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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 40 Part 4

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 40 Part 4

It was actually quite pleasant to chat with Deng Wenbo, only his outward appearance was
a bit flashy. Xiang Nuan listened to the conversation between her teammates and Deng,
learning that Deng’s father was good friends with Lin Chuyan’s father. Deng happened to
be four years older than Lin, so he took it upon himself to act like an older brother to him.

Soon Xiang Nuan grew bored and started playing on her cell phone. Deng Wenbo though
was talking with the others, his attention was focused on Xiang Nuan. When he took a
sideways glance at the screen on Xiang Nuan’s phone-- --he happened to see Kings of Glory.

“Ha, you play this game too? Kings of Glory?”

“Yeah, I’m just playing for fun.”

“What rank are you?”

“I just reached Master.” Xiang Nuan said with some pride.

Deng Wenbo thought to himself that a pretty girl like her must have reached Master with
help from others.

The thought gave him more confidence: “I’m Master too. Let’s add each other as friends
so we can play together in the future.”

Deng Wenbo was quite restrained, he didn’t ask for her WeChat account. They only
exchanged contacts for a game, as if he was truly only interested in playing games with her.

Xiang Nuan had just reached Master rank and in her mind every Master was worthy of her
respect. This man looked flashy in appearance and maybe he played just as flashily. She
had no objection to be gaming friends with him.

Deng Wenbo then asked how Lin Chuyan was lately and told him that he was in the
process of organizing a team.

Xiang Nuan asked: “What team is that?”

That was the question Deng Wenbo was waiting for. “A team to play Kings of Glory.
I plan to organize a team to play professionally, are you interested in joining?”

“Haha, I can’t. I’m not that skilled.”

Zheng Dongkai asked: “How much money does it take to organize a team?”

“Take a guess.”

Xiang Nuan took a shot: “One million?”

“One million is only enough for keeping one player.”
Xiang Nuan’s chin dropped: “That’s ridiculous?”

“It is that ridiculous, because I only want top players.”


Lin Chuyan abruptly got up and glanced at Deng Wenbo: “Come with me.”

“What, what?” Deng Wenbo got up and followed Lin Chuyan out. He joked as they
walked: “Yo, you can’t stand it anymore?”

Lin Chuyan didn’t say anything. He stopped next to the elevator and suddenly patted
Deng Wenbo’s shoulder.

Lin Chuyan’s palm stayed glued on top of Deng’s shoulder.

Deng Wenbo felt the pressure on his shoulder.

Then he noticed Lin Chuyan was looking at him dangerously.

“Hey, hey, little brother, why are you looking at me like this……” He was a little
scared. QAQ

“It’s nothing. Just want to let you know that if you dare have any wild ideas about
Xiang Nuan, I’ll violate you personally.”

“What…...what kind of threat is that? Are you a human being or not……”

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 26 Part 1

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 26 Part 1

On the evening they finished filming at the village, Gu Jin came to hand Ye Qiao a letter.

He came to Ye Qiao’s room by himself and handed her a vanilla envelope rather solemnly:
“Your family asked me to hand this to you. I didn’t have a chance to give it to you earlier.”

He had found Ye Qiao packing, putting her medicine bag and clothing into a little suitcase.
She didn’t have much to pack, but quietly folded her clothes over and over again. It reminded
Gu Jin when she would give him the silent treatment whenever they had a fight and wait for
him to apologize first. He would patiently wait till she couldn’t take it anymore and slapped
the door to go out so he would pay attention to her.

This time, however, despite waiting quietly, she spoke first, indifference in her voice:
“Just put it there.”

Gu Jin wasn’t prepared for that, but being always loyal to her father and stepmother, he
insisted: “Ms. Cheng hopes that you can open it with your own hands. You know the reason
that she didn’t mail it to you is that she’s worried that you won’t look at it.”

Ye Qiao put the clothes down and laughed, teasingly: “Do you have some sort of special
affection to anyone with the last name Cheng? Cheng Su’s only 37, not that much older
than you. Are you considering her too?”

Gu Jin frowned, but remained calm: “Qiaoqiao, you’ve gone too far.”

“Have I?” Ye Qiao grew bored of poking him.  She sat down on her bed: “Then let me have it.”

Gu Jin considerately unwinded the string sealing the opening, then handed it over. He stood
right in front of her, having no intention to leave just yet.

Ye Qiao treated him as if he were a plant and pulled out a stack of papers from the envelope.
Her eyes jumped to the dark bold word on the first page-----Will. She stuffed the papers back
into the envelope out of reflex.

Gu Jin asked: “What’s wrong?”

