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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 46 Part 3

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 46 Part 3

Xiang Nuan struggled to stay awake till 2 am until she couldn’t keep her eyes open anymore. She laid her head down on the desk and instantly fell asleep.

Shen Zemu wasn’t very sleepy since he had other things on his mind.

After Xiang Nuan had fallen asleep, he turned his head over to look at her without fear of being detected.

Her head rested on her folded arms on the desk, slightly turned to the side. Her temple was on the back of her hand, showing only half of her face. The white lights inside the classroom shone through her thick and curly eyelashes and landed her cheek. A strand of hair fell down, like a small black waterfall, along her soft and fair skinned face, reaching the top of her lips. The strand of hair quivered slightly with each breath she took.

She moved in her sleep and the down jacket on her fell down. Shen Zemu immediately picked it up and put it back on her.

Then he put his own jacket on her as well.

His jacket was way too big for her, almost burying her.

Xiang Nuan made an inaudible sound and shifted positions, but continued sleeping.

As Shen Zemu watched her, he was struck by some mixed feelings.

He had always been clear headed. He knew exactly what he was doing each step he took and he could clearly see deep in his heart the reason why he love or hate.

Why was he attracted by her? The reason was very simple.

-- --In this world, interest started from curiosity. This time, Shen Zemu wasn’t an exemption.

* *

Even during the rush of finals week, students still had the energy for gossip. In those few days, the news that Shen Zemu and Xiang Nuan were together went viral on the forums. Many people swore by it and many more said they had witnessed it.

Lin Chuyan registered an alternate id and commented on the discussion: Spreading rumors is punishable by jail time.

He was mocked by the crowd.

Lin Chuyan was quite angry.

Zheng Dongkai comforted him: “Don’t worry, I’ve gotten confirmation that they just happened to meet each other at the study room.” He waved his cell phone while talking: “Angela said so.”

Lin Chuyan breathed out a sigh of relief.

Zheng Dongkai added: “Oh, they were pulling an all-nighter.”

Lin Chuyan: “......” His relief went out of the window.

Zheng Dongkai found Lin Chuyan’s reaction amusing.

He was enjoying seeing Lin Chuyan deflate. He wasn’t in a hurry to help as he wanted to savor this as much as he could.

Maomaoqiu and Dayu seemed to feel similarly.

Lin Chuyan’s high-handed treatment of his roommates had now backfired, though he had not yet realized it.

All he could think of at the moment was how to get rid of Shen Zemu.

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 33 Part 1

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 33 Part 1

After hanging up on Qianxi, Ye Qiao called Shen Ting to confirm her schedule before returning the phone back to its owner. She had borrowed the phone from a simply dressed, nice looking male college student who smiled with two shallow dimples. He took the phone back and even thanked her.

Ye Qiao would normally be the one doing the thanking. Ye Qiao smiled at his kindness and took out a small velvet box from her purse and said: “I made some long distance calls. They’ll probably cost you some money. This small gift is your compensation.”
The male student bashfully refused: “There’s no need for that. It’s no trouble at all.”

A girl carrying a bulging handbag in the distance came towards them while calling someone: “Shen Yi.”
The college student hurriedly went to help carry the bag and asked: “Why did you arrive so late?”
The girl was almost out of breath: “I brought with me too many things and it took a while to check in the luggage. Have you been waiting long?” She apologetically stood up on her toes to straighten the stocking cap on his head. As she raised her head, she saw Ye Qiao right behind him.

Ye Qiao had already recognized her. She greeted her with a smile: “Zhao Mo.”
Zhao Mo was startled. Seeing Shen Yi’s bag right next to Ye Qiao’s seat, she realized that they had coincidentally sat next to each other. Ye Qiao could easily read the concern in Zhao Mo’s eyes. However, Ye Qiao thought the concern was unnecessary. She tried to smooth things over: “What a coincidence. Is this your boyfriend?”
Zhao Mo still had an awkward smile, but nodded: “En. He’s one year lower than me. He’s still a student at the film school.” She turned to her boyfriend and introduced Ye Qiao: “This is Ye Qiao Shijie…...You came to school late and probably haven’t heard about her. She was the most popular person at school a few years earlier.”

Shen Yi gladly stretched out his hand, showing his two dimples: “How are you, Shijie. I sort of thought that you looked familiar earlier. I didn’t expect that we’re from the same school.”
Ye Qiao lightly shook hands with him and said: “I just worked with Zhao Mo on a film and it’s serendipitous for us to meet again here.” She handed the small box over once again: “Since we know each other, you take this and give it to your girlfriend.” She gave Zhao Mo a meaningful glance to show her goodwill.
Zhao Mo breathed out a sigh of relief and said: “You don’t have to do that……”

“He just helped me a lot. I should show my appreciation.” Zhao Mo and her boyfriend exchanged a look after hearing what Ye Qiao had said and accepted the box. They opened the box and saw a pair of exquisite silver earrings inside the box. Zhao Mo sat down and whispered to Shen Yi: “What did you do for Shijie?” Shen Yi innocently whispered back: “I just lent my cell phone to her to make a few phone calls. She seemed to have lost her phone. Shijie is a nice person.” Zhao Mo felt it was a bit excessive to receive such a gift from Ye Qiao for such a small favor. She looked at Ye Qiao apologetically. Ye Qiao slightly shook her head to ease Zhao Mo’s mind.

Zhao Mo put her arm in her boyfriend’s arm and chatted with him in a low voice for a while. Then she turned around to chat with Ye Qiao: “Qiao Jie, were visiting the city?”
“No, I’m just here for an auction.” Actually, she had changed her airline ticket to go to another city before the auction’s official opening. Ye Qiao thought it was quite ironic and laughed: “I got that pair of earrings there.”
Zhao Mo hastily returned the box back to Ye Qiao: “This is too expensive for us to take.”
“You misunderstood me.” Ye Qiao gently smiled: “It’s not from the auction. Don’t worry. Usually a reputable auction house will have a company under it produce its own products. Ferra has its own jewelry brand. It’s just an ordinary piece I bought from there. It was originally for my cousin.” What she didn’t say was that she had decided against giving the earrings to Qianxi as the punishment for arranging her to meet Wen Shaoqian.

Zhao Mo said: “Then, thank you, Qiao Jie.” She was thinking to herself: Isn’t the spokesperson for Ferra’s jewelry brand Cheng Jiang? Was Ye Qiao really this bighearted or did she not know about it?
Zhao Mo’s mind wandered off in the middle of their conversation. Ye Qiao was a bit offended by it and spoke to interrupt her train of thought: “What did you two come here for?”
Zhao Mo regained her composure and slightly blushed: “Shen Yi and I are both from here. We came back this time to meet each other’s parents……”
Ye Qiao: “That’s nice.” Then she added: “You have to leave after visiting only for a few days. You’re working hard.”

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 32 Part 4

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 32 Part 4

By the time Ye Qiao left the ship, the storm of emotions inside her had yet to calm down. When she stepped onto the pier, she received bank transaction request on her cell phone. She took a look. It wasn’t from Wen Shaoqian.

It was from Gu Jin, who had indeed transferred a million RMB to her. Ye Qiao counted the number of zeros and flew into a rage, throwing the cell phone into the water.
The dark blue sea water slowly swallowed her cell phone. Before the screen died, it seemed to flash from an incoming phone call.

At the auction the next day, Liang Ziruo didn’t see Wen Shaoqian nor Ye Qiao. Zhou Tingsheng was nowhere to be found either. She angrily called him: “Didn’t you say that you’d be at my service the whole month?”
He lightly replied: “Times have changed.”
Liang Ziruo was furious: “Don’t talk glibly in front of me! Just tell me, are you coming back or not?”
Zhou Tingsheng replied with the usual indifferent tone: “I learned it from someone.” Then he added lightly: “I’m not coming back.”

He was driving at full speed on the freeway. He had just discovered how far it was from the port city to G City. What exactly was wrong with him earlier, that he’d drive the whole night to get here?
His cell phone on top of the dashboard showed that his call hadn’t gone through again. Zhou Tingsheng slightly frowned and watched the cell phone automatically dial the number again.

Trees quickly passed by the window along the road, like a scroll painting being opened. He couldn’t wait till the scroll was fully opened and to see someone’s seal at the end of the scroll.

Ye Qiao, meanwhile, was sitting at the gate waiting to board an airplane to go to another city. She had borrowed a cell phone to call Qianxi.
Qianxi had been waiting for this moment for several days. She excitedly tried to poke for some details: “How’s Shaoqian Ge? Isn’t he talented and gentle?”
“En.” Ye Qiao half-heartedly answered, trying to move to the next topic quickly.

Though she wasn’t too happy about Qianxi arranging the meeting with Wen Shaoqian behind her back, she knew it had been out of goodwill. Qianxi was a naive girl; she would cry “I’ll never believe in love anymore” whenever news broke about the latest celebrity divorce. If she found out what Wen Shaoqian was really like, her outlook of life would probably be destroyed.

Ye Qiao attributed the incident as her own bad luck and didn’t want to bother talking about it anymore. But Qianxi was still asking as excitedly as ever. Ye Qiao impatiently interrupted her: “Stop asking.” To make it more persuasive, she looked up and spoke with some difficulty: “I have found someone I like.”

Qianxi called out: “Damn, it can’t be? You have a  new love interest this quickly? I feel so sorry for my Shaoqian Gege……” She mourned for a moment, then remembered that it was more important to get to the bottom of this new love affair. She started her inquiry like a matchmaker: “Who is he? How does he look? What does his family do?”
There were too many questions. Ye Qiao picked the last one to answer: “I don’t know.”
Qianxi said: “Ah. Then what does he do?”
Ye Qiao thought about the question and found that she wasn’t really clear about what he did for a living. She was honest: “I’m not sure.”
Qianxi couldn’t believe what she had heard so far, but she wasn’t giving up: “Then does he like you? You should know that at least?”

