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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 31 Part 3

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 31 Part 3

Ye Qiao mentally snickered, but her hand gripped firmly to his tie. She then forcefully pulled the buttons off his shirt, his pale skin was showing and some of the buttons were even pulled off the shirt. Then she grabbed the necklace off her neck and quickly took off both earrings, discarding the priceless sapphire jewelry to the side. The precious stones rolled off the bed and dropped onto the floor with a clang as an accompaniment to their lust.
Aroused, Wen Shaoqian turned around to pushed her under him. His lips covered hers.
Just as their lips were about to touch, Ye Qiao suddenly pushed him away and leapt to her feet. She pointed to the jewelry scattered on the floor and coldly said: “I’ve returned everything to you. If you need me to pay back your shirt, message me your bank account tonight.” She briskly pulled up the zipper with one of her hands and said: “And about this dress, I like it very much. Thank you.”

She picked up her clutch and went right out the door. She noticed a faint red mark on her shoulder in her reflection from the porthole window. The gown she was wearing had a tube top, there was no way to hide the hickey.

Ye Qiao frowned then turned around and took a deep breath. She had nowhere else to go.
She couldn’t open the door to her room and it seemed quite possible that Wen Shaoqian had done something to it. She wasn't even sure whether he had actually made a phone call to get someone to fix it for her.
Ye Qiao leaned against the door to her own room. The fierceness she displayed earlier was nowhere to be found and instead looked rather helpless now. Fortunately she had pulled off some of the buttons on Wen Shaoqian’s shirt. It would take him some time for him to change into a new shirt and tidy himself up. It would be too humiliating if he had run out after her and happened to see her with no place to go.

Bored, she pushed the lock button on her cell phone and didn’t realize that the battery was dead. So much for leaving the ship, that would have to wait till the next morning, at least 6 hours away.

When she boarded the ship, she didn’t expect to end up trapped here with nowhere to go. She racked her mind for ways to get herself out of the predicament and concluded she could go find someone and borrow their phone for later. But for the time being, she was too tired to bother with it. The high heels she was wearing didn’t even fit perfectly. Her feet were sore and hurt. She slowly slid down to a squat, her back leaning against the door.

When a person is exhausted, it’s quite natural to have unrealistic fantasies where heaven opens a door for her without an effort on her part.
A door did open.
It was the door across from hers. A pair of leather shoes stepped out of the door. Ye Qiao felt a sudden premonition. She looked up. When she saw the face of the person at the door, she almost wanted to confront heaven face to face. What kind of fate did she have where he would appear again right in front of her?

Zhou Tingsheng stopped right in front of her. He was just as shocked though his gloomy expression remained unchanged.

Ye Qiao didn’t speak. Zhou Tingsheng didn’t move either.

After looking for a while, her neck felt rather sore. She looked down and set her chin on her knees. She didn’t know how to react.

From Zhou Tingsheng’s angle, all he saw after a short look of surprise, all Ye Qiao did was lower her head with a shallow smile, treating him like an unimportant passerby. Zhou Tingsheng suppressed his anger, pressed his lips together, and started to walk away. However, his steps slowed as he passed by her. It seemed that deep down in his mind he wished she would look up again and ask him for help or tearfully whine to him, or at least watched him walk away…...Such petty and humble wishes, Zhou Tingsheng forced himself to quicken his step and leave.

Unexpectedly, Ye Qiao looked up and spoke to him, her voice seemed just like it came from his dreams: “Have a cigarette?”

Zhou Tingsheng turned around; Ye Qiao was quietly watching his hand inside his pants pocket. She knew his habits very well.

The fingers in his pocket moved slightly, eventually getting ahold of a cigarette box. He took it out and threw it to Ye Qiao. Ye Qiao took one out of the box and lifted her head to give him a look, with obviously overtones. Zhou Tingsheng walked back to her and knelt down with one knee right in front of her. He took out his lighter and lit the cigarette for her. He mocked her when their eyes met: “You get kicked out?”

Ye Qiao had just taken a puff and instantly started choking, coughing smoke into his face. She covered her mouth, but couldn’t stop the coughing as if she was coughing out all the frustration she’d built up tonight. As she was coughing, she began to laugh dryly.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 59 Part 1

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 59 Part 1

ZGDX thus held a 1v1 match with the late night meal as the award that night. The participants were Tong Yao and Lu Sicheng, with Little Fatty, Lu Yue, Ming god, Old K, Old Cat,  the coaches, and the entire staff as audience.

Before the match started, all the onlookers began rooting for Tong Yao without anyone asking them to-- --

“If you win, we can have crayfish. If you lose, we can only have spicy hot pot.” Little Fatty patted Tong Yao’s shoulder.

Tong Yao: “......Well, even if it’s crayfish, I can still afford-- --”

Little Fatty: “If we can’t eat 10 pounds of crayfish each at one seating, then why bother with crayfish.”

Tong Yao figured the price for 10 pounds of crayfish and nodded: “I’ll try my best to win.”

Lu Sicheng had already set up private game for the 1v1 match and sent the password to Tong Yao-- --Both of them were streaming. The bullet comments on Tong Yao’s side looked like the following: “I seem to be present at a contest for Cheng Ge’s next girlfriend” “The room is his arena” “I really would like to try it, what if.” The comments of Lu Sicheng’s side seemed to be mostly jokes-- --

[Cheng Ge, look back, there’s no one behind you.]

[No one loves you.]

[We don’t love you either.]

[You probably paid for those who compliment you on Tieba. You don’t have fans, no friends.]

[Sympathy to the captain, so unpopular.]

[ZGDX is divided. All the teammates have isolated the captain!]

[No matter what, you’ll always have my support, Cheng Ge!......I can’t get to eat the late night meal anyway kkkkkkkkk]

Lu Sicheng took a glance at the comments and coldly said: “Shut up. I’m turning off the stream.”

Then he turned to look at Tong Yao: “Do you know the rules for a one on one?”

[Attention! Cheng Ge is going to announce the rules for the contest for his girlfriend!]

[Whether our Smiling can win the captain over?]

[I’ll go fight with you!]

[Hahahahahahahaha, you all are so annoying!]

[I don’t know, I don’t know. Tell us, Cheng Ge, please!]

Lu Sicheng turned his head and shut off his stream. Ten seconds later, the number of viewers at Tong Yao’s stream shut up suddenly. Many comments were people who had instantly switched over to Tong Yao’s side. They all said: Little sister, kill that tsundere who just turned off the stream like that! We’re rooting for you!

Tong Yao rubbed her hands which were a bit cold from nervousness: “I know, I know. Three kills or one turret.”

The so called “three kills and one turret” was the rule for playing 1v1 of League of Legends-- --

The first was no runes or masteries.

The second was that no Summoner spells such as heal, clarity, and revive.

The third is that they can only fight on mid lane, using the bushes along the way from mid to the river as the boundary. Anyone going beyond the boundary will forfeit the match.

The fourth is that a players wins after killing the opponent three times or destroying the first turret of the opponent.

Both sides were free to choose any champion they wanted. But under most circumstances, since both sides wanted to duke it out with just their level of skill, they would choose the same champion and have a mirror match-- --Tong Yao and Lu Sicheng were good at different positions, theoretically it would be hard to find a balance between them. However, they happened to be mid and ADC and there were quite a few champions that were good for either of these positions in League of Legends.

Champions such as Ezreal, Varus, Quinn, Jayce, etc……

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 45 Part 2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 45 Part 2

Chen Yinghu had soon forgotten about the episode and therefore, didn’t mention it to Xiang Nuan. If Xiang Nuan knew that a professional team was interested in her, she would have been so proud of herself.

For Xiang Nuan, having fans also created an annoyance for her. There were always people asked to add her as a friend then let her help them play their games. Xiang Nuan knew the limit of her ability. As a support, how could she help anyone play the game? If she was using Diaochan, who knew whether Diaochan can help the other champion or the other way around……

She also cared about her own image and didn’t have the confidence to agree to help a random fan.

In the end, she changed her id and no one could find her.

When Lin Chuyan logged onto the game, he discovered that Xiang Nuan’s id had changed to “Nuan god.”

He followed suit and changed his id to “Chu god.”

Chu god invited Nuan god to join his team.

Xiang Nuan had the mic on. When she saw Lin Chuyan’s id, she was amused: “You’re so cocky.”

Lin Chuyan chuckled and imitated her tone of voice: “You’re cocky, too.”

His imitation of a girl’s voice gave Xiang Nuan goosebumps.

Lin Chuyan then thought of something and asked: “Has Deng Wenbo harassed you lately?”

“That man’s skill wasn’t up to much.”

Lin Chuyan’s heart skipped a beat: “What skill?”

“His gaming skill. What else?”

“Nothing, nothing.”

Xiang Nuan was baffled by Lin Chuyan’s question. Then she found on her friends list that Oblivion was also online. Her eyes brightened up and invited him to join the team.

Oblivion joined their team.

Chu god: ?

Nuan god: Let me properly introduce him to you. He’s the one I told you before who plays a super strong Luna.

Nanu god: Luna, do you still remember me? I used Zhang Fei to play a match with you before. I was “It’s Nuannuan” before. I change my id.

Chu god: How are you.

After a while, Oblivion: En.

The three of them soon chose their respective champions and the match began. Oblivion suddenly spoke.

Oblivion: How are you.

Chu god: ……

What a slow reaction…...Could this person really play Luna well?

Xiang Nuan chose Diaochan, Oblivion still used Mona. Both Diaochan and Mona very badly needed blue buff. Xiang Nuan knew her skill at playing Diaochan wasn’t that advanced, though she had beat Mulan. However, playing a one on one was totally different from playing 5 against 5. She wouldn’t fight with her own teammate for the buff and sent a message to remind Luna.

