Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Simulcasting Love - Chapter 2: Part 2

After the car had driven for about 10 minutes, Tang Shuoran yelled: “Where are you going!”

Lao Deng replied with great difficulty: “Mr. Da Tang told me that I had to complete the mission.  Let’s go home, sir!”

Tang Shuoran sat at the back.  He leant forward and his hands tried to stop.  But his hands stayed in the air for a couple of seconds, then he slumped and laid back.

Soon the car stopped at the door of Tang family home.   He had not visited in a long time.  He stepped out of the car.  His whole body tensed after he stepped one foot on the ground, he was uncontrollably nervous.

Then he heard Lao Deng’s voice: “Sir, this way.”

Saturday, August 27, 2016

God's Left Hand - Book 1: Chapter 1

Alright guys, here are with Book 1 of God's Left Hand! Also I've been talking with Hsi and we might start posting 2 chapters a week, one on every Saturday like usual and once on Monday. We'll make an announcement on the blog on when we plan to start.


Sunshine came into the library through the glass.
Bright and clear.
Ai Qing, with her chin resting on her palms, looked at the book titled “Origin of the Color of Gemstones”.  There were two other books next to her, “Gemstone Appraisal” and “Instruments for Appraising Gemstones”.  The girls next to her looked at these books curiously, then looked at her and exchanged few words in a low voice.

Ai Qing sighed quietly.  
She wouldn't have chosen jewelry appraisal as her major if she had known better.
Because it was such an unpopular major on campus, something considered rare and exotic.  Almost no one knew that this university had a serious bachelor of arts degree in jewelry appraisal.

Those girls, after their mutters, began to talk about various activities at school.  Finally, their focus turned to a certain DotA league.  It seemed that there’s a corporation organizing a Chinese DotA league.  In order to promote it commercially, all the tournaments were held on various college campuses.  And the tournament in this city was being held on the fifth floor of the school library.
At three o’clock this afternoon.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Simulcasting Love - Chapter 2: Part 1

So for anyone who doesn't know what the song Vincent is all about.

For a guy who likes electronic music mainly, it's not bad. Can't imagine how you'd make a rock version of this though.

The sound of intense drumming became softer, softer, and softer.  Probably because the girl had made some gesture on the stage, the bar became quiet instantly.  The flowing melody suddenly saddened.  Tang Shuoran turned his head to the stage again subconsciously.

At this time, the girl began to sing the song again with great melancholy.  Tang Shuoran was dumbfounded on the spot.  He could not move.  He was frozen in the middle of unfolding his blind stick.  Whenever he woke up from his dream at night, he was always accompanied by this song and the girl who had sang this song in the dream.

Zhang Shanxue’s voice was like mercury briskly spreading across the floor.  Her articulation was very accurate and embedded with deep affection.  She was still the energetic rock’n roll girl from few minutes ago, but now she was interpreting the blues music lively.  The song “Vincent” was Tang Shuoran’s favorite song because the girl who had sung this song was his favorite love.   Nowadays, the melody was still there, but the girl was gone.  It was so sad and heart breaking.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

God's Left Hand - Prelude: Chapter 19

Alright folks. We're done with the prelude. Now the real romance starts.

Thailand’s total annihilation came first, followed by Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia, the strongest team.
When Dt’s team stood from their chairs, even the opposing team stood with deferential looks to the five teenagers in black uniforms.
Whether their opponents played with an aggressive ganking strategy or a steady, conservative playstyle, Dt’s team only had one strategy.
Map control, locking down the entire map.
During the final match, the Malaysian players weren’t even able to take the high ground and were totally defeated.  They basically gave the gold medal away.

Because Ai Qing was wearing his cap, it was a rare occurrence for Dt to show his entire face under the flashing lights.  But no matter what question the reporters asked he only nodded or didn’t give a response at all.  While watching him hold his gold medal from afar, Ai Qing wondered if he was too proud to bother answering them or if he was just terrible at expressing himself?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Simulcasting Love - Chapter 1: Part 2

The damn cell phone began ringing again.  He could tell that it was Lao Deng —— his dad’s personal assistant, again by the tone of ringing.  He had no opportunity to vent his anger.  So he picked up the cell phone and shouted: “What’s wrong with my dad again?  Tell him until he listens!”
There was a pause on the other end.  The voice of a somewhat older man was heard.  The voice was colored with anger and prestige: “You damn boy.  I asked your doctor and you don’t have depression~~~not at all, get back home immediately!“
It was Mr. Da Tang.  Tang Shuoran took a deep breath: “My elder brother, younger brother, and younger sister are already home with you.  Enough.“

