Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Simulcasting Love - Chapter 4: Part 2

Soon afterwards, Zhang Shanxue was lost in thought after finding an item in his room.  She had been invited to visit his home not too long ago.  His house didn’t seem to be particularly different; it just felt comfortable and simple.  But it was slightly different after she took a closer look.  She wasn’t sure if it had been by choice or not, but the edges and corners of all the furnitures were rounded.  She thought about it.  That’s right.  He could not see.  Regardless of how careful he was, he would still accidentally bump into something.  All the rounded edges and corners would minimized any damage he received.  But this design seemed unnecessary when she saw how easily Tang Shuoran moved about his own home.  He moved around and correctly reached for and opened the refrigerator.  He took out a bottle of icy mineral water, then walked to the kitchen counter.  He picked up a cup and easily twisted off the cap.  He poured water into the cup without spilling a single drop, then he turned around and walked straight towards Zhang Shanxue.  He stopped about a meter away and handed the water to her. “Have some water.“

Shanxue stared in awe.  It’s true that home is the most relaxing place for a person.  The roads outside had too many uncertainties, even such a nimble person like Tang Shuoran could not stride freely.  He had to rely on his stick to find his way outside, but it was totally different at home where his natural elegance and graciousness shone through.  Zhang Shanxue had millions of reasons to suspect that he maybe, just maybe……

She shook her head and stopped thinking about the subject.  She could treat him as a normal person from the bottom of her heart, but she could not ignore that reality was reality.  Right now he acted just like a normal person, but-----

Monday, September 26, 2016

God's Left Hand - Book 1: Chapter 8

After the exhibition game was over, several reporters circled around Grunt trying to interview him.
There wasn’t anything new about their questions, mostly comparing him to Solo.

Solo was a legend in the world of esports; he competed in many events and was superb in all of them.  He had become an icon for all these years.  But, the guy in front of them didn’t seem to have much respect for him.
“Solo is just like a legend, but there’s always an end to a legend.  Just like so many professional Scandinavian players, many of them were signed onto clubs for huge sums of money but they were all kicked out once their physical strength and energy slowed down.”  Grunt said in a clear voice with a hint of intrigue.  “Usually these players who’ve played in the top clubs can’t stand second rate teams after they leave, and so they would retire in the end.”
The three reporters were somewhat stunned and couldn’t follow up.
Ai Qing was surprised to hear that.  This was the first time she had heard someone with such an opinion.
“Certainly, he is indeed unsurpassable for the first ten years of esports in China.  If I were him, I would retire while I’m still on top, before my fall from grace.”
Grunt put on his backpack and walked out of the stadium.
“What a sharp tongue.”  Her sister sighed next to her.  “But that arrogance was sort of cute.”
She speechlessly looked at her sister.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

God's Left Hand - Book 1: Chapter 7

The manga convention was a three-day event.
“This is a manga convention.  I know you would be more excited if it was a video game convention.  The video game convention two years ago had more than 700 cosplayers there, all cosplaying as video game characters.”  Her sister sat and rested off the stage.  “Too bad you were in the hospital at the time.  Otherwise, if you were there, you would have been thrilled.”
Ai Qing wore a simple white short sleeve, faded jeans, sitting next to her sister who wore heavy costumes.  While listening to her sister’s soft voice, she kept feeling that one of the exhibition guests at the other side was looking at them.

When she turned to look, Grunt happened to stand up and walk onto the stage.
The title screen of the game was on the big screens at the same time.

Starcraft I was the beginning of esports.
The older generations of video game hotshots all began with Starcraft I, then gradually turned to other games like CS and Warcraft.  Unfortunately, she was too young when Starcraft I was popular; by the time she began her professional esports career, Starcraft I had completely
fallen out of favor.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Simulcasting Love - Chapter 4: Part 1


Zhang Shanxue took great care when she spoke now.  She had never encountered such a picky mentor for work.

But, she slowly began to love the job.  Aside from to diligently studing and practice her Mandarin pronunciation, she also went onsite to listen to Tang Shuoran simultaneously translate.  She increasingly felt that she was learning more than what they were paying her for.  She was following the right master, Tang Shuoran……..

She silently spoke to herself: “Oh~~~my idol!”

Tang Shuoran found the whole situation strange as well.  Without realizing it, he could relax in the presence of this young girl.  Even he was surprised at how he behaved at times.  He would have heated arguments with the young girl over the pronunciation of a character.  The prep work he did behind the scenes became the time he looked forward to the most.  At this time every day, it was as if two people were skipping, hand in hand, across a field of flowers.  Now the young girl was barely afraid of him.