Nuan god: Luna, you get blue.

Oblivion didn’t respond but ran to the enemy’s jungle to fight for the enemy’s buff.

Then Oblivion said: You get it.

Throughout the whole match, Oblivion always went after the enemy’s buff. If the enemy got the blue buff before him, he would hunt down the enemy and inherit the blue buff.

He would let Diaochan always have the blue buff of her own side.

Nuan god was a bit touched by his consideration.

Chu god on the other hand was a bit concerned.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 58 Part 3

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 58 Part 3

Tong Yao quietly switched over to check the comments-- --

[..............................Baby, what were you doing in the men’s restroom?]

[Hahahahahahahahahaha. You’re really something my girl!]

[#ZGDX’s mid is probably the biggest publicity stunt of the year. She’s actually a transvestite#]

[How can a transvestite have such a flat chest? Be more scientific about it.]

[It could very well be that she had run out of money for surgery……]

“I went to the men's restroom because I made a wrong turn, a wrong turn, ok! I happened to see Ah Guang there and we chatted. Why chat in the restroom? Because there wasn’t anyone else there and it’s a good place to have a chat! Moderator, ban that person who said that I have a flat chest, ban him for life! What, I play professionally to make enough money to complete the surgery? Damn it, ban this person as well. Moderator-- --Never mind, I’ll do it myself!”

Lu Sicheng suddenly became very quiet as Tong Yao was busy bickering with the bullet comments. He was suddenly reminded of the morning right after his team had played a skirmish with his old team-- --It was almost the same hour of the day and exactly the same place. The person who was sitting in front of him right now was playing with the same champion. At that time though, she was pale, had black circles under her eyes, and sobbing about her first set back in her professional career……

Look at her right now.

The morning sunlight shone into the base, illuminating one side of her face. When he cast his eyes down, he could see the fine hairs on her healthy, pink cheeks. Her eyes seemed to shine while focusing on the screen in front of her.

Lu Sicheng for the first time didn’t continue laughing at her chicken soup for the soul. The corners of his sleepy eyes suddenly softened. He lifted his hand to pat her head.

“Let’s play a one v one in a while.”

“Why?” The bickering Tong Yao paused and looked up in confusion.

“Because I want to. Let’s bet on tonight’s late night meal. The loser’s buying.”

With the challenge, Lu Sicheng turned to walk away.

Tong Yao watched him leave. She then switched to check the bullet comments again and found a whole different world-- --

[66666666, I want to see the 1v1! Don’t you dare turn off the stream!]

[Play 1v1 with him, beat him, and marry him!]

[He just said yesterday that he’ll only be with someone who can play better than him…...This is a chance for him to do an interview with you, my little sister!]

[hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, but you can’t beat him! When Cheng Ge played 1v1 before, not even someone like Li Junhe could beat him! ! ! !]

[Unexpected display of affection so early in the morning.]

[Even with messy hair, Cheng Ge is still handsome. Let me tell you, this kind of man is suitable to be put on a bed to look at from morning to night. Every second of it would be a beautiful scene-- --It’s up to you whether you want to fight for it.]

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 45 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 45 Part 1

After the one on one match, Xiang Nuan had obtained a small fan base.

To be exact, she had two small fan groups.

One group was mostly her schoolmates who were present while she played the match. They then went on the forums to discuss the match and describe how she had won the match. Some who had followed the forum also became her fan.

The other group was those who had watched the match on Hu Ge’s stream. Some felt it was just a publicity stunt to promote the stream, others however believed what they had seen and considered Xiang Nuan their goddess.

Among those who believed what they saw, the coach of the Unbeatable team, Chang Sansi, was one of them.

Chang Sansi didn’t go look for Xiang Nuan directly, he contacted Chen Yinghu first. Though Chen Yinghu only played professionally for a few days, many professional players knew about him and had his contact information.

Chang Sansi called Chen Yinghu. They first had some small talk before Chang Sansi began to ask about the girl with Chen Yinghu in stream.

Chen Yinghu laughed: “Chang Ge, what do you mean? Your team’s looking for new player?”

Chang Sansi was straightforward: “I feel that she’s quite talented. Though we don’t have an opening for the main positions, she can come to be our trainee first to try it out. Can you ask her for me? Or can you give me her contact information and I’ll go ask her directly.”

Chang Sansi felt that he had showed his utmost sincerity in inviting Xiang Nuan. Normally, the basic requirements for a trainee was being skilled at playing at least 3 champions, be competent in at least two positions, and have at least 40 stars at the Master level.

Those were the minimum requirements. But ‘It’s Nuannuan’ hadn’t reached that level yet.

Chen Yinghu didn’t reply directly but asked a question: “Chang Ge, let me just ask you one thing, do you know which college she is at?”

“Which one?”

“Nanshan University.”

Chang Sansi had thought about all the possibilities. Maybe It’s Nuannuan didn’t want to go to his team or she wasn’t interested in playing professionally. Or how much growth could she have after training, or whether both sides could reach an agreement on the salary…...He even thought about if the girl believed it was just a scam what would he do to convince her……

What he had never expected that the major obstacle would be that she was studying in a renowned university.

Though there were more and more college students nowadays, Nanshan University was quite a reputable one and its graduates usually had a bright future.

They were the elite of the society with a promised future waiting for them. Who would come to play esports with him, especially with an uncertain future.

Many people considered esports as their dream. But fundamentally, it was just a profession to make a living. In addition, it was a profession filled with cruel competitions, survival of the fittest. It was also a profession for young people. The career of a professional player was very short; the investment and its return was disproportionate. In this profession, working hard didn’t amount to much since every single one of them worked very hard.


Once Chang Sansi realized Xiang Nuan was in Nanshan University, he had given up any thought of recruiting her. Even if he could tempt her to come play professionally to fulfill her dream, her parents would probably burn him alive.

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 31 Part 2

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 31 Part 2

They arrived at Wen Shaoqian’s room. He easily opened the door and switched on the light. There was limited space on a ship. Even though his room was a deluxe one with an ocean view window, it was still quite cramped and narrow. Under the dim light, they each found a place in the room. Ye Qiao felt quite uncomfortable after entering, she was pale with her eyebrows knit tightly. The source of her discomfort wasn’t from the stagnant air in a narrow cabin, but rather the faint fragrance floating inside the room.

Ye Qiao sat on his bed and sniffed. The smell was complex, it was pungent at first, then gradually grew milder.

Wen Shaoqian hung up his jacket and made the phone call for Ye Qiao to fix her door lock. He noticed her discomfort: “You don’t like it? The incense is from India. It can calm your nerves and it’s also good for insomnia.”

Ye Qiao slowly got used to the smell and was feeling a lot more at ease. She shook her head and said: “You have insomnia too?”

Wen Shaoqian chuckled lightly: “A doctor who’s not suffering from insomnia won't reply to his patient’s consultation messages at the middle of the night.”

Ye Qiao was reminded about that night when she didn’t have anyone else to talk to and they wouldn’t have become friends if it wasn’t for their conversation that night. She was usually intuitively resistant to the complacency of strangers. But Wen Shaoqian was well-versed in the human psychic. He probed little by little to slowly get into Ye Qiao’s world without causing her any offense. She actually could sense his deliberateness, but couldn’t find an excuse to reject him.

She was a little uneasy that he mentioned that night and said with a smile: “It’s better to forget about those ‘consultations’. It isn’t patient to doctor now.”

Wen Shaoqian was intrigued: “Then what is it now?”
“Friends.” Ye Qiao earnestly answered, nodding her head.
Her dress was a bit too tight for her and when she nodded, the fabric seemed binding.
Wen Shaoqian glanced at her dress and sorrifully said: “Looks like the dress I picked isn’t quite fitting.”
Ye Qiao smiled: “It’s only a little tight on the top part. It would be a strange thing if you can pick a dress that’s fitting.”

The look in Wen Shaoqian’s eyes subtly changed. He liked a quiet and delicate woman but didn’t like this woman being reserved and shy. The presumptuousness that Ye Qiao displayed occasionally was exactly to his liking. In addition, she had an eye-catching tattoo on her chest. He believed that a woman with a tattoo like that must have an uninhibited soul, inconsistent with her outer appearance. Wen Shaoqian stood next to Ye Qiao and looked over her shoulder to check her zipper. He took down his disguise and asked in a deep voice: “Do you want to make it looser?”

It was somewhat unexpected, but in the end Ye Qiao didn’t find it surprising at all. She actually could understand this kind of naked desire more than a display of affection.
She leaned to one side and touched the zipper under her arm: “It’s rather troublesome to put on or take off this dress.”
“Let me help you.” Wen Shaoqian’s palm was already on her hand before she had even finished talking. He was very skillful at doing these sorts of things. His fingers caressed the back of her hand with just the right touch and guided her hand pulling the zipper down little by little. He noticed that Ye Qiao wasn’t resisting, quickly stole a glance at her, and very naturally bent over to kiss her. He lightly kissed her shoulder socket to test her reaction.

His lips were too cold for Ye Qiao and she couldn’t help but shiver. Then she turned around to put her arms around his waist, with their necks still tangled together. She easily pushed him onto the bed. She looked at him dangerously and asked: “You have that stuff?”
Wen Shaoqian hesitated for a moment then said: “Yes.”

So he came prepared.

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 31 Part 1

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 31 Part 1

Ye Qiao felt her chest tighten ever slightly at the crowded party and went out to the bow to get some fresh air. Wen Shaoqian followed her out and asked: “It’s quite windy here. Why did you come here?”