“Why did you lied to us?  Why lie about having depression?  You’re an accomplished translator, incomparable to anybody.   Why can’t you come home to and help negotiate for our Tang family business, it’d be easy for someone like you?!! “  Mr Da Tang’s tone was very aggressive at first, but for some reason, began to sound more like begging.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

God's Left Hand - Prelude: Chapter 18

On the afternoon of the third day, the stands around the stage were packed with spectators.
Ai Qing sat in the first row and watched the five people on stage who wore black uniforms.  Out of all the events after so many days, this event was the most anticipated.
A commander , skills and tactics, desire and passion, fast kills and teamwork, this was the unsurpassable charm of a team.

Do you stand at the top by yourself, or do you work side by side and challenge the boundary of skill?
Solo chose the former and for her, she had unconsciously leaned towards the latter.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Simulcasting Love - Chapter 1: Part 1

Hello all, this is the newest short story from Shui Fu Shen Qing.  It's a bit longer at 5 chapters.  The first chapter was a bit long so we'll be releasing it in 2 parts.  Enjoy.

Century Convention Center.  Where the G2 Summit conference was convening.
Chairman: “The convening of this conference marks the formal establishment between our two countries in a strategic cooperative partnership …...”

In every large international conference, simultaneous translators are always needed.  This is one of the highest paid professions in the world.  It is also one of the most difficult and challenging profession.  It requires the translator to translate speech into another language simultaneously while the speaker is speaking.  It challenges their reaction time, foundations of each language, and quick thinking.  The pay from a job like this is difficult for regular people to achieve.  The salary of a first-rate simultaneous translator is $750 per hour.  For a conference of this importance, they can be paid more than $3,000 a day.  This is also a battlefield without any smoking guns.  There was a simultaneous translator who had mistranslated the word “regret” to “apology” once.  It caused the mutual relationship of two countries to fall into a tense situation.  It caused the Memorandum of Understanding to be postponed for one month.  The translator resigned in frustration and became depressed.  It was said that he later fell ill and passed away.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

God's Left Hand - Prelude: Chapter 17

Finally, when Dt’s teammates came by with their computers for practice, they came upon this historic scene.
Dt and the Swedish player were both doing pushups on the floor.

The two of them were expressionless in their mechanical motions as sweat dripped from their jaws onto the floor.  Because the air conditioner was off, as per the punishment, the two of them had taken off their shirts from the start.  When they reached a little over a hundred pushups, their backs were covered in sweat, which shimmered under the light.

“123, 124, 125, …...” the handsome Norwegian counted excitedly from a chair in front of the two.
Ai Qing on the contrary was a bit worried if Dt could still compete tomorrow after 200 pushups.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

When I Met You - Part 3

Sorry for the super late update. I had a busy day today. Here's the final part of the short story "When I Met You." Hope you guys enjoyed it.  Next one will probably be Simulcasting Love, so look forward to that.

After a few months on the job, I had learned some basic sign language.  Sometimes, I could even use sign language to argue with him. His paintings were never hanging on the wall in the gallery.  Because, whenever he painted a piece, the painting would be bought by his friends or some rich person who was attracted by his fame before it could be hung on the wall.  I always laughed at him.  “Your paintings have a market but no works.”

He wasn’t offended.  He just pushed his wheelchair to the front of the a piece of fabric.  He took out a pen from his pocket.  One of the staff took the piece off from the wall and took it out of the frame.  He then added a few strokes onto it in a breeze.  When it was put back on the wall, its style had been completely altered.  He signed proudly, “This is my work now.  I have a painting on the market!”

Later on, that staff person seemed to know when to show up and when to disappear.  There was only the two of us at the galley.

One day, I said to Jia Han slowly, “Thank you for giving me the job.  You are a big help to me.”

He smiled. “I know what you have been doing takes a lot of money.  So, that’s that.”

“That day I had said a lot.  You knew all of it?”

“Even though it wasn’t quite clear, but you had repeated it numerous times.  I saw that you kept saying: I need a job, I need a job……”

This time, we talked in depth.  I began to understand how difficult Jia Han’s life was, how hard he had struggled, and how strong his determination was.


