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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 45 Part 2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 45 Part 2

Chen Yinghu had soon forgotten about the episode and therefore, didn’t mention it to Xiang Nuan. If Xiang Nuan knew that a professional team was interested in her, she would have been so proud of herself.

For Xiang Nuan, having fans also created an annoyance for her. There were always people asked to add her as a friend then let her help them play their games. Xiang Nuan knew the limit of her ability. As a support, how could she help anyone play the game? If she was using Diaochan, who knew whether Diaochan can help the other champion or the other way around……

She also cared about her own image and didn’t have the confidence to agree to help a random fan.

In the end, she changed her id and no one could find her.

When Lin Chuyan logged onto the game, he discovered that Xiang Nuan’s id had changed to “Nuan god.”

He followed suit and changed his id to “Chu god.”

Chu god invited Nuan god to join his team.

Xiang Nuan had the mic on. When she saw Lin Chuyan’s id, she was amused: “You’re so cocky.”

Lin Chuyan chuckled and imitated her tone of voice: “You’re cocky, too.”

His imitation of a girl’s voice gave Xiang Nuan goosebumps.

Lin Chuyan then thought of something and asked: “Has Deng Wenbo harassed you lately?”

“That man’s skill wasn’t up to much.”

Lin Chuyan’s heart skipped a beat: “What skill?”

“His gaming skill. What else?”

“Nothing, nothing.”

Xiang Nuan was baffled by Lin Chuyan’s question. Then she found on her friends list that Oblivion was also online. Her eyes brightened up and invited him to join the team.

Oblivion joined their team.

Chu god: ?

Nuan god: Let me properly introduce him to you. He’s the one I told you before who plays a super strong Luna.

Nanu god: Luna, do you still remember me? I used Zhang Fei to play a match with you before. I was “It’s Nuannuan” before. I change my id.

Chu god: How are you.

After a while, Oblivion: En.

The three of them soon chose their respective champions and the match began. Oblivion suddenly spoke.

Oblivion: How are you.

Chu god: ……

What a slow reaction…...Could this person really play Luna well?

Xiang Nuan chose Diaochan, Oblivion still used Mona. Both Diaochan and Mona very badly needed blue buff. Xiang Nuan knew her skill at playing Diaochan wasn’t that advanced, though she had beat Mulan. However, playing a one on one was totally different from playing 5 against 5. She wouldn’t fight with her own teammate for the buff and sent a message to remind Luna.

Nuan god: Luna, you get blue.

Oblivion didn’t respond but ran to the enemy’s jungle to fight for the enemy’s buff.

Then Oblivion said: You get it.

Throughout the whole match, Oblivion always went after the enemy’s buff. If the enemy got the blue buff before him, he would hunt down the enemy and inherit the blue buff.

He would let Diaochan always have the blue buff of her own side.

Nuan god was a bit touched by his consideration.

Chu god on the other hand was a bit concerned.

Translated by Team DHH at


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