Ye Qiao, with one hand on her chest, shook her head: “I have a weak heart. I’m a little out of breath inside.” Wen Shaoqian held her arm, trying to lead her back: “You should get some rest if you don’t feel good. If the trip aggravates your health issues, I’ll feel bad for having suggested that you come here with me.”

Ye Qiao was stubborn. She slowly pulled her arm out of his hand and politely declined: “There’s better air circulation here. It’s too stuffy inside.”

Wen Shaoqian was a patient man and wasn’t bothered by the rejection. He was still gentle and even made fun of her: “‘Xi Shi[1] holding her heart’ would be like what you’re doing now.” Though sometimes he spoke in a playful manner, he was gentle enough not to annoy her: “Before I met you, I wouldn’t believe that a sickish woman could be charming.”

Ye Qiao wondered if she was sickly? Though she was troubled at times by physical problems, she had tried very hard to live an active life. Since they didn’t know each other that well yet, Ye Qiao felt bad to refute him again. So she only politely thanked him. Wen Shaoqian laughed. They became quiet afterwards.

Maybe they were too quiet, a couple who were kissing at the side of the ship turned to come this way. The man with his suit jacket wide open pushed his female companion against the wall and kissed her passionately. Wen Shaoqian and Ye Qiao were standing in the shadows that the couple didn’t see them first. But it was still quite embarrassing for Wen Shaoqian and Ye Qiao to be so near to the couple. Wen Shaoqian gave a look to Ye Qiao, she returned an uneasy grin. Both of them quietly left the bow. Ye Qiao had nowhere to go but follow Wen Shaoqian back to their rooms.

When Ye Qiao arrived at her room, she couldn’t unlock the door to her room. She tried a few times to no avail. She asked Wen Shaoqian to try it, who tried to force open the door to little success. He frustratedly said: “The doors on the ship are usually locked in a special way. We can ask a staff member to come help unlock it later.”

Ye Qiao felt a strange foreboding: “Will it take long?” “Maybe.” Wen Shaoqian looked helpless as well: “There’s no one in my room. You can go rest there. I’ll call someone to fix the lock for you.”

He noticed Ye Qiao’s hesitation, smiled as if he had nothing to hide: “Is Ms. Ye afraid that I’ll take advantage of you?” Ye Qiao felt that if she refused again, it’d look like she was overreacting: “Not at all. I just don’t want to trouble you.” Wen Shaoqian warmly said: “No trouble at all.”

Ye Qiao walked with him to his room, at the end of the hallway. Wen Shaoqian noticed that she didn’t pick up the hem of her long gown as some actresses would when walking on a red carpet. Her gown was long enough to cover her ankles and she walked with ease as the tail gracefully swayed like the tail of a fish. He smiled to himself with secret delight at seeing his prey fall into the net as he appreciated his trophy.

[1]: Xi Shi is considered one of the Four Beauties of ancient China:

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 58 Part 2

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 58 Part 2

Now there were more “? ? ? ? ? ?” bullet comments in addition to the stream of “ hhhhhhhh” and “66666.” Tong Yao threw the fork into the box and clapped her hands: “Did everyone hear that? He doesn’t like women, one point for those who want to be his hubby.”

“You said during the interview today that when a woman put her mind on something, she could do it better than any man.”

“Put her mind to it-- --That means she doesn’t go shopping, look for good food, get a manicure or put on makeup, buy new clothes, and search on Taobao.” Tong Yao said: “A woman would die if she has to give up all those things. On the other hand, those things don’t exist in a man’s life in the first place. This is the natural advantage of your species.”



Tong Yao watched Lu Sicheng’s stream for a while longer before she went upstairs to go sleep with a yawn. Next morning, when there was no one downstairs, Tong Yao got up and sneaked down to her computer to stream-- --In actuality, she hadn’t given up making up her stream hours. She usually streamed in the morning and noon before any of her teammates got up.

Her fans commented that she was up too early to be a fully qualified esports player.

After streaming for about an hour, everything went smoothly. She would respond to the bullet comments from time to time. Time went by fast, it was already close to 10 o’clock. The door to Lu Sicheng’s room was opened. He trudged downstairs in slippers with sleepy eyes. He was wearing a shabby shirt and a pair of Ultraman underpants, (which seemed to belong to Little Fatty.) His hair was the definition of the word messy. He had obviously just gotten out his bed……

What an image of an esports god.

Tong Yao switched screen to check the bullet comments-- --

[It’s Lu Sicheng: Please let my hubby know that Ultraman underpants look good. I can see his underpants.]

Tong Yao read the comment out loud, word by word. The man who was drinking water in the kitchen paused and quietly pulled on his underpants: “Why are you streaming so early in the morning?”

He then poured himself a cup of coffee and walked over to stand behind Tong Yao. Tong Yao was playing Azir. Her match had just reached the 9th minute and 30th second. Tong Yao’s creep score was 99 and 30 seconds later, the 17th wave of minions would arrive-- --

Based on Lu Sicheng’s understanding about the minion lane, her score meant that she hadn’t missed a single minion in the past nine and a half minutes.

In addition, her personal score at the moment was 1 kill, 0 death, and 0 support. So not only did she kill every minion, she also had had the time to work with the jungler to kill an opponent……

Lu Sicheng lifted his eyebrows and was about to say “you’re finally good at farming with Azir.”
But he stopped when he suddenly saw the id of the mid of the opposite side was “Tat, Tei.” Lu Sicheng shook his coffee mug and looked down at the person on the seat: “Are you high on something?”

Tong Yao looked up at him: “You should go shave.”

Lu Sicheng used his hand to stroke his chin: “You’re facing Ah Tai.”

Tong Yao: “So?”

Lu Sicheng: “Just a week ago, you were shaking from meeting him. How do you become this way?”

Tong Yao paused a bit then said: “Ah Guang taught me.”


“King’s jungler.” Tong Yao slowly explained: “He told me that the majority of players aren’t as frightening as they look on the surface. He’s strong because he’s put in a lot more effort…...Most people are just ordinary people. Anyone can catch up to him if you put in enough effort. I don’t need to worry about whether I’m as talented as he is.”

Lu Sicheng looked down at the cup of coffee in his hand, now it smelled like a cup of chicken soup for the soul. He thought about it for a while then asked: “That time when you were in the men’s room?”


“You two kids can come up with such a life lesson in the restroom?”

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 44 Part 3

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 44 Part 3

Xiang Nuan watched the back view of Invincible and curiously asked Lin Chuyan: “You didn’t rape him, did you?”

“No. Let me stress it again, I’m not gay.”

Xiang Nuan looked back at Lin Chuyan: “Well, you aren’t hurt, are you?”

Lin Chuyan wasn’t hurt at all. But when Xiang Nuan asked him in concern, he suddenly felt that maybe he had been wounded. He leaned back on a tree trunk, using one leg to support his weight and the other leg dangling above the ground.

“Actually, my leg hurts a little.”

“Then what should we do? Let’s go to the hospital?”

“It’s alright. I probably just sprained something on the leg. Just let me rest for a while.”

Lin Chuyan leaned his head against the tree trunk. His eyes cast down so he could see Xiang Nuan’s face. It was a little chilly and her face was pale from the cold. The paleness made the contours of her face even more soft and fragile. He felt like carefully holding the face with both of his hands.

Xiang Nuan’s delicate eyebrows were in a knot: “Does it hurt?”

He looked at her beautiful eyes that were filled with concern. He felt warmth in his heart and curved his lips into a smile without realizing it.

“Why are still smiling?”

“It’s nothing. Let’s go.”

Lin Chuyan was good at acting. He put all his weight on the good leg and walked, with the “hurt” leg only lightly touching the ground. He could still walk but staggering all the while, as if he would fall at any moment.

Xiang Nuan wasn’t comfortable with how he was walking. After a few steps, she grabbed his arm: “Let me help you. Don’t be shy, we’re good buddies.”

“En.” Lin Chuyan answered in a tiny voice.

He thought to himself: I’m not shy at all.

Then he thought: Who wants to be your good buddy.

Xiang Nuan supported Lin Chuyan’s arm. Their bodies close together. She was almost buried in his arms.

Lin Chuyan was quite taller than she was to the point that his body practically covered her. She felt like she was a chick hiding under the wings of an old hen.

There was a faint blush on her cheeks, an intinctual reaction for a girl so close to the opposite sex.

Suddenly she heard him speak above her head: “Do you want to listen to some songs?”


She thought he was going to let her listen to some songs on his phone, but instead he cleared his throat and started to sing.

He was singing <Can’t Help Falling In Love>.

His voice was so close it felt like he was singing the love song next to her ear; it was gentle and sweet. Xiang Nuan almost got drunk from his singing voice.

At that very moment, both of them hoped the narrow path would last forever.

-- --

That night, Lin Chuyan posted a comment in his friends circle, of which he had set viewing privileges for different groups of friends. Xiang Nuan didn’t have access to it, but Chen Yinghu could. His comment was -- --

All the girls are lustful.

Chen Yinghu replied: I wonder what you’ve been through……

Lin Chuyan: ^ _ ^

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 58 Part 1

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 58 Part 1

As Lu Sicheng started streaming, his other teammates soon came down one after another to make up their required quota of stream time. Tong Yao had ordered a box of fruits. As she was eating said fruit, squatting on her seat, and watching a TV drama at the same time…...Lu Sicheng would take some time off from his game to chat with her from time to time.

Lu Sicheng: “You’ve done all your stream time?”

Tong Yao: “I’ve given up on it. I’ll worry about it next month.”

Lu Sicheng: “It’s 11:30 already.”

Tong Yao: “What about it?”

Lu Sicheng: “It’s already one hour past your beauty sleep time and you’re still here eating watermelon?”

