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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 44 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 44 Part 1

Invincible was in a daze the moment he realized that he had lost the match, as if everything was a dream.

When Xiang Nuan ordered him to call her “daddy.” He came to himself, his face darkening.

Waiwai was the first one to start clapping his hands: “Call her daddy! Call her daddy! Call her daddy!”

All the others followed suit.

It was too late for Invincible to regret uploading his message log with Xiang Nuan to the forums last night. Now he had no way to back out of it. He said in a tiny voice: “Daddy.”

Xiang Nuan: “I can’t hear it.”


The onlookers burst into laughter.

Invincible was too embarrassed to stay and got up abruptly to leave.

The people crowded inside the room parted for him to pass.

When he was almost at the door, someone called him from behind, “Hello.” The voice wasn’t loud but very forceful.

Invincible turned to take a look.

It was Lin Chuyan.

“You haven’t apologized yet.” Lin Chuyan said.

Everyone fixed their eyes on Invincible. Even his friends who came with him seemed to agree that he should apologize to Xiang Nuan.

Apologize after making a mistake, that’s what a real man should do.

At that moment, no one making a fuss or mocking him, everyone only looked at Invincible quietly, waiting for him to apologize.

“I’m sorry.” Invincible said and finally bowed his head. When he lost the match, he didn’t bow; when he called Xiang Nuan daddy, he didn’t bow; but now, he finally lowered his proud head.

With his apology Xiang Nuan almost cried out. She purposely curved up the corners of her mouth and took a deep breath to calm herself down. She then said with a smile: “I accept your apology.”

Invincible was relieved and stretched his hand to open the door.

“Wait a minute.” Lin Chuyan stopped him again.

“What else do you want from me? !” Invincible couldn’t take it anymore.

“I also want to have a one on one with you.” Lin Chuyan quietly looked at him.

Invincible was annoyed: “Ok, let’s have one. Come, let’s play solo. Does the loser need to call the winner daddy as well?”

“The one on one I meant is in real life.” Lin Chuyan said and slowly got up to walk over to Invincible. He said while walking: “I want to have a duel with you. Accept it if you’re a man.” After those words, he came up with a glove out of nowhere and threw it on the floor. “Come, ugly guy.”

“Damn, I have a name.”

With all eyes on him, it was hard for Invincible to refuse this kind of duel between men.

However, Invincible had learned his lesson. He made a pact with Lin Chuyan: The duel is just between the two of them. No third party is allowed to watch it.

Lin Chuyan had agreed to it.

Waiwai was a bit disappointed, because he couldn’t sell any more tickets.

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