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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 40 Part 2

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 40 Part 2

Qianxi had let her family use the VIP entryway. News reporters couldn’t get ahold of any of Ye Qiao’s relatives and turned their attention to Zhou Tingsheng. But his aloof demeanor rejected any interview requests before they were even presented to him.

Liang Zirao happened to be at G City and rushed to the hospital after she heard the news. Zhou Tingsheng was sitting in the lobby for admitting inpatients and staring at the news that was playing silently on the tv.
The news was showing an exclusive video clip of the accident as it happened. Ye Qiao was originally following her own designated escape route but went sideways to cover Jiang Yu right at the moment of the explosion. Her eyes flashed by in front of the camera right before the fire and dust reached the camera. Her eyes were very clear and looked so familiar to Zhou Tingsheng that they made his body ache.

Zhou Tingsheng’s father had always performed his duty with honor, impartial and incorruptible. But after he retired, he occasionally suffered from retaliation. Zhou Tingsheng was well aware of the disaster that sometimes came with being righteous and kind

Liang Zirao went to Zhou Tingsheng’s side and handed him a piece of cake. Zhou Tingsheng seemed to ignore her. Annoyed, Liang Zirao looked around the room and noticed an entertainment news reporter nearby. She went over to the reporter, her high heels clacking on the tiles.

The reporter flinched a bit from Liang Zirao’s imposing presence, but he managed to ask a question from professional instinct: “You’re Ms. Liang of Ferra? May I ask what's the connection between you and the accident this time……”
“Ferra has nothing to do with the accident this time.” Liang Zirao suppressed her annoyance and replied with an impersonal, official tone: “Our spokesperson, Ms. Cheng Jiang, is one of the actors who’s been hurt in this accident. I’m visiting her as a representative of our company. Is there any other questions?”
“No…...nothing more.” As Liang Zirao turned the reporter away, he recalled that the man whom Liang Zirao had just contacted in the lobby had come in with Ye Qiao. He was puzzled why she was visiting Cheng Jiang?

By midnight, the lobby was illuminated by dim lights.

Liang Zirao sat down right in front of Zhou Tingsheng and stared at his eyes which were as cold as a chilly night: “This reminds you of Fang Ru, doesn’t it?”
There was no response from Zhou Tingsheng.

Liang Zirao couldn’t stop herself from recalling that bloody scene. Because of their father’s job, their family was used to retaliations from criminal gangs. The most serious one was about a girl from C University, Fang Ru. They said that the criminals were waiting there for Zhou Tingsheng but he didn’t show up. Instead they found Fang Ru, alone, waiting at a deserted road outside the military base. The images of her assault and dismemberment had been made into a CD and sent to the Zhou family. Liang Zirao only had a glimpse of the video before throwing it out, the sight was too hard to bear.

However, there were more videos.
In half a year’s time, their family would receive a CD every week. It was hard to imagine how much she had suffered before she died. Liang Zirao had told the housekeeper to refuse receiving any new CDs. But Zhou Tingsheng signed for each CD that arrived and reviewed them before handing them over to the police.

Like she had done numerous times before, Liang Zirao was prepared to give her advice but was interrupted by Zhou Tingsheng.
He said: “No, I’m not.”
Stunned, Liang Zirao didn’t know what to say next: “Tingsheng……”
Zhou Tingsheng curved the corners of his mouth up, without really making a smile. He opened the cake box, took a look, the cream on top emanated sweetness. He had heard that in the eyes of lactose intolerant patients, cream was as disgusting as rubber. He felt like he was going to turn into one soon and quickly closed the box. “Aren’t you busy? You have time to waste in here with me?”

He sounded quite calm which only made Liang Zirao more anxious: “You know you’re the one wasting your time here? Some things are beyond your control. If anything really happens to Ye Qiao……”
“No, nothing has.” Zhou Tingsheng interrupted her again.

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 40 Part 1

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 40 Part 1

The sirens of ambulances filled the filming site. The entire crew worked together with the paramedics to carry all four actors onto the ambulances. Every major media outlet had received the news about the explosion and photographers swarmed to reach the City Hospital at Qingjiang Road. The internet was covered with headlines about the accident that had occurred on <The Watcher> set, the three lead actors were unconscious, their condition unknown. The news became the hottest topic online.

Among the four actors, only Jiang Yu, who had been protected under Ye Qiao’s body, was conscious sitting inside the ambulance.
The air-cushion which Ye Qiao had thrown both of them onto was farthest away from the point of the explosion. With Ye Qiao’s body as a barrier, Jiang Yu came out only with some scrapes on her forehead and limbs. This was the first time this eight year old girl had experienced such terrifying scene, she held her assistant tight, wailing all the while. After a while, she lowered her voice to sob, realizing it wasn’t the time to think only about herself.
The person who has saved her was still lying on the stretcher in front of her.

Jiang Yu asked Shen Ting in a small voice between sobs and sniffles: “Is Qiao Jiejie hurt badly? Why isn’t she waking up?”
Shen Ting comforted her in a low voice: “You and Qiao Jiejie were the furthest away and the firestorm only brushed you two by. It won’t cause any large burns. The nurse said that most of the wounds are caused by debris blown up by the force of the explosion……”

She couldn’t continue anymore, her heart was beating so fast that it was about to jump right out of her throat. Zhou Tingsheng sat in front of her with a gloomy expression. His eyes were like a deep sea where a storm was brewing, making air in the ambulance dead still. Shen Ting took a glance at Zhou Tingsheng, both of them know the history of Ye Qiao’s heart condition. Any strenuous exercise could induce heart problems, not to mention the effects of a large sound wave from a nearby explosion.

The five minutes drive to the hospital seemed to last a century.

Zhou Tingsheng jumped off the ambulance when they reached the hospital and helped the medical personnel with the stretcher. Ye Qiao was sent to the emergency room. The nurses rapidly exchanged vital information as they passed the patient: “Burn” “Patient has heart disease” “In shock”......All the medical terms were mixed with the noise from the onlookers and reporters. The flashing lights became blinding whenever an ambulance pulled up to the curb. Everything seemed unreal, only the patient on the emergency room bed was real.

Ye Qiao was pale, limbs cold, with weak but fast pulse and shallow breaths. Zhou Tingsheng held her hand till the end of the hallway when he was blocked by a heavy thud of the closing emergency room door.

He could still feel the chill left on his fingertips, her body temperature. The chill reached to the depths of his heart.

That night, the Ye family left Yang City to fly to G City. Ye Zhiliang took his mother and wife with him.

The hospital Ye Qiao had been sent to happened to be the one Qianxi was working at. She was having a rare day off that day, but rushed back to the hospital once she received the news. Since she knew the people in the hospital, she had the most up to date information first hand. Lu Qing and Cheng Jiang were both in surgery, both with second degree burns. Cheng Jiang insisted on not having an analgesic injection out of concern for the baby she was carrying. Jiang Yu only needed some bandaging and had already left the hospital with her parents.

As for Ye Qiao, except for small area first degree burns, her wounds weren’t very serious, but she was still unconscious. The doctor said that there wasn’t any sign of rejection for her heart. Her unconscious state was probably due to severe pain and great fear. As long as she woke up, then there wasn’t any life threatening danger.

Qianxi was running around to get the latest update and took a break to fetch some food for her parents and grandmother: “There’s only food from the hospital cafeteria. Not sure whether grandma can take it or not.”
Grandma took the box and explaining that nobody could be picky about food at a time like this. Qianxi lowered her head and said again: “I heard that uncle is coming too and Aunt Cheng as well.”

