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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 34 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 34 Part 1

Xiang Nuan stopped and slowly turned to look at Lin Chuyan.

It was snowing. She watched his handsome face, now only an arm’s length
away, through the floating snowflakes.

Lin Chuyan blinked, looking back at her with calm, gently eyes.

Xiang Nuan was confused. She lightly wiggled her arm out of his grip and

“Lin Chuyan.” She called his name as the corner of her lips curled up: “You
aren’t having a crush on me, are you?” She asked hesitantly since she wasn’t
sure herself.

But it was obviously a question, despite the lack of conviction.

Lin Chuyan was stunned: “Ah?”

“I’m warning you, don’t have a crush on me. If you do, I’ll------” Xiang Nuan
was amused by the possibility: “I’ll laugh at you.”

Lin Chuyan chuckled: “You’re flattering yourself.”

Xiang Nuan also believed that she had put too much thought into it. But for
just a moment, she felt like something wasn’t right. But to think back on what
Lin Chuyan had said, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with it? She was
the one who brought up slaves in the first place……

Xiang Nuan was a little embarrassed for flattering herself. She paid no attention
to Lin Chuyan as she turned around to walk back.

Lin Chuyan followed closely behind seemingly unable to put the topic to rest. He
kept laughing at her: “Why exactly makes you think I’m having a crush on you?”

“I have too many suitors so I’m overly sensitive, alright?” Xiang Nuan didn’t want
to continue with the topic. “Hurry, Hu Ge has been waiting for a while now.”

“Then.” Lin Chuyan changed the topic: “Why were you so angry before?”

To Lin Chuyan, the whole incident was more about making fun of Xiang Nuan
than Chen Yinghu. But Xiang Nuan didn’t get angry for herself but was outraged
on Chen Yinghu’s behalf.

She scolded him for Chen Yinghu and even wronged him.

“So you really care a lot about Hu Ge?” Lin Chuyan said: “But he already has a

“Hey, what are you thinking about!” Xiang Nuan couldn’t stop herself from rolling
her eyes.

Ever since she learned how to roll her eyes, it seemed that the times she did it to
Lin Chuyan had rapidly increased.

“Then, why were you angry? Tell me the truth.” Lin Chuyan pushed for an answer.

Xiang Nuan lowered her head to think, her steps slowed down. She had both hands
in her pockets and kicked the uneven brick pavement under the snow with the tips
of her boots.

Lin Chuyan’s focus was entirely on her. He watched snowflakes fall onto her black
hair and thought to himself that he should buy a hat for her later.

After a while, Xiang Nuan said: “Lin Chuyan, actually, I greatly fear that you’re the
kind of person who has fun with people’s emotions and treats genuine friendship
as a joke. I…...” As she was talking, she turned to look at him.

Lin Chuyan found her eyes were slightly red.

It was not because of other people, it was because of him.

“I really afraid that I’ll be disappointed at you.” She said.

A warm feeling filled Lin Chuyan. He hurriedly said: “Don’t worry.”

“En.” Xiang Nuan nodded and continued to go forward.

They didn’t exchange any more words. She walked in the front and he followed.
They walked out of the narrow alley and came back onto noisy Old Phoenix Street.

Xiang Nuan noticed that Chen Yinghu had bought an oiled paper umbrella wrapped
in a layer of plastic.

Why did an umbrella need to be protected from water?

Chen Yinghu explained with a blush: “It’s a gift.”

Xiang Nuan saw the pink colored flowers on the umbrella and instantly understood
who it was for.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 48 Part 1

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 48 Part 1

Tong Yao: “......”

Tong Yao, with cell phone in hand, looked up at the ceiling and mulled over
what her best friend wrote. She then concluded that it was just slander from
her friend and rolled her eyes at the phone. Afterwards, she placed her phone
down and continued to watch the video of King in the spring final match she
had downloaded on her ipad. She would pause the video from time to time
to jot down some notes on the habits from each player of King------

In addition to taking notes on the habits and behavior of King’s mid, she
would also note their jungler’s gank route…...In general, everything in the
jungle is set, therefore, each jungler had his own farming pattern. It would
be a great help in preventing her own teammates from being killed or prevent
their own jungle from being plundered if she knew the pattern in advance.