Ye Qiao tried to recollect herself and mocked him: “Aren’t you afraid that others will notice
that you’ve stayed in my room for such a long time? I don’t mind the gossip but it probably
won’t be good if Cheng Jiang hears about it?”

All of her sneering didn’t phase Gu Jin. He ignored her and continued: “You don’t have to
try to infuriate me. Your father has asked me to take good care of you and I won’t go back
on my own word.”

Ye Qiao couldn’t help but laugh: “Then, have you taken good care of me?”

She found it rather funny for someone who had betrayed their love to swear that he would
keep his promises. Maybe, it hadn’t been love between them in the first place.

Gu Jin didn’t answer and Ye Qiao grew tired of seeing him. She thought she was over her
disappointment in him but now she realized that underneath it all, there was resentment.
She couldn’t wait to sweep this person out of her world. Without paying any more attention
to him, she jerked the papers out of the envelope and looked over the various listings on
the papers. The focal point she had grasped was----- even if Cheng Su would have any
more children with her father, all of her father’s inheritance would go to her; even
Cheng Su herself wouldn’t get a penny out of it.

What was this? Was she declaring her loyalty to the love between them, that she wasn’t
staying with her father because of his fame and wealth? Was she using this declaration
as her asset to be proud and take the moral high ground in front of Ye Qiao?

So many thoughts flew through her brain that she became confused by it all. She was
abhorrent, but didn’t know who she was loathing. She was in denial, but didn’t know why.

Gu Jin stepped forward and called her name. His voice was buried by all the ideas
clamoring inside her brain.

Ye Qiao blocked Gu Jin’s hand as it reached over to her: “Your mission is completed.
You can leave now.”

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 25 Part 3

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 25 Part 3

Ye Qiao went back to get all her makeup removed. She heard laughter from the resting area
and asked Shen Ting as she entered the makeup area: “What’s going on over there?”

“The assistant director was saying that when the postman was here today, he said that if we
keep having problems with the internet connection we could write letters to send back home.”
Shen Ting giggled, hand covering her mouth: “The set coordinator, Xiao Zhang, was so funny.
He said he would send a list of missing persons back home. If we disappear after filming he
can help us apply for the benefits.”

She added: “Really, everyone’s going crazy from the poor signal here!”

Ye Qiao asked: “The residents here aren’t that educated. Is there really someone writing
letters here?”

Shen Ting explained: “The incident our movie’s based on happened here and was on the news.
There are some volunteer teachers coming here to help. The husband of one of the teachers is
quite romantic, he would write letters to his wife regularly. The postman’s used to it now.”

Ye Qiao recalled a popular poem on the internet written by Mr. Muxing, <Time Was Slower in
the Past>. “Time was slower in the past. Carriage, horse, mail all take time…..So slow, you
have only enough time to love one person in your life.” This teacher’s husband was truly a
romantic person.

Ye Qiao remembered the news she got from the phone call last night. A spontaneous idea
came to mind. “Can we really send letters out?”

Shen Ting was surprised: “Qiao Jie, do you really want to send a letter?”

Ye Qiao nodded.

It wasn’t really a letter, but a leaf. The flat leaf was enclosed inside the envelope without a
word to go with it. Ye Qiao wrote down the address on the envelope and handed it to Shen Ting.

Shen Ting complimented Ye Qiao’s beautiful handwriting and said: “I should mention it to the
company. Maybe the publicity office can manage to add your handwriting as one of the fonts
in Founder Font for all the fans.”

Ye Qiao’s concern was elsewhere: “How long will it take for the letter to arrive there?”

“Should be pretty quick. We usually go to town and mail it directly at the post office. Don’t you
worry, no matter how remote we are, the post office works the same as the others. It should
arrive in no more than a week.” Shen Ting then noticed the address on the envelope. She
seemed to remember that Ye Qiao lived in the same residential area. “Hm? Qiao Jie, isn’t
this your home address?”

Ye Qiao said: “No, it’s not.”

“Oh…...it’s your neighbor.”

She had guessed right. Ye Qiao flatly replied: “En, it’s his birthday.”

“A birthday gift?” Shen Ting’s chin dropped, a random leaf as a birthday gift? It was hard to
understand artsy people……

“That’s right.” Ye Qiao smiled, checked the seal on the envelope, then patted Shen Ting’s
shoulder: “Get going, little dove.”

Shen Ting had been with Ye Qiao for some time now but she had never seen her in such
a good mood, even her eyes were smiling.

It was a leaf from a white birch tree.

White birch is a tall tree with smooth, white bark, it stands out as a beauty in the forest
and has amazing vitality. White birch usually is the first tree to return after a forest fire.