She was sure that he liked her in the past. But after last night, both sides were somewhat disappointed in the other. Though Ye Qiao was frank as she could possibly be in the end, she wasn’t sure whether he had gotten the message or not. Ye Qiao told Qianxi: “I haven’t asked him yet.”
Qianxi was about to cry at the other end of the phone: “Cousin, are you for real? You’re not trying to fool me? You don’t know, it’s not clear, you haven’t asked…...A few days ago, grandma asked me how you were doing. I told her that your standards are too high and you didn’t want to look for a boyfriend right now. Who knew that it was this easy to win over a goddess’s heart. I’m going on Weibo and ask your fans to protest about it!”

Ye Qiao’s replied like always: “Go ahead, I’m hanging up.”

Qianxi squeaked and begged her not to: “Last question! Only one last question!”
Ye Qiao patiently said: “Alright.”
Qianxi sounded quite serious, but only had a very short question: “Is he handsome?”
Ye Qiao chuckled: “......I guess so.”
Qianxi laughed like an evil king from a cartoon and indignantly said: “So, this is really a world where looks matter!”

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 60 Part 1

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 60 Part 1

By five o’clock in the afternoon, Lu Sicheng was still slouching in front of the computer, unshavened, with no intention to move. He was checking the news, watching some dramas, but wasn’t playing games nor streaming.

…...It looked like he was sitting there absent minded.

At 5:10, Xiao Rui returned to the base and was surprised to see Lu Sicheng still sitting in front of his computer. He teased Lu Sicheng: “Yo, didn’t your blind date ask to meet you for the last time? Why haven’t you tidied yourself up and dress up by this hour?”

Lu Sicheng looked up at the clock on the wall, paused for a moment, stretched, then got up from his seat. He slowly moved from his desk to the sofa, then sat down again with no intention to move again.

Xiao Rui: “? ? ? ? ?”

At the other end of the sofa, Tong Yao was holding her cat while watching an American TV drama on her cell phone. She could feel the opposite side of the sofa sink down. She looked up from her cell phone and glanced at the man on the other side. He was half lying on the sofa with eyes closed. His soft hair fell back, the sunlight from the window illuminated his upper body.

Tong Yao put down her cell phone, stroked Dabin’s head, then turned to look at their team manager who had turned his attention to Lu Yue, who was playing poorly in a match-- --

Tong Yao hesitated for a while, then lifted her leg and carefully kicked Lu Sicheng. She whispered: “You aren’t getting ready to go out yet?”

“......” The man was quiet. Tong Yao thought he didn’t hear her, but he suddenly moved and answered with an “en” from deep within his throat.

“You aren’t going?” Tong Yao asked again. Her eyes shone with mild delight without even realizing it.

Lu Sicheng opened his eyes.

Then he sat up straight.

He looked at the person who was sitting at the other end of the sofa, paused for a second, then cast his eyes down and vaguely said: “Isn’t there someone who doesn’t want me to go?”

Tong Yao: “?”

Without much thought, Tong Yao retorted out of reflex: “Who would interfere with your business this much?” Afterwards, she seemed to sense that there was something wrong with her statement. She gave a cry, stopped talking, and abruptly jumped up, her cheeks turning slightly red under the warm sunlight. Under the gaze of Lu Sicheng’s dark brown pupils, she hastily sat back down. With quivering lips, she almost lost the ability to speak: “...................................You heard it.”

“I’m not deaf.”

“Then why were you pretending to be earlier-- --”

“I didn’t want to lose face.”

“? ? ? ? ? ? ?”

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 46 Part 2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 46 Part 2

Doing calculations always made Xiang Nuan sleepy. After studying for a short while, she started to yawn.

Shen Zemu checked the time on his watch. It was a bit too early to get sleepy.

Xiang Nuan took out a can of coffee from her supply bag. Noticing that Shen Zemu was looking at her, as if he wanted to have a sip but was too embarrassed to ask. She passed the can to him.

She was glad that she had bought several cans.

Shen Zemu took the coffee and opened it. The pull tab was sometimes hard to use on these kind of cans.

Then Shen Zemu returned the can back to her.

Xiang Nuan realized he had misunderstood her intention. Though she didn’t really need to be pampered like this, she was still impressed by his gentlemanly conduct. She pushed the coffee to him with a smile: “Drink it. I have more.”

“I’m not sleepy.”

“If you get sleepy later, be sure to let me know. I have a lot more of these.”


As Xiang Nuan lifted the can up to drink it, Shen Zemu suddenly stopped her: “Wait.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Isn’t it too cold?” He pointed at the metal can, remembering the chill when he held it.

“It doesn’t matter. I’m healthy.” Shen Zemu pulled the can out of her hand while she was still talking.

He put the can in a mug, then went out to get some hot water.

The coffee quickly warmed up after being immersed in hot water for a short time.

Xiang Nuan wiped off the water on the can and then held it between her hands. The warmth spread from her palm into her heart.

She smiled at him: “Thank you, Xuezhang.” Her bright eyes reflected the lights inside the classroom, making them shine even brighter.

Shen Zemu lowered his head: “En.” He flipped his textbook as if nothing had happened, though it seemed that he was flipping the pages way too fast.

After drinking one can of coffee, Xiang Nuan didn’t feel any boost to her energy. She got up to go outside to get some fresh air. She believed that the reason for her drowsiness was from lack of oxygen since there were too many people in the same room.

Though Shen Zemu was looking down at his book, his attention was elsewhere.

After Xiang Nuan left the room, a male student walked over, looking rather suspicious. He walked over to Xiang Nuan’s seat and swiftly stuffed a note into her book.

Shen Zemu was fully aware of the whole incident.

After the student left, Shen Zemu took out the note from the book and gave it a glance.

…...Hehe, young men nowadays, it was going to be finals soon and they still didn’t miss the opportunity to pick up girls. They deserved to fail their finals.

Shen Zemu tore the note into four pieces with a stone face, then put the torn pieces into his pocket. There was no hesitation or shame in his actions, as if what he had done was nothing but righteous.

A female student came by with her books in arms and bashfully asked Shen Zemu: “Shen Xuezhang, could, could I sit next to you?”

…...Hehe, young women nowadays, finals were coming up and they still didn’t miss a chance to pick up boys. They deserved to fail their finals.

Shen Zemu kept his expressionless face and shook his head: “I’m afraid not.”

The girl appeared to be saddened by the rejection. She took a look at Xiang Nuan’s seat and asked Shen Zemu: “Shen Xuezhang, are you really going out with Xiang Nuan now?”

Shen Zemu pursed his lips, neither admitting it nor denying it.

The girl understood and left with a broken heart.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 59 Part 4

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 59 Part 4

Just that moment, the cell phone next to Lu Sicheng’s hand began to ring. Tong Yao let go of his wrist as he checked his phone. It was an unfamiliar number. He answered the phone, then the relaxed expression in his eyes started to change-- --

Tong Yao waved goodbye to the fans at the camera and turned off the stream. She turned to look at Lu Sicheng afterwards and noticed something was off from his reaction: “Who was it?”

“Su Luo.” Lu Sicheng hung up the phone. “She wants to meet me for the last time, to have dinner together. Then she won’t bother me anymore.”

Surprised by the news, Tong Yao’s excitement from the win quickly subsided. After thinking for a while, she asked: “Oh! You have to go?”

Lu Sicheng gave her a glance: “She said if I don’t go, she’ll come to the base.”

Tong Yao only replied with another “oh.”

Lu Sicheng clicked his tongue and irritatedly put on his earphones randomly selecting his music app…...The onlookers had already begun to dissipate and the room quickly quieted down.

“Cheng Ge.”

Tong Yao called out to him.

Lu Sicheng didn’t respond. His eyes were fixed on his computer screen, concentrated on a new article about the patch for League of Legends.

“Cheng Ge.”

Tong Yao called again.  There was still no response from Lu Sicheng.

Tong Yao turned to look at him and asked: “Can you hear me?” Then she mumbled: “Are you not afraid of going deaf when you turn the volume up so high?” She bent down to pick up her cat from her chair and turned around to leave. After a few steps, she suddenly turned and walked back.

She stood behind Lu Sicheng’s chair, paused for a moment, then spoke in a calm voice: “I don’t want you to go.”

After saying those words, she tightened her hold of the cat, turned around again, and went upstairs to go to her room.

Lu Sicheng was still watching the news with his earphones on, without moving even a bit.


One minute later, Little Fatty came out of his room and skipped down the stairs. He asked in his normal tone of voice: “Cheng Ge, we want to eat the crayfish from XX restaurant. The most expensive kind…...and 30 pounds!”

“......................I got it.”

Lu Sicheng pulled one of his earphones out as he looked up from his computer and lazily replied.

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 46 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 46 Part 1

Sitting inside the study room, Xiang Nuan suddenly had one thought.

“Xuezhang, don’t you receive a scholarship every year? Why are you here in the all-nighter study room?”

“To make sure I’ll get the scholarship.” Shen Zemu answered without delay.

It seemed that it wasn’t easy being a high achiever.

Xiang Nuan was going to have her accounting final the next day. When she opened her book, Shen Zemu was being blinded by all the multi-colored highlight streaks on her textbook.

The colorful highlights at least proved that Xiang Nuan was quite serious with her studies. Then why did she come to pull an all nighter?

Shen Zemu was confused.

He soon found his answer.