Ye Zhiliang was about to give a warning look to Qianxi, but before he could do it, the elderly lady had already put down the box and angrily said: “What is he coming here for? Isn’t it enough that he caused Zhishuang’s death. Now he’s here to bother our Qiaoqiao?”
Zhishuang was Ye Qiao’s mother. Ye Zhiliang sighed when his mother mention his sister’s name and tried to calm her mother down: “Xu Zang is Qiaoqiao’s father in any case. It’s only natural for him to come see her after such an accident.”
“What’s so natural about it?” The elderly lady was so irritated that even her glasses were shaking: “After what happened to Qiaoqiao before, where was he to take care of her? Instead, he took no time to remarry and is going to have another child, what does he care……”
Qianxi’s mother interrupted her mother-in-law: “Mom-- --” Then she together with Qianxi persuaded the matriarch to go back to the hotel first. Qianxi’s mother would stay and keep her company while Ye Zhiliang and Qianxi would stay put at the hospital.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 66 Part 3

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 66 Part 3

All of a sudden, every media platform exploded, whether it be Weibo, Tieba, or lesser known forums. Many viewers who didn’t really know what happened exactly, nonetheless shared the news. There were all sorts of comments-- --

[Oh my goodness, I’ve been looking forward to seeing some explosive news about our little sister for a few months now. News like she was having an affair, or hiring someone to play for her, or simply as eye candy. Yet I get none of them; the biggest news is that she was in a fight? ! Does this mean I get to have a laugh before I jump on the dissing bandwagon?]

[Is the woman going crazy?]

[This goes to prove once again that a normal girl can’t be a professional player. She’s either transsexual or a nutcase.]

[Why did she hit you? What did you say to her? Make it clear. It can’t be that she just started to hit you once she just sat down? What is the program about, the one that caused the argument?]

[Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, Isn’t there a ZGDX tradition to starting a fight when there’s disagreement? Aren’t they toxic?]

[No matter what, it’s not right to hit people. Hope OP is ok.]

[Well, well, it’s especially exciting when women fight! You guys know how to have fun!]

[She has a worrisome attitude judging by her looks.]


Tong Yao looked at all the comments one after another, but maintained her cool.

She turned to take a look at Lu Sicheng, sitting on the back of the bus. It was the first time she’d seen him not sleeping on the bus. He was holding his cell phone, doing something-- --Tong Yao hoped that he wasn’t reading all those comments discussing with all seriousness whether she was crazy or not.

Tong Yao shrunk back into her seat quietly, knowing that she had done something wrong. She watched similar news about her fight with the showgirl on various news media for a while…...About 3:30 in the afternoon, she finally received a phone call from the club’s upper management. The phone call was first for Xiao Rui. After being severely criticized, the phone was passed on to Tong Yao who was scolded in turn. Then the club announced that Tong Yao would be deducted 2 months pay plus bonus and there would be an official reprimand on the official Weibo site. In addition, Tong Yao would be suspended for one match.



Tong Yao bit her nails with a frown, and obediently promised that she would go back and reflect on her mistakes-- --

But deep down she didn’t think it was fair.

But she realized that she could no longer act on impulse to deal with everything once she had entered this business. The Club had done all it could to give her punishments that wouldn’t cause any real damage to her career…...Tong Yao picked up her cell phone after she hung up and checked her Weibo account. Many people were sending her private messages criticizing her, some with very derogatory words, like narrow-minded, rude, disgrace to all girls and so on-- --

She read them without too much emotion.

Though she was the one who caused the commotion, she couldn’t be exempted from feeling bad about being bad mouthed by so many people. All she could do was talk to Jinyang, other than that she wouldn’t know how to respond to all those people who didn’t really know what had happened in the afternoon and had only heard showgirl’s side of the story.

There was no way for her to give a convincing explanation for her self-defense.

After Jinyang read some of Tong Yao’s rambling, she immediately called Tong Yao on the phone instead: “Who isn’t her parents’ little princess? What’s the problem for hitting her if she gets bitchy? Why didn’t you give her one more slap at the time-- --Ai Jia, don’t try to grab my phone? ! Get lost! Don’t bother me!”

“Don’t stir up more trouble for her.” Tong Yao could hear Ai Jia’s voice from afar. “You can’t act impulsively. Haven’t you seen how they’re talking online……”

“I’ve seen them. That’s why I said to slap her a few more times.” Jinyang’s voice was clear now, probably having won the tug of war for her phone: “Nowadays if a woman can’t even crack down on another woman, then wouldn’t all those bitches be out of control? What’s the point of reasoning with that bitch when she’s making up things out of nothing?......But, Mulan, why do you sound so dejected as if you’ve been suspended for life?”

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 53 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 53 Part 1

Lin Chuyan posted pictures of their trip to Lingxi Hill on WeChat Moments, with the caption: Today.

Then he shamelessly asked Xiang Nuan to give it a thumbs up.

Xiang Nuan spread the two thousand RMB she had won yesterday on the table and took a picture of it. She also sent it to the Moments with a caption: Yesterday.

She also asked Lin Chuyan to give it a thumbs up.

Yao Jiamu took a screenshot of Lin Chuyan’s Moments and forwarded it to Shen Zemu.

Shen Zemu replied: Thanks, there’s no need for that. I can see it myself.

Yao Jiamu: I know. I just want you to see it again.

Shen Zemu: ……

Yao Jiamu: Lin Chuyan went to visit Xiang Nuan and probably stayed in her house. How about that? Aren’t you so heartbroken that you can’t breath now? Ha!

Shen Zemu: Not really.

Yao Jiamu: Somehow I feel that you don’t really like her that much?

Shen Zemu: I dislike you more.

Shen Zemu put down the cell phone and snickered. Hmph, isn't she trying to hurt others' feelings? He knew how to deal a blow as well.

Yao Jiamu stopped talked. Shen Zemu figured she probably had blocked him.

In fact, Shen Zemu really wanted to block one particular person too. He had his finger on his name but hesitated. He thought: If he blocked Lin Chuyan, he would for sure to tell Xiang Nuan about it, given how unabashed he was by anything.

He regretted adding Lin Chuyan to his WeChat contacts. Now he couldn’t get rid of him.

As he was thinking about it, Lin Chuyan suddenly sent a message to him.

Lin Chuyan: Xuezhang, are you there?

Shen Zemu: ?

Lin Chuyan: Could you give me a thumbs up for my Moments?

The degree of brazenness that Lin Chuyan could show was beyond Shen Zemu’s imagination.

“Cousin, why do you look so displeased?” Chen Yinghu asked besides him.

“It’s nothing.”

“Is it that you don’t want to go see the movie with me?”


Chen Yinghu didn’t expect his cousin could be so frank and was hurt by his words: “You think I want to go see it with you? If Keke didn’t have to go home for some emergency, I should be watching the movie with a girl!”

Shen Zemu thought to himself: who wouldn’t want to watch a movie with a girl.

Unfortunately, neither of them had a girl to go with them and so they just had to make due.

The movie was a little boring. There was only one thing that was memorable that happened, not in the movie but in the theatre-- --Chen Yinghu had bought a bucket of popcorn before going into the theatre and had put it between his and Shen Zemu’s seats. However, while he was watching the movie, he reached out to the popcorn on the other side of his seat and finished all of his neighbor’s popcorn instead.

The neighbor was a middle school kid, who was quite upset, but too afraid to say anything.

Shen Zemu could hear the sound of Chen Yinghu constantly eating popcorn but when he looked down, the bucket was still full.

Under the dim light from the big screen, he saw the kid next to Chen Yinghu was almost about to cry.

Shen Zemu suddenly realized why Chen Yinghu and Lin Chuyan could become such good friends: Because they were both idiots.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 66 Part 2

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 66 Part 2

Finally, the lounge quieted down and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Several showgirls circled around Tong Yao asking whether she’s alright. The host was also trying to smooth things out…...Only Lu Sicheng bothered to take the program and took a picture of it on his cell phone in the corner before tossing it away-- --Tong Yao turned to see that his back was still wet. With a frown, she took out a pack of tissues from her pocket and handed it to him.

“We’ll do what’s on the program sheet.” Lu Sicheng took the tissues but didn’t look at Tong Yao: “Little Fatty, Old K, and Lu Yue, those of you who don’t have any injuries on your hands will go with the host to do the game. As for the other stuff, we’ll talk after we get back.”

Tong Yao widened her eyes: “You’re still doing it? Then what did I cause all that fuss for-- --”

Before she could finish complaining, a calm glance from Lu Sicheng made her swallow the rest of her words.

The host was delighted that Lu Sicheng had agreed to do the game. Though not all the team would be participating, it was already good enough for the host after everything that had happened. He hurriedly thanked Lu Sicheng and grabbed Lu Yue, Little Fatty, and Old K to go on stage with him, as if he was afraid that they would back out at any moment-- --

When the game began on the stage, it grew quite in the lounge.

