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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 30 Part 2

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 30 Part 2

Liang Ziruo felt quite happy after voicing her complaints about his brother. Then she thought about something more serious: “Have you interacted with Wen Shaoqian?” She stared at him quite seriously. “Listen, the way you live your life now is up to the limit that our family can accept. If you go with these kinds of people and mess up your own life, don’t blame dad if he disowns you later.”

Zhou Tingsheng amusedly pushed away the hand that was pointing at him: “Rest assured.”

Liang Ziruo felt much better and smiled: “That’s good. There’s an opening gala for the auction with many beautiful women. You can pick any one of them, I’ll pretend that I didn’t see.”

Zhou Tingsheng wasn’t too interested in these sorts of things. Yet Liang Ziruo was especially enthusiastic in finding a match for him, maybe it was her way to relieve the pressure of work. She even sent several pictures with personal information to Zhou Tingsheng’s mailbox, like an overzealous matchmaker. The pictures were all candidates with good qualifications. Zhou Tingsheng took a look, there was an accomplished woman from Cambridge, a PhD from the University of Columbia. He was wondering whether he was choosing a girlfriend or a graduate school?

The opening gala was held at the harbor at night. A double decked cruise ship docked at the port as the venue for Ferra’s gala. The French chanson was played, intoxicating the men and women there. Zhou Tingsheng had found a vantage point higher up to drink his wine and overlook the spectacular event. The perfume from the attending women permeated the sea breeze. However, these sort of occasions bored him.

He lazily glanced at the men and women down below. A resplendent silhouette caught his eye.

Ten minutes before, Ye Qiao was changing inside her room in this same cruise ship. The narrow mirror reflected her naked body.

She stood in front of the mirror without much expression on her face. On her bare chest was the scar from the past-- --10 centimeters long. After seven years, the scar had faded into a hazel hue, though one could still imagine the scarlet mark it once was and the life and death experience behind the color.

Surrounding the scar was the tattoo pattern Zhou Tingsheng had carefully drawn for her. Those vines that looked as if they were growing out of her heart and willfully spread out as if they were about to grow into a big tree against all odds. However, when she woke up from the dream, the vines remained only as branches without even having the chance to be colored.

Ye Qiao opened an elegant, velvety rectangular box, changed into a gown, and put on the earrings and necklace from the box. Wen Shaoqian’s phone call happened to come in when Ye Qiao finished dressing. She picked up her clutch and answered the phone while walking towards the door: “I’m coming out.”

“En. I’m waiting outside.” Ye Qiao found herself unaccustomed to Wen Shaoqian’s gentle voice, he sounded overly attentive and thoughtful.

Actually, she rarely came to these kind of events on her own. It was Wen Shaoqian who had persuaded her using his “professional judgement” to suggest going on a vacation in order to get a break from her busy work schedule and her troubled love life.

The night view in the harbor was so beautiful that Ye Qiao started thinking it was a good idea to make the trip. She looked up to the sky and let the sea breeze whisper through her hair. The reflection of the moon on the surface of the water was soft and bright.

Ye Qiao was lost in thought when a jacket with a pleasant fragrance was put on her shoulders. Wen Shaoqian quite gentlemanly gathered the front of the jacket closer and said: “It’s a little chilly out here. Do you want something to drink to warm yourself up?”

“Sure.” She followed him to get a drink but suddenly turned around to take a glance as if she was searching.

Wen Shaoqian asked: “What’s the matter?”

Ye Qiao shook her head: “It’s nothing. I thought I saw something.”

She always had a sharp intuition. She distinctly felt that someone was looking at her direction just now.

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