Xiang Nuan’s diligence didn’t last long. As she turned the pages, the highlights on the book became less and less and more and more doodles showed up on the margins of the pages. The doodles included some of champions from Kings of Glory, such as Zhuang Zhou, Daji, Zhang Fei, Zhuge Liang, etc……

Shen Zemu was reminded of the message posted by Xiang Nuan in her friend circle, “garbage game, destroys my youth.” Based on what he had observed so far, that message was truly her heartfelt feelings.

There wasn’t too much material that needed to be memorized for accounting. However, there were many formulas to remember and she found calculating the answers to be somewhat troublesome. Xiang Nuan wasn’t very sensitive with numbers. When she was choosing her major after passing the college entrance examination, she didn’t really know what she should study and just picked one of the more popular majors. She didn’t have much passion for nor ill feelings against business management. She approached all her studies following the rules of being a “good student”-- --just like when she was in high school.

In reality, she had gradually forgotten her “good student” attitude about a month after she got into university.

Xiang Nuan figured that it must be because she had met Lin Chuyan. Some of his attributes must’ve rubbed off onto her since she played games everyday with him. She had turned into the same kind of person who ignored studying.

Lin Chuyan who was at the other campus this moment didn’t know Xiang Nuan was mentally bad mouthing him. He felt rather bored while playing because Xiang Nuan wasn’t there. In fact, to him, he enjoyed playing the game only because he had played it with interesting people, otherwise the game wasn’t fun for him at all……

Bored, Lin Chuyan also picked up his backpack to go study with his roommates at the library. Zheng Dongkai and Maomaoqiu had gotten into an argument over the solution to one problem. Lin Chuyan leaned over to listen out of curiosity. He was able to solve the dispute in a few words.

Maomaoqiu sighed.

“I was wrong?” Lin Chuyan asked.

Maomaoqiu shook his head: “No. I’m just thinking that heaven’s given you such talent, why don’t you cherish it?”

“I’ve always cherished it.”

“How have you cherished it? You’re so lazy, if you just worked a little harder……”

“You’re missing the point.” Lin Chuyan argued: “Heaven is compassionate. It gives me some talent so I don’t have to work too hard. If I try harder, be more diligent, I won’t have an easy life then I’ll have failed to live up to heaven’s goodwill.”

Maomaoqiu was so shocked to hear the twist in Lin Chuyan’s argument that he could only mumble: “Mom, I think I’ve run into some sort of cult.”

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 32 Part 3

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 32 Part 3

Ye Qiao was fully aware of how deliberately pretentious she sounded. But she didn’t want to stop there. Her arm aiming at the pasta swiftly changed direction and took away his salad. She raised her eyelid: “Aren’t you seeing me as being frivolous? Dissolute? And what else, playing dumb?” She paused and said in a slightly indignant tone: “So what about it? Was my acting good? Wasn’t my entire face written with the words ‘I’m throwing myself at him’?”

Zhou Tingsheng was uneasy hearing Ye Qiao bring up last night. He had realized that anyone with a reasonable mind could see how flustered and helpless she was last night, not the state of someone who just had an intimate interaction with someone else. He tightened his eyebrows: “I didn’t……”
“That’s enough.” Ye Qiao’s face fell, not wanting to hear anything about last night. She was about to leave with the plate of salad.
Zhou Tingsheng stopped her. Some of the things that he had lost the desire to say suddenly  returned to him. He subconsciously wanted to grab the chance and looked her in the eyes: “Ye Qiao, let’s talk it over.”

Ye Qiao calmed down and also looked at his eyes. The area around his eyes were slightly bluish, making him look somewhat haggard. Ye Qiao let out a long breath and took a quick glance at the woman behind who was about to reach the table: “I really want to sit down and talk, but it seems that you have your ‘Netherlandish altarpieces” coming. Come look for me after you finish talking to this one.”

Zhou Tingsheng didn’t have time to say anything before Ye Qiao left his table. Whenever it seemed that they had parted ways, Ye Qiao always had the ability to intrigue him before she walked away. He watched her walk away while the woman sat back down across from him. 

The woman put down a plate of king mushrooms with sesame sauce in front of him: “There’s only this thing left at the salad station. It might taste funny, I hope you don’t mind.” She noticed that Zhou Tingsheng wasn’t paying attention to her words but trying to dial a number on his cell phone. She understood tacitly: “Isn’t that…...Ye Qiao who was just here?”

Zhou Tingsheng was startled by the mention of her name. He looked up and said: “......I’m sorry.”
“You don’t have to apologize.” She indifferently smiled: “Ziruo Jie had told me about your ‘past.’ ”
Zhou Tingsheng raised his eyebrows: “Past? You mean her?” He showed Ye Qiao’s name on his contact list.
“Isn’t she?”
Zhou Tingsheng lit up a cigarette and blew out a smoke with smile: “No.” When he thought about it, it seemed a shame that she couldn’t even count as one of his ‘past’ though he had been suffering from bouts of mood swings because of her. The smoke was blown away by the sea breeze: “It’s not the past yet.”

The woman pondered the meaning of ‘not yet’ and carefully asked: “You two had a fight?”
“No.” It seemed they were incapable of having a fight.
“The silent treatment?”
“No.” It seemed like she would give him the silent treatment, but she broke the silence on her own initiative.
“Then why are you two acting so strangely?”
The fingers that were playing with the lighter abruptly stopped. The answer didn’t come out of Zhou Tingsheng’s throat for a while. He said with a grin: “Because she’s not interested in me.”
“How can that be possible-- --” The woman snickered as if she had heard the most ridiculous thing: “No woman would be jealous about a man she’s not interested. The way she acted just now, very green……”

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 32 Part 2

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 32 Part 2

The tip of Zhou Tingsheng’s nose was only a few millimeters away from the now shut door. His dull eyes refocused as he recovered from the loud slam.
He quickly turned on the knob, but found it locked. Zhou Tingsheng used both palms and repeatedly pounding on the door. “Ye Qiao, Ye Qiao, open the door.”

The rooms on the ship had poor soundproofing. The tiniest of movement could be clearly heard. Despite that, Zhou Tingsheng couldn’t hear a single sound from inside her room. He was afraid that something bad might have happened to her. The force of the pounding increased and the vibrations made Ye Qiao’s body shake. She felt like a machine composed of multiple components. She had no doubt that he would take her apart in the next minute.

The cramp in her leg finally lessened and Ye Qiao lifted her foot and struck the door with her heel.
The pounding of the door finally stopped.
There were sluggish footsteps inside the room. Ye Qiao took out her cell phone charger from her suitcase and plugged it in. Zhou Tingsheng could hear the notification sound on her cell phone and eventually stopped trying to get the door open. The sudden burst of anger had burned any patience he had left, but before it fully burned out, the anger always diminished at the last minute.
He faced the closed door. A casual act of womanizing had turned him into a stranger to himself.

After it became quiet in the hallway, Ye Qiao waited a while longer before she opened her door. There was no one outside her door, only the extinguished cigarette butt flatly laying on the  ground. She almost cursed in her mind.

Ye Qiao lay on the narrow bed listening to the waves. It was already the early morning, but she still couldn’t fall asleep on an unfamiliar bed and her stomach was rumbling. She kept cursing Zhou Tingsheng over and over in her mind. Though the one who caused her current predicament was Wen Shaoqian, the one who was being cursed was Zhou Tingsheng for unknown reasons. She had already banished the name Wen Shaoqian from her mind, but was focused on Zhou Tingsheng’s foolishness and fickleness. As for whether she was also at fault-- --Well, was it inexcusable if she was a little at fault?

She unreasonably cursed him the entire night. When she closed her eyes, his eyes seemed to float in front of her. The look in his eyes unsettled her.

The next day, when she walked out of her room to get some food, she saw that pair of eyes again.

He was sitting at a corner of the restaurant on the ship, accompanied by the comfortable sea breeze and a beautiful woman. Ye Qiao past them by, holding her plate from the buffet table, and heard the woman chatting with him about Netherlandish paintings and altarpieces using a rather proper tone of voice. Ye Qiao couldn’t help but sneer.

Zhou Tingsheng had been smoking the whole night at the bow trying to stop his endless fretting. Finally in the morning he had calmed down enough to go get breakfast, though everything tasted rather bland. The woman who Liang Ziruo had introduced to him had come by to greet him. He ate with her but couldn’t figure out which of the women in his sister’s email this woman was.
Half way through his breakfast, he suddenly heard a disdainful laugh.
Ye Qiao noticed that he had heard her and realized her blunder. She greeted him with an apologetic tone: “Good morning.”

Zhou Tingsheng couldn’t pretend as if nothing had happened. He, with a darkened face, used the fork to stir the salad which his female companion had fetched for him.
The woman looked at them and asked: “Do you know each other?”
Ye Qiao didn’t respond to her but quietly looked at his fork, then she thoughtfully said: “If I’m not mistaken, is that thin slices of raw beef with vegetables? You’re not a picky eater now? Not only do you eat meat now, but raw as well?”
The silver fork was abruptly put down on the table. The woman startled and got up: “I’m sorry. Are you a vegetarian? I’ll go get another plate of salad for you.”
The woman got up and left, Ye Qiao also was ready to go back to her seat with her plate.

Zhou Tingsheng took her plate away before she could leave.
Ye Qiao watched her pasta being taken away and smiled good naturedly: “You like cream mushroom pasta? You can ask your little beauty to get some for you. She’ll be very happy to do so.” She reached for her plate.
Zhou Tingsheng leaned against the table facing her and mockingly lifted the corner of his mouth: “What are you getting at?”

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Friday, July 5, 2019

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 59 Part 3

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 59 Part 3

The bullet comments began praising Lu Sicheng, the screen was covered with “6666.” The way he played Ezreal was simple and straightforward, he didn’t show off any flashy moves. However, from his movement in the match, it showed the meticulous calculations he had done with his champion’s base damage, cool down times, and abilities.