Tong Yao rubbed her tummy and figured that if she didn’t get on the scale, then those extra pounds didn’t exist. At ease with herself, she continued eating the fruits. Then she turned on her computer to get on Lu Sicheng’s stream. Almost all the bullet comments that covered the entire screen were asking who the woman today was. There were a few others laughing at Lu Sicheng……

“Someone said that your champion, Jhin, this week has been a rather lousy, good for nothing. Is that true?”
Tong Yao pointed at the computer screen: “I haven’t noticed.”

“I’m an old man AD, so I don’t know too much about this new champion Jhin. It’s Little Fatty that day who kept asking me to take Jhin.” Lu Sicheng happened to be at the ban & pick phase of a new match. As he was talking to Tong Yao, he locked in Jhin and said: “Then, I should practice it.”

Tong Yao shrunk back to her seat.

Lu Sicheng asked again: “What else are the bullet comments saying?”

Tong Yao gave him a glance: “......Can’t you check yourself?”

Lu Sicheng switched the screen to take a look. As he was looking at the bullet comments, even more comments flooded in. Lu Sicheng was quiet for a second after seeing what the fans were asking, then he used a lazy and casual tone to answer his curious fans: “Who’s that woman? Which woman? Why are you all Sherlock Holmes now?......She’s nobody, just a blind date my family had arranged for me…...What do you mean, ‘why did I need to have a blind date’? I’m a healthy grown man reaching the legal age of marriage, why can’t I have a blind date. But I refused her-- --That’s right, I’m not thinking about it right now. I want to get that championship trophy more.”

Tong Yao: “......”

“It’s not that she isn’t pretty, it’s that she’s not a good match. Besides, I don’t think it would work out since she’s not in this business. I don’t want to waste the time…...How do you know it would work out?”

Lu Sicheng turned his camera to face Tong Yao while answering the questions.
Everyone watching the stream saw the ZGDX mid, squatting on the chair, turned to look at the camera in confusion…...Lu Sicheng’s calm voice came from the top of the camera-- --

“Tell them your story.”

On screen, ZGDX’s mid rolled her eyes: “To hell with it.”

Lu Sicheng turned the camera back: “You all heard it? This is what would have happened. Don’t ask me about the details, if you’re interested, go ask Yang god-- --That person said that he thought Smiling was too short for me before and now thinks that Smiling will make do compared to that woman. Where’s the moderator? Ban him for a month. The reason, he’s insulting my teammate for being too short.”

Tong Yao saw the comments changed to “hhhhhhhh”, “hahahahahahahahahahaha”, “666666666”, and “What’s that, you’re miffed just because you don’t want to get matched randomly.” Tong Yao moved her chair to get close to Lu Sicheng and said: “I definitely won’t find a professional player as a boyfriend. That’s right, I’m not going to fall in love. I’ll dedicate my youth and romance to esports.”

Lu Sicheng gave her a glance. Tong Yao looked up: “What are you looking at?”

Lu Sicheng: “Can’t you do your own stream? Why are you crowding into my stream?”

Tong Yao used the fork in her hand, which had a chuck of honeydew on it, as the mic and stretched it over next to Lu Sicheng’s mouth: “On behalf of all the fans out there, let me ask you about what type of girl our captain prefers. So all the female fans can have a clear goal that they can advance towards.”

Lu Sicheng lowered his head and swallowed that piece of fruit.

After chewing and swallowing, he spoke after giving it some thought: “Didn’t I say it before? She has to play games better than me.”

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 44 Part 2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 44 Part 2

In the afternoon, the two dueling men went to the small forest near the west gate of campus.

The area near the west gate hadn’t been developed yet and was usually quite desolate. Most of the trees in the forest were white poplar. The leaves had all fallen off the branches by this time of the year. Only the perfectly straight trunks remained standing. When viewed from afar, they looked like white pencils stuck in the ground upside down.

Xiang Nuan waited outside of the forest, watching over Lin Chuyan’s bag.

Feeling a bit bored, she logged onto the game. Someone asked her to play ranked right as she got on. The person’s id was  “Bo Gege.”

Xiang Nuan remembered him. He was Lin Chuyan’s friend whom she had met at the karaoke bar yesterday. She remembered that he liked to brag about himself and boasted that he was going to organize a game team.

None of these things interested Xiang Nuan. What she was interested in was-- --She had heard that he was a skilled player.

Xiang Nuan happily accepted the invitation.

After the team was formed, Deng Wenbo sent her a strange message.

Bo Gege: Sister, don’t tell Chuyan that you’ve run into me here.

It’s Nuannuan: Hm? Why?

Bo Gege: He probably will rape me. Please, please.

It’s Nuannuan: ……

What was he talking about.

Once the game began, Deng Wenbo chose Li Bai as his champion. He thought Xiang Nuan would pick some female champions like Diaochan or Zhaojun so she could work as a couple with Li Bai. He was surprised to find that Xiang Nuan had locked Zhang Fei without a second thought.

It wasn’t unusual to start an affair in the King’s Valley. But to let Li Bai and Zhang Fei have an affair…...Deng Wenbo found it mentally difficult to imagine it.

In any case, Deng Wenbo wanted to show off his skills in front of a pretty girl. He turned on his mic to direct Xiang Nuan and show off his ability at playing Li Bai at the same time.

Xiang Nuan was quite obedient and followed his directions. But after a while, Xiang Nuan found Deng Wenbo’s Li Bai wasn’t very strong.

His Li Bai couldn’t even reach Lin Chuyan’s level, not to mention Hu Ge’s.

The third time Li Bai died, Xiang Nuan subconsciously commented: “The hand speed of an old man.”

Deng Wenbo was hurt.

It was a bad habit of hers when playing games. Sometimes, she didn’t even realize what she had said as she played. The words just jumped out of her mouth, most of those lines she had learned from Hu Ge.

Deng Wenbo’s feelings was hurt and he set his mind at proving himself to Xiang Nuan. However, before he could do that, the match was over. Xiang Nuan and the rest of the team was good enough to win the match in the end.

Deng Wenbo didn’t waste another second at inviting her to another match.

Xiang Nuan heard footsteps coming from the forest at this moment, she hurriedly refused the invite.

Deng Wenbo was hurt even more.

-- --

Lin Chuyan and Invincible walked out of the forest together.

Xiang Nuan didn’t see a single bruise on Lin Chuyan’s face and body, only his hair was a little ruffled. She felt relieved.

Then she turned to look at Invincible. He had blackened eyes, a swollen face, and seemed to be limping…...looking quite miserable.

When they walked over to Xiang Nuan, Invincible gave Lin Chuyan a stare: “Sicko.”

Lin Chuyan grinned at him.

Invincible ran away like a lame rabbit.

This was the most miserable day in his twenty years of life. First, he was forced to call a girl “daddy,” then he was beaten up by a sicko who pushed him to the ground and forced him to call him mama……

He was about to cry.

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Monday, June 17, 2019

Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 30 Part 3

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 30 Part 3

At the other side of the ship, Zhou Tingsheng moved his eyes away from the silhouette, finished the rest of the red wine before putting the glass back onto the tray held by the waiter, then walked back inside.

The bright lights inside almost blinded him for a moment, but that silhouette still floated in front of his eyes.

Ye Qiao was wearing an aqua blue evening gown. The well placed, embellished sequins didn’t seem too overdone, but rather accentuated her curvaceous figure like a mermaid swaying in the deep sea. The minimalist sapphire pendant buried between her bosom was like a secret key to an enchanting scenery. She was born for the camera, even if there wasn’t a camera nearby, she was still the most dazzling one in the crowd.

She was smiling at someone else now.

She was smiling to someone who Liang Ziruo had referred to as a polished scoundrel.

Liang Ziruo happened to come next to him as he was thinking about what she had said. She lightly swayed the red wine in her hand and teased him: “What’s wrong? Why do you look bored?”

Zhou Tingsheng said with narrowed eyes: “You didn’t tell me that she’s going to come.”

“Who? Ye Qiao?” Liang Ziruo had just seen her for the second time. This time she finally had a chance to take a good look at Ye Qiao and had to admit that she was a true beauty, it was especially rare to see someone with such grace.

If it wasn’t for what had happened in the past, Liang Ziruo wasn’t against such a woman marrying into the Zhou family.

Liang Ziruo sounded a little regretful: “You think I invited her? Haven’t you gone over the guest list? She came as a female companion of a guest, not someone’s wife. Who would know in advance who she is?”

Zhou Tingsheng didn’t bother to respond and walked straight to the bar. Liang Ziruo tried to stop him but it was too late. With the interruption, she even forgot she had come by to introduce someone to him in the first place.

Zhou Tingsheng gulped down two glasses of liquor before he received a belated holiday wish from Wuzi: “Sheng Ge, Happy National Day! I don’t keep track of all the holidays. Hope you don’t mind this is a few days late, Ha!”

Zhou Tingsheng sent a short reply.

Wuzi immediately sent a cheeky message back: “Haha, I have my red envelope ready already. What’s your progress over there? Don't chicken out!”


Zhou Tingsheng turned off the cell phone without a second thought. He walked outside. There were people everywhere on the ship but there was no sight of the mermaid whose image still lingering in his mind.

He asked a few waiters, some told him that they saw her walk towards the bow. It was a dimly lit area with a few people there. There was a couple who were passionately kissing each other in the shadows. Zhou Tingsheng couldn’t stop himself from taking a look at them. The couple was a bit embarrassed and turned to look at him. They were two unfamiliar faces. Zhou Tingsheng carefully looked around again, making sure there wasn’t any one else there, then he left the area.

Ye Qiao had disappeared with Wen Shaoqian. They weren’t at the bow or the ball room. The only possibility was that they were in their rooms.

