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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 5 Part 3

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 5 Part 3

The host announced the names of the other actors one by one. Even the lead
actor of the movie, Lu Qing, who had won best actor before, had become a
support actor for Director Gu and Cheng Jiang.  When Ye Qiao went up on stage,
no one was paying much attention to her. She silently passed by Gu Jin.
She kept her face looking straight forward and saw from the corner of her eyes
that Gu Jin was standing right next to Cheng Jiang. Gu Jin even glanced at her.
He wasn’t at ease as he usually was. Was he feeling a bit of guilt?
It was too bad that she didn’t have a chance to take a good look at him.

The host interviewed every actor. It took him ten minutes to do so and a third of
the time was focused on Gu and Cheng Jiang-- --

“What made you decide to take to the big screen?”
“What made you decide to take such an unconventional role?”
“Why did you choose to work with Director Gu?”

Why? Maybe just because he was Gu Jin.

Ye Qiao stood on the stage listening to Cheng Jiang answering those questions.
Her voice came through the microphone, hurting Ye Qiao’s eardrums: “This time
I’m very honored to be able to work with Director Gu. When I first received the script,
I was deeply moved by the tenacity of ‘Qin Mian’. But I did hesitate because of the
unusual subject of the movie……”
Even her voice was enchanting, awe-inspiring enchanted.
The flashing lights, her voice, the whole world seemed to have submerged in a tidal wave.
Ye Qiao became trapped in Cheng Jiang’s voice and began to feel herself drift away
again. She felt the urge to take her pills. She didn’t even notice that the host had turned
to interview Lu Qing, someone she’d always admired.

Until the host mentioned her name: “You and Cheng Jiang have worked together for many
years. In the newly released film, you worked with Ye Qiao which had received great reviews.
This time, do you wish to create new spark with your old partner or do you expect to interact
more with your new partner?”

Ye Qiao almost instantly glared at Xu Yinshan.
The host’s question was weird and sensitive. It couldn’t possibly be a prepared question;
it was obviously something the host had improvised on the spot. Lu Qing’s answer could
also be expected-- --No one would make Cheng Jiang look bad just for Ye Qiao’s sake.
The host was a close friend of Xu Yinshan and it was obvious who wanted to embarrass
Ye Qiao.
Xu Yinshan gracefully smiled at the lenses aiming at the stage. Ye Qiao however could
smell the insidiousness in her smile.

Were all people in this world like this? Or only the people in this business were like this?
They tried to step on you though the matter really didn’t have anything to do with them.

“Both are excellent actresses who I have had the pleasure to work with.” After he finished,
Lu Qing took a glance at Ye Qiao. Ye Qiao was sure that he knew what was going on here
because she could see sympathy in his million dollar eyes.
It was very kind of him, as a qianbei who had worked with her before, to give her silent support.
But what she didn’t need was sympathy.

When the host asked her why she took the role in <The Watcher>, her heart clamored for
the satisfaction of tearing all the facade down.
She wanted to be break into pieces and be hated by everyone.
She wanted to stand in front of an oncoming storm and be torn apart against the rocks.
She wanted to say the words expected by everyone-- -- “Because of Gu Jin.”

But, she was Ye Qiao.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 37 Part 2

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 37 Part 2

Tong Yao glared at Lu Yue and tried to retrieve her phone from Xiao Rui.
Xiao Rui raised his arm high, out of Tong Yao’s reach: “Wait till we get back,
you can ask Ming god about this information if you want to see them. He’ll
have all the competition videos of each team for analyzing their styles,
techniques, and strategies-- --Ming god has already started collecting this
information as soon as the result of the drawing was announced.”

Tong Yao was surprised to hear that and her eyes brightened up: “Ming
god is cool!”

Xiao Rui began to gloat: “Isn’t he. Don’t go on Baidu! You think Baidu
knows everything!”

“Isn’t that the job of a data analyst? Can you two stop acting like idiots.”