When his elder brother, Sun Jia Hao, came to fire me, I finally saw the other side of Jia Han.  That day, he’s so dashing, so tough, and argued so intensely.  His imposing manner shocked even his brother.

His brother probably already talked with him before, but he didn’t heed any of it.  The result was that his brother came to the gallery directly this day and Jia Han was stopped outside the front door.  His brother and his staff came in and locked the door.

“Shen Shan, you better resign yourself.  Otherwise, you will just be fired one more time.”

Jia Han could see everything through the glass door.  He hit hard on the door trying to get in.

His brother didn’t pay any attention to him and said to me, “I do not wish to see any damage to our family business and reputation caused by you.  So, please, behave yourself.”

I was so angry.  It turned out that the guy who sexually harassed my friend was now working as the sales director in their company.  The Sun family relied on his excellent ability and trusted him, so they needed to get rid of me.

At this moment, one of his brother’s assistants shouted out.  “Sir, look at your brother……”

His brother hurried turned around to take a look.  Jia Han was on the ground twitching.

“Jia Han!”  Indeed, blood is thicker than water.  Sun Jia Hao forgot about me, hastily opened the door and rushed outside.

I had never seen Jia Han in such a flustered condition.  His brother wanted to carry him on his back, but he emphatically refused.  He signed quickly, “If you still acknowledge that I have full control of the gallery, then don’t get involved.”

“We’ve known Lao Xu for so many years, how can you…, let’s go to the hospital first!”

“Elder brother, one thing at a time.  I have to solve this matter first!”

“Jia Han, you don’t understand.  When it comes to sexual harassment, it becomes a matter of he said and she said.  Isn’t it just a bunch of empty words?”

“I just know that people should do what is just.  Besides……”

He hadn’t finished signing, his brother already couldn’t wait any longer.  “Hurry, to the hospital!”  He wanted to carry him on his back after speaking, but Jia Han held tight onto the door with both hands.  With tightened lips, his eyes showed the kind of determination that I had never seen before.

His brother gave in to his stubbornness.  He couldn’t help but sigh.  “Even if it was sexual harassment, how can you be sure that she isn’t just some gold digger?”

I couldn’t watch any more.  I knelt down to massage his legs.  He looked at me and I just signed slowly, “I’ll resign first.  I don’t want to see you brothers fighting.”  I continued to massage his legs, but they were trembling so hard.  My god, did he experience this often?  When he has a spasm attack, it’s really like a living hell.  I saw sweat fall down drop after drop and I almost couldn’t stop myself from crying.

Jia Han looked at me, while continuing to sign quickly to his brother, “The one Lao Xu sexually harassed is not her, it’s her friend who had killed herself already!”
His brother startled.  “What?”  Evidently, Lao Xu didn’t tell him the truth.

Finally, his brother sighed.  “But you have to know, Lao Xu is a talented man……”
Jia Han’s eyebrows tightly frowned.  “We don’t need a talented but immoral person!”

In the end, his brother stopped fighting with him, and we all went to the hospital.

His brother was like a changed person.  He wanted me to keep Jia Han company overnight.

Jia Han saw my reddish eyes and comforted me with a smile.  “You’re so silly.  I’m not hurting, it’s just spasms.”

I couldn’t hold back my tears.  “You don’t have any feeling in your legs?”

“Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.  Anyway…...don’t cry now!”

“Jia Han, sorry to have trouble you so much.  Wuwuwu[1]……”

“It’s not a big deal.  I want to help you.  You are so kind-hearted, but there’s still people who would mistake you as an evil woman.  I can’t stand this kind of misunderstanding.  Therefore, I want to help you, help you fight for the justice your friend deserved.”

“Jia Han, wuwu…….”
“Shen Shan, I like you.”


The day I returned home, my mom passed out.  Her blood pressure went up and had to lie down when she heard that I was going to marry a deaf, mute, and paralyzed person.

But I’m not discouraged.

Jia Han can endure the pressure.  I can too.  From the moment I met him, it was our destiny to be together.

I will wait with Jia Han for the day this world finally accepts us.

[1]: Chinese sound effects.  The character 呜 is used mainly for humming or whimpering sounds and in pinyin it’s pronounced “wu”.