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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 40 Part 2

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Those Sweet Times
Chapter 40 Part 2

At this moment, on the WeChat group [Lin Chuyan’s slaves]:

Maomaoqiu: Am I hallucinating? Somehow, it feels to me that Lin Chuyan is in love?

Zheng Dongkai: Maybe it’s just unrequited.

Maomaoqiu: Hahaha.

Dayu: Hahahaha!

Cheng Dongkai: Hahahahahahaha

Min Lili:  Hahahahaha

Dayu: Wait a minute, why is there an extra person! How creepy!

Cheng Dongkai: I dragged her in.

Min Lili: I just signed on. What are you all laughing at?

Maomaoqiu: You don’t even know what we’re laughing at, then what are you laughing for?

Min Lili: Since all of you were laughing, I just joined in as a courtesy.

Maomaoqiu: Girl, take a good look at the name of this group. Are you becoming Lin
Chuyan’s slave too?

Min Lili: No, I’m not. I don’t know why I was dragged into this group.

Cheng Dongkai:  Hmph.

Cheng Dongkai: Don’t you all feel that with a girl in our group chat, we’ve become a more
vibrant group?

Maomaoqiu: Dongkai, are you in love?

Dayu: It can very well be an unrequited love.

Maomaoqiu: Hahahahahaha

Dayu: hahahahaha

Min Lili: hahahahaha

Cheng Dongkai: ……

Cheng Dongkai always felt that there was one mentally disturbed person among his
roommates. Now it felt like he was completely wrong-- --There was more than one mental case.

---- ----

The karaoke place they went to in the afternoon was rather upscale. The pricing on their wine
list was outrageously high. Min Lili lost any desire to make an order after a look at the menu:
“We aren’t thirsty, are we?”

Xiang Nuan was planning to order some wine but decided not to since Min Lili was so
against it. Xiang Nuan went along: “We’ll see if we need any later.”

Lin Chuyan ordered a pitcher of lemonade.


Both Min Lili and Dayu hogged the mics, but each had totally different favorite genres.
Min Lili was a rare case in karaoke, she liked to sing lullabies. Dayu on the other hand
enjoyed old classics, especially songs from before he was even born.  Lullabies and old
songs alternatively filled the karaoke room. Unfortunately, both of them were usually out
of tune, which Xiang Nuan found somewhat unbearable.

As she was choosing the next list of songs, she turned to ask Lin Chuyan: “What do you
want to sing?”

“Anything you like.”

Xiang Nuan stuck her tongue out.  How could anyone be so arrogant, as if he could sing
anything she selected

She decided to select all the songs that she wanted to hear first.

After a short while, Dayu finally finished howling his song and it was turn for
Xiang Nuan’s first song.

The song she chose was named <<Nuannuan>>.

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

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