Tong Yao bought items as she was waiting for her champion to revive. When she finally respawned at the fountain, she realized that if she still used the same tactic as earlier, Lu Sicheng would constantly oppress her till the end of the match.

With this epiphany, she returned to lane and moved forward boldly despite being one item behind him-- --

Three minutes later, when both of them reached level 5, Tong Yao repeated what Lu Sicheng had done to her and tower dived him!

Lu Sicheng raised his eyebrows. It so happened that her minions were moving to his turret this time, every single one of them dying to the turret. Not only could he not farm these minions, he had to watch Tong Yao, standing right under his turret, taking her time whittling down the turret’s health-- --

The turret began to break, stones rolled off, and it seemed to signal that Tong Yao had turned her disadvantage around from the early game. The match reached a new balance point!


Their 1v1 match lasted for twenty minutes.

They tried to outdo each other, each not letting the other get ahead for long. The number of kills reached an even two kills to two kills and both turrets were in danger of being destroyed!

At this point, Tong Yao couldn’t hear the onlookers or bother with all bullet comments. She paid her full attention to the man in front of her. He came up and casted a summoner spell to hurt Tong Yao, bringing her health below 40% level. The minions surged forward again, Lu Sicheng hesitated for a second, then retreated back a little bit, taking a cautious approach-- --

This seemed to be a miscalculation on his part on the length of minion lane on mid lane. He actually had plenty of time to hurt Tong Yao further or even kill her before the minions reach him!

But he had thrown away the opportunity to pummel Tong Yao further and gave her a small chance-- --It gave her a perfect chance to fight back while the enemy was retreating!

Q for damage - then W to increase attack speed - A - A - E - A - Q-- --

She hit exhaust, then ignite!

When she saw her opponent’s health drop and he used his E ability to quickly pull back to increase the distance between them. Tong Yao pressed R-- --

She had released Ezreal’s ultimate and slain the weakened Lu Sicheng!

3 to 2!

“I won! ! ! ! ! ! Ahhhhhhhh! !”

Tong Yao threw down her mouse and keyboard, raising both of her arms towards the air. The onlookers behind them also started clapping since they knew that crayfish was coming. The bullet comments were bursting with happy thoughts-- --

[Hahahahahahaha, you’re something, my little sister!]

[Esports Mulan slays General Lu! Next is tying the knot, that’s for sure. Xixixixixixi!]

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. I won’t be more excited even when Chinese team wins the world championship!]

[I was so nervous that I almost couldn’t breath…...You’re all veterans, even a champion like Ezreal could be used at this level.]

[Damn, I was so nervous! My palms are all wet!]

[I’m on the toilet! ! ! I squatted down for 30 minutes and forgot why I was here for in the first place! ! ! ! Congratulations, Smiling; congratulations, Cheng Ge! Now I’m going back to concentrate on my bowel movements, muah! ! !]

Tong Yao giggly turned to look at Lu Sicheng. He took his time to switch to Tong Yao’s stream and glanced at the comments. Then he mumbled: “Why the heck are you congratulating me! I wish you get constipated!” He turned off her stream and was about to put his earphones back on-- --

Tong Yao grabbed his arm: “Crayfish, crayfish, crayfish.”

Lu Sicheng took a glance at the hand on his wrist: “I got it.”

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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 45 Part 4

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 45 Part 4

Something called a guilty conscience had awakened deep down in Xiang Nuan’s soul.

She had put all her effort into the game and neglected her studies. She even copied other’s homework. Now, it was finals! If would be shameful if she failed any of her classes!

Xiang Nuan decided that she couldn’t fail a single class!

She uninstalled Kings of Glory from her cell phone immediately and started studying for the finals.

After uninstalling, she sent out a message to her friends: Garbage game, destroys my youth!

Lin Chuyan asked her: What happened to you?

Xiang Nuan: I’m going to have finals. / ( T o T ) / ~ ~

Lin Chuyan: Pat head.

Xiang Nuan: Aren’t you nervous? You have finals too……

Lin Chuyan: Our classes are super easy.

Xiang Nuan: Go away you shameless human being, don’t speak to us fairies.

Lin Chuyan: ……

-- --

During finals week, the school provided study rooms for all nighters.

Nanshan University was a reputable school and most of the students were diligent in their studies. But there were always some students who would wait till the last minute to cram.

The school discouraged students from staying up all night and in the past closed the study rooms at night.

But a few years ago, one student went off campus by himself to a 24 hour restaurant to study all night and never came back. His whereabouts were still unknown.

After the incident, the school, out of security concerns, arranged for some classrooms to stay open overnight.

The Yuanchi campus was located at the north of Nanshan City. It was in the suburbs that had been developed recently. When the school started to build the campus, the land wasn’t very expensive yet and the school could afford to build large buildings to accommodate more classrooms. There were plenty of seats in the overnight study rooms and so students didn’t have to arrive early to get a seat.

After dinner, Xiang Nuan went to the market to buy snacks for her upcoming all nighter. Then she went to the classroom in high spirits.

She saw Shen Zemu in front of the building.

Shen Zemu was fiddling with a shared bike. He nodded to Xiang Nuan when he turned around and saw her.

“How are you, Xuezhang.” Xiang Nuan greeted him but didn’t stop.

Shen Zemu glanced over the plastic bag in her hand. The bag was the cheap kind from the market, transparent enough for him to see what was inside. He could see some snacks and drinks. The drinks were all red bull and coffee for keeping her up through the night.

Shen Zemu gave up on the bike and stretched his long legs to follow her inside.

Xiang Nuan suddenly noticed a figure walk past her, it was Shen Zemu.

“Xuezhang, you’re going to the study room too?”

“En.” Shen Zemu heard her question and slowed down to walk next to her.

Xiang Nuan was ashamed to tell Shen Zemu that she was going to the 24 hour study room. To her, it would imply that she hadn’t been studying. It would be too shameful for her.

Her wish to hide the fact that she had to spend the night before finals in the all-nighter study room didn’t come true as both of them stopped at the door to the same room.

Xiang Nuan scratched her head. It turned out Shen Zemu was in the same boat as her, ha…...

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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 59 Part 2

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 59 Part 2

Tong Yao checked the champion list: “Mirror image, right? Then Ezreal?”

Lu Sicheng: “En.”  Both sides locked in the champion and began the match-- --

Since there were no runes or masteries in a 1v1, the various stats of their champion were very different in the beginning from a normal match. For professional players, who liked to calculate the amount of damage they needed to kill early one, were at great risk of getting themselves killed because of the habits they’d built up playing normally. Sometimes, they would even have difficulty farming minions. There was only one way to avoid falling back into their old habits: play a lot of practice matches, practicing minion farming..

Only then could a player have a good sense of the base damage of various champions.

At the beginning of the match, Tong Yao was a little nervous-- --She had never played against Lu Sicheng face to face ever since she joined ZGDX, or since she started playing League of Legends…...In her headphones, all she could hear were the continuous clicking sounds of the mouse. Watching her opponent move around with ease and last hit with precision, Tong Yao could feel her own heart beat.

She knew the skill he was showing must be the result of practicing many, many times in practice mode-- --

If she had gotten over her fear of Ah Tai because she had realized that most people in the world were ordinary people like her, it was also very clear to her right now that Lu Sicheng didn’t belong to that category.

When he first started playing professionally, he was one of the few Chinese players who had been recruited as a trainee by a Korean club. Now he was one of the top players in the world; whenever people talked about Chinese professional players, they would always think of the name “Lu Sicheng.”

He had become famous very early in his career.

And he had maintained his position at the top.

Even other top players would admit he was a good player and admire his skill not only because he was extremely talented, but also because he worked extremely hard.

Tong Yao suffered a hit from the start.

She was forced to retreat back to her turret and missed a few minions. Tong Yao’s heart skipped a beat. She only farmed cautiously from behind her minion line. Once in a while, she would lose some health. When she noticed that she was going to reach level two, she quickly retreated-- --

Just as she had expected, Lu Sicheng, who had one more minion kill than her, attacked her with Ezreal’s W ability once he reached level two before Tong Yao leveled up. He was extremely fast. Even though Tong Yao had moved back and tried to avoid the attack, it wasn’t enough to prevent being hit. Tong Yao quickly drank a potion and killed another minion. The moment when she reached level two, she found Lu Sicheng, who was still at full health, retreating-- --

It was impossible for her to chase after him. Tong Yao’s only chance to hit him was when he chased after her then kill him with a backhand……

But the man obviously wasn’t going to give her a chance.

Afterwards, both of them farmed peacefully. Tong Yao was aware that if she let Lu Sicheng continue to grow, then she would always be behind him just from missing a single minion kill. So she tried any way she could to weave around the minions in lane from time to time and harass Lu Sicheng-- --

Too bad Lu Sicheng didn’t buy it.

When both sides reached level three and a half, Tong Yao was deep in the lane and took a hit from Lu Sicheng. He had just finished farming a wave of minions and quickly close in to Tong Yao with his E ability and dealt some damage. As her health plummeted; she fought back with her ability while running back to her own minions!

When her health was less than 200, she saw him rush under her turret’s range. Tong Yao thought her chance had finally come when he suffered a hit from the turret. But her one second hesitation took her life-- --Lu Sicheng ignited Tong Yao, then jumped out of the range of the turret. Though Tong Yao was able to back into the turret to avoid further attacks, she still burned to death from ignite!

When the screen turned dark and the words “first blood” was heard, Tong Yao threw down her mouse, quite frustrated.

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 45 Part 3

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 45 Part 3

After the first match, Lin Chuyan invited Xiang Nuan for another one and Xiang Nuan invited Oblivion again.

Lin Chuyan had the urge to kick Oblivion out but stopped himself.