She was reading fast as usual.  After a long time with no response from him, she mischievously leaned her head close to his face.  Her voice was full of smiles: “You’ve fallen asleep! “

Monday, September 19, 2016

God's Left Hand - Book 1: Chapter 6

After two weeks full of exams, Ai Qing’s junior year was finally done.
For her senior year, almost all of her classmates were going to intern at jewelry companies or places like the Bureau of Geology.  Since she had no preference, her father had arranged for her to intern at a local jewelry appraisal studio.
In short, she would be looking at a bunch of gold, platinum, agate, and diamond every day.

As her older sister, Ai Jing, had said, she would soon live a life that was even more luxurious than that of a rich lady.
She and her older sister were twins, but they were totally different.

Her sister liked to study; she had a guaranteed admission into the doctoral program of the Chinese Language Department at the end of her junior year.  The only thing that could count as a similar interest between the two was that her sister liked cos[1], going to all the manga conventions.  She especially liked to cos popular male characters……
More than once she was misidentified when she accompanied her sister to manga conventions.
Fortunately, when she was at video game competitions, her sister wasn’t a public figure yet, otherwise, who knew what kind of funny thing would happen.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Undefeated - League of Legends - Book 1: Chapter 1

Book 1: The Return of the Lost King

Chapter 1: It's Not Bad Being an Amateur Player

At the DOTA Competition in London, England.

Inside the arena, dazzling neon lights flashed about.  Multicolored LED spotlighted the podium.

Five English players on the podium raised a trophy with excited smiles.  A long-legged lady next to them popped open the champagne bottle, which sprayed over the team to celebrate their victory!

The one in the center among the five was a brown haired, good-looking British young man.  With a glaring grin that could charm any girl, he fixed his eyes on another young man in the audience.

He was the core of the championship team without any doubt.  He was only 17 years old, the true little prince of the British esports!

“I’ve learned a Chinese idiom.”  The champion didn’t give a victory speech, rather he directed his words at one person in the audience and said, “The idiom is ‘one word has the weight of nine cauldrons’[1].  Please keep your promise to retire from DOTA after being defeated!”

The young man in the audience had black eyes, black hair, and a slim build.

Faced with an overbearing smile from this shining star, an esports prince, he could only nodded quietly.

“Come, Eagle[2], the genius player.  Please give us a smile to remember you by.”  A photographer walked in front of the black haired young man and spoke in Mandarin Chinese.

The black haired young man grinned to the camera.

But the smile broke his heart!

God's Left Hand - Book 1: Chapter 5

If yellow hair’s victory in the first round could be considered a narrow win.
Then the next two rounds were one person’s exhibition shows of Ai Qing.  After a series of flashes and the smoke cleared, her opponent didn’t even have a chance to fight back.  One headshot with one bullet, a clean kill.
The assault rifle and long gun rounds ended in one minute.

Pop music was playing inside the building.  The air conditioning wasn’t working properly, so when Ai Qing released her mouse, her palm was somewhat sweaty.
She began to subconsciously tap the keyboard with her left fingers while she was lost in her thoughts.  She closed the game and pointed to the computer in front of her.  “It looks like this laptop doesn’t have any problem.”
Yellow hair didn’t make a sound, it looked like he didn’t plan to say anything.
“You are welcome to come anytime if there’s a problem later on.”  Ai Qing closed the laptop, unplugged it, and handed it over to the person who had  been on purposely looking for trouble.  “The feel of this laptop’s keyboard is quite good.  Or at the very least, I’ve never used anything better than this.”
After she finished, the onlookers there all came closer, curious to examine it themselves.
They murmured to each other in agreement.  “What an awesome computer.”  “What a really high end computer.”

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[Announcement]: New Story About League of Legends

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Just wanted to update you all that we've picked up another story.  It's pretty popular apparently and also has been published as a novel.  As of now this is just a teaser chapter, which will be published tomorrow morning (9/17/16) at 11 am.  The actual schedule hasn't been set yet.  If you guys are interested in more please tell us in the comments.

Enjoy Undefeatable - League of Legends!

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Simulcasting Love - Chapter 3: Part 2

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Thanks and enjoy!

Zhang Shanxue had already begun performing her duties while the other new hires were undergoing intense job training sessions.  Since the conference couldn’t wait and a great number of scripts were endlessly being delivered to the Convention Center, Solomon’s work could not be delayed.  Hence she was taken to a closed office the first day of work.

She was extremely uncomfortable and afraid that perhaps she had been caught in a scam, but thought better of it.  She was at the famous International Convention Center afterall.  Perhaps it was Tang Shuoran’s way of getting revenge at her?  While she was buried in her thoughts, two knocks sounded from the other side of the door.  She nervously stood and saw Tang Shuoran steadily walked in.  He was hardly using the thing in his hands——the pole?  bat?  stick?