Its leaves are very thick, shaped like an inverted triangle. The one she had sent was a little
lopsided, like the shape of a heart when seeing it from afar.

Ye Qiao recalled the face that had appeared in her head when she was facing the lens
earlier. After Shen Ting left, she then realized that the implication of this letter was much
more profound than she had imagined.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 54 Part 6

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 54 Part 6

It was already 9:30 at night when they were back at base. They were all very tired from playing three matches today, especially from the scare
in the second match. Tong Yao suggested they order delivery to everyone’s agreement.
She pulled out her cell phone to place the order and discovered that the Huawei jungler
had already sent her several messages on WeChat-- --
[Kun: Back at base?] [Kun: I’m back too.] [Kun: Have dinner yet?] [Kun: You played good today. You’re good.] [Kun: Rarely see a girl play such a good game :)] [Kun: Are you eating dinner now? [Kun: Are you tired? Want to go out and have some fun?] [Kun: Ignoring me QWQ] Tong Yao: “......” …...What was going on? Tong Yao put down her phone. Lu Sicheng, sat not too far away, looked up at her: “Aren’t you ordering?” “I’m going to. But before that, I have something I don’t know whether I should mention
or not.” “Don’t mention it.” “I feel like that Huawei jungler is trying to hit on me.” “......” Lu Sicheng stopped typing on his cell phone and looked up at Tong Yao with an expression
as if to say “did you take your medicine today.” Seeing there was no reaction from Tong Yao
after a while, he took her phone off her hand and gave it a quick glance. Then he stayed quiet
for a moment. Lu Sicheng: “What do you think about it?” Tong Yao: “I just want to put him and his Evelynn into a coffin, nail it shut, and bury it
underground, deep.” Lu Sicheng responded with an “hum”, then downloaded an input software first before
typing a string of words on Tong Yao’s phone. Afterwards, he returned the phone to
Tong Yao and continued to play with his own cell phone…… Tong Yao looked down on the screen of her own phone----- [ZGDX, smiling: Chessman.] [ZGDX, smiling: ?? ? ????, ???? ?? ? ???.] Three seconds later, there was a response from the other end----- [Kun: ……………………….?????! QAQ] Tong Yao: “What is this? What does it say?” Lu Sicheng looked up at it: “He said he’s sorry.” Tong Yao: “What did you say to him? You didn’t scold him, did you?” Lu Sicheng paused for a moment then spoke indifferently: “None of your business.
In any case, he won’t bother you in the future.” Tong Yao: “ Oh.” Then she ordered delivery. After eating, she went to wash up and got in
bed when it was already a little past midnight. Her teammates were still downstairs
playing ranked games. Tong Yao got into bed, playing with her cell phone.
As she was playing, Tong Yao suddenly realized that Kun hadn’t really sent any more
messages. She logged onto WeChat and copied the words Lu Sicheng had typed.
Then she copied and pasted the words to [Ah Mao’s mom]-- -- [ZGDX, smiling: What does this sentence mean?] [Ah Mao’s mom: Which Korean drama did you copy this from?] [ZGDX, smiling: Endless Love.] [Ah Mao’s mom: ……] [ZGDX, smiling: Don’t give me all those dots, what does it mean exactly? !] [Ah Mao’s mom: She’s my woman, don’t touch her. You brat.] “.......................................” Tong Yao’s hand jerked, her cell phone dropped right onto her face.

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 40 Part 3

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 40 Part 3

Xiang Nuan would always choose her namesake song, <<Nuannuan>>, whenever she
was singing karaoke. It felt to her that this song, sang by the singer Fish Leong, was
specifically written for her.

When Xiang Nuan took the mic and waited for the prelude, Lin Chuyan also took the mic
from Dayu: “I know this song.”

The song had a brisk, light-hearted tempo that sounded warm and sweet, suitable for
young girls to sing. But it didn’t feel out of place when Lin Chuyan sang it.

His beautiful clear voice, combined with the brisk tempo, felt like a fresh and gentle breeze
cheering the listeners as if they were basking under the warm sunlight.

Xiang Nuan stopped singing the song after a few lines so she could concentrate on listening
to his voice.

She felt strange how Lin Chuyan could so easily affect the mood of his listeners.  Even
though she was familiar with the song and had sung it many times before, she couldn’t
bring out the pleasantness of the song like he did.

Xiang Nuan was so envious of him. She turned aside to watch him. His eyes were fixed on
the lyric appearing on screen. As he was singing, he suddenly chuckled as if he had
remembered something. He happened to look sideways and met her eyes.

The lights in the room was dim but his eyes were sparkling.

Xiang Nuan quickly turned to look the other way, pretending that she hadn’t seen him.