Lu Sicheng sat in the corner with tissues in hand, neither using them nor saying a word. The atmosphere in the room became rather gloomy…...Tong Yao and Old Cat gave each other an uneasy look; they suddenly found it difficult to sit back in their chairs, as if there were thorns on the seats-- --Tong Yao dejectedly picked up the chairs strewn all over the ground and put them back upright. Then she followed Xiao Rui back to the team bus to fetch a spare uniform for Lu Sicheng to change into. She carried the uniform back as carefully as a eunuch holding the emperor's dragon robe.

Back in the lounge, Tong Yao gave the uniform to Lu Sicheng and said in a small voice: “Cheng Ge, go change your clothes.”

Lu Sicheng stopped playing on his cell phone and looked up. Without saying a word, he took the uniform and stood up to go to the restroom-- --When he pushed the lounge door open, he lit a cigarette between his lips. No one had the courage to stop him.

“......” Tong Yao squatted down next to Old Cat: “Cheng Ge hasn’t smoked for quite some time now.”

“Yeah, I figure he’s taking a few puffs to steady his nerves.” Old Cat seriously nodded. “Otherwise, how else can he deal with the urge to beat you up. He can’t beat you up. Can’t whip you with his belt. All he can do is light up a cigarette to cool himself down and maybe deduct your pay……”

As he spoke, he looked outside the door and saw Lu Sicheng had extinguished the cigarette on the trash can outside after just a couple of puffs.

Old Cat: “Try to imagine that cigarette as your head.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Tong Yao just remembered what Lu Sicheng had told her on the airplane. Then she realized, her captain was angry at her.

……………………………...It was a difficult situation for her to handle.

Tong Yao had never tried to appease the captain when she’s enraged him-- --

Tong Yao was in a predicament which she had never faced before.


The event ended at three o’clock in the afternoon.

As a rule, bad news always spreads faster than the good ones.

On their way to the airport after the event, Tong Yao saw the Weibo post from [Kitten meow] go viral. She had posted several messages crying about how arrogant and big-headed the ZGDX players were, not even willing to work with the organizer to play some games. The female player of the team was particularly difficult to deal with and would hit people when irritated-- --

She emphasized the hitting part!

This was probably the biggest wave Tong Yao had created since she joined the team several months ago.

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 52 Part 3

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 52 Part 3

“Hey, have you guys heard the news?” Xiang Nuan showed her cell phone to the others: “There was a big accident last night.”

Yang Yi nodded: “We heard. We’re lucky. If we haven’t stayed at your house last night, I might have lost my life in my dreams.”

Lin Chuyan said: “Fortunately, auntie insisted we stay for the night.”

Ren Danyan smiled: “It’s you, you all are blessed.”

After breakfast, Ren Danyan told Xiang Nuan to show her friends around Lingxi City. Since they had come all the way here, they should tour the city and go back tomorrow.

Xiang Nuan took all of them to Lingxi Hill.

Lingxi Hill was only several hundred meters high, a rather tiny hill. In the summer, it was covered with thick trees. But now it was winter and without snow the hill didn’t look very impressive. However, Lingxi Temple, at the foot of the hill, was said to be quite effective at granting wishes. It was a popular place on any normal day and especially so as the New Year drew closer.

Xiang Nuan and her friends burned some incense at the temple and then rented three bicycles. Two tandem bikes and a small yellow one.

Lin Chuyan noticed that Xiang Nuan looked rather nervous as she frowned at the bicycles. He was surprised: “You don’t know how to ride one?”

Xiang Nuan responded somewhat pretentiously: “How is it strange? A lot of people don’t know how to ride one.”

“Not strange at all. I’ll ride with you.”

“Alright, I’ll sit at the back.”

“You sit in the front.”

Xiang Nuan pouted her mouth, puffed up her cheeks, and looked at him with puppy eyes.

Lin Chuyan thought to himself: how could such a cute person exist.

Both of them got on the bicycle. Lin Chuyan patiently directed Xiang Nuan from the back seat. Xiang Nuan couldn’t keep her balance well and the front wheel constantly skewed left and right, like a drunk cyclist.

“How do I make you not nervous?” Lin Chuyan asked from back: “Should I sing for you?”

“No, no, no. I can’t concentrate on the bicycle if you sing……”

Lin Chuyan was pleased but suppressed his laughter. Though it was somewhat chilly from the breeze that blew over the hill, there seemed to be a little fire burning inside Lin Chuyan which held the cold at bay.

Xiang Nuan’s clumsy first experience with the bicycles didn’t end with her falling as she had anticipated. The reason was because Lin Chuyan’s long legs worked as the stands for the bicycle. When Xiang Nuan was about to lose control, Lin Chuyan would firmly step on the ground with his long legs. The bicycle would always quickly come to a stop.

Xiang Nuan: “It’s so nice to have long legs. I’m so envious.”

Lin Chuyan laughed: “Don’t need to. I can lend them to you.”

“.......” A bloody scene came to Xiang Nuan’s mind.

Lin Chuyan’s long legs gave Xiang Nuan a sense of security. She relaxed and her cycling began to improve. After a while, she heard Lin Chuyan call her in a low voice from behind: “Xiang Nuan.”


“You were so panicked this morning. Were you worried about me?”

Xiang Nuan’s heart skipped a beat and replied without giving it much thought: “I was worrying about Yin Jiejie. Don’t flatter yourself.”


A while later, he called her again: “Xiang Nuan.”


Lin Chuyan sounded like he was accusing her: “Ungrateful.”

Xiang Nuan: - _ -#

Lin Chuyan: “Bad person.”

Xiang Nuan: “......”

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 39 Part 3

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 39 Part 3

At the filming site, Cheng Jiang finally finished negotiating with Gu Jin. The stunt players had already tested the set up several times. After the actors rehearsed the scene three times, the pyrotechnician gave the director an ok gesture.
Ye Qiao came to the side so the makeup artist could do some last minute touch ups. Shen Ting held Ye Qiao’s hand and cautioned her with a palpable tremor in her hands: “They said that it’s going to be real fire later on. You’ve seen all the obstacles. The explosions will come one after the other. Make sure you don’t run in the wrong direction.” Ye Qiao picked up her cell phone to send a reply message to Zhou Tingsheng then carelessly looked at Shen Ting: “Don’t worry. Even a kid and a pregnant woman will be in it. What’s there to be scared of?”

The information was too much for Shen Ting to swallow: “Pre…...pregnant.” She sneaked a peek at Cheng Jiang and seemed to have lost her ability to speak from the shocking news: “......Really?”
Ye Qiao didn’t reply but handed her cell phone over to Shen Ting: “There’s someone coming in a little while. Bring him in for me.” She then walked towards the warehouse.

The makeup artist nudged Shen Ting, who was still in a daze: “Only you can’t see it. I’ve been with this crew for many years, Cheng Jiang used to work so hard and never used a body double. The company even issued an announcement to commemorate her diligence. If she’s not pregnant, then what would the reason be. Do you think she’s getting too old?” She lowered her voice: “But actually, if you look carefully, you can see Cheng Jiang’s stomach is showing a little bit……”
Cheng Jiang wasn’t a slender person to begin with, so no one paid much attention when she recently gained some weight. Shen Ting looked carefully at her stomach and indeed found the curve to be rather unusual. Suddenly, she was outraged: “Her stomach is showing. She’s at least three months by now?” She looked at Ye Qiao then turned to look at the makeup artist. Both of them tacitly understood what the other was thinking.

The makeup artist sighed: “So you have to keep your eyes open to find a boyfriend. Otherwise you’ll think you were the one who did something wrong when the man dumps you. Who knew that the man already had a child.”
Shen Ting watched Ye Qiao gently talk to Jiang Yu and gnashed her teeth for Ye Qiao’s sake: “He may not be able to have his child. I heard Cheng Jiang had abortions several times when she was younger. So she’ll probably miscarry?”
The makeup artist brought her finger to her lips: “You don’t have to be that mean…...Well, all in all, it’s one’s own fate.”