It was the hoarse voice of the captain who was sitting between Tong Yao
and Xiao Rui. He moved a bit as he was speaking and reached to grab
Tong Yao’s phone from Xiao Rui’s hand. He threw the phone back to Tong Yao
-- --Tong Yao juggled to catch the phone. After a while, she carefully turned to
look at the man next to her: “Cheng Ge, are you really not going to take cold


“You’re losing your voice. How can you give out instructions the day after

“I’ll be fine the day after tomorrow…...achoo.”

Tong Yao turned back to sit straight in her own seat with a look on her face
which said “I don’t see you getting any better soon.” Little Fatty muttered that
he didn’t want to get sick and opened the window-- --About an hour later they
came back to the ZGDX base. It was already 11 o’clock in the night. Tong Yao
comforted the lonely Dabing who had stayed at the base all alone, then asked
from Ming god all the information about the other teams in their group and CK.
She went upstairs back to her room.

After she washed up, she lied on her bed reading all the information. Since
they would play against CK the day after tomorrow, she chose to read about
CK first-- --

The top of CK, Come Good Luck, was once teammates with Liangsheng next
door. They were once referred to as the kings of the junior league. After they
played together for a year, Come Good Luck was lucky enough to be recruited
by one of the top professional teams, CK. Liangsheng got into the secondary team,
YQCB…...Come Good Luck was now the main top for team CK. He was good at
using tank type champions-- --Maokai, Trundle, and Gnar. Especially Gnar, he
could use one palm to hurt 3 or 4 people, people referred it as buddha’s palm.

CK’s adc, Butterfly, was good looking as the name suggested. He was a little short
but that didn’t stop him from having a large fangirl base. He was cute in person,
but when he played, he was rather aggressive and was ranked as one of the top
adc. He was good at playing the warrior goddess, Ashe and Kog’Maw.

CK’s support, Old Wang, had partnered with Butterfly for two years. They were
quite experienced and basically could take down any other bot partners except
Lu Sicheng and Little Fatty. He had a large champion pool; it seemed that he
could use any champion, but he was best at Thresh.

CK’s jungler, Jian Yang,......blablabla, Tong Yao ignored it. (And rolled her eyes.)

CK’s mid, Little Flower.

Tong Yao sat up on the bed and earnestly studied the information on hand-- --

This was the opponent she had to face head on the day after tomorrow.

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 22 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 22 Part 1

Zheng Dongkai happened to watch the mini map as Lin Chuyan killed Ah Ke.

To be honest, in the beginning he thought Lin Chuyan would definitely die. Daji
did have the ability to fight with Ah Ke face to face, but with Daji at low health, it
wouldn’t take much for Ah Ke to kill Daji. Lin Chuyan’s only chance for survival
would be avoiding Ah Ke long enough to cast all Daji’s abilities on Ah Ke.

The summoner ability Lin Chuyan brought with him was Flash. Flash was the ability
to instantly teleport a short distance away. It was the only escape ability Lin Chuyan
possessed and he hadn’t used it up till now. However he didn’t use Flash to escape,
rather he used Flash to go behind Ah Ke as Ah Ke was about to strike.

Since the timing of both of their actions was so close, it gave the illusion that they
happened instantaneously. From Ah Ke’s angle, she felt that she had hit Daji but
Daji was still alive.  

That’s probably why Ah Ke couldn’t die in peace.

What happened next was much simpler, the weak Daji cast a combo of her abilities,
sending Ah Ke to her grave.

Zheng Dongkai was quite shocked to watch what had unfolded. There were many
ways to use Flash but it was very rare to see such a daring move.

“You actually calculated that?” After the match was over, Zheng Dongkai asked
Lin Chuyan.

“With a little bit of luck. I calculated Ah Ke’s runes based on the most common set.
And it turned out that was the rune she was carrying.”

Runes were modifiers that players could buy and equip to a champion. It enhanced
a player’s champion from the start of the game. A full set of runes would give anyone
quite a starting advantage.

Zheng Dongkai: “So that’s all part of your calculations? What I don’t understand is
why did you use Flash right at the last moment? Are you just trying to get an
adrenaline rush?”