Zhou Tingsheng started to suspect that he had the tendency to inflict pain on himself. He opened his cell phone to check the list of room assignments for all the guests. Wen Shaoqian’s room was at the end of the hallway. He couldn’t stop himself from walking in that direction. The narrow hallway was very quiet, he could even hear his own heartbeat and breathing. The rooms on the ship had poor sound insulation. When he was near the room, he could hear a clunking sound coming from inside.

He could hear the rustling of fabric, a necklace dropping on the floor, and a man and woman exchanging words through heavy breathes.

He turned around instantly, but his body refused to move, as if he had been nailed to the ground. He felt like a fool.

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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 30 Part 2

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 30 Part 2

Liang Ziruo felt quite happy after voicing her complaints about his brother. Then she thought about something more serious: “Have you interacted with Wen Shaoqian?” She stared at him quite seriously. “Listen, the way you live your life now is up to the limit that our family can accept. If you go with these kinds of people and mess up your own life, don’t blame dad if he disowns you later.”

Zhou Tingsheng amusedly pushed away the hand that was pointing at him: “Rest assured.”

Liang Ziruo felt much better and smiled: “That’s good. There’s an opening gala for the auction with many beautiful women. You can pick any one of them, I’ll pretend that I didn’t see.”

Zhou Tingsheng wasn’t too interested in these sorts of things. Yet Liang Ziruo was especially enthusiastic in finding a match for him, maybe it was her way to relieve the pressure of work. She even sent several pictures with personal information to Zhou Tingsheng’s mailbox, like an overzealous matchmaker. The pictures were all candidates with good qualifications. Zhou Tingsheng took a look, there was an accomplished woman from Cambridge, a PhD from the University of Columbia. He was wondering whether he was choosing a girlfriend or a graduate school?

The opening gala was held at the harbor at night. A double decked cruise ship docked at the port as the venue for Ferra’s gala. The French chanson was played, intoxicating the men and women there. Zhou Tingsheng had found a vantage point higher up to drink his wine and overlook the spectacular event. The perfume from the attending women permeated the sea breeze. However, these sort of occasions bored him.

He lazily glanced at the men and women down below. A resplendent silhouette caught his eye.

Ten minutes before, Ye Qiao was changing inside her room in this same cruise ship. The narrow mirror reflected her naked body.

She stood in front of the mirror without much expression on her face. On her bare chest was the scar from the past-- --10 centimeters long. After seven years, the scar had faded into a hazel hue, though one could still imagine the scarlet mark it once was and the life and death experience behind the color.

Surrounding the scar was the tattoo pattern Zhou Tingsheng had carefully drawn for her. Those vines that looked as if they were growing out of her heart and willfully spread out as if they were about to grow into a big tree against all odds. However, when she woke up from the dream, the vines remained only as branches without even having the chance to be colored.

Ye Qiao opened an elegant, velvety rectangular box, changed into a gown, and put on the earrings and necklace from the box. Wen Shaoqian’s phone call happened to come in when Ye Qiao finished dressing. She picked up her clutch and answered the phone while walking towards the door: “I’m coming out.”

“En. I’m waiting outside.” Ye Qiao found herself unaccustomed to Wen Shaoqian’s gentle voice, he sounded overly attentive and thoughtful.

Actually, she rarely came to these kind of events on her own. It was Wen Shaoqian who had persuaded her using his “professional judgement” to suggest going on a vacation in order to get a break from her busy work schedule and her troubled love life.

The night view in the harbor was so beautiful that Ye Qiao started thinking it was a good idea to make the trip. She looked up to the sky and let the sea breeze whisper through her hair. The reflection of the moon on the surface of the water was soft and bright.

Ye Qiao was lost in thought when a jacket with a pleasant fragrance was put on her shoulders. Wen Shaoqian quite gentlemanly gathered the front of the jacket closer and said: “It’s a little chilly out here. Do you want something to drink to warm yourself up?”

“Sure.” She followed him to get a drink but suddenly turned around to take a glance as if she was searching.

Wen Shaoqian asked: “What’s the matter?”

Ye Qiao shook her head: “It’s nothing. I thought I saw something.”

She always had a sharp intuition. She distinctly felt that someone was looking at her direction just now.

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Friday, June 14, 2019

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 57 Part 6

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 57 Part 6

“We’ll take that.” Lu Sicheng pulled out a bankcard from his pocket: “Tell them your shoe sizes.”

Among the “41”s, “42”s and “40”s, someone said: “35” in the corner.

Everyone quieted down, even Lu Sicheng stopped handing his card over.

All of them turned to look at Tong Yao. She tipped her chin upward: “I’m size 35. Fire me if you dare.”

“......What nonsense are you talking about.” Lu Sicheng mumbled and turned to look at the salesperson.

The salesperson was uneasy under his gaze: “This one’s for men and starts from size 39. But, ah, I know, there’s a similar pair for women.”

The salesperson turned to the woman’s section to fetch a pair of red and white shoes in a similar style. It matched quite well next to the male version.

“What a coincidence.” The salesperson said with a smile: “The pair you chose happens to have a matching women’s pair.”

Tong Yao tried on the pair while comparing hers with Little Fatty’s to see how well they match. When she looked up again, she saw Lu Sicheng had already handed over his bankcard to the salesperson.

Tong Yao: “Hm, I feel like I can still try some of the others.”

Lu Sicheng: “It’ll be daybreak if you keep on trying different ones. Where is your sense of discipline?”

Tong Yao: “......”


After buying new shoes, the whole team went back to base in high spirits. They had won the game and each had received a new pair of shoes. They all felt quite satisfied.

Some went upstairs to set down their bags and take showers. Xiao Rui held Dabin in his arms and opened a can of cat food to feed the cat. Only Tong Yao and Lu Sicheng were left at the first floor of the base…...Tong Yao saw Lu Sicheng had sat down in front of his computer and seemed to be preparing to play ranked games. She hesitated, then walked over. She pulled out a coin from her pocket and grabbed Lu Sicheng’s hand, placing the coin into his palm.

Lu Sicheng: “?”

Tong Yao: “Jinyang said it’s bad luck to give shoes to others as a gift. The one who receives the shoes have to pay a little money to the one who gives the shoes so as to dispel the bad luck.”

Lu Sicheng: “......Which remote countryside are you from to come to the big city to play professionally? Do you even have the internet where you’re from?”

Tong Yao: “...........”

Lu Sicheng said without much expression on his face: “It applies only to lovers.”

Tong Yao thought about it and blushed, bending over trying to pry open Lu Sicheng’s hand: “Then give me back the coin.”

Lu Sicheng tugged his hand back and before Tong Yao could grab his hand, he swiftly dropped the coin into his piggy bank. Tong Yao gasped: “You think I can’t find it in-- --”

Before she could finish, Lu Sicheng grabbed the piggy bank up and shook it a few times. Then he stuffed the piggy bank into her arms: “Take you time to find it.”

Tong Yao: “....................................................”

Tong Yao: “Lu Sicheng, you’re so childish!”

Lu Sicheng: “I’m childish? Then, you’re stingy. It’s only one RMB and you’re asking it back. Stay to the side and take your time to find it, don’t interfere with my stream.”

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 44 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 44 Part 1

Invincible was in a daze the moment he realized that he had lost the match, as if everything was a dream.

When Xiang Nuan ordered him to call her “daddy.” He came to himself, his face darkening.

Waiwai was the first one to start clapping his hands: “Call her daddy! Call her daddy! Call her daddy!”

All the others followed suit.

It was too late for Invincible to regret uploading his message log with Xiang Nuan to the forums last night. Now he had no way to back out of it. He said in a tiny voice: “Daddy.”

Xiang Nuan: “I can’t hear it.”


The onlookers burst into laughter.

Invincible was too embarrassed to stay and got up abruptly to leave.

The people crowded inside the room parted for him to pass.

When he was almost at the door, someone called him from behind, “Hello.” The voice wasn’t loud but very forceful.

Invincible turned to take a look.

It was Lin Chuyan.

“You haven’t apologized yet.” Lin Chuyan said.

Everyone fixed their eyes on Invincible. Even his friends who came with him seemed to agree that he should apologize to Xiang Nuan.

Apologize after making a mistake, that’s what a real man should do.

At that moment, no one making a fuss or mocking him, everyone only looked at Invincible quietly, waiting for him to apologize.

“I’m sorry.” Invincible said and finally bowed his head. When he lost the match, he didn’t bow; when he called Xiang Nuan daddy, he didn’t bow; but now, he finally lowered his proud head.

With his apology Xiang Nuan almost cried out. She purposely curved up the corners of her mouth and took a deep breath to calm herself down. She then said with a smile: “I accept your apology.”

Invincible was relieved and stretched his hand to open the door.

“Wait a minute.” Lin Chuyan stopped him again.

“What else do you want from me? !” Invincible couldn’t take it anymore.

“I also want to have a one on one with you.” Lin Chuyan quietly looked at him.

Invincible was annoyed: “Ok, let’s have one. Come, let’s play solo. Does the loser need to call the winner daddy as well?”

“The one on one I meant is in real life.” Lin Chuyan said and slowly got up to walk over to Invincible. He said while walking: “I want to have a duel with you. Accept it if you’re a man.” After those words, he came up with a glove out of nowhere and threw it on the floor. “Come, ugly guy.”

“Damn, I have a name.”

With all eyes on him, it was hard for Invincible to refuse this kind of duel between men.

However, Invincible had learned his lesson. He made a pact with Lin Chuyan: The duel is just between the two of them. No third party is allowed to watch it.

Lin Chuyan had agreed to it.

Waiwai was a bit disappointed, because he couldn’t sell any more tickets.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 57 Part 5

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 57 Part 5

[Luoluo: So what about it? Professional video gamer players aren’t allowed to have girlfriends? Think about how old he is now? He can’t have his own life?]