Nuan god: Oblivion, let’s add each other to WeChat. I have something to tell you.

Oblivion told her his WeChat account. Lin Chuyan very quickly added Oblivion’s WeChat, then created a group, inviting both Oblivion and Xiang Nuan.

Chuyan: Let’s hear it.

It’s Nuannuan: ……

She hadn’t realized what had happened.

Oblivion: ?

Xiang Nuan: Oh, it’s just that you’re such a skillful player, you probably can go play professionally?

Oblivion: I don’t know about that.

It’s Nuannuan: I happen to know someone who’s organizing a professional team. Do you want me to send him your id?

Oblivion: Oh, ok. Thanks.

Chuyan: Let me ask him then.

Xiang Nuan thought that was probably a better idea since Lin Chuyan knew Deng Wenbo fairly well.

Lin Chuyan breathed a sigh of relief after he was sure that Xiang Nuan wasn’t interested in Oblivion other than for this.

The next day, Lin Chuyan mentioned Oblivion to Deng Wenbo. After Deng Wenbo understood more about Oblivion he showed no interest in him.

Deng Wenbo wanted to form a super powerful team. He only wanted renowned professional players or amateurs who were ranked in the top three in each area. He had no interest in anyone else.

Getting into the top three not only required superb skill but also time. Oblivion had to work during the day time and could only play at night. He wouldn’t be able to play long enough to move up the ranks quickly.

Deng Wenbo certainly wasn’t interested in all these details, he was only interested in the result.

In Deng Wenbo’s eyes, Oblivion didn’t mean anything and refused to have Oblivion tryout for his team.

Xiang Nuan felt sorry for Oblivion.

Oblivion became friends with them and the three of them would play together from time to time. Their three old teammates, Zheng Dongkai, Maomaoqiu, and Dayu, had basically given up playing after winning the campus championship. They were now diligently preparing for finals.

…...Wait, finals!



“Lili, why haven’t you asked me to go study with you! It’s almost time for finals!”

“I ask you everyday but you pay no attention to me. I’ve given up.”

“Sorry, sorry, it’s all my fault. Ahhh, what am I going to do for finals……”

“What have you been doing till now?”


“Calm down. We can do this.”


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Monday, July 1, 2019

Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 32 Part 1

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 32 Part 1

When Ye Qiao finally recovered her ability to speak, she looked up confrontationally: “Does it look like it?”
Zhou Tingsheng was still a head taller than her even when he was kneeling down. He could see her bare neck without the necklace, the dreadful hickey on her pale skin, and the unfinished tattoo of intertwined vines. He turned his eyes away, lips tightly pressed together, without saying a word.

Ye Qiao, with cigarette still between her fingers, used both of her hands and held his face to look at her: “Why are you being so shy? You’ve seen it before.”
Though he’d been forced to face her, his eyes didn’t move downward. His eyes were fixed on her eyes of unclear emotions.
Ye Qiao felt uneasy under his gaze. She slightly raised up her neck and let him have a full view of her collar bone, then deliberately laughed to cover her own discomfort: “Doesn’t this feel rather familiar? You really aren’t the only one who likes bones.”

He had originally found her recklessness as part of her charm, but now it seemed to be delivering him retribution. Zhou Tingsheng couldn’t control his annoyance at her frivolous attitude and asked in a low voice: “Ye Qiao, to you, am I just like all the others?”
Ye Qiao’s laugh froze. All she could think about was the sudden question. She was so engrossed that she was startled when her hands were dragged off from his face.

Is he just like the others?
She didn’t know. But when she was with Wen Shaoqian earlier, a thought crossed her mind for a second. She was asking herself if there was a difference. Perhaps she could just go along with Wen Shaoqian. However, her disgust of Wen Shaoqian won out. She pretended to go along with him to trick him. Originally, she was planning to tease him for much longer, but when he was about to kiss her, she subconsciously pushed him away.
She couldn’t stand having intimate contact with Wen Shaoqian.

But right now, her eyes were fixed on that pair of angular lips of his and felt the longing to move across the short distance between them and lock lips. She missed his tenderness and aggressiveness. She wanted to see his normally grave and cold lips curve up ever so slightly and perversely, gently smiling at her like he had done many times before.
Ye Qiao felt disconcerted all of a sudden. She turned her face away and took a puff of the cigarette, then said: “......I don’t know.”

Zhou Tingsheng stood up. It was hard to tell from his eyes whether he was despondent or not. Ye Qiao was afraid to look at his eyes in fear of seeing silent despair in them. The next second, Ye Qiao hard a mechanical device clank from above her head, then she fell back with the door she had been leaning on when it suddenly swung inwards. Zhou Tingsheng subconsciously bent down to catch her. He sneered: “Did you know? All the doors on a ship have latches, all you need to do is to pull on it. Are you really so easily fooled or are you just pretending?”

Taken aback, she looked up in disbelief from what she just heard. She asked in a pathetic tone: “You think I pretend to be naive and deliberately threw myself at someone?”
The cigarette butt dropped on the floor. Zhou Tingsheng didn’t know what to think about it and moved his eyes to look at the glow at the end of the cigarette. It was as if all the oxygen in the air had been sucked up by the still burning cigarette, Ye Qiao felt like something had been stuffed into her heart and was having a hard time breathing. She forced herself to stand up with the help of the door frame then looked at him: “Since you already think this way, what’s the point of staying here?”

Zhou Tingsheng had mixed emotions. He wanted to apologize but was also irritated by her attitude which made him want to turn and leave. While he was hesitating, he heard the familiar hissing sound from between her teeth.
Her timing on having cramps was always perfect.

Ye Qiao hadn’t had much to eat that night. When she abruptly stood up, she was already suffering from low blood sugar and now the pain from the cramp made her feel even more dizzy.
Zhou Tingsheng held her without a second thought, but his softened heart disappeared quickly when Ye Qiao stubbornly pushed him away and jumped into her room on one foot. Deep down, he was a male chauvinist to some degree and liked having her rely on him. But Ye Qiao’s headstrongness made it difficult for him to be gentle.

Ye Qiao had jumped behind the door. Her heel touched the ground with every jump, sending a shiver up her leg, but she refused to outwardly show a sign of weakness. She looked up at him and found him indifferently stand there as an onlooker. A sudden surge of resentment welled up in her mind all of a sudden. She tried her best to shut the door right in his face with as much force as she could muster. The door he had opened flung back into his face.

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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 31 Part 3

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 31 Part 3

Ye Qiao mentally snickered, but her hand gripped firmly to his tie. She then forcefully pulled the buttons off his shirt, his pale skin was showing and some of the buttons were even pulled off the shirt. Then she grabbed the necklace off her neck and quickly took off both earrings, discarding the priceless sapphire jewelry to the side. The precious stones rolled off the bed and dropped onto the floor with a clang as an accompaniment to their lust.
Aroused, Wen Shaoqian turned around to pushed her under him. His lips covered hers.
Just as their lips were about to touch, Ye Qiao suddenly pushed him away and leapt to her feet. She pointed to the jewelry scattered on the floor and coldly said: “I’ve returned everything to you. If you need me to pay back your shirt, message me your bank account tonight.” She briskly pulled up the zipper with one of her hands and said: “And about this dress, I like it very much. Thank you.”

She picked up her clutch and went right out the door. She noticed a faint red mark on her shoulder in her reflection from the porthole window. The gown she was wearing had a tube top, there was no way to hide the hickey.

Ye Qiao frowned then turned around and took a deep breath. She had nowhere else to go.
She couldn’t open the door to her room and it seemed quite possible that Wen Shaoqian had done something to it. She wasn't even sure whether he had actually made a phone call to get someone to fix it for her.
Ye Qiao leaned against the door to her own room. The fierceness she displayed earlier was nowhere to be found and instead looked rather helpless now. Fortunately she had pulled off some of the buttons on Wen Shaoqian’s shirt. It would take him some time for him to change into a new shirt and tidy himself up. It would be too humiliating if he had run out after her and happened to see her with no place to go.

Bored, she pushed the lock button on her cell phone and didn’t realize that the battery was dead. So much for leaving the ship, that would have to wait till the next morning, at least 6 hours away.

When she boarded the ship, she didn’t expect to end up trapped here with nowhere to go. She racked her mind for ways to get herself out of the predicament and concluded she could go find someone and borrow their phone for later. But for the time being, she was too tired to bother with it. The high heels she was wearing didn’t even fit perfectly. Her feet were sore and hurt. She slowly slid down to a squat, her back leaning against the door.

When a person is exhausted, it’s quite natural to have unrealistic fantasies where heaven opens a door for her without an effort on her part.
A door did open.
It was the door across from hers. A pair of leather shoes stepped out of the door. Ye Qiao felt a sudden premonition. She looked up. When she saw the face of the person at the door, she almost wanted to confront heaven face to face. What kind of fate did she have where he would appear again right in front of her?

Zhou Tingsheng stopped right in front of her. He was just as shocked though his gloomy expression remained unchanged.

Ye Qiao didn’t speak. Zhou Tingsheng didn’t move either.

After looking for a while, her neck felt rather sore. She looked down and set her chin on her knees. She didn’t know how to react.

From Zhou Tingsheng’s angle, all he saw after a short look of surprise, all Ye Qiao did was lower her head with a shallow smile, treating him like an unimportant passerby. Zhou Tingsheng suppressed his anger, pressed his lips together, and started to walk away. However, his steps slowed as he passed by her. It seemed that deep down in his mind he wished she would look up again and ask him for help or tearfully whine to him, or at least watched him walk away…...Such petty and humble wishes, Zhou Tingsheng forced himself to quicken his step and leave.

Unexpectedly, Ye Qiao looked up and spoke to him, her voice seemed just like it came from his dreams: “Have a cigarette?”

