom, his parents removed his name from
the blacklist.

Lin Chuyan: Mom, I think I’m in love.


When the message reached his mother’s cellphone, his mom, Yue Yingying, was
sitting in front of the dresser facing the mirror, putting a facial mask on. She didn’t
see the message.

Lin Xueyuan was sitting on the bed reading. He noticed the screen of her cell phone
light up and said to his wife: “You have a message.”

“Who’s it from?”

“Let me see.” Lin Xueyuan reached out to the phone and took a look: “It’s the little

“What does he want?” Yue Yingying walked over with mask on her face.

“What else? To swindle some more money.”

“Oh, this ungrateful son.”

“I’ll delete it for you.”

“En, delete it.”

Yue Yingying didn’t think too much about it. She opened another facial mask: “Let
me put this one on you.”

Lin Xueyuan resisted: “I’m a man, I don’t need it.”

“You have to. I don’t want you to have too many wrinkles.”

Lin Xueyuan had no choice but to let his wife put on the facial mask for him.

They wore matching pajamas and facial masks, resting on bed.

Lin Xueyuan suddenly received a message as well. He took a glance at his cell

Lin Chuyan: Dad, I think I’m in love.

His dad deleted it without a second thought.


Lin Chuyan was pretty much convinced at this point that he had the face of a
con man.

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 20 Part 3

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 20 Part 3

Somewhere in Yang City, Zhou Tingsheng was discussing “abducted women”
with someone as well.

Wuzi jumped up from the massage chair when he saw Zhou Tingsheng had
arrived without telling him in advance. Zhou Tinghsheng came out of the car
with a poker face. But all the young waitresses sitting in the lobby couldn’t take
their eyes off him. Wuzi rubbed his hands: “Sheng Ge, why are you here? Look
at these girls, they can’t take their eyes off from you.”

“So I can’t come here?” Zhou Tingsheng moved Ophelia and Desa from the

“Sure you can! It’s just, I just got married, I’m afraid she’ll run off with you once
she sees you!” Wuzi was glib-tongued. Then he cried out in surprise: “You even
brought a cat and the dog? Is it popular to give tattoo to pets now?”

Desa, already familiar with him, gave a friendly bark. Wuzi patted Desa’s head:
“Be good. I’ll feed you some meat later. You eat grass everyday staying with
Sheng Ge, don’t you?”

Somehow his words made Zhou Tingsheng unhappy, his expression changed.

Wuzi didn’t mind him but tried to hold the cat. The little kitten wasn’t in a good
mood and lifted its paw to scratch the stranger. Wuzi barely got away unharmed
and scolded: “Who’s cat is this! It looks like a sissy, but with a bad temper.”

Zhou Tingsheng coldly said: “That’s enough. Let’s go in and talk.”

Wuzi helped Zhou Tingsheng put away the little luggage he had.  Zhou Tingsheng
was more concerned about giving both pets water than settling down himself. There
was no utensil in Wuzi’s shop that could be used as a water dish for pets. One of the
waitresses delivered, blushing all the while, two shallow dishes which the shop used
to serve fruits to the customers. They were the perfect size for water bowls. Zhou
Tingsheng thanked the young waitress, who smiled like a blooming flower.

Wuzi complained: “You didn’t even ask me! My own staff used my stuff to please him?”

The young girls giggled. They were also very interested at the two pets. Desa looked
fierce so they stayed away from her. But they also liked the cat, everyone tried to
stroke Ophelia, making the cat quite uncomfortable.

Zhou Tingsheng watched for a while without much expression on his face, then lit up
a cigarette and said: “Leave him alone.”

His voice wasn’t loud or harsh, but his furrowed brows made all the young girls back

Wuzi clicked his tongue, thinking the girls were dissuaded too easily.

Wuzi took Zhou Tingsheng to his VIP room. The room was dark, Wuzi switched on the
light and said: “Sheng Ge, stay as long as you want. Let me know if you need anything.”  
He had known Zhou Tingsheng for 4 or 5 years and knew very well about his background.
He also knew that Zhou Tingsheng would come here only when he was upset, to distract

Zhou Tingsheng took out a red envelope to give to Wuzi: “I wasn’t here when you got
married. Here’s my belated gift.”

Wuzi took it and found it was quite thick. He wasn’t comfortable receiving such a large
sum as a gift: “It was just a marriage…...Sheng Ge, you really don’t need to do this. I
don’t know how many times I’m going to get married in this life!” He tried to belittle the
event but Zhou Tingsheng insisted.

Zhou Tingsheng asked: “Why do you need to hire so many young pretty girls in your
clubhouse? Are you doing business legally?”

“Well, it’s better to have young pretty girls as waitresses anywhere!” Wuzi looked at
Zhou Tingsheng’s face, then continued: “The business isn’t that hot lately, I……”

Zhou Tingsheng raised his hand to stop him and eyed the red envelope: “Take it.”

Wuzi took the money, a bit embarrassed, and awkwardly said: “These girls are new
recruits, I just finished training them…...Sheng Ge, you want to give it try?”

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