“Well, not really.” Lin Chuyan pursed his lips and answered: “I felt that it would’ve
been a bigger blow to her confidence.”

“..................” Zheng Dongkai raised his thumb in response. “I almost want to salute

“No need.” Lin Chuyan humbly replied. Then he added after giving it some thought:
“Actually, everyone behaves differently. My plans don’t work everytime. I really had
good luck this time around.”

Xiang Nuan worriedly said: “You’re only Gold and already playing so many tricks.
What happens if we get to be Master?”

Lin Chuyan smiled in amusement.

Zheng Dongkai had never seen Lin Chuyan smiled in such a way. It was a quiet
and reserved smile with his head slightly lowered.

Hehehe, he really knew how to pretend in front of girls.

After they won this match, they played another one since it was a best of three.
They won the second match as well. Xiang Nuan had to admit that Lin Chuyan’s
strategy of damaging the enemy’s confident really worked. Their opponents
performed poorly in the second match and even surrendered half way through.

Yao Jiamu stopped spectating the match and asked Shen Zemu next to her:
“What do you think?”

“It’s just like that.” Shen Zemu didn’t give a straight answer.

They were watching the match of Xiang Nuan’s team.

Yao Jiamu winked her eyes and asked with a smile: “Then who do you think has
better skills, Xiang Nuan or me?”

“You’re better than her.” Shen Zemu replied.

Though Yao Jiamu knew Shen Zemu was talking about their skills, she still felt
quite happy to hear those words.

“But,” Shen Zemu switched the subject: “she’s more talented than you. She’ll be
better than you in no time.”

It was a heavy blow to Yao Jiamu.

“Much better.” Shen Zemu added.

En, a double whammy.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 37 Part 1

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 37 Part 1

After the drawing, Tong Yao suddenly became quite nervous about the
competition. It was like a student who had been relaxing till the day before
the college entrance exam, “What should I do, the exam is tomorrow-- --”

Tong Yao: “We played Huawei before. Their top can occasionally beat Old
Cat, they’re good……”

Tong Yao: “The Red Arrow was originally the Assassins. Ahhhhhhhhh, I know
about them, they won second place before. They are quite good as well!”

Tong Yao: “The King has come up from the junior league in the spring tournament.
I heard their jungler is quite good at taking buffs. They are good at best of fives,
the turn around rate is more than 80%......Tsk, tsk, tsk, I’m panicking so much now.”

Tong Yao: “The Lan is a veteran club; for three years, they haven’t changed a
single player. I suspect that while they are playing, they don’t even need anyone
to give out orders and can work in sync to perform difficult tasks-- --”

Tong Yao: “Obsidian had played relegation games like our neighbors in the spring
season. But the people next door can beat CK now! Anything is possible! ! ! ! !”

Everyone else: “.....................................”

Lu Yue: “You’re scared of that cell phone team we pulverized in a skirmish?”

Old Cat: “What if the Assassins had won the second place two years ago? They are
a different group of players now. What are you panicking about……”

Old K: “You’re even scared of the team from the junior league. That’s incredible.”

Little Fatty: “It’s true that the five players of Lan have played together for three years,
but they are lousy!”

Xiao Rui: “You can’t compare Obsidian with the team next door. Their ad is Pope, who’s
an equal to our Cheng Ge. I can’t even remember the names of the people in Obsidian.
Hey, wake up!”

Lu Sicheng sniffled and briefly concluded with a frown: “So noisy, get out of the car.”

Tong Yao: “..............................”

Tong Yao: “I’m just a little nervous. Can’t you all have some sympathy at me?”

Xiao Rui: “You have been mumbling about this since we left from the drawing. You
would think we have been assigned to a particularly tough group-- --But all the difficult
ones are in the B group, what are you worrying about…...Have more respect to the
good drawing Cheng Ge has delivered to us!”

Lu Sicheng sneered.

Tong Yao interpreted it as “pride.”

…...Or it could be “arrogance.”

“Give me your cell phone.” Xiao Rui grabbed Tong Yao’s phone and took a look at the
screen. “I knew it. You’re really checking the champion pools of all the mids on these
teams on Baidu.”