For example, King’s jungler, probably without knowing it himself, would
usually go up to mid to farm after he finished farming the first set of monster
camps. He would try to farm at mid, if he couldn’t, he would harass the
enemy’s mid a bit then went back-----

That was a player’s personal habit.

Tong Yao wrote down the pattern on her little notebook: farm in his own
jungle before reaching level 3, relies on crab to go up to level 4, then invade
enemy golem camp…...She thought for a while, then wrote “there should be
a counter gank here.” She threw away the pen and continued with the video……

The screen of her cell phone lit up again------

…...If there was pretense before, then now it’s the truth.

Tong Yao ended the private conversation with her girl friend.

Putting her cell phone away, Tong Yao returned to the video and diligently
watched it in its entirety. She yawned, shut down her ipad, then went under
the cover ready to sleep. But she picked up the notebook again and reviewed
all the new notes she had just taken down once more before switching off the
light to go sleep.

------She was planning to go over King’s positioning, habits, and patterns in
her head once more after she closed her eyes. But she kept hearing Jinyang’s
voice instead, telling her: “You really think Lu Sicheng is doing all this just for
the performance of the team”......

Tong Yao: “......”

A man found all sorts of excuses trying to stop her from getting back with
another man?

……………...It was a lie that she hadn’t thought about other possibilities.

In fact, there was a moment she had pictured in her head that Lu Sicheng
had confessed and proposed and they were ready to go down the aisle.
She imagined her father handing her hand into that pretty lean hand, with
a white glove on, of the man------

She was wearing a pure white wedding gown.

He was wearing a sharp black tuxedo.

The church bells rang, mixed with well wishes from friends and relatives……

Tong Yao: “.......................”

She lifted the blanket to cover her face------

Well, it wasn’t against the law to let her imagination run wild. She rolled
her eyes again.

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 33 Part 4

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 33 Part 4

Xiang Nuan walked briskly, though Lin Chuyan could easily keep pace with
her as he had much longer legs. He cast his eyes down at the hand holding
his wrist. She seemed quite anxious, somewhat forcefully dragging him along.
Her palm clamped tightly over his wrist.

Xiang Nuan hastily pulled him into a narrow alley that was so quiet that the
noise from the main street could only be occasionally heard.

“What exactly are you doing?” Lin Chuyan asked in a small voice, his voice
somewhat skittish.

But when he lowered his eyes, he met a pair of angry eyes.

“Lin Chuyan.” She called his name gritting her teeth. “Don’t you think you’ve
gone too far this time?”

Lin Chuyan was stunned: “What did I do?”

“What did you do? Do you think Hu Ge is an idiot? You called him wang ba
first and now you act like you’re his buddy? Do you feel especially happy
when you play with others like that? You have so many little slaves, are you
going to turn Hu Ge into one of your slaves as well? I can tell Hu Ge treats
you as a true friend, but how do you treat him? You know better than anyone!”
Xiang Nuan blurted everything in one breath and grew even angrier. She
stared at him with wide eyes, as if she could drill a hole through his head
with her eyes.

Lin Chuyan suddenly grew dejected: “So it’s because of this.”

“That’s right. It’s because of that!”

“In your eyes, am I that kind of person?” He looked her in the eyes with a
hurtful expression on his face.

Xiang Nuan turned her eyes away and remained silent.

Lin Chuyan promptly made a phone call and turned on the speaker.

“Hello, Chuyan, what’s up?” Chen Yinghu’s voice came from the other
end of the phone.

“Hu Ge, I have to confess something to you.”

“Oh, what is it?”

“My name in your fan group before was ‘Hu Ge’s Laugh Lines,’ which means
I was calling you a wang ba.”

“Oh, so it’s really true? Damn it, that’s a bit too much!”

“That was before I knew you. Now I know you’re a good person so I’ve
changed it.”

Chen Yinghu was amused: “Forget about it, I forgive you-- --No, wait, now
your name is ‘Hu Ge’s Little Tail,’ it is you, right?”


“Can’t that still be read as wang ba?”[1]

Lin Chuyan: “......”

He truly didn’t think about that.

Lin Chuyan briefly explained to Chen Yinghu and they arranged a meeting
place before hanging up the phone.

Chen Yinghu wasn’t upset at all.

Xiang Nuan totally didn’t expect that. So this issue was resolved just like this?