Zhou Tingsheng turned around; Ye Qiao was quietly watching his hand inside his pants pocket. She knew his habits very well.

The fingers in his pocket moved slightly, eventually getting ahold of a cigarette box. He took it out and threw it to Ye Qiao. Ye Qiao took one out of the box and lifted her head to give him a look, with obviously overtones. Zhou Tingsheng walked back to her and knelt down with one knee right in front of her. He took out his lighter and lit the cigarette for her. He mocked her when their eyes met: “You get kicked out?”

Ye Qiao had just taken a puff and instantly started choking, coughing smoke into his face. She covered her mouth, but couldn’t stop the coughing as if she was coughing out all the frustration she’d built up tonight. As she was coughing, she began to laugh dryly.

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Friday, June 28, 2019

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 59 Part 1

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 59 Part 1

ZGDX thus held a 1v1 match with the late night meal as the award that night. The participants were Tong Yao and Lu Sicheng, with Little Fatty, Lu Yue, Ming god, Old K, Old Cat,  the coaches, and the entire staff as audience.

Before the match started, all the onlookers began rooting for Tong Yao without anyone asking them to-- --

“If you win, we can have crayfish. If you lose, we can only have spicy hot pot.” Little Fatty patted Tong Yao’s shoulder.

Tong Yao: “......Well, even if it’s crayfish, I can still afford-- --”

Little Fatty: “If we can’t eat 10 pounds of crayfish each at one seating, then why bother with crayfish.”

Tong Yao figured the price for 10 pounds of crayfish and nodded: “I’ll try my best to win.”

Lu Sicheng had already set up private game for the 1v1 match and sent the password to Tong Yao-- --Both of them were streaming. The bullet comments on Tong Yao’s side looked like the following: “I seem to be present at a contest for Cheng Ge’s next girlfriend” “The room is his arena” “I really would like to try it, what if.” The comments of Lu Sicheng’s side seemed to be mostly jokes-- --

[Cheng Ge, look back, there’s no one behind you.]

[No one loves you.]

[We don’t love you either.]

[You probably paid for those who compliment you on Tieba. You don’t have fans, no friends.]

[Sympathy to the captain, so unpopular.]

[ZGDX is divided. All the teammates have isolated the captain!]

[No matter what, you’ll always have my support, Cheng Ge!......I can’t get to eat the late night meal anyway kkkkkkkkk]

Lu Sicheng took a glance at the comments and coldly said: “Shut up. I’m turning off the stream.”

Then he turned to look at Tong Yao: “Do you know the rules for a one on one?”

[Attention! Cheng Ge is going to announce the rules for the contest for his girlfriend!]

[Whether our Smiling can win the captain over?]

[I’ll go fight with you!]

[Hahahahahahahaha, you all are so annoying!]

[I don’t know, I don’t know. Tell us, Cheng Ge, please!]

Lu Sicheng turned his head and shut off his stream. Ten seconds later, the number of viewers at Tong Yao’s stream shut up suddenly. Many comments were people who had instantly switched over to Tong Yao’s side. They all said: Little sister, kill that tsundere who just turned off the stream like that! We’re rooting for you!

Tong Yao rubbed her hands which were a bit cold from nervousness: “I know, I know. Three kills or one turret.”

The so called “three kills and one turret” was the rule for playing 1v1 of League of Legends-- --

The first was no runes or masteries.

The second was that no Summoner spells such as heal, clarity, and revive.

The third is that they can only fight on mid lane, using the bushes along the way from mid to the river as the boundary. Anyone going beyond the boundary will forfeit the match.

The fourth is that a players wins after killing the opponent three times or destroying the first turret of the opponent.

Both sides were free to choose any champion they wanted. But under most circumstances, since both sides wanted to duke it out with just their level of skill, they would choose the same champion and have a mirror match-- --Tong Yao and Lu Sicheng were good at different positions, theoretically it would be hard to find a balance between them. However, they happened to be mid and ADC and there were quite a few champions that were good for either of these positions in League of Legends.

Champions such as Ezreal, Varus, Quinn, Jayce, etc……

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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 45 Part 2

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Those Sweet Times
Chapter 45 Part 2

Chen Yinghu had soon forgotten about the episode and therefore, didn’t mention it to Xiang Nuan. If Xiang Nuan knew that a professional team was interested in her, she would have been so proud of herself.

For Xiang Nuan, having fans also created an annoyance for her. There were always people asked to add her as a friend then let her help them play their games. Xiang Nuan knew the limit of her ability. As a support, how could she help anyone play the game? If she was using Diaochan, who knew whether Diaochan can help the other champion or the other way around……

She also cared about her own image and didn’t have the confidence to agree to help a random fan.

In the end, she changed her id and no one could find her.

When Lin Chuyan logged onto the game, he discovered that Xiang Nuan’s id had changed to “Nuan god.”

He followed suit and changed his id to “Chu god.”

Chu god invited Nuan god to join his team.

Xiang Nuan had the mic on. When she saw Lin Chuyan’s id, she was amused: “You’re so cocky.”

Lin Chuyan chuckled and imitated her tone of voice: “You’re cocky, too.”

His imitation of a girl’s voice gave Xiang Nuan goosebumps.

Lin Chuyan then thought of something and asked: “Has Deng Wenbo harassed you lately?”

“That man’s skill wasn’t up to much.”

Lin Chuyan’s heart skipped a beat: “What skill?”

“His gaming skill. What else?”

“Nothing, nothing.”

Xiang Nuan was baffled by Lin Chuyan’s question. Then she found on her friends list that Oblivion was also online. Her eyes brightened up and invited him to join the team.

Oblivion joined their team.

Chu god: ?

Nuan god: Let me properly introduce him to you. He’s the one I told you before who plays a super strong Luna.

Nanu god: Luna, do you still remember me? I used Zhang Fei to play a match with you before. I was “It’s Nuannuan” before. I change my id.

Chu god: How are you.

After a while, Oblivion: En.

The three of them soon chose their respective champions and the match began. Oblivion suddenly spoke.

Oblivion: How are you.

Chu god: ……

What a slow reaction…...Could this person really play Luna well?

Xiang Nuan chose Diaochan, Oblivion still used Mona. Both Diaochan and Mona very badly needed blue buff. Xiang Nuan knew her skill at playing Diaochan wasn’t that advanced, though she had beat Mulan. However, playing a one on one was totally different from playing 5 against 5. She wouldn’t fight with her own teammate for the buff and sent a message to remind Luna.

Nuan god: Luna, you get blue.

Oblivion didn’t respond but ran to the enemy’s jungle to fight for the enemy’s buff.

Then Oblivion said: You get it.

Throughout the whole match, Oblivion always went after the enemy’s buff. If the enemy got the blue buff before him, he would hunt down the enemy and inherit the blue buff.

He would let Diaochan always have the blue buff of her own side.

Nuan god was a bit touched by his consideration.

Chu god on the other hand was a bit concerned.

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 58 Part 3

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 58 Part 3

Tong Yao quietly switched over to check the comments-- --

[..............................Baby, what were you doing in the men’s restroom?]

[Hahahahahahahahahaha. You’re really something my girl!]

[#ZGDX’s mid is probably the biggest publicity stunt of the year. She’s actually a transvestite#]

[How can a transvestite have such a flat chest? Be more scientific about it.]

[It could very well be that she had run out of money for surgery……]

“I went to the men's restroom because I made a wrong turn, a wrong turn, ok! I happened to see Ah Guang there and we chatted. Why chat in the restroom? Because there wasn’t anyone else there and it’s a good place to have a chat! Moderator, ban that person who said that I have a flat chest, ban him for life! What, I play professionally to make enough money to complete the surgery? Damn it, ban this person as well. Moderator-- --Never mind, I’ll do it myself!”

Lu Sicheng suddenly became very quiet as Tong Yao was busy bickering with the bullet comments. He was suddenly reminded of the morning right after his team had played a skirmish with his old team-- --It was almost the same hour of the day and exactly the same place. The person who was sitting in front of him right now was playing with the same champion. At that time though, she was pale, had black circles under her eyes, and sobbing about her first set back in her professional career……

Look at her right now.

The morning sunlight shone into the base, illuminating one side of her face. When he cast his eyes down, he could see the fine hairs on her healthy, pink cheeks. Her eyes seemed to shine while focusing on the screen in front of her.

Lu Sicheng for the first time didn’t continue laughing at her chicken soup for the soul. The corners of his sleepy eyes suddenly softened. He lifted his hand to pat her head.

“Let’s play a one v one in a while.”

“Why?” The bickering Tong Yao paused and looked up in confusion.

“Because I want to. Let’s bet on tonight’s late night meal. The loser’s buying.”

With the challenge, Lu Sicheng turned to walk away.

Tong Yao watched him leave. She then switched to check the bullet comments again and found a whole different world-- --

[66666666, I want to see the 1v1! Don’t you dare turn off the stream!]

[Play 1v1 with him, beat him, and marry him!]

[He just said yesterday that he’ll only be with someone who can play better than him…...This is a chance for him to do an interview with you, my little sister!]

[hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, but you can’t beat him! When Cheng Ge played 1v1 before, not even someone like Li Junhe could beat him! ! ! !]

[Unexpected display of affection so early in the morning.]

[Even with messy hair, Cheng Ge is still handsome. Let me tell you, this kind of man is suitable to be put on a bed to look at from morning to night. Every second of it would be a beautiful scene-- --It’s up to you whether you want to fight for it.]

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 45 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 45 Part 1

After the one on one match, Xiang Nuan had obtained a small fan base.

To be exact, she had two small fan groups.

One group was mostly her schoolmates who were present while she played the match. They then went on the forums to discuss the match and describe how she had won the match. Some who had followed the forum also became her fan.