After Lin Chuyan finished singing, as Xiang Nuan was still savoring the moment, a waiter
pushed the door open and walked in with a bottle of red wine and several glasses on a tray.

Min Lili said: “We haven’t ordered that.”

The waiter smiled: “This is from a Mr. Deng.”

They all looked at each other, no one could figure out which Mr. Deng.

Lin Chuyan had experienced in the past when people he met would pay for his bill as a way
to show friendship. Especially after he became poor, his friends from before all enjoyed treating
him as if it was a way to embarrass him.

He usually accepted it with pleasure.

He was planning to take the wine as well this time, who cared whom it was from. But after
glancing over at Xiang Nuan, he had a second thought: what if it was from a stranger who
had seen the pretty Xiang Nuan and wanted to charm her?

It was very likely that was what was happening here.

Lin Chuyan then waved to the waiter: “Take it back. We don’t need it.”

“Lin Chuyan, are you making me look bad?” A loud voice came from outside the door.

Xiang Nuan looked over and saw a young man standing there. He was of medium height
with short hair and narrow eyes, wearing a Hawaiian shirt. He was looking at Lin Chuyan’s
direction at first, but as he spoke, he glanced over the whole room out of curiosity. When he
saw Xiang Nuan, he was obviously taken aback.

Xiang Nuan, however, was pretty sure that she didn’t know this person.

Regardless, the person became quite enthusiastic. He strode into the room and said to
everyone inside: “How are you all. I’m Lin Chuyan’s best friend, Deng Wenbo. You can
call me Wenbo, or Bo Ge, or Wen Ge.” He glanced over everyone after finished talking,
then fixed his eyes on Xiang Nuan again.

Lin Chuyan acted quite aloof: “Just say friend, take the word ‘best’ out.”

Deng Wenbo laughed, not offended at all. Then he walked over to sit down among the
others. When he noticed Lin Chuyan’s watchful eyes, he grinned and instead of sitting
next to Xiang Nuan, sat on the other side of Lin Chuyan.

Then Deng Wenbo started to chat with Lin Chuyan’s friends.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 54 Part 5

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 54 Part 5

The match continued for 25 minutes, Huawei was in control of top and bot lanes, not giving
Tong Yao’s team a chance. And Huawei’s jungler was focusing all his energy on mid. ZGDX
wasn’t able to pull itself out of the vicious cycle-----

Seeing that she had contributed all the kills to the enemy team this match, Tong Yao cursed
in her mind, using every word she could think of. She was so enraged that she didn’t even
feel upset about losing the match, all she could feel was fury.

Tong Yao sat in a corner of the resting area after the second match. She faced the wall in
silence with her head pushed against the wall. Lu Sicheng and the others were discussing
the problems they encountered in this match…...Suddenly, someone pushed the door open.
In full view of everyone in the room, Huawei’s jungler stretched his head inside to greet
everyone. Then he simply walked directly towards Tong Yao and bent over right next to her
chair: “Can I have your WeChat? Let me have your WeChat and I won’t bother you at mid
in the next match.”

Tong Yao: “................................”

Tong Yao moved her head away from the wall.

Tong Yao: “? ? ? ? ?”

Kun squinted his eyes and smiled rather cutely, enough to expose his canine teeth.

It was quite common for players to exchange their WeChat accounts, usually while
chatting backstage waiting for the matches to begin. Tong Yao didn’t think too much
about it and agreed. She watched Kun carefully add her WeChat account and very
happily thank her. Kun left right afterwards, leaving Tong Yao unsure what just happened.

Tong Yao: “What was that?”

Lu Sicheng: “Collecting stamps.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Little Fatty: “He has all of our WeChat accounts. Don’t listen to Cheng Ge.”

Tong Yao: “Oh.”

In the third match, Kun kept his promise not showing up at mid at all-----

In fact, it would’ve been little use for him to come anyway. Tong Yao chose Lulu, the
Fae Sorceress, as her champion particularly for this match. Lulu was fast, had range
and a shield, and could slow down enemies. After reaching level six, her ultimate
enlarges an ally, knocks enemies away, and grants her ally a large amount of bonus health…...
Besides, the team had also decided on their strategy if a similar situation from the last match
happened again.

The third match preceded without incident. Everyone played normally. By the 38th minute,
ZGDX pushed up to the enemy’s base. After the final team fight, at the 41st minute, ZGDX
won the match.

After the match, both sides stood up to shake hands with the other side. Tong Yao felt that
she had aged 3 years today.

When she shook Kun’s hand, Kun shook her hand and smiled: “See you on WeChat.”

Tong Yao: “Oh.”

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.