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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 43 Part 3

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 43 Part 3

Xiang Nuan’s match against Invincible was one o’clock in the afternoon. They would play at the Esports Club’s office and each side could only have up to five friends there to watch the match. The onlookers could root for their friend and be a witness to the match to make sure there was no outside help.

The office of the Esports Club was rather spacious. After hearing about the match, Waiwai sold 30 tickets in less than a day and made about 1000 RMB for the club.

When Xiang Nuan arrived at the office, there were already quite a crowd waiting to watch the match.

It seemed to her that there sure was a lot of people who didn’t have anything better to do……

Since cell phone screens were too small to satisfy so many onlookers, Waiwai borrowed a projection tablet to project the screen onto the wall. It would be better this way so the onlookers wouldn’t bother the two players as they played.

Waiwai was really thoughtful……

Though Xiang Nuan stayed up the whole night, she didn’t feel drowsy at all. On the contrary, her eyes sparkled in excitement.

Min Lili, Zheng Dongkai, and the others were all there to root for her.

Two minutes after Xiang Nuan arrived, Invincible stepped into the office.

He was short and slender, yet had an imposing attitude. He walked at the very front of his group of friends and looked at the people inside the office rather snobbishly.

Lin Chuyan was standing right next to Xiang Nuan. When he saw Invincible’s face, he said: “It’s you.”

Xiang Nuan was curious: “Who is he?”

She thought Invincible looked familiar, but she was pretty sure that she didn’t know him.

When she asked who Invincible was, Invincible’s face grew a bit darker.

“Candles, a confession, and got turned down because he’s ugly.” Lin Chuyan said a few key words.

Invincible’s face grew much darker.

Xiang Nuan finally figured out who this man was. He was the guy who lit up candles in front of her dorm to confess to her. Xiang Nuan hadn’t really noticed his face in the darkness and had totally forgotten about him. So he was the one defaming her on the forums. Just because she refused him? Did love turn into hatred?

She didn’t know what to think about such a development.

In either case, she was putting everything else aside, all she wanted now was to win.

The two players sat down face to face and logged into the game.

“Do you need me to let you get an extra item first?” Invincible asked in an especially arrogant tone. He couldn’t forget the humiliation he suffered from her that night and seemed set on earning back his dignity today.

“There’s no need.” Xiang Nuan indifferently refused.

Waiwai thought Invincible was too much and said: “Unsportsmanlike behavior for Invincible, you get one warning.”

Xiang Nuan took a deep breath and suddenly felt a little nervous..

A hand happened to land on her shoulder.

She turned sideways and saw Lin Chuyan’s face. He was smiling at her, the smile was sincere and warm.

“Go get it.” He said it lightly.

She felt encouraged: “En!”

Invincible, as expected, chose Mulan. He was surprised to see Xiang Nuan choose Diaochan but he laughed as snobbishly as before: “I’d recommend sticking to those idiot champions like Zhuang Zhou. Diaochan can keep Mulan at bay, but you-- --can you handle her?”

Waiwai was angry: “A warning for Invincible, harassing the opponent.”

Someone asked: “What’s the consequence of getting too many warnings?”

Waiwai mysteriously smiled: “Our Esports Club has more than a dozen tough guys.”

Invincible finally stopped talking.

The match began.

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