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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 59 Part 3

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 59 Part 3

The more Xiang Nuan thought about it, the more she couldn’t get over the fact that Lin Chuyan constantly played tricks on her. And now he was in her own home acting like it was his. It was too much for Xiang Nuan.

Xiang Nuan thought she had to get even at least once this time.

Xiang Nuan went into the kitchen for a while, then came out and asked Lin Chuyan: “Let me make a cup of tea for you?” Lin Chuyan was flattered. “Oh? Yeah, sure.”

Xiang Nuan added salt, soy sauce, rice vinegar, mustard, and hot pepper oil into the glass, then poured in some water and stirred with a spoon…… She put a slice of lemon on the rim of the glass, giving it a more refreshing look.

She put the glass in front of Lin Chuyan: “Drink it.”

Lin Chuyan could tell from the smell that this wasn’t any normal tea, but he still took a sip of it. The taste was horrifying.

Lin Chuyan covered his mouth and coughed violently, his face twisted in pain. Xiang Nuan gloated: “Does it taste good?”

Lin Chuyan didn’t answer, he was still coughing.

Xiang Nuan: “Drink all of this and I’ll forgive you.”

Lin Chuyan wiped his mouth and cast his eyes down at the hellish drink. He undetectably sighed and said: “I’ll do whatever you ask me to do.”

Xiang Nuan was touched by the soft and tender tone of his voice when he said that.

Then she immediately despised herself: He’s a nutcase! A nutcase!

But when she saw Lin Chuyan pick up the glass and closed his eyes as if he were facing death, she didn’t have the heart to go through with it: “Nevermind, don’t drink it.”

Lin Chuyan put down the glass and looked at her with a smile.

Faced with his bright eyes, Xiang Nuan had difficulty breathing.

She lowered her head and said: “Don’t be too pleased with yourself. It’s only because I’m afraid that you’ll get poisoned and can’t play later.”

“En. I know.”

-- --

Their first match that day started at 10 o’clock in the morning.

Xiang Nuan and Lin Chuyan sat in the study of Xiang Nuan house. Both of them were logged into the chat group. The others in voice chat soon found out that when Xiang Nuan and Lin Chuyan spoke, their voices echoed.

“You two together?” Waiwai asked.

Lin Chuyan: “En.”

Waiwai suddenly felt quite sympathetic towards his good friend Shen Zemu. Shen Zemu had asked for Xiang Nuan’s address from him and it looked like he was planning to send some gift to her. Yet, after sending the gift, Xiang Nuan and Lin Chuyan became even more close to each other……

He really felt bad for Shen Zemu.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t the right time to think about gossip. They had to concentrate on the match they were about to play against Nanshan Institute of Physical Education.

The Institute had always been at odds with their university and recently the rivalry had grown fiercer. This match had caught the attention of the students from both colleges. Waiwai felt the burden on his shoulders was quite heavy, not just the money award but more importantly the honor of his own university.

The match started first with the ban and pick phase.

The Institute team picked all champions that were powerful during the early game: Zhuge Liang, Yuji, Dharma, and so forth.

Xiang Nuan and her teammates didn’t get much training time and had only a few champions they were skilled with. They had practiced more for the later game. Even if they ran into powerful champions in the early game, they had only so many champions they could pick that they could play well.

Xiang Nuan had picked Laofuzi, Lin Chuyan was Mai Shiranui, and Shen Zemu’s archer was Marco Polo.

Yang Yin had given them instructions in the chat group about who to ban and who to pick. After they had locked down their champions, Yang Yin told them: “With a lineup like this, you guys will have some trouble in the early game. Hold your ground, pull through their strong period. Wait till you all are well developed, then the team fights won’t be a problem for your guys.”

In a formal competition, the coach could give instructions at the ban and pick phase but once the match started, the coach had to back out and wasn’t allowed to communicate with the players.

After giving her final instruction, Yang Yin stopped talking. Though there wasn’t anyone monitoring, she still adhered to her professional ethics.

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