[Luoluo: So what if I showed up there on purpose? Who do those fangirls think they are, constantly calling him “hubby” and not feeling ashamed…...Isn’t it good to let them give him up?]

[Luoluo: What if there’s news about it all over the place, isn’t it good to have more exposure?]

Lu Yue’s face turned darker and darker, grabbing the phone back from Tong Yao and blocking her right away.

“It’s not that we can’t have girlfriends.” Lu Yue stuffed the cell phone into his pocket. “It’s that we can’t have this kind of girl as a girlfriend. She likes to show off too much and is too competitive because of some superiority complex. Besides, she doesn’t know anything about our profession, though it’s not entirely her fault, no one is interested in wasting time on these things.”

“You really are concerned about him.” Tong Yao leaned to the back of the chair.

“No matter what, my brother is a public figure. It’s not just him, the people around him also have to have an awareness of being a public figure. Then everyone can go about with things he wants to do with peace of mind.”

Tong Yao thought about his words then lifted her hand to ruffle Lu Yue’s hair: “You’re actually quite sensible.”

Lu Yue squeaked and tried to shrink back to avoid her hand. Tong Yao was about to move forward to ruffle his hair some more when her stretched arm was abruptly pulled back by someone from behind. Both Lu Yue and Tong Yao looked up in a daze. They saw a sleepy person towering like a huge Buddha statue standing right behind them.

“What are you two doing?” Lu Sicheng asked.

Lu Yue: “We’re in a meeting.”

Tong Yao: “A meeting.”

“Heck with the meeting, there’s no meeting in kindergarten.” Lu Sicheng let go of Tong Yao’s arm and seemed disgusted: “We’re here. Get off the bus to eat dinner.”

Tong Yao looked up and indeed, they had arrived at the restaurant.

It was already dinner time after they finished the game.

Tong Yao, wearing hotel slippers, followed the others into the restaurant. She was surprised that none of the waiters stopped her from entering though they did pay special attention to her slippers……

During dinner, no one had the spirit to mention to their captain that he, for the first time, had been the subject of gossip. After they all had enough to eat, Lu Sicheng came up with a surprise suggestion: “Let’s go buy some team shoes. It’s an eyesore to see all of you wearing an assortment of sandals, slip-ons and sneakers.”

Tong Yao: “Sandals and slip-ons are so convenient. Why don’t you like them……?”

Lu Sicheng: “I should’ve let you fall on your face today, then you can tell me whether sandals are convenient or not.”

Tong Yao looked down at the slippers on her feet and chose to keep quiet.

Xiao Rui: “We have to ask for funding first……”

Lu Sicheng: “I’ll pay for them.”

Xiao Rui thought about it and nodded since Lu Sicheng was one of the team’s bosses: “Cheng Ge will pay for them? I think that’ll work.”

Since it was still early after dinner, they all decided to shop around at the shopping center near the restaurant. Though it was supposed to be for the team shoes, they basically just need to go to a sports store to buy 6 pairs of identical sneakers. They swarmed into a store and after picking and choosing for a while, they finally decided on a pair of male blue and white basketball shoes. Little Fatty tried the shoes on and they looked pretty good on his feet. The rest of the team agreed to buy that pair of shoes.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 43 Part 4

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 43 Part 4

Xiang Nuan kept Hu Ge’s inculcation in mind. Diaochan only worked if she farmed minions in the early game. It didn’t seem Invincible was going to let her off that easy. He struck Diaochan first instead of the minions. Diaochan wasn’t able to move away quickly and was assailed by a combo from Mulan. Xiang Nuan was so shocked that she even used the cleanse skill.

The cooldown time of cleanse was 2 minutes long, usually used only at critical moments.

Invincible deliberately laughed out loud.

Xiang Nuan pursed her lips. Though Dianchan had lost a lot of health, she didn’t retreat because she didn’t want to waste the wave of minions. A Diaochan without any gold was useless.

She distanced Diaochan from Mulan and continued farming. After she reached level two, she safely retreated and recovered her health.

She followed the pattern of avoiding Mulan and earning more gold first.

Mulan tried to get closer to Diaochan on several occasions, but Xiang Nuan managed to move Diaochan away each time.

When they reached level four, they both had their ultimates.

Mulan suddenly moved right next to Diaochan!

Xiang Nuan checked Diaochan’s health and felt it was time to fight, casting her ultimate.

Soon she found that Diaochan still wasn’t able to defeat Mulan and ran away.

Mulan didn’t chase after Diaochan but stayed in the same place as she used her first ability. Xiang Nuan thought she was safe as Diaochan moved out of range of the ability, until she saw Mulan use flash.

This skill was called “flash” When used in conjunction with certain abilities, it could change the direction of attack, creating a surprise attack.

Xiang Nuan was out of the safety zone and had used up all her escape abilities. Diaochan died instantly.

Xiang Nuan was quite upset as she watched Diaochan lying inside the spring.

She knew about that move, Hu Ge had taught her. Why didn’t she realize it in time……

A palm pressed down on her shoulder again. She heard Lin Chuyan whispered next to her: “It’s alright. Take it easy.”

His voice was calm and gentle, like a cup of warm water. Xiang Nuan quieted down after hearing his words.

Actually, everything that had happened so far was within Hu Ge’s predictions. He had told Xiang Nuan that Mulan would be very aggressive in the early game to prevent Diaochan from growing stronger. A Diaochan with a full set of items would be very formidable and Mulan had to make sure it didn’t happen too quickly.

Xiang Nuan felt that she had been a bit too rash. She calmed herself down and checked the difference in their economy.

Mulan had quite a lead in gold over Diaochan. She had to make sure the gap didn’t grow any wider.

Xiang Nuan decided that she had to make money, lots of money!

Xiang Nuan started playing hide and seek again with Mulan and concentrated her efforts on farming. Whenever Mulan tried to get closer, she would try to hide away.

Finally, as the match reached the tenth minute mark, Diaochan was level 13 with 4 items.

“With items in hand, I can laugh at the crazy dog.” Xiang Nuan subconsciously repeated what Hu Ge often said.

“Hmph.” Waiwai said: “It’s Nuannuan is mocking her opponent. En, one warning.”

Mulan got closer to Diaochan again, Xiang Nuan used cleanse followed by her ultimate to cut down Mulan’s health. Mulan ran away to recover. Xiang Nuan used the opportunity to farm more and finally caught up to Mulan’s creep score.

When the two met again, Xiang Nuan made a mistake as she maneuvered and lost a lot of health from a combo from Mulan. But Xiang Nuan didn’t run away and activated her ultimate to take Mulan head on.

Both sides were at the edge of death.

Mulan started to switch her weapon. The moment she swapped her weapons, it would deal damage to nearby enemies. Xiang Nuan was rather close to Mulan at this point and there was no time for her to run. It seemed that Diaochan would take the hit.

Some of the audience had already started to feel sorry for Xiang Nuan. It looked like Diaochan couldn’t survive this time. Xiang Nuan had been playing pretty well so far, it was a pity that she wouldn’t win the match.

What was unexpected to everyone was that Diaochan’s health didn’t budge when Mulan switched her weapons. Diaochan simply floated away.

Xiang Nuan had read her opponent and used Diaochan’s second ability to be invincible at the right moment.

Diaochan was still alive but Mulan fell down.

-- --

When the match ended, Xiang Nuan still couldn’t believe that she had won the game. When she put down her cell phone, her hands were shaking. She looked at Invincible and smiled: “Call me daddy.”

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Monday, June 10, 2019

Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 30 Part 1

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 30 Part 1

Zhou Tingsheng took care of auction house business for the entire morning. By the time Liang Ziruo awoke, lunch had already been delivered from the restaurant.

She washed up and went into the living room of her hotel suite, the table was already set with delicious food. Zhou Tingsheng sat in the couch at the side, still checking the list of guests which the secretary had just delivered. He hadn’t slept the whole night and didn’t seem to have any intention to rest. Liang Ziruo was surprised and felt guilty: “You’ve been driving all night, don’t you need to rest for a while?”

Her hotel suite had another bedroom which he could use. Zhou Tingsheng didn’t seem to appreciate the gesture and spoke without even lifting his head: “No need.”

Liang Ziruo sat down at the table and took a bite of curry. She noticed that none of the dishes had been touched.  Her mouth creased downwards: “Haven’t you eaten anything?”

Zhou Tingsheng was like a working machine: “You eat yourself.”

Liang Ziruo reluctantly tried to make up with him: “It was my fault this morning. You woke me up so early that I couldn’t think straight…...About the audition thing you mentioned last time, I’ve already made the arrangements for it. It took me quite some effort to make it happen. Let’s count it as my way of making it up to you, how about that?”

Unfortunately, the audition didn’t seem to be that important now. Zhou Tingsheng responded coldly: “En. Actually, you didn’t really need to do it.” He continued to look over the list.

Liang Ziruo was exasperated. She scooped some food into her mouth and took her time to chew and swallow. Then she said: “You don’t need to check the list. I checked it last night. That’s the printout that I told the secretary to send over this morning. There shouldn’t be any problems.”

Zhou Tingsheng unhappily put down the list: “Have you rehearsed onsite then?”
“I’ve rehearsed twice. Besides, we’ve worked with the venue several times. There’s a coordinator specifically assigned to this event. I trust him.” Liang Ziruo walked over to gather all the other documents and stood in front of him to ask for the list in his hand: “It’s alright, you don’t have to rush to take over the entire business. This woman’s really something if she can change you this much. I should go pay her a visit sometime and ask her how she achieved it.”