The other group was those who had watched the match on Hu Ge’s stream. Some felt it was just a publicity stunt to promote the stream, others however believed what they had seen and considered Xiang Nuan their goddess.

Among those who believed what they saw, the coach of the Unbeatable team, Chang Sansi, was one of them.

Chang Sansi didn’t go look for Xiang Nuan directly, he contacted Chen Yinghu first. Though Chen Yinghu only played professionally for a few days, many professional players knew about him and had his contact information.

Chang Sansi called Chen Yinghu. They first had some small talk before Chang Sansi began to ask about the girl with Chen Yinghu in stream.

Chen Yinghu laughed: “Chang Ge, what do you mean? Your team’s looking for new player?”

Chang Sansi was straightforward: “I feel that she’s quite talented. Though we don’t have an opening for the main positions, she can come to be our trainee first to try it out. Can you ask her for me? Or can you give me her contact information and I’ll go ask her directly.”

Chang Sansi felt that he had showed his utmost sincerity in inviting Xiang Nuan. Normally, the basic requirements for a trainee was being skilled at playing at least 3 champions, be competent in at least two positions, and have at least 40 stars at the Master level.

Those were the minimum requirements. But ‘It’s Nuannuan’ hadn’t reached that level yet.

Chen Yinghu didn’t reply directly but asked a question: “Chang Ge, let me just ask you one thing, do you know which college she is at?”

“Which one?”

“Nanshan University.”

Chang Sansi had thought about all the possibilities. Maybe It’s Nuannuan didn’t want to go to his team or she wasn’t interested in playing professionally. Or how much growth could she have after training, or whether both sides could reach an agreement on the salary…...He even thought about if the girl believed it was just a scam what would he do to convince her……

What he had never expected that the major obstacle would be that she was studying in a renowned university.

Though there were more and more college students nowadays, Nanshan University was quite a reputable one and its graduates usually had a bright future.

They were the elite of the society with a promised future waiting for them. Who would come to play esports with him, especially with an uncertain future.

Many people considered esports as their dream. But fundamentally, it was just a profession to make a living. In addition, it was a profession filled with cruel competitions, survival of the fittest. It was also a profession for young people. The career of a professional player was very short; the investment and its return was disproportionate. In this profession, working hard didn’t amount to much since every single one of them worked very hard.


Once Chang Sansi realized Xiang Nuan was in Nanshan University, he had given up any thought of recruiting her. Even if he could tempt her to come play professionally to fulfill her dream, her parents would probably burn him alive.

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 31 Part 2

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 31 Part 2

They arrived at Wen Shaoqian’s room. He easily opened the door and switched on the light. There was limited space on a ship. Even though his room was a deluxe one with an ocean view window, it was still quite cramped and narrow. Under the dim light, they each found a place in the room. Ye Qiao felt quite uncomfortable after entering, she was pale with her eyebrows knit tightly. The source of her discomfort wasn’t from the stagnant air in a narrow cabin, but rather the faint fragrance floating inside the room.

Ye Qiao sat on his bed and sniffed. The smell was complex, it was pungent at first, then gradually grew milder.

Wen Shaoqian hung up his jacket and made the phone call for Ye Qiao to fix her door lock. He noticed her discomfort: “You don’t like it? The incense is from India. It can calm your nerves and it’s also good for insomnia.”

Ye Qiao slowly got used to the smell and was feeling a lot more at ease. She shook her head and said: “You have insomnia too?”

Wen Shaoqian chuckled lightly: “A doctor who’s not suffering from insomnia won't reply to his patient’s consultation messages at the middle of the night.”

Ye Qiao was reminded about that night when she didn’t have anyone else to talk to and they wouldn’t have become friends if it wasn’t for their conversation that night. She was usually intuitively resistant to the complacency of strangers. But Wen Shaoqian was well-versed in the human psychic. He probed little by little to slowly get into Ye Qiao’s world without causing her any offense. She actually could sense his deliberateness, but couldn’t find an excuse to reject him.

She was a little uneasy that he mentioned that night and said with a smile: “It’s better to forget about those ‘consultations’. It isn’t patient to doctor now.”

Wen Shaoqian was intrigued: “Then what is it now?”
“Friends.” Ye Qiao earnestly answered, nodding her head.
Her dress was a bit too tight for her and when she nodded, the fabric seemed binding.
Wen Shaoqian glanced at her dress and sorrifully said: “Looks like the dress I picked isn’t quite fitting.”
Ye Qiao smiled: “It’s only a little tight on the top part. It would be a strange thing if you can pick a dress that’s fitting.”

The look in Wen Shaoqian’s eyes subtly changed. He liked a quiet and delicate woman but didn’t like this woman being reserved and shy. The presumptuousness that Ye Qiao displayed occasionally was exactly to his liking. In addition, she had an eye-catching tattoo on her chest. He believed that a woman with a tattoo like that must have an uninhibited soul, inconsistent with her outer appearance. Wen Shaoqian stood next to Ye Qiao and looked over her shoulder to check her zipper. He took down his disguise and asked in a deep voice: “Do you want to make it looser?”

It was somewhat unexpected, but in the end Ye Qiao didn’t find it surprising at all. She actually could understand this kind of naked desire more than a display of affection.
She leaned to one side and touched the zipper under her arm: “It’s rather troublesome to put on or take off this dress.”
“Let me help you.” Wen Shaoqian’s palm was already on her hand before she had even finished talking. He was very skillful at doing these sorts of things. His fingers caressed the back of her hand with just the right touch and guided her hand pulling the zipper down little by little. He noticed that Ye Qiao wasn’t resisting, quickly stole a glance at her, and very naturally bent over to kiss her. He lightly kissed her shoulder socket to test her reaction.

His lips were too cold for Ye Qiao and she couldn’t help but shiver. Then she turned around to put her arms around his waist, with their necks still tangled together. She easily pushed him onto the bed. She looked at him dangerously and asked: “You have that stuff?”
Wen Shaoqian hesitated for a moment then said: “Yes.”

So he came prepared.

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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 31 Part 1

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 31 Part 1

Ye Qiao felt her chest tighten ever slightly at the crowded party and went out to the bow to get some fresh air. Wen Shaoqian followed her out and asked: “It’s quite windy here. Why did you come here?”

Ye Qiao, with one hand on her chest, shook her head: “I have a weak heart. I’m a little out of breath inside.” Wen Shaoqian held her arm, trying to lead her back: “You should get some rest if you don’t feel good. If the trip aggravates your health issues, I’ll feel bad for having suggested that you come here with me.”

Ye Qiao was stubborn. She slowly pulled her arm out of his hand and politely declined: “There’s better air circulation here. It’s too stuffy inside.”

Wen Shaoqian was a patient man and wasn’t bothered by the rejection. He was still gentle and even made fun of her: “‘Xi Shi[1] holding her heart’ would be like what you’re doing now.” Though sometimes he spoke in a playful manner, he was gentle enough not to annoy her: “Before I met you, I wouldn’t believe that a sickish woman could be charming.”

Ye Qiao wondered if she was sickly? Though she was troubled at times by physical problems, she had tried very hard to live an active life. Since they didn’t know each other that well yet, Ye Qiao felt bad to refute him again. So she only politely thanked him. Wen Shaoqian laughed. They became quiet afterwards.

Maybe they were too quiet, a couple who were kissing at the side of the ship turned to come this way. The man with his suit jacket wide open pushed his female companion against the wall and kissed her passionately. Wen Shaoqian and Ye Qiao were standing in the shadows that the couple didn’t see them first. But it was still quite embarrassing for Wen Shaoqian and Ye Qiao to be so near to the couple. Wen Shaoqian gave a look to Ye Qiao, she returned an uneasy grin. Both of them quietly left the bow. Ye Qiao had nowhere to go but follow Wen Shaoqian back to their rooms.

When Ye Qiao arrived at her room, she couldn’t unlock the door to her room. She tried a few times to no avail. She asked Wen Shaoqian to try it, who tried to force open the door to little success. He frustratedly said: “The doors on the ship are usually locked in a special way. We can ask a staff member to come help unlock it later.”

Ye Qiao felt a strange foreboding: “Will it take long?” “Maybe.” Wen Shaoqian looked helpless as well: “There’s no one in my room. You can go rest there. I’ll call someone to fix the lock for you.”

He noticed Ye Qiao’s hesitation, smiled as if he had nothing to hide: “Is Ms. Ye afraid that I’ll take advantage of you?” Ye Qiao felt that if she refused again, it’d look like she was overreacting: “Not at all. I just don’t want to trouble you.” Wen Shaoqian warmly said: “No trouble at all.”

Ye Qiao walked with him to his room, at the end of the hallway. Wen Shaoqian noticed that she didn’t pick up the hem of her long gown as some actresses would when walking on a red carpet. Her gown was long enough to cover her ankles and she walked with ease as the tail gracefully swayed like the tail of a fish. He smiled to himself with secret delight at seeing his prey fall into the net as he appreciated his trophy.

[1]: Xi Shi is considered one of the Four Beauties of ancient China: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xi_Shi

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 58 Part 2

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 58 Part 2

Now there were more “? ? ? ? ? ?” bullet comments in addition to the stream of “ hhhhhhhh” and “66666.” Tong Yao threw the fork into the box and clapped her hands: “Did everyone hear that? He doesn’t like women, one point for those who want to be his hubby.”

“You said during the interview today that when a woman put her mind on something, she could do it better than any man.”

“Put her mind to it-- --That means she doesn’t go shopping, look for good food, get a manicure or put on makeup, buy new clothes, and search on Taobao.” Tong Yao said: “A woman would die if she has to give up all those things. On the other hand, those things don’t exist in a man’s life in the first place. This is the natural advantage of your species.”