Zhou Tingsheng arrived at the site.
It was deserted around the factory. The crew had cordoned off the surrounding area with guards. Shen Ting went to take him inside with her badge and pointed at the greyish building: “They’ve started shooting. Usually, they should be able to do it in one shot. Qiao Jie should be out soon.”
Black smoke started to come out of the warehouse. The smell of the smoke was particularly irritating. Zhou Tingsheng frowned and asked: “Where are they?”
Shen Ting pointed at a small door at the warehouse and said: “Where the camera is. All of them will be coming out from there. The explosions are going to start.”

There were six explosion points, from far to near. The four actors were moving in three directions. Ye Qiao would take Jiang Yu and run to the farthest side.
When the first explosion happened, it was far away. The four people started running in three different directions. They had just run for a short distance, when there was suddenly an explosion right behind them, creating a red plume of cloud.
The flaring fire made all the onlookers squint. Zhou Tingsheng’s eyes followed the running figure in the distance and calculated the timing of the other explosion. He had a vague sense that something was off.

Another loud boom followed, the third explosion was unusually violent. The ground seemed to shake every so slightly. Four red plumes of clouds rose up unexpectedly. The explosions left a raging fire in their wake and instantly swallowed the path the actors had just run past.
The moment the fire stormed in their direction, Ye Qiao sensed that something had gone wrong. She subconsciously pulled Jiang Yu closer to her body and leaped down to a fire rescue air-cushion about one meter away while holding Jiang Yu in her arms.
The heat wave encompassed a radius of a hundred meters. It was like a nightmare that lasted forever under the plumes of thick smoke.

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 39 Part 2

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 39 Part 2

Because of the doll, Ye Qiao spent a lot of time in the morning assuring Zhou Tingsheng that there was no harm from the doll as well as the safety of the fire scene. In the end, she was able to leave the house by letting Zhou Tingsheng go on location to watch her film the scene. Zhou Tingsheng would go pick up Ophelia and Desa and bring them home first then go to the film location to keep Ye Qiao company.

Ye Qiao found it all unnecessary, but the uneasiness had lingered in Zhou Tingsheng’s mind.
He brought the pets home and fed them some water, then left the apartment in a hurry with his car keys. Before he left, he glanced at the trash can and the bloody doll gave him chills down his spine. Thinking back, he regretted that he didn’t tell her about the first doll, he could’ve at least filed a police report back then. Recalling the incident still gave him the chill, what if anything had happened to Ye Qiao between then and now…...A lot of memories of the past came to his mind, before he shut it out of his mind.

His cell phone rang as he was driving at a high speed.
He picked up the call, Ruan Feiyan’s voice came from the other end: “Tingsheng Gege, have you brought Small White and Small Black back?” When Zhou Tingsheng left Ophelia and Desa with her, he was in such a rush that he didn’t even tell her the names of the two pets. She took it upon herself to name them by the colors of their coats.
Zhou Tingsheng fixed his eyes on the traffic: “En.”
The young girl complained in her sweet voice: “You left in such a hurry that I didn’t have time to give you the new toys I’ve bought for them. I have no use for them here. Come over sometime so I can give them to you?”

Zhou Tingsheng just made a turn and indifferently answered: “Ok.”
Ruan Feiyan unhappily said: “Can’t you speak more than one word?”
“I’m driving.”
“You can’t talk while driving? You haven’t come to see me for quite a while now. Last week, my homeroom teacher wanted to talk to my guardian but you didn’t even answer the phone.”
Zhou Tingsheng heard something that caught his attention: “Why does your homeroom teacher want to talk to your guardian again?”
Ruan Feiyan stammered: “It’s nothing…...That teacher is always annoying, you know that……”
Zhou Tingsheng frowned and lowered his voice: “I’ll call you tonight.”

The call was abruptly cut off, Ruan Feiyan angrily tossed the phone. The phone broke in half on the corner of a molded wall.
The young man next to her looked at the broken pieces of phone and frivolously snickered: “You’ve broken two cell phones this month. So money is nothing to you? If you’re so rich, why are you still living in such a place.”
Ruan Feiyan stared at him: “What do you know? This is the place I lived when I was little. My mom bought the house with the money she earned. Why can’t I live here?”

The man laid down on her damp blanket and laughed flippantly: “I don’t understand. Isn’t this Zhou person the one who caused the death of your mother. Why are you acting like the secret lover that he kept. I mean, he hasn’t even touched you? He gives you so much money each year, who knows, maybe he intends to have you after you grow up?”
Ruan Feiyan jumped up in a flash and ordered him with a face as cold as frost: “Get up!”
The young man, still lying comfortably on the blanket, squinted at her: “I can’t say it? But he’s miscalculated…...You’re nothing but a licentious girl.”
“Go to hell, get up!”

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Friday, September 20, 2019

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 66 Part 1

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 66 Part 1

“What nerve! Can you just speak nicely, how dare you hit a girl? !”

Tong Yao ignored her scream, but turned to touch Lu Sicheng, her hand became wet-- --In reality, being hit by a bottle of water wasn’t a big deal but for  Tong Yao it was enough to send her into a frenzy. Before anyone realized it, Tong Yao had squeezed herself out of Lu Sicheng’s arms like a loach-- --She stepped forward like Godzilla; before she could strike again she heard Lu Sicheng call on Little Fatty in a deep voice. Their support was on the same page as their captain, he immediately reached out to grab Tong Yao and picked her up again…...

Tong Yao’s teammates liked to tease her by calling her fat, but at a critical moment, anyone of them could lift her up.

“So you think you’re the only woman here, where do I look like a man? Speak nicely, can you understand it if I talk nicely? I only see people at this anime convention, where can I find a dog to translate for you?”

Tong Yao shouted but couldn’t get any closer to the girl. Her short legs kicked in the girl’s direction in the air, still restrained by Little Fatty. Little Fatty moved back a little with Tong Yao. Lu Yue handed napkins to Lu Sicheng to wipe himself dry, happily watching the show……

The girl was also being held back by other showgirls. Several showgirls grabbed her hands and tried to calm her down-- --

“It’s normal to change the program if the special guests have concerns over it. Why are you getting yourself into it?”

“It’s true that we are all paid to be here. But they’re special guests, they’ve been invited to be here……”

“Don’t say anymore, don’t say anymore.”

“Really, it’s none of your business. Why do you have to chip in while they’re discussing with the host. You didn’t even thank her when you took her seat……”

The girl, sensing that some of the other showgirls disapproved of her behavior, flew into a rage, shook off the hands holding her back, and rushed forward-- --However, when she raised her arm high and before she could slap it down, her arm was firmly clasped with a forceful hand. Surprised, she looked up to meet a pair of cold, dark brown eyes-- --The tall man with still damp hair looked down at her: “Are you finished?”

The harsh stare made her subconsciously shrink back.

Another man came up from behind to pull her arm out of Lu Sicheng’s hand. This man was a little shorter, but looked very much like Lu Sicheng except he had dyed some strains of his hair green. As he was pulling her arm out, he conveniently pushed her with some force with a smile on his face: “Don’t look for trouble.”

Though this second man was all smiles, it was frightening. He didn’t look any more amiable than the first man.

Seeing so many people were against her, the showgirl quieted down. She kicked the chair next to her and yelled: “I quit, bunch of idiots.” Then she flung her arms and started to walk towards the door with her head held up high-- --

After a few steps, she tripped over a leg thrust out suddenly in her path. She turned to look back with a ferocious stare, but found everyone in the room was looking back at her with innocent looks on their faces. Since she couldn’t figure out who the culprit was, she could only curse in a high pitch: “Idiots.” Then she turned, pulled the door open, and slammed the door hard behind her.

Everyone: “......”

For the next five seconds, everyone in the lounge stayed still, silent, until Little Fatty lifted his hand to pat Tong Yao’s head: “You’ve messed up.”

Tong Yao hopped out under Little Fatty’s arms, bent to rub the area where she got kicked by the high heel when she tripped the girl, but didn’t say anything…...Lu Yue looked at her for quite a while then smiled to say: “Alright, you brought all the trouble for yourself. Now you’ll be deducted at least a month's worth of pay.”

“It’s alright, it’s alright. I’ll talk with the club…...No one wants things like today to happen anyway.”