Tang Shuoran did not use his white cane again after stepping into the office, since he was intimately familiar with the layout of his office.  He walked in directly and reached the desk after 5 or 6 steps. He bent a little bit and walked to the side for two steps, paused, sat down right on his own chair.  He casually moved the white cane to the side, cleared his throat, and said: “Now we can start. “

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God's Left Hand - Book 1: Chapter 4

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The three men didn’t expect such a challenge from the girl.
The yellow hair looked at Ai Qing with great amusement.  “You mean a round of Kart Racing?”
“CS.”  Ai Qing thought for a bit.  “2 wins out of three rounds.”

She hadn’t touched the game for more than two years.  Usually when she was bored, she would play VOS to pass time, a game where one would tap keys on keyboard as piano keys…, she felt much more comfortable if it was a best of three games.
“Your girlfriend is pretty funny.”  The yellow haired guy looked at Slide.  “Two on two?”
Slides smilingly took out another computer, the exact same model, from under the counter. “No, one on one.  I am basically what you would call an armchair strategist.  I never play any games.”
“Then if we win?”
“If you win, I’ll let you return the computer.”

Saturday, September 10, 2016

God's Left Hand - Book 1: Chapter 3

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Though it was such a hot day one of his hands was covered by a black glove.
The glove was very thin, showing off five slender fingers.  For those who didn’t know him, they would think that he was just wearing it to look cool.

But for someone who was supposed to be a professional player in Germany, selling computers in a computer city downtown…...he wouldn’t be wearing the glove for such a silly reason.
Slide stroke her hair with a smile.  “Do you want to be Zhen Zi (贞子, TL: Sadako, from Ring, the horror movie/book)  Your hair has grown this long.”  He gestured with his hand.  “It’s reached down to your thighs.  Isn’t it bothersome?  Won’t it take half an hour to wash it?”
“40 minutes.”  Seeing that he wasn’t answering her question, Ai Qing stopped poking at his sore spot.  “I don’t need to train ten some hours a day now, I have more than enough time to do unimportant things.”
He couldn’t help laughing.

Three years.  
It seemed to have changed a lot of things.

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Simulcasting Love - Chapter 3: Part 1

Tang Shuoran didn’t see Zhang Shanxue until the last day of the interview week.  Perhaps Zhang Shanxue already had the interview or maybe Tang Shuoran was too busy with work at the time.

The director of the Center was browsing the results from the interviews and spoke apologetically to Tang Shuoran: “The applicants are all very highly qualified this year.  Unfortunately we haven’t found someone with the talents that match your needs.  Maybe you could look around and see if you can find someone suitable to recommend for the job?”

Tang Shuoran almost jumped at the chance to recommend Zhang Shanxue right away, but paused instead.  If she had come for the interview and was hired, it proved that she was qualified for the position.  But if she didn’t even come for the interview, then he had misjudged her——everybody knew that the International Convention Center had an extremely low hiring rate.  It’s a challenge to even obtain an interview, so why should he enthusiastically recommend her for the job if she didn’t even have the confidence to even try for the position?

He fumbled to stand up and with one hand, pulled his walking cane from his pocket. He turned to the director: “Wait until you have finished hiring, then pick one from the hired applicants….”
At that moment, a staff member rushed into the door: “Director.  There’s one more page missing from the results of the interviews…...”

Saturday, September 3, 2016

God's Left Hand - Book 1: Chapter 2

One weekend afternoon, Ai Qing’s roommate spilled a glass of water onto her new laptop while animatedly telling a joke.
Ai Qing was forced to accompany her to the computer city for repair.

Since it was the weekend, the computer city in downtown was very crowded.
Her roommate had a poor sense of directions; they walked through the whole third floor but still couldn’t find the shop where she had bought the computer.
“I only remember that the owner was very handsome, with short black hair and his eyes were always smiling……”  The roommate kept talking about the features of the owner.  Ai Qing didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.  “Did you buy this computer just because of his face?”
“Certainly not.”  The roommate said with a guilty conscience.  “I just admire him.  When I was there, he and some other handsome guys were looking at a computer.  That computer was super good looking and had a logo that I don’t  even recognize…’s a strange alien head.  They kept talking about computer accessories.  If you’d seen it, it would have made your blood boil.”  Her roommate got more excited as she spoke.  “Actually, I thought about it later, it was just a laptop.  But the way they talked about it, it sounded like a sports car…...I was thinking about joining in the fun, but it’s too expensive; it’s worth several tens of thousands, so I gave up.”