Tong Yao: “......”

It was dim inside the car. Otherwise, everyone could see that the team’s mid was
blushing-- --Lu Yue scoffed and stretched himself: “Let me play if you’re so scared.”

“You wish. You’ll sit on the bench forever!”

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 21 Part 3

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 21 Part 3

Xiang Nuan’s team was named “Times.” Xiang Nuan came up with the
name randomly but the other four teammates didn’t have any objections,
so they all agreed to have Times as the name for their team.

The first match for Times was against the team “Big Watermelon.”

“I feel like we have already won just by looking at the names.” Xiang Nuan
was quite confident.

Yet, all the five members of Big Watermelon were Platinum. They were also
quite confident that they would win the match.

At the beginning of the match, there was the banning phase where each
team chose 2 champions to ban from the match, no players could select
banned champions for that match. Xiang Nuan asked Lin Chuyan: “Shall
we ban Ah Ke?”

“No need.”

Zheng Dongkai felt that the name of their team might as well be changed to
“The Overly Confident” team.

After the banning phase, both teams took turns choosing champions. When
Big Watermelon noticed that the Times had chosen Luban and Daji, they
chose Ah Ke without a second thought.

At the beginning of the match, Lin Chuyan’s Daji, all by herself, took a blue
buff from the enemy’s Ah Ke.

Yes, she did it all by herself.

Daji didn’t bother with the minion lane, rather, he went in hiding in the bush
at the intersection of mid lane and the river.

It was a perfect spot to spy on blue buff.

Lin Chuyan didn’t see the blue buff however. He checked the time and decided
that Ah Ke couldn’t possibly have killed the blue buff in such a short time. Ah Ke
must have dragged the blue buff into the bush.

That was a technique quite often used by junglers.

Lin Chuyan waited inside the bush and when he felt it was the right time, Daji
jumped out and cast an ability.

Daji shot a bright crescent and kill blue buff.

Lin Chuyan received gold and experience for killing monster, plus the blue buff.

After the killing, Daji ran away as fast as she could.

It was an embarrassing moment for the enemy Ah Ke. The player who was
playing Ah Ke was obviously a prideful person since he wrote in the public
channel: What good luck.

Chuyan: It’s not luck. I calculated it.

Zheng Dongkai laughed when he saw what Chuyan had wrote. He said: “You’re
the best at bluffing.”

Xiang Nuan thought the same way. She felt that even though Lin Chuyan was
only at Gold, his ability to bluff was surely at Master.

The enemy’s Ah Ke was obviously holding a grudge against Lin Chuyan’s Daji.
There were several times that Ah Ke together with the mage of his team tried to
gank Daji. Lin Chuyan had avoided injury with his skills.

Afterwards, Lin Chuyan criticized on the public channel: Ah Ke, your mindset
isn’t good.

Xiang Nuan said: “I can relate to Ah Ke.”

The rest of the team nodded in agreement: “We can all relate to him! When you
see a person this annoying, you wouldn’t feel good even if you killed him hundreds
times over……”

Since Lin Chuyan drew Ah Ke’s attention to himself, Dayu’s Luban was having an
easy time at bot.

During the middle of the match, there were several team fights.

In one team fight, Lin Chuyan’s Daji had just a sliver of health left. Daji tried to retreat
from the battlefield with her short legs. Lin Chuyan noticed in his ward that there were
two masses of red and black smoke which Ah Ke had left after using her ultimate.

“Ah Ke is after me.” Lin Chuyan told his teammates.

Xiang Nuan and the others were some distance away from him. There wasn’t enough
time to rush over to his side. Xiang Nuan comforted him: “Then just close your eyes.”

A weak Daji confronted by Ah Ke, there wasn’t much chance for survival.

“I killed her.” Lin Chuyan said.

Xiang Nuan: “......” How did he do it?

Obviously, the enemy Ah Ke had the same question. The person who played Ah Ke
wrote on the public channel: Brother, you hacking?

Chuyan: I said earlier, I calculated it.

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