Liang Ziruo stretched out her hand to pull the list which was still tightly held in his hand: “Alright then, give it to me. I have a lot of other places that need you help. You better go get some sleep first, alright? Otherwise, dad would accuse me of mistreating you.”

She knew very well that with Zhou Tingsheng, the soft approach worked better than high-handed coercion. Usually, he would go along when she threw in a few agreeable words.

But to her surprise this time, Zhou Tingsheng didn’t let go of the list. He fixed his eyes on a name on the list-- --Wen Shaoqian.

Zhou Tingsheng’s eyebrows were knit tightly together. The name sounded too familiar. He quietly muttered the name once again.

When Liang Ziruo realized what Zhou Tingsheng was mumbling about, she was amazed: “You’ve heard about him? He’s the youngest son of the Wen family, a psychiatrist. I heard that he’s just returned after getting his PhD abroad. In reality, he’s just a polished scoundrel. During Sotheby’s Spring auction, he was still overseas and bought an antique crown ring for his girlfriend at the time. A few days later he broke up with her and when the girlfriend went to look for him in tears with the ring, he didn’t even bother to give her a glance.”

It was rare for Liang Ziruo to share gossip, her eyes flashed with some mischievousness: “Tsk, tsk, that kind of man is a nightmare to any woman. But for the people in the auction business, we treat him as our most favorite guest.”

Zhou Tingsheng tried hard to recall who this person was while Liang Ziruo was talking. Finally, he remembered that he was Ye Qiao’s psychiatrist. He had even seen the message he had sent to Ye Qiao while having dinner with her. The message was written in an elegant and elaborate manner, seemingly from the hands of a gentleman. However, a man knew man the best. Those gentle, formal words still showed off his interest in her.

Liang Ziruo noticed that Zhou Tingsheng was lost in his own thoughts and asked with a raised eyebrow: “What about him? You know him?”

“The name doesn’t look familiar, just asking.”

“Ha, there are too many unfamiliar names to you. You haven’t bothered with Ferra’s business for so long. How many names can you know?”

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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 29 Part 3

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 29 Part 3

Zhou Tingsheng had left to a port city where Ferra’s autumn auction would be held. He had driven the whole night to reach the neighboring city, then took the first ferry in the morning to arrive. He went directly to the hotel to look for Liang Zirao.

Liang Zirao had also stayed up the whole night in a meeting to make sure all the arrangements were in order. She had just laid down on her bed when Zhou Tingsheng arrived. She could hardly recognize such a proactive brother. For the first time in her life she was the sloth in front of him: “I’ve been in meetings for almost a week, just let me sleep for a while.”

Zhou Tingsheng looked at her tired face. Though Liang Zirao had been taking good care of herself, all the skin care products and procedures still couldn’t cover up the bags under her eyes and tiny lines around her eyes due to sleepless nights. Zhou Tingsheng turned off the lamp on the nightstand for her, picked up the stack of documents tidily piled on the nightstand, and sat down on the armchair in the room: “Get some more rest in these two days.”

Liang Zirao smiled with closed eyes: “How can I get some more rest? Who’s going to take care of the business? Can I send you over?”

“Why can’t I?”

“Sure you can…...But can I assign you a job?”

Zhou Tingsheng flipped through the papers, looking at all the auction items that Liang Zirao had made marks on and said: “I’m at your disposal this whole month.”

Liang Zirao sat up from the bed, startled. Her eyebrows were knit tightly together: “What happened to you?”

Zhou Tingsheng didn’t even raise his eyelids and replied while flipping over a page: “Nothing.”

Liang Zirao sneered: “Don’t lie to me. We’re born from the same mother, how can I not know you? Come, tell your sister, did you get dumped by some woman?”

Zhou Tingsheng raised his head with a darkened face: “You’ve been watching me so closely, have you seen me with a woman?”

“......” Liang Zirao couldn’t come up with anything to say. She knew that though there were a lot of women around him, he was interested in very few of them. After the incident with the female college student from C University, he hadn’t had an official girlfriend. However, even if he wasn’t interested in the women around him, there must’ve been a few one night stands? Her eyes rolled around slowly, thinking. Then one person came to mind: “So, you and Xu Zang’s daughter are off?”

The look in his eyes became quite harsh when she mentioned two of the people whom he didn’t want to be reminded of.

Liang Zirao smiled happily, bullseye: “I told you not to touch her. You think his daughter is that easy to get close to? I heard that, back when she was younger, she would pull the tubes out of her just because she didn’t want to have that heart. Later on, she somehow accepted the heart but she hasn’t exchanged a word with her father for 10 years. A woman who can discard her own life like that, who knows how ruthless she can be.”

She was about to continue, but was stopped by the cold and harsh look in Zhou Tingsheng’s eyes. Liang Zirao sulked: “Don’t look at me with that look. I know our family is to blame for this whole thing. But to be fair, Xu Zang was the one who was willing to do it. If he didn’t want Aunty Ruan’s heart, he wouldn’t have been willing to give false evidence so Aunty Ruan would get the death penalty. Ye Qiao’s mom gave up treatment because she wanted to die earlier so her daughter could have her heart. It was Xu Zang who was unwilling to let her daughter be transplanted with a heart which may carry cancer cells that he’s willing to give false evidence. Our family was only going along with it……”

Zhou Tingsheng suddenly swept his hands, scatting all the papers onto the floor.

Shocked by the sudden move, Liang Zirao finally stopped and realized that-- --what was she talking about? She was so sleep deprived that she didn’t even know what she was talking about. Zhou Tingsheng looked like an angry animal. She subconsciously clenched the comforter, her knuckles turning white: “......I’m sorry.”

Zhou Tingsheng bent over to pick up the pieces of papers and piled them up again. In the silence, only the sound of rustling paper could be heard. He put the pile of papers back on the nightstand and said: “You have nothing to be sorry about. This thing had nothing to do with you or the Zhou family. It’s all my fault.”

He quietly walked to the door. Liang Zirao, with breath short and a pumping heart, mustered enough courage to call out after him: “But all we did was for your own good!”

He stopped at the door. She continued before losing her courage: “It’s good that you aren’t with her. Why are you interested in her? To make it up to her? Or do you feel like you’re in the same boat as her? Aunty Ruan is dead and she died willingly. It had nothing to do with either of you. You and Ye Qiao both, all you have to do is appreciate the affection of your fathers. Otherwise, what do you want to do? To pay back with your own lives? Dad and I all wish that you can find a girl who has nothing to do with the past ……”

“Enough.” Zhou Tinghseng opened the door and slammed the door shut behind him.

The loud bang could shut Liang Zirao up but couldn’t erase the memory. He knew very clearly just how many lives lost he was responsible for.

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Friday, June 7, 2019

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 57 Part 4

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 57 Part 4

Tong Yao happened to see a post on the first page of Weibo.

[The untold secret of the esports circle: I was told by a fan who was in the audience today that there was a person acting strangely in the first row of ZGDX’s fan section. She obviously wasn’t in the esport circle since everyone else was taking pictures of Kun who was sitting nearby, she even asked her neighbors who Kun was and why they were taking pictures of him-- --In addition, during the first match, there was a huge bouquet next to her feet. When the first match was about to end, she left her seat with the bouquet. Then at the beginning of the second match, she came back to her seat without the bouquet. Someone asked her who she was here to watch and her answer was: I’m a friend of Lu Sicheng.]

[The untold secret of the esports circle: Some backstage staff members have also disclosed that they saw that girl, with their own eyes, give the bouquet to Lu Sicheng. They definitely know each other and even exchanged a few words. Later on, that girl left and appeared to be not very happy……]

Tong Yao’s lips twitched and she put her leg down to sit straight up. There really weren’t any secrets in this world. She looked down at the culprit at her feet. The more she looked at the flowers the more she found them to be innocent…...Tong Yao exitted Weibo and checked other sites. The news about the mysterious woman was everywhere-- --

[A plum branch: See what all you’ve done by complaining about Smiling being too short to be a match for Cheng Ge. At least she knows how to play games.]

[Hum, not bad: Smiling’s eased my concerns, now I’m worrying again because that woman we don’t even know about.]

[Swimming whale: ………………...That woman’s makeup is so heavy.]

[Friendship first: I have to say, she’s definitely an outsider since we all call Cheng Ge either Chessman or Captain of ZGDX or Cheng Ge, rarely does anyone address him by his full name-- --As for why she came to the arena to show off her relationship with Cheng Ge, well, that’s beyond me.]

[Holy crap: When I realize that Cheng Ge is already at that age that he should have a girlfriend, I’m horrified.]

[Ahlalalei: I’m posting a GIF of the moment Lu Sicheng picked up Tong Yao to unnerve the shock from this woman. She obviously is showing off on purpose, otherwise she wouldn’t be sitting in the first row.]

[Wildfire: The above +1, on purpose +1. Cheng Ge never has any affair after so many years in the professional scene. What is this woman up to?]

Tong Yao: “......”

Tong Yao didn’t expect that a woman giving flowers to Cheng Ge could create such a big deal. All the fans online had turned into Sherlock Holmes-- --What’s more shocking was that most of their guesswork was correct.

As for that woman, whether she was deliberately stirring up gossip-- --

Tong Yao moved to sit next to Lu Yue and found him chatting with someone on his phone. She kicked him and Lu Yue confusedly looked up at her. He paused for a second then whispered: “......You’ve seen what they’re talking about on Tieba and Weibo.”

Tong Yao: “Based on my teenage girl’s sixth sense and so I can throw mud on her: She is doing it deliberately.”

