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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 58 Part 3

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 58 Part 3

Tong Yao quietly switched over to check the comments-- --

[..............................Baby, what were you doing in the men’s restroom?]

[Hahahahahahahahahaha. You’re really something my girl!]

[#ZGDX’s mid is probably the biggest publicity stunt of the year. She’s actually a transvestite#]

[How can a transvestite have such a flat chest? Be more scientific about it.]

[It could very well be that she had run out of money for surgery……]

“I went to the men's restroom because I made a wrong turn, a wrong turn, ok! I happened to see Ah Guang there and we chatted. Why chat in the restroom? Because there wasn’t anyone else there and it’s a good place to have a chat! Moderator, ban that person who said that I have a flat chest, ban him for life! What, I play professionally to make enough money to complete the surgery? Damn it, ban this person as well. Moderator-- --Never mind, I’ll do it myself!”

Lu Sicheng suddenly became very quiet as Tong Yao was busy bickering with the bullet comments. He was suddenly reminded of the morning right after his team had played a skirmish with his old team-- --It was almost the same hour of the day and exactly the same place. The person who was sitting in front of him right now was playing with the same champion. At that time though, she was pale, had black circles under her eyes, and sobbing about her first set back in her professional career……

Look at her right now.

The morning sunlight shone into the base, illuminating one side of her face. When he cast his eyes down, he could see the fine hairs on her healthy, pink cheeks. Her eyes seemed to shine while focusing on the screen in front of her.

Lu Sicheng for the first time didn’t continue laughing at her chicken soup for the soul. The corners of his sleepy eyes suddenly softened. He lifted his hand to pat her head.

“Let’s play a one v one in a while.”

“Why?” The bickering Tong Yao paused and looked up in confusion.

“Because I want to. Let’s bet on tonight’s late night meal. The loser’s buying.”

With the challenge, Lu Sicheng turned to walk away.

Tong Yao watched him leave. She then switched to check the bullet comments again and found a whole different world-- --

[66666666, I want to see the 1v1! Don’t you dare turn off the stream!]

[Play 1v1 with him, beat him, and marry him!]

[He just said yesterday that he’ll only be with someone who can play better than him…...This is a chance for him to do an interview with you, my little sister!]

[hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, but you can’t beat him! When Cheng Ge played 1v1 before, not even someone like Li Junhe could beat him! ! ! !]

[Unexpected display of affection so early in the morning.]

[Even with messy hair, Cheng Ge is still handsome. Let me tell you, this kind of man is suitable to be put on a bed to look at from morning to night. Every second of it would be a beautiful scene-- --It’s up to you whether you want to fight for it.]

Translated by Team DHH at


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