Xiao Rui came out to smooth things over. Actually, he was the person in the most awkward position, caught between the club and the players. It was hard for him to stand out and say anything-- --In fact, he also felt that the arrangements for this event were quite idiotic, but he was in no position to complain……

It was the reason why he’d been so reactive the entire day.

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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 52 Part 2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 52 Part 2

Xiang Nuan was sound asleep that night, but began dreaming early in the morning. The dream was a little strange-- --She dreamt that Shen Zemu fell into the water and drowned……

Xiang Nuan woke up with a start.

After coming to her senses, she tried to make sense of the dream. From a scientific point of view, she probably had that dream because she had read the news about people drowning from falling into holes while skating on frozen lakes. However, if she interpreted the dream from a more superstitious point of view, the dream might have a hidden meaning.

Xiang Nuan was wide awake, picked up her phone and sent a message to Shen Zemu: Xuezhang, don’t go skating at any unsafe places. Better not going near any rivers either.

Shen Zemu replied with a question mark.

Xiang Nuan explained: “I just dreamt that you drowned. / ( T o T ) / ~ ~

Shen Zemu: ……

After a while, Shen Zemu replied: Thanks.

It seemed that he had a difficult time typing the word.

Xiang Nuan replied: “You’re welcome.” She logged off WeChat afterwards and glanced at the news on her phone. She noticed one particular news about multi-car accident on the highway from Lingxi City to Nanshan City last night. Dozens of cars had piled up and many people had died.

That’s terrible……

Wait, last night? Lingxi City to Nanshan City?

Xiang Nuan’s heart skipped a beat, chills came up from the bottom of her feet.

She only remembered that she had too much to drink last night, but then what? Had Lin Chuyan and the others left? If they left last night and that happened on the highway…...No, no, no! ! !

Xiang Nuan was too scared to continue down that train of thought. She was about to lose her mind. She flipped over the comforter and ran down the stairs without bother to put her slippers on, yelling all the while: “Mom! Mom! Something bad has happened! !” Her tone of voice was twisted as if she was about to cry.

Her mother’s voice came from the dining room: “What’s wrong?”

Xiang Nuan ran into the dining room. Just as she was about to speak, she saw a lot of people were sitting around the table: Lin Chuyan, Zheng Dongkai, Yang Yin, and Waiwai…...They were all there looking at her with surprise.

Her suspended heart calmed down. She looked at her friends with reddish eyes: “I was scared to death. I thought…...wuwuwu……”

Ren Danyan said: “What’s wrong with you this early in the morning……” Then she turned to look at the others: “Have some of these har gow. Xiao Yin, Chuyan…...have some, all of you. This place’s har gow is very famous, you have to get in line to buy them.”

Xiang Nuan was still over-excited, still trying to smooth out her breathing. She felt thirsty and went to get some water.

Lin Chuyan looked at her strangely: “Isn’t the floor cold?”

Xiang Nuan then discovered that she didn’t have any shoes on.

A little embarrassed, she hurried to put on her slippers.

Lin Chuyan smiled, lowered his head with curled up lips.

Xiang Nuan asked her mother while having her breakfast: “Where’s dad?”

“He’s gone to a symposium.”

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 65 Part 5

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 65 Part 5

As they waited in the lounge, nobody came in for an autograph, probably because Xiao Rui finally said something. Only the staff busily came in and out…...Finally, a group of girls in high heels came into the lounge, it looked like they had finished their program on the stage-- --

All the male members of the team naturally stood up to let the girls sit down. Some of the girls were polite enough to say thanks before sitting down. Tong Yao hesitated for a moment and stood up with the others. Then her seat was taken by the girl who had bad mouthed her. After she sat down, she even gave Tong Yao an askance look……

Tong Yao thought to herself, shit, where was the good reward for doing a good deed?

Tong Yao stood behind the girl and grimaced. A few showgirls across from her saw her expression and probably thought that the girl was rather rude as well and started giggling. Lu Sicheng gave her a glance, but just turned a blind eye to it-- --

The host finally came into the lounge and handed out the details of the program to everyone, which include some interactive game segments-- --

Tong Yao was stupefied by the games they were supposed to do. Some innovative people had come up with new game ideas. The team members were supposed to carry the showgirls in a race on the stage, from one end to the other. Whichever showgirl struck the gong and drum with the hammer first won the game.

Tong Yao: “......”

The moment she saw the games, she wanted to call the police and file a report for this vulgar activity.

She looked up and saw her teammates all looked quite reluctant. Some of the young showgirls looked dubious about the game. They were wearing figure hugging cheongsams, how would it look being carried on stage.

…...Besides, there was something even more important to consider than this.

Tong Yao put down the program and said with a stone face: “Who came up with this game? Don’t you need to inform us beforehand? All professional players have some sort of injury on their hands. This past weekend, the physical therapist just gave them acupuncture treatments and warned them not to carry anything heavy for half a month. This week, I didn’t even allow them to twist open a bottle cap……”

Xaio Rui gave an appreciative glance to Tong Yao and hurriedly added: “Right, right, right. It’s true. Who’s responsible here? Let’s do a different game. This particular game is truly unsuitable for them and bad for our public image-- --”

Several showgirls chimed in.

“We have all the props ready for the game and the timing is perfect. It’s quite inconvenient to do any changes? Actually it’s just for a little while, you don’t need to carry them for long. Bear with it  and it’ll be over soon……” The host hesitatingly said, obviously he wasn’t the one who could make the decision.

Tong Yao frowned and walked over to Old Cat. She pulled up his sleeve and exposed the brace on his wrist: “My teammates can’t bear with it just for a second. We have a competition tomorrow. Now if he sprains his wrist, where can we come up with a substitute?”

She put down Old Cat’s arm and stood there like a mother hen who was spreading her wings in front of her injured teammates.

The host uneasily tittered. He was taken aback by this audacious, petite young woman. However, he still tried to persuade them, stammering all the while. A voice came from one of the corners in the room: “Hey, girl, are you looking for a chance to find a fault from the very beginning? Haven’t they told you that they have had everything ready and can’t change it?”

It was that girl who had been making trouble with Tong Yao since the morning. Now she was sitting there with a bottle of water in her hand-- --

“We all are paid to be here. You think you’re better than us? If you don’t want to do this, then don’t come. You’ve taken the money from them and then turn around to make trouble for the organizer. Aren’t you esports players rather difficult to please…...Just carrying these featherweight girls back and forth on stage, is it this difficult for you big, strong men-- --”

Before she could complete her sentence, Tong Yao’s anger level had reached 100%. Before anyone could react, Tong Yao dashed forward and kicked the chair that girl was sitting on-- --The plastic chair tipped over and threw the girl onto the ground with an accompanied scream!

Tong Yao stepped forward, kicked the chair up with the tip of her foot, and was about to crush the chair onto the girl on the ground, when she was lifted up by someone from behind. The back of her head hit a solid chest, she was turned around before she had realized what had happened-- --

“Put me down!”

Tong Yao shouted.

At the same time, the girl got up from the ground, and hurled the water bottle at Tong Yao with a scream. The bottle was open, but it didn’t touch Tong Yao. The water splashed onto Lu Sicheng’s back as he held Tong Yao down in his arms.

The lounge was in total chaos!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 52 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 52 Part 1

Lin Chuyan parked his car and tried to wake up Xiang Nuan: “Xiang Nuan, wake up, we’ve arrived at your house.”

“Oh.” She didn’t want to wake up.

“Sleep after you go home. Wake up…...Xiang Nuan, our turret has already been taken down, the Nexus is next. Get up quick and take care of the minions. You have to protect our Nexus well.”

“Ah!” Xiang Nuan jumped up, wide awake, as Lin Chuyan had expected.

Lin Chuyan didn’t know what to say about Xiang Nuan’s addiction to games.

He unbuckled her seat belt, then got out of the car to go around to the passenger side. He opened the door, it was quite windy outside and cold. Worrying Xiang Nuan might catch cold, he tugged her clothes tighter, zipped her down jacket all the way up, and pulled the hood over her head. Xiang Nuan was all bundled up.

Lin Chuyan didn’t feel it was enough and wrapped his own scarf around her. Now only Xiang Nuan’s eyes were showing.