Tong Yao watched Lu Sicheng’s stream for a while longer before she went upstairs to go sleep with a yawn. Next morning, when there was no one downstairs, Tong Yao got up and sneaked down to her computer to stream-- --In actuality, she hadn’t given up making up her stream hours. She usually streamed in the morning and noon before any of her teammates got up.

Her fans commented that she was up too early to be a fully qualified esports player.

After streaming for about an hour, everything went smoothly. She would respond to the bullet comments from time to time. Time went by fast, it was already close to 10 o’clock. The door to Lu Sicheng’s room was opened. He trudged downstairs in slippers with sleepy eyes. He was wearing a shabby shirt and a pair of Ultraman underpants, (which seemed to belong to Little Fatty.) His hair was the definition of the word messy. He had obviously just gotten out his bed……

What an image of an esports god.

Tong Yao switched screen to check the bullet comments-- --

[It’s Lu Sicheng: Please let my hubby know that Ultraman underpants look good. I can see his underpants.]

Tong Yao read the comment out loud, word by word. The man who was drinking water in the kitchen paused and quietly pulled on his underpants: “Why are you streaming so early in the morning?”

He then poured himself a cup of coffee and walked over to stand behind Tong Yao. Tong Yao was playing Azir. Her match had just reached the 9th minute and 30th second. Tong Yao’s creep score was 99 and 30 seconds later, the 17th wave of minions would arrive-- --

Based on Lu Sicheng’s understanding about the minion lane, her score meant that she hadn’t missed a single minion in the past nine and a half minutes.

In addition, her personal score at the moment was 1 kill, 0 death, and 0 support. So not only did she kill every minion, she also had had the time to work with the jungler to kill an opponent……

Lu Sicheng lifted his eyebrows and was about to say “you’re finally good at farming with Azir.”
But he stopped when he suddenly saw the id of the mid of the opposite side was “Tat, Tei.” Lu Sicheng shook his coffee mug and looked down at the person on the seat: “Are you high on something?”

Tong Yao looked up at him: “You should go shave.”

Lu Sicheng used his hand to stroke his chin: “You’re facing Ah Tai.”

Tong Yao: “So?”

Lu Sicheng: “Just a week ago, you were shaking from meeting him. How do you become this way?”

Tong Yao paused a bit then said: “Ah Guang taught me.”


“King’s jungler.” Tong Yao slowly explained: “He told me that the majority of players aren’t as frightening as they look on the surface. He’s strong because he’s put in a lot more effort…...Most people are just ordinary people. Anyone can catch up to him if you put in enough effort. I don’t need to worry about whether I’m as talented as he is.”

Lu Sicheng looked down at the cup of coffee in his hand, now it smelled like a cup of chicken soup for the soul. He thought about it for a while then asked: “That time when you were in the men’s room?”


“You two kids can come up with such a life lesson in the restroom?”

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 44 Part 3

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Those Sweet Times
Chapter 44 Part 3

Xiang Nuan watched the back view of Invincible and curiously asked Lin Chuyan: “You didn’t rape him, did you?”

“No. Let me stress it again, I’m not gay.”

Xiang Nuan looked back at Lin Chuyan: “Well, you aren’t hurt, are you?”

Lin Chuyan wasn’t hurt at all. But when Xiang Nuan asked him in concern, he suddenly felt that maybe he had been wounded. He leaned back on a tree trunk, using one leg to support his weight and the other leg dangling above the ground.

“Actually, my leg hurts a little.”

“Then what should we do? Let’s go to the hospital?”

“It’s alright. I probably just sprained something on the leg. Just let me rest for a while.”

Lin Chuyan leaned his head against the tree trunk. His eyes cast down so he could see Xiang Nuan’s face. It was a little chilly and her face was pale from the cold. The paleness made the contours of her face even more soft and fragile. He felt like carefully holding the face with both of his hands.

Xiang Nuan’s delicate eyebrows were in a knot: “Does it hurt?”

He looked at her beautiful eyes that were filled with concern. He felt warmth in his heart and curved his lips into a smile without realizing it.

“Why are still smiling?”

“It’s nothing. Let’s go.”

Lin Chuyan was good at acting. He put all his weight on the good leg and walked, with the “hurt” leg only lightly touching the ground. He could still walk but staggering all the while, as if he would fall at any moment.

Xiang Nuan wasn’t comfortable with how he was walking. After a few steps, she grabbed his arm: “Let me help you. Don’t be shy, we’re good buddies.”

“En.” Lin Chuyan answered in a tiny voice.

He thought to himself: I’m not shy at all.

Then he thought: Who wants to be your good buddy.

Xiang Nuan supported Lin Chuyan’s arm. Their bodies close together. She was almost buried in his arms.

Lin Chuyan was quite taller than she was to the point that his body practically covered her. She felt like she was a chick hiding under the wings of an old hen.

There was a faint blush on her cheeks, an intinctual reaction for a girl so close to the opposite sex.

Suddenly she heard him speak above her head: “Do you want to listen to some songs?”


She thought he was going to let her listen to some songs on his phone, but instead he cleared his throat and started to sing.

He was singing <Can’t Help Falling In Love>.

His voice was so close it felt like he was singing the love song next to her ear; it was gentle and sweet. Xiang Nuan almost got drunk from his singing voice.

At that very moment, both of them hoped the narrow path would last forever.

-- --

That night, Lin Chuyan posted a comment in his friends circle, of which he had set viewing privileges for different groups of friends. Xiang Nuan didn’t have access to it, but Chen Yinghu could. His comment was -- --

All the girls are lustful.

Chen Yinghu replied: I wonder what you’ve been through……

Lin Chuyan: ^ _ ^

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 58 Part 1

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 58 Part 1

As Lu Sicheng started streaming, his other teammates soon came down one after another to make up their required quota of stream time. Tong Yao had ordered a box of fruits. As she was eating said fruit, squatting on her seat, and watching a TV drama at the same time…...Lu Sicheng would take some time off from his game to chat with her from time to time.

Lu Sicheng: “You’ve done all your stream time?”

Tong Yao: “I’ve given up on it. I’ll worry about it next month.”

Lu Sicheng: “It’s 11:30 already.”

Tong Yao: “What about it?”

Lu Sicheng: “It’s already one hour past your beauty sleep time and you’re still here eating watermelon?”

Tong Yao rubbed her tummy and figured that if she didn’t get on the scale, then those extra pounds didn’t exist. At ease with herself, she continued eating the fruits. Then she turned on her computer to get on Lu Sicheng’s stream. Almost all the bullet comments that covered the entire screen were asking who the woman today was. There were a few others laughing at Lu Sicheng……

“Someone said that your champion, Jhin, this week has been a rather lousy, good for nothing. Is that true?”
Tong Yao pointed at the computer screen: “I haven’t noticed.”

“I’m an old man AD, so I don’t know too much about this new champion Jhin. It’s Little Fatty that day who kept asking me to take Jhin.” Lu Sicheng happened to be at the ban & pick phase of a new match. As he was talking to Tong Yao, he locked in Jhin and said: “Then, I should practice it.”

Tong Yao shrunk back to her seat.

Lu Sicheng asked again: “What else are the bullet comments saying?”

Tong Yao gave him a glance: “......Can’t you check yourself?”

Lu Sicheng switched the screen to take a look. As he was looking at the bullet comments, even more comments flooded in. Lu Sicheng was quiet for a second after seeing what the fans were asking, then he used a lazy and casual tone to answer his curious fans: “Who’s that woman? Which woman? Why are you all Sherlock Holmes now?......She’s nobody, just a blind date my family had arranged for me…...What do you mean, ‘why did I need to have a blind date’? I’m a healthy grown man reaching the legal age of marriage, why can’t I have a blind date. But I refused her-- --That’s right, I’m not thinking about it right now. I want to get that championship trophy more.”

Tong Yao: “......”

“It’s not that she isn’t pretty, it’s that she’s not a good match. Besides, I don’t think it would work out since she’s not in this business. I don’t want to waste the time…...How do you know it would work out?”

Lu Sicheng turned his camera to face Tong Yao while answering the questions.
Everyone watching the stream saw the ZGDX mid, squatting on the chair, turned to look at the camera in confusion…...Lu Sicheng’s calm voice came from the top of the camera-- --

“Tell them your story.”

On screen, ZGDX’s mid rolled her eyes: “To hell with it.”

Lu Sicheng turned the camera back: “You all heard it? This is what would have happened. Don’t ask me about the details, if you’re interested, go ask Yang god-- --That person said that he thought Smiling was too short for me before and now thinks that Smiling will make do compared to that woman. Where’s the moderator? Ban him for a month. The reason, he’s insulting my teammate for being too short.”

Tong Yao saw the comments changed to “hhhhhhhh”, “hahahahahahahahahahaha”, “666666666”, and “What’s that, you’re miffed just because you don’t want to get matched randomly.” Tong Yao moved her chair to get close to Lu Sicheng and said: “I definitely won’t find a professional player as a boyfriend. That’s right, I’m not going to fall in love. I’ll dedicate my youth and romance to esports.”

Lu Sicheng gave her a glance. Tong Yao looked up: “What are you looking at?”

Lu Sicheng: “Can’t you do your own stream? Why are you crowding into my stream?”

Tong Yao used the fork in her hand, which had a chuck of honeydew on it, as the mic and stretched it over next to Lu Sicheng’s mouth: “On behalf of all the fans out there, let me ask you about what type of girl our captain prefers. So all the female fans can have a clear goal that they can advance towards.”

Lu Sicheng lowered his head and swallowed that piece of fruit.

After chewing and swallowing, he spoke after giving it some thought: “Didn’t I say it before? She has to play games better than me.”

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.