Lin Chuyan put his phone away and glanced at her: “The reason why we
became friends is because we understand each other.”

“Why is it that I can’t understand how you two understand each other?”

“We are both misunderstood geniuses.”

“......” Xiang Nuan was shocked and coldly looked at him: “Can you be any
more modest?”

Lin Chuyan looked down and smiled warmly. He asked in a small voice:
“Are you still angry?”

Xiang Nuan twitched her mouth.

“You’re not angry now? It’s my turn to ask you something.” His smile
disappeared as his face grew more serious: “What do you mean by little
slaves? I have a lot of little slaves?”

“We should go back.” Xiang Nuan didn’t look at him and turned around
to walk away.

He grabbed her wrist.

Then she heard him murmur behind he with a light chuckle: “So, are you
my little slave?”

[1]: Tail in Chinese is 尾巴 (wei ba), though it’s a different “ba” (八vs.巴), but
it’s pronounced exactly the same way.  So he’s still calling him a “wang ba.”

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 18 Part 1

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 18 Part 1

The autumn night was already chilly. Ye Qiao, wearing thin clothes,
walked back in front of the camera and dropped herself straight to the
ground after giving out a cry. She was deliberately being rough on
herself so she could portray the despair as her character broke down.
With a loud thud, pebbles on the ground embedded into her knees.
Tears naturally welled up from the sharp pain. But she immediately held
the tears back. Her character, Lu Zhiyao, at this moment had already
gone beyond the point of evading and denying the reality and was well
on her way into darkness. What had just shattered apart wasn’t her feelings,
but her sense of morality.

Ye Qiao stood up bearing with the pain. Her teary face was sad but
resolute. She staggered slightly but steadied herself right away, then
she walked without hesitation into the dark night.

In this take, she didn’t try to show the character’s determination. Her
controlled grief inadvertently gave a powerful statement, of determination
that comes from desperation.


The assistant director was the first one to call out: “It’s a wrap.”

Shen Ting hurried over and placed a jacket over her and handed over
some hot water. She knelt down to check the wound on Ye Qiao’s knees:
“You fell down too hard! You have pebbles stuck to your knees.”

Ye Qiao’s tender and smooth knees were now covered in blood. Others
could feel the pain just by looking at them.

Gu Jin was behind the monitor, excitement in his eyes. He waved to
Ye Qiao: “Qiaoqiao, come over, this take is excellent!”

Shen Ting glanced over Ye Qiao’s knees and whispered: “Should we take
care of this first?”
Ye Qiao shook her head: “I’ll go over to take a look first. It’s not a big deal.”
She limped over and sat down next to Gu Jin.

Shen Ting took the untouched hot water back and mumbled: “No wonder
they were a couple before, a pair of nuts……”

A lighting technician nearby who was packing up his equipment asked in
a loud voice: “Ah? What did you say?”

Shen Ting hurriedly replied: “Nothing, nothing! Do you need help?”

It was 2am when Ye Qiao arrived back at home.

As soon as she walked out of the elevator, she smelled the aroma of
cooked food, coming from apartment 2302.

It was the smell of meat soup. Wasn’t he a vegetarian?

She had dinner at 6pm, 8 hours ago. She didn’t feel hungry while filming
in the chilly breeze, but now, after catching a whiff of cooked food, she
suddenly felt famish.

Ye Qiao stood right in front of her own door. Just when she entered the
first two digits of her security code, her cell phone vibrated.

A WeChat message------ “You’re back?”

Ye Qiao thought about last night and figured that it wouldn’t be too much
to ask for a share of his midnight meal.

Ye Qiao didn’t return the message, instead, she went over and knocked
on his door.

Zhou Tingsheng came out from the kitchen and was slow to answer the
door. He carried with him the warmth and smell of food.

Ye Qiao chose to ignore his sly smile and asked while looking at the
kitchen: “What are you cooking?”

“Rib soup.”

It was just as she had expected, but she still didn’t understand why: “You’re
cooking rib soup in the middle of the night? Did you just kill someone?”

Zhou Tingsheng let her come in: “It’s for Desa.”


So she had to share food with a dog. Desa squatted at the corner,
cautiously watching her.

Ye Qiao wanted to deny the motivation for coming here in the first place.
But she was here already, she couldn’t say that she was here because she
was lonely at night, or could she?

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