Despite having too much to drink, Xiang Nuan was still able to walk by herself, though she staggered like a child who had just learned to walk. Lin Chuyan held one of her arms to prevent her from falling.

The night was very quiet and the starless sky was dark blue.

Lin Chuyan sent Xiang Nuan back to her home. Ren Danyan was quite displeased at how drunk Xiang Nuan had gotten. She knew her daughter liked to drink, but to getting so drunk outside was dangerous.

Ren Danyan kept her displeasure to herself and didn’t say anything. She didn’t want Lin Chuyan to get any wrong ideas

After Lin Chuyan had successfully delivered Xiang Nuan back home, Ren Danyan invited him to sit down and relax for a while. Lin Chuyan shook his head: “Auntie, I have to go back now. I’ll come visit again in the future.”

“Are you going to drive back to Nanshan City now?”


Ren Danyan frowned: “It’s almost ten o’clock now. It’ll be midnight by the time you get home. It’s too late and all of you must be very tired by now……”

“Don’t worry, auntie. I’m a reliable driver.”

Ren Danyan shook her head: “No, that won’t do. I don’t feel comfortable letting you drive at this hour.”

In her eyes, no matter how mature Lin Chuyan was, he was still a young man. Besides, Xiang Nuan had invited them all the way from another city. It simply didn’t feel right to let them drive the long distance back again, especially so late at night.

Ren Danyan then said: “Leave tomorrow morning, all of you. Stay for the night here, we have a guest room.”

“It’s alright, auntie. It’ll be too much trouble.”

Just then, Ren Daying pretended to pass by and chimed in: “Our guest room is too messy. Why don’t we take them to the hotel? I’ll make the arrangement.”

Ren Danyan: “You shut up.”

Ren Daying quietly walked away, but he gave a glance to Lin Chuyan before moving away. The look was a warning.

Lin Chuyan felt Xiang Nuan’s dad was too vigilant; what could he do to Xiang Nuan in her own house?

Ren Danyan continued and said to Lin Chuyan with a smile: “Listen to me, stay here tonight. Chuyan, go ask the others to come in.”

The others, well, couldn’t come in just by asking……

It wasn’t until Lin Chuyan carried the other three over that Ren Danyan realized that her daughter actually had quite the self-control.

At least, Xiang Nuan could still walk by herself……

Ren Danyan thought to herself: Lin Chuyan’s quite strong, despite being so slender……

Then she thought: The other four are all drunk, but Lin Chuyan can abstain from drinking because he’s the driver. It’s not easy to see that sort of quality in a young man.

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 39 Part 1

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 39 Part 1

Ye Qiao started her work day after the vacation early in the morning with a feeling of delight and ease.
Shen Ting, however, yawned in the chilly morning as she started working. She was surprised to see Ye Qiao in such a good condition: “Qiao Jie, you’re really a workaholic. Aren’t you sleepy at all?” The makeup artist also came in late. She used her hands to check Ye Qiao’s face and a smile beamed on her face: “Your complexion is much better than before. I can use less concealer around your eyes now.”
Ye Qiao looked at them and couldn’t believe what they were saying: “Aren’t you guys exaggerating a bit.”

Lu Qing and Cheng Jiang who were both in the scene arrived at the filming location. There was an eight year old child actress named Jiang Yu that was also present who played the daughter of the lead actress. She happily ran around the set. Ye Qiao was the first one to get her makeup done. She hugged the little actress and took a picture with her. After taking the picture, Shen Ting showed it to Ye Qiao: “Look at it, you look like real sisters. Look at the eyes, they’re exactly the same.”

Ye Qiao zoomed into the photo and carefully checked. Indeed, they looked roughly 60 to 70% similar. Ye Qiao felt like she was seeing pictures of her own childhood. Jiang Yu excitedly asked Shen Ting for the picture so she could share it on Weibo. Shen Ting teased her: “You have your own Weibo at such a young age?” Jiang Yu stiffened her neck and said: “I have lots of fans on Weibo. My dad posts everything! I want to post something myself!”
Everyone around them was amused by the little girl. Ye Qiao looked at the picture and was lost in her own thoughts. Some of the things that she had been too scared to think were now coming to mind. What if she could have an offspring like this girl… seemed to be a fantasy far from her reach.

The filming location was at a deserted factory warehouse at Qingjiang Road. Now it was lined with metal drums and combustible material.
Jiang Yu ran to the pyrotechnician and watched curiously at his work. She smiled and asked: “Sir, will these really create a fire later on?”
“That’s right.” The pyrotechnician waved at all the props on the ground and assured her: “Your escape routes are all well planned. We’ll guarantee your safety, don’t worry.”
The little girl bowed to him with a smile: “Please make sure it’s safe!”

For this scene, the child and three adults had to run out of the burning warehouse. The supervisor of the scene showed the different escape routes to each of the four actors on the spot. The actors also exchanged their ideas on how to coordinate their acts. While Ye Qiao was rehearsing with Lu Qing, Gu Jin called Cheng Jiang to the side and the two started quarreling at the corner of the set.

The sound of their argument could be heard on the set. Ye Qiao couldn’t pretend that she hadn’t heard it. She turned to look at Lu Qing. The latter frustratedly smiled and let Ye Qiao on some information: “It seems that Cheng Jiang isn’t willing to shoot this scene.”
Ye Qiao nodded to show her understanding: “Even though everything is carefully arranged and we’ve gone through the drills, there’s always the possibility of things going wrong. She’s just being cautious.”
Lu Qing was surprised that Ye Qiao would be on Cheng Jiang’s side: “Then how about you? I heard that you’re rather physically weak. Though the fire won’t be a threat to you, inhaling smoke can hurt your body.”
Ye Qiao smiled and looked at the little girl Jiang Yu: “Look at the little girl, she’s so brave. Us adults are the ones who are worrying about this and that, we should be ashamed.”

But she did have some concerns.
It was because this morning Ye Qiao finished opening all the packages she had received the night before. One of the packages contained a doll with a bloody face. Zhou Tingsheng was unusually serious about it. He even used this as an excuse to move most of Ye Qiao’s belongings to his apartment.
At first Ye Qiao wasn’t concerned: “It’s alright, there’s no real damage done. I’m not afraid of these things.” She even pulled on the red cotton strips in the doll’s mouth without feeling disgusted or frightened. She added: “I just finished a horror game in the past few days. This looks like one of the characters.”

Zhou Tingsheng was fed up with the doll and threw it away. “This had nothing to do with whether it has caused any real damage or not. This is a threat and it’s not the first time.”
Ye Qiao was confused: “I just received it once.”
“No.” Zhou Tingsheng’s tone of voice was firm and seemed rather regretful: “Last month, when you were drunk and I took you home, there was one exactly like this outside your door. I wasn’t paying attention at the time. I thought it was some toy you had discarded outside. So I didn’t mention it to you.”

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 38 Part 3

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 38 Part 3

They were near their apartment. Zhou Tingsheng asked: “Are you hungry? What do want to eat tonight?”
“I don’t feel like eating out tonight.” Ye Qiao had been in the car for most of the day and was rather exhausted. “Isn’t there a supermarket at the front? Buy some groceries there and go back and cook for me…...I’ve known you for so long and have only had one meal of dog food at your place.”
Zhou Tingsheng couldn’t stop laughing. He boasted that the dog food he made couldn’t be found anywhere else and she was the only person who had tasted it. Ye Qiao slapped him.
Even though there wasn’t any force behind the slap, Zhou Tingsheng still got off the car in frustration: “Can’t you change this habit?”
Ye Qiao held her head up, her way of saying no, and complained about his inconsistency: “Didn’t you say you don’t care.”
Zhou Tingsheng couldn’t argue since he had made the promise.

After they walked into the supermarket, Ye Qiao suddenly thought about something and asked him: “You’ve been out of town for so long, where are Desa and Ophelia?”
“Rest assured, they won’t go hungry.” Zhou Tingsheng looked down to pick out a fish. “When I was in Yang City, I let Wuzi help take care of them. This time, I left in a hurry and I put them at a friend’s place in G City.”
“What friend?” She found it difficult to believe that Zhou Tingsheng had friends in this city. He always seemed to be by himself.
Zhou Tingsheng hesitated for a moment before answering: “It’s a student sponsored by the Zhou family. She happens to live here and likes to keep pets very much. So I left them with her.”

