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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 29 Part 3

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 29 Part 3

Zhou Tingsheng had left to a port city where Ferra’s autumn auction would be held. He had driven the whole night to reach the neighboring city, then took the first ferry in the morning to arrive. He went directly to the hotel to look for Liang Zirao.

Liang Zirao had also stayed up the whole night in a meeting to make sure all the arrangements were in order. She had just laid down on her bed when Zhou Tingsheng arrived. She could hardly recognize such a proactive brother. For the first time in her life she was the sloth in front of him: “I’ve been in meetings for almost a week, just let me sleep for a while.”

Zhou Tingsheng looked at her tired face. Though Liang Zirao had been taking good care of herself, all the skin care products and procedures still couldn’t cover up the bags under her eyes and tiny lines around her eyes due to sleepless nights. Zhou Tingsheng turned off the lamp on the nightstand for her, picked up the stack of documents tidily piled on the nightstand, and sat down on the armchair in the room: “Get some more rest in these two days.”

Liang Zirao smiled with closed eyes: “How can I get some more rest? Who’s going to take care of the business? Can I send you over?”

“Why can’t I?”

“Sure you can…...But can I assign you a job?”

Zhou Tingsheng flipped through the papers, looking at all the auction items that Liang Zirao had made marks on and said: “I’m at your disposal this whole month.”

Liang Zirao sat up from the bed, startled. Her eyebrows were knit tightly together: “What happened to you?”

Zhou Tingsheng didn’t even raise his eyelids and replied while flipping over a page: “Nothing.”

Liang Zirao sneered: “Don’t lie to me. We’re born from the same mother, how can I not know you? Come, tell your sister, did you get dumped by some woman?”

Zhou Tingsheng raised his head with a darkened face: “You’ve been watching me so closely, have you seen me with a woman?”

“......” Liang Zirao couldn’t come up with anything to say. She knew that though there were a lot of women around him, he was interested in very few of them. After the incident with the female college student from C University, he hadn’t had an official girlfriend. However, even if he wasn’t interested in the women around him, there must’ve been a few one night stands? Her eyes rolled around slowly, thinking. Then one person came to mind: “So, you and Xu Zang’s daughter are off?”

The look in his eyes became quite harsh when she mentioned two of the people whom he didn’t want to be reminded of.

Liang Zirao smiled happily, bullseye: “I told you not to touch her. You think his daughter is that easy to get close to? I heard that, back when she was younger, she would pull the tubes out of her just because she didn’t want to have that heart. Later on, she somehow accepted the heart but she hasn’t exchanged a word with her father for 10 years. A woman who can discard her own life like that, who knows how ruthless she can be.”

She was about to continue, but was stopped by the cold and harsh look in Zhou Tingsheng’s eyes. Liang Zirao sulked: “Don’t look at me with that look. I know our family is to blame for this whole thing. But to be fair, Xu Zang was the one who was willing to do it. If he didn’t want Aunty Ruan’s heart, he wouldn’t have been willing to give false evidence so Aunty Ruan would get the death penalty. Ye Qiao’s mom gave up treatment because she wanted to die earlier so her daughter could have her heart. It was Xu Zang who was unwilling to let her daughter be transplanted with a heart which may carry cancer cells that he’s willing to give false evidence. Our family was only going along with it……”

Zhou Tingsheng suddenly swept his hands, scatting all the papers onto the floor.

Shocked by the sudden move, Liang Zirao finally stopped and realized that-- --what was she talking about? She was so sleep deprived that she didn’t even know what she was talking about. Zhou Tingsheng looked like an angry animal. She subconsciously clenched the comforter, her knuckles turning white: “......I’m sorry.”

Zhou Tingsheng bent over to pick up the pieces of papers and piled them up again. In the silence, only the sound of rustling paper could be heard. He put the pile of papers back on the nightstand and said: “You have nothing to be sorry about. This thing had nothing to do with you or the Zhou family. It’s all my fault.”

He quietly walked to the door. Liang Zirao, with breath short and a pumping heart, mustered enough courage to call out after him: “But all we did was for your own good!”

He stopped at the door. She continued before losing her courage: “It’s good that you aren’t with her. Why are you interested in her? To make it up to her? Or do you feel like you’re in the same boat as her? Aunty Ruan is dead and she died willingly. It had nothing to do with either of you. You and Ye Qiao both, all you have to do is appreciate the affection of your fathers. Otherwise, what do you want to do? To pay back with your own lives? Dad and I all wish that you can find a girl who has nothing to do with the past ……”

“Enough.” Zhou Tinghseng opened the door and slammed the door shut behind him.

The loud bang could shut Liang Zirao up but couldn’t erase the memory. He knew very clearly just how many lives lost he was responsible for.

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