Lu Yue rolled his eyes and handed over the cell phone in his hand-- --Tong Yao noticed that it was Lu Sicheng’s cell phone.  Just now Lu Yue was arguing with someone called [Luoluo] on it. To put it simply, Lu Yue told this person that he didn’t add her Wechat to have her cause trouble for his brother. Now everyone was saying that ZGDX’s captain was in love and had let his girlfriend come see him play and give him flowers……

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 43 Part 3

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 43 Part 3

Xiang Nuan’s match against Invincible was one o’clock in the afternoon. They would play at the Esports Club’s office and each side could only have up to five friends there to watch the match. The onlookers could root for their friend and be a witness to the match to make sure there was no outside help.

The office of the Esports Club was rather spacious. After hearing about the match, Waiwai sold 30 tickets in less than a day and made about 1000 RMB for the club.

When Xiang Nuan arrived at the office, there were already quite a crowd waiting to watch the match.

It seemed to her that there sure was a lot of people who didn’t have anything better to do……

Since cell phone screens were too small to satisfy so many onlookers, Waiwai borrowed a projection tablet to project the screen onto the wall. It would be better this way so the onlookers wouldn’t bother the two players as they played.

Waiwai was really thoughtful……

Though Xiang Nuan stayed up the whole night, she didn’t feel drowsy at all. On the contrary, her eyes sparkled in excitement.

Min Lili, Zheng Dongkai, and the others were all there to root for her.

Two minutes after Xiang Nuan arrived, Invincible stepped into the office.

He was short and slender, yet had an imposing attitude. He walked at the very front of his group of friends and looked at the people inside the office rather snobbishly.

Lin Chuyan was standing right next to Xiang Nuan. When he saw Invincible’s face, he said: “It’s you.”

Xiang Nuan was curious: “Who is he?”

She thought Invincible looked familiar, but she was pretty sure that she didn’t know him.

When she asked who Invincible was, Invincible’s face grew a bit darker.

“Candles, a confession, and got turned down because he’s ugly.” Lin Chuyan said a few key words.

Invincible’s face grew much darker.

Xiang Nuan finally figured out who this man was. He was the guy who lit up candles in front of her dorm to confess to her. Xiang Nuan hadn’t really noticed his face in the darkness and had totally forgotten about him. So he was the one defaming her on the forums. Just because she refused him? Did love turn into hatred?

She didn’t know what to think about such a development.

In either case, she was putting everything else aside, all she wanted now was to win.

The two players sat down face to face and logged into the game.

“Do you need me to let you get an extra item first?” Invincible asked in an especially arrogant tone. He couldn’t forget the humiliation he suffered from her that night and seemed set on earning back his dignity today.

“There’s no need.” Xiang Nuan indifferently refused.

Waiwai thought Invincible was too much and said: “Unsportsmanlike behavior for Invincible, you get one warning.”

Xiang Nuan took a deep breath and suddenly felt a little nervous..

A hand happened to land on her shoulder.

She turned sideways and saw Lin Chuyan’s face. He was smiling at her, the smile was sincere and warm.

“Go get it.” He said it lightly.

She felt encouraged: “En!”

Invincible, as expected, chose Mulan. He was surprised to see Xiang Nuan choose Diaochan but he laughed as snobbishly as before: “I’d recommend sticking to those idiot champions like Zhuang Zhou. Diaochan can keep Mulan at bay, but you-- --can you handle her?”

Waiwai was angry: “A warning for Invincible, harassing the opponent.”

Someone asked: “What’s the consequence of getting too many warnings?”

Waiwai mysteriously smiled: “Our Esports Club has more than a dozen tough guys.”

Invincible finally stopped talking.

The match began.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 57 Part 3

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You're Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 57 Part 3

Tong Yao walked back stage, limping with the broken sandal dangling on her right foot…...She began messaging Jinyang while walking-- --

[ZGDX, smiling: The sandal broke, Ahhhhh, the expensive ones you gave me TAT]

[Ah Mao’s mom: Hahahahahahahahaha, I saw it, it’s alright. I’ll buy another pair for you. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, how do you feel when you were picked up by that light pole in front of the Lu household? Do you feel like being struck by lightning?]

[ZGDX, smiling: Not really.]

[Ah Mao’s mom: The pole’s bending down and inviting you to pee on it. You should be happy that you don’t have to pee anymore.]

[ZGDX, smiling: I really like your optimistic attitude and exuberant imagination.]

Tong Yao finally reached the rest area and pushed open the door to find several staff members still inside. One of the girls ran to her to hand over a pair of disposable slippers like those found in hotels-- --

Tong Yao: “Where did you get these?”

The girl said: “Cheng Ge went to the nearby hotel to ask for them just now.”

Tong Yao muttered: “Oh, I didn’t expect him to be this nice.” She changed into the slippers and saw through the corner of her eyes that the bouquet was still placed on top of the table. She paused and straightened up, noticing the staff members were all packed up and ready to leave as well-- --No one seemed to show any intent to take the flowers with them.

“You aren’t taking the flowers?” Tong Yao asked, pointing to the bouquet.

“Cheng Ge didn’t say to take it.”

Tong Yao got closer to smell the flowers, they were all fresh imported budding flowers about to bloom. It seemed too wasteful to her to leave them here. Since she didn’t have anything to take with her, she decided to take the bouquet with her. Following the rest of the staff, Tong Yao got onto the bus with the pair of expensive sandals in one hand and the huge bouquet that almost covered her face in the other hand-- --

Lu Sicheng was sitting on the last row of the bus with his eyes closed. Tong Yao walked all the way to the back and slightly bent over to pull off one of his earbuds: “Captain, thank you for the slippers.”

Lu Sicheng opened his eyes and the dark brown pupils calmly and coldly stared at her for 3 seconds. In the fourth second, his eyes moved to look at the flowers next to Tong Yao’s feet: “What are these?”

“The bouquet your fan sent you.”

“Was that my question? I’m asking, why are you taking it onto the bus?”

“These are nice flowers, why not? Are you allergic to pollen?”


Lu Sicheng was quiet for a while, then he said to Tong Yao while fixing his eyes on her: “It’s you  who wanted to take it. Don’t grumble about it later.” As Tong Yao was looking at him confusedly, he grabbed his earbud back and stuffed back into his ear then used the hood of his jacket to cover half of his face-- --

His body language was obvious: Get away from me.

Tong Yao smiled and sent WeChat message to Jinyang: [The evil supporting actress from the Korean drama has done it again. I think I’ll go to hell after I die.]. She then turned to sit down on her seat with the bouquet next to her feet and started to check Weibo posts with her legs crossed-- --

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 43 Part 2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 43 Part 2

Throughout the night, the viewership of Hu Ge’s stream changed in a zigzag. Every half hour, the viewership would shoot up then after a few minutes, it would drop straight down to the bottom. After another half hour, the pattern would repeat itself again.

When Lin Chuyan wasn’t singing, there were only small number of fans staying with the stream.

Chen Yinghu wasn’t bothered by the situation. His superior skill at playing games gave him unusual self-confidence. Even though no one was watching him tonight, he was sure that by tomorrow when he showed off some of his brilliant moves while playing ranked matches all the fans would come back.

However, there was one thing he couldn’t figure out-- --There were still some fans that kept watching his stream but none of them were typing bullet comments.

“Why are none of you saying anything?” Chen Yinghu asked.

A beginner level fan left a comment: We’re all banned from leaving comments, - _ -

Chen Yinghu: “Why did you get banned?”

“Because we complained about Nuannuan’s bad moves.”

Chen Yinghu thought that it indeed sounded like something Lin Chuyan would do.

At the same time, all the way in a house in the suburbs of Nanshan City, a man with glasses sat right in front of his computer, thinking.

This was a large house. The living room was divided into two areas by a wooden partition; on the one side was the reception room, the other was the training room. There was a black flag hanging on the wall with a logo and the word “Unbeatable” on on it in gold.

A short man with a crew cut happened to pass by with a cup of water in hand. He saw the man with glasses with his eyes glued to the computer screen and curiously came close to ask: “Chang Ge, what are you watching? Oh, Hu Ge? You aren’t thinking of recruiting him? I heard from the team next door that……”

“No, I’m not.” The man with glasses interrupted him. “Look, Xiao Zhi, look at this Diaochan.”

Xiao Zhi took a look at the moves of Diaochan and commented: “It’s just so so.”

“It is just so so, but three hours ago, she’s much worse than this.”

“Chang Ge, you’ve watched this for three hours?” Xiao Zhi noticed the unusualness of Chang Ge’s interest in Hu Ge’s stream: “You aren’t really thinking of recruiting Hu Ge, are you?”

“No, I don’t like talkative players…...Let me ask you, when you just started playing the game and weren’t familiar with many of the champions, if I give you three hours, could you play Diaochan to this level in three hours with someone giving you tutorial?”

Xiao Zhi was surprised at the question but he gave it an earnest thought. Then he shook his head: “Maybe not.”

Playing Diaochan well required fast hands and the ability to read the enemy. Even if a player had learned everything about Diaochan, it still took a lot of practice to handle her well.

Chang Ge didn’t bother to point out the difficulties to Xiao Zhi. He pushed his glasses up and said instead: “There are a lot things in this world you can reach by just working hard. But there are other deciding elements as well besides hard work, talent is one of them.”

Xiao Zhi went to get another cup of water and came back to sit with Chang Ge in front of the computer.

They watched for another two hours.

Towards the end of the two hours, Xiao Zhi had a surprised look on his face.

“Is it possible that it’s only a publicity stunt?” Xiao Zhi suggested a possibility.

“It doesn’t seem so. Let’s wait and see tomorrow. Tomorrow this girl is going to do a one on one with someone else.  Chen Yinghu said he’s going to do a stream for the match.”

“A one on one match could be a publicity stunt as well.”

“Why are you so suspicious at such a young age?”

Xiao Zhi stuck out his tongue.

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