Ye Qiao picked out a bream and let the fishmonger weigh it: “It’s quite a lot of trouble to keep two pets. Did her parents agree to it?”
Zhou Tingsheng took the wrapped fish, now with a price tag, and put it into the shopping cart: “Both of her parents have passed away. She lives by herself.”
Ye Qiao paused a moment: “That’s a pity.”
“En.” Zhou Tingsheng perfunctorily answered as if he didn’t want to continue the topic: “What else do you want to eat?”

Ye Qiao looked around: “Buy some vegetables. No point buying meat since you can’t eat it.”
“It’s alright. I’ll watch you eat.” A smile began to spread across his face. Both of them were trying to accommodate the other. In the end, the only meat they brought back was all seafood. After the supermarket, she also went to the neighboring mall to buy a new cell phone and a new wallet. Then they went to get a sim card from the telecom center for the new phone before they returned home with a handful of bags.

When they were back at their floor, Ye Qiao changed the security password on her door back to  the same one as Zhou Tingsheng’s. Afterwards, she found it to be rather unnecessary and pretentiously announced: “Why don’t I just move in with you. We can spare one apartment.”
Zhou Tingsheng certainly had no objection to it. But Ye Qiao quickly changed her mind.
But to make dinner, she still had to go to his place since Ye Qiao only used her kitchen to cook frozen food. Zhou Tingsheng brought all the groceries to his apartment and storing them in his refrigerator. Ye Qiao on the other hand picked up a bunch of packages from the doorman. She sat in his living room, opening the packages one by one. In the middle of it, she went to take her new phone out of the box and inserted the sim card. As soon as she got on WeChat, several hundreds of messages jumped out.

The most recent one was from Wen Shaoqian. After the incident on the ship, she was surprised he could still calmly apologize to her and express his sincerity to continue being friends with her. Ye Qiao brushed it aside, not responding to it.
What followed were well wishes for the Autumn Festival from Zheng Xishuo and other friends. She selectively sent a few of them responses. Finally, she clicked open Shen Ting’s message. It was about things she had to be careful of the ending scene of <The Watcher> and that she had to go to film the next day in G City. It was a scene with fire, Ye Qiao mindfully paid extra attention to the details and reread the message before replying: “Got it.”

It was because of this scene that she had come back to G City. She couldn’t keep her promise to go to Zhou Tingsheng’s family gathering.
Ye Qiao felt sorry about it and turned to look at the man who was busy in the open kitchen. He had casually rolled up his shirt sleeves and was cutting the potato into perfectly sized strips. As if he had sensed her gaze, he turned all of a sudden and smiled at her.
His eyes were sparkling like the bright and tranquil Milky Way; she felt like turning herself into a star and placing herself in that Milky Way forever.

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Friday, September 13, 2019

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 65 Part 4

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 65 Part 4

After Tong Yao tossed her cell phone, she sensed someone coming closer from behind. She snapped her head around and saw Lu Sicheng was bending down to pick up the phone…...The tip of her nose swept across the side of his cheek. Her brain went blank and completely forgot to grab the phone.

Lu Sicheng looked at the cell phone for a while, then chuckled: “So someone’s backbiting you?”

“.....................Damn, I can’t stand people who takes advantage of her job to get favors.” Tong Yao rolled her eyes. “When I was in high school, I worked at a bunch of anime conventions and never did this kind of thing even if there were a bunch of big shots. One time I was so close to a famous coser, just an arm’s length away, and he was my idol!”


“Then I found out that he’s only taller than me by a little bit and I gave up on him.”

“.........................How short can he be?” Lu Sicheng circled his hand around Tong Yao’s head and pushed her back down onto the couch. “You’re a bit cranky today. Haven’t had enough to eat this morning?”

Tong Yao leaned back on the couch and used both her hands to pry open the big hand off her eyes. Then she looked up and stared at Lu Sicheng through the gaps between his fingers: “You’re elated seeing a good looking, cheongsam cladded girl coming to ask you for an autograph?”

Lu Sicheng released the hold on Tong Yao: “I’m just used to it.”

Tong Yao raised her eyebrows: “Then it’s guys like you who spoil them.”

“Otherwise, these people will go out and badmouth you, see.” Lu Sicheng shook her cell phone: “See what happened? I figured by this afternoon, there’ll be a post on Tieba titled ‘A female member of a famous team is bad tempered and arrogant, inconsistent to how she usually presents herself’......”

Tong Yao went blank for a moment, then she took a deep breath as if she had just realized what she had done. She started to feel a little regretful.

“These people have nothing to lose.” Lu Sicheng stuffed the cell phone back into her hand. “You just turn a blind eye to it. Don’t get sidetracked by these people.”

“But -- --”

“What did I say on the airplane yesterday?”


“Listen to me.”


“En? Listen to me”

“..........................................Just because you’re the captain.”

Tong Yao irritatedly stuffed her cell phone into her pocket, gave Lu Sicheng a stare, then got up from the couch to grab a comb to tidy up her hair after Lu Sicheng had messed it up…...In the mirror, she saw Little Fatty snickering and making a face at Old K: “Cheng Ge can go apply as a canine trainer if he’s not playing esports later. Maybe he’ll be very good at it again.”

Lu Sicheng reclined on the couch, raising his eyelids to glance at his gloating teammates: “Don’t you annoy her even more. Unless you plan to take care of it if she explodes again?”

As if in concert with Lu Sicheng’s words, Tong Yao flung the comb in her hand.

Little Fatty and others instantly quieted.

-- --This was the first time Tong Yao had vented. Her anger levels had dropped to 65%. It was all because the captain had said: think before you act, don’t let others distract you.

Alright, alright, alright, Tong Yao tugged on her hair and told herself that she had to be calm and act professionally.


Eventually, around 11:30, after much delay, a staff member came to lead Tong Yao and her teammates to a so called “VIP Lounge” which was simply put together with several boards right next to the stage. Inside, there was a desk and several plastic stools. It was stuffy inside and boisterous all around . Tong Yao was chewing a bread roll which Xiao Rui had scrounged from somewhere.

“The convention isn’t giving us lunch?” Tong Yao asked while biting the roll.

“We have water.” Little Fatty drank some water. “It’s good enough that they gave us water.”

After a short pause, Tong Yao broke the bread roll and gave the larger half to Little Fatty who looked famished.

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 51 Part 3

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 51 Part 3

Yang Yin’s face had already turned red. She grabbed Xiang Nuan’s hand and complained: “Let me tell you, it’s much more difficult for a girl to play esports than a boy, ten thousand times more difficult. Damn……”

“I agree.” Xiang Nuan felt the same way. “When I won a game, people said that someone else played for me. And their reason was because I’m pretty, I couldn’t have possibly played that well. What kind of logic is that……”

“It wasn’t that bad to say someone played for you. Do you know what they say about me?”

“What do they say?”

“They say,” Yang Yin squinted her eyes, banged the table, and raised her voice: “They say that I got my position by sleeping with someone! Hahaha, don’t you think it’s funny?”

Xiang Nuan was in rage and struck her plate with her chopsticks: “They’re all sons of bitches!”

“Right, a bunch of sons of bitches! Let’s drink, my friend. Bottoms up!”


Lin Chuyan used the tongs to place some cooked mushrooms and beef into Xiang Nuan’s bowl: “Eat some food, don’t just drink.”

Waiwai used the other pair of tongs to pick up some food for himself, Zheng Dongkai, and Yang Yin. Then Waiwai and Zheng Dongkai started to deride this superficial world which only judge people by how they look.

To some extent, Waiwai and Zheng Dongkai shared a common language. Both of them were close friends to the most popular people in school. They were like the stars next to the moon. If they were put in another place, they could shine by themselves. But when placed right next to the moon, they looked dim and dull.

Everyone around the table had some grievance to address, Lin Chuyan had his own as well but he couldn’t just say it in front of them.

In the end, all four friends got drunk and Lin Chuyan had to help them get into the car.

Zheng Dongkai, Waiwai, and Yang Yin sat in the back seat. Xiang Nuan was in the passenger side.

He sat her down on the seat and she stayed there without moving. She’d drunk so much that her eyes were now out of focus.

Lin Chuyan closed all the doors and was the last one into the car. Xiang Nuan was looking at him in a daze. He laughed and said: “Silly.” Then he buckled her in.

As he was fastening the seat belt, they were very close to each other. Xiang Nuan stared at his face, half obscured in shadow.

“You’re really good looking.” She said.

Lin Chuyan laughed and looked up at her. When their eyes met, he said in a small voice: “Thanks. You too.”

He sat back down and started the car.

After he had been driving for a while, Xiang Nuan suddenly called him: “Lin Chuyan.”

Her voice was very soft.

Lin Chuyan’s heart swelled: “En?”

“Actually, I missed you a lot.”

Lin Chuyan abruptly stepped on the break.

Xiang Nuan’s body jolted violently, held in place by the seat belt. The other three in the back seat weren’t that lucky. Zheng Dongkai was thrust forward, the top half of his body was now stuck between the driver and passenger seats. His head sticking out.

Lin Chuyan pushed Zheng Dongkai’s head back in silence.

Then Lin Chuyan turned sideways to look at Xiang Nuan.

Xiang Nuan’s head was tilted, eyes cast down; Lin Chuyan couldn’t tell whether she was drunk or sober.

Lin Chuyan rubbed her head, the soft hair felt a bit cool. He said lightly: “So was I.”

Xiang Nuan just sat there, letting him rubbing her hair without objection.

Lin Chuyan truly wished that he could rub her head like this every day.

… …

Lin Chuyan made sure everyone in the back seat was settled into their seats and buckled up before he started driving again.

He turned on some music at a low volume, then he called the person next to him in a low voice: “Xiang Nuan.”


“If Shen Zemu and I fall into the water at the same time, whom will you rescue first?”

“Who are you?”

“I’m Lin Chuyan…...If Lin Chuyan and Shen Zemu fall into the water at the same time, whom will you rescue first? You can save only one.”

Xiang Nuan used her index finger to scratch her chin, as if she was seriously pondering. After thinking for a while, she replied: “I’ll save Lin Chuyan.”

Lin Chuyan smiled, the smile gradually expanded on his face; he was touched and satisfied.

After another while, Xiang Nuan suddenly said: “But I can’t swim.”

“I’ll teach you.”

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 65 Part 3

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 65 Part 3

It was two o’clock in the morning when they arrived at the prearranged hotel in C City. Considering that they had to get up at eight o'clock the next morning to get ready for the event, Tong Yao simply washed up and went right to bed……She could swear that she had only closed her eyes for a short moment before the alarm woke her up.

Irritated, Tong Yao got up to take shower, blow dry her hair, and change into a clean uniform before heading downstairs. She had just taken a sip of the juice at the breakfast table when the organizer began to hurry them so they could get their makeup done…...The other members were still half asleep from waking so early. Only Tong Yao, who was accustomed to waking early and couldn’t function without breakfast, was getting angry at how they were being treated-- --

“Didn’t you say we only needed to meet at nine thirty to get our makeup? It’s only eight thirty.”

“The organizer said that since you’re all here, we might as well to get there early so we won’t run into traffic.”

“......So early. What exactly is the event for?”

“We’re only responsible for transporting you guys. As for the itinerary, you’ll have to ask the person in charge after you get there!”


What kind of organizer would plan a surprise for the team after they got there?

-- --This was Tong Yao’s first wave of anger. Her anger was at about 25%.

They got on the bus and arrived at the anime convention. Xiao Rui managed to get a bottle of yogurt for Tong Yao while they were in the make up room. Tong Yao surveyed her surroundings as she drank her yogurt-- --She noticed that there were many people coming in with staff badges asking pictures. Xiao Rui stopped them, then they turned around to ask for autographs. Some of them only asked Lu Sicheng, Old K, or Ming god to sign their autograph books. But some of the others seemed to have the attitude: “since I’m here, don’t miss anyone of them” and they would ask for an autograph from each one of the players in the room……

Lu Sicheng, though aloof, was quite patient, not refusing any request for an autograph. Tong Yao, on the other hand, had been irritated since she’d got off the bed and compounded with her low blood-sugar, no one looked agreeable to her…...She counted in silence in her mind until the thirteenth person reached her with an autograph book. She thought to herself that thirteen was a good number and then her first explosion occurred-- --

She pushed back the book into the person’s hand: “I’m not signing anymore. I’m doing makeup right now. How many times do I have to be interrupted? Rui Ge, can’t you stop them.”

She deliberately raised her voice so everyone could hear her in the room.

Xiao Rui, with an expression as if to say “now you’re talking”, chimed in: “Ah, ah? Oh, oh, I got it. I’ll go tell them now.”

The person asking for Tong Yao’s autograph was a girl about the same age as her. She was wearing the cheongsam style uniform of the showgirls, probably a college student doing a side job. She had come in several times before to ask for autographs, obviously doing it for other people…...Now she had been refused by Tong Yao. Though she was embarrassed, she didn’t say anything before leaving with the book.

“Good job.” Tong Yao’s makeup artist rolled her eyes. “How many times I have been interrupted this morning. It took me four times to finish drawing the eye lines-- --These people like to brag to their friends that they can go backstage to see so and so and ask their friends whether they would like autographs, then they barge in here! I tell you I’ve seen enough of them. They probably don’t even know who you are exactly, other than the fact that you’re a famous game player.”

Tong Yao: “Oh.” She didn’t carry the conversation further but lifted her face up for the makeup artist to continue her work.

-- --That was the second wave of anger. Now her anger level was about 50%.

After they were finished with makeup, Tong Yao sat on the couch eating crackers. She saw the girl who she’d turn away sneak back several times. Everytime, she would bypass her and go directly to Lu Sicheng and the others…...Tong Yao rolled her eyes and thought: go ahead, you guys just kept pretending to be gentlemen. She grabbed her cell phone to look at Weibo-- --

She noticed someone had @ her and opened it. It was probably a fan who had @ her at a certain Weibo post. The content of the post was as follows-- --

[Kitten meow: I’m working at the show table for xx Tech today. I heard that a famous esports team sponsored by a telecom company is here. Many of my friends are fans of them. I figure I’d try to do everyone a favor. Fortunately, these people seem quite nice, no one refused to sign for me-- --Except, the only female member of their team is rather arrogant, like she’s so special. She wouldn’t give me an autograph when she’s doing her makeup…...It doesn’t matter, looks like she isn’t famous anyway. Xixi, so arrogant, she doesn’t seem to deserve her fame?]

Under the post there were many comments: “A girl playing on a professional team?” “She’s probably just a staff member. Tsk, tsk, making a fuss about nothing!” “Hahaha, I think I know who you’re talking about. To tell the truth, she pisses me off. What’s there for her to be cocky about!”......

Tong Yao: “......”

Now she was very angry.

She mumbled some curses and threw her cell phone onto the couch……

-- --That was the third wave of anger. Now she was 75% of the way to her limit.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 51 Part 2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 51 Part 2

Xiang Nuan’s parents warmly welcomed their daughter’s teammates, laying out a bunch of drinks and snacks. Xiang Nuan said to them: “We’ll enjoy them after we come back.” She then said to her teammates: “Let’s go. It’s almost time.”

“What’s the hurry.” Ren Danyan objected: “Let Chuyan and them have some warm water. They came all this way to see you. How can you not let them at least sit down for a while. This isn’t the way to treat your friends.”

“We’ll drink it after we come back. It’s about time for our fight. Let’s go, let’s go!”

After the young people left the house, Ren Danyan pointed at the door and complained to Xiang Daying: “Tell me, whom does she take this hastiness from?”

Xiang Daying amusedly said: “What do you think? I’m not a hasty person anyway.”

Ren Danyan opened the door and saw Xiang Nuan was hand in hand with Yang Yin walking further and further away with the others. Ren Danyan called after her daughter: “Nuannuan, do you need your scarf?”

“No need.” Xiang Nuan replied loud and clear. With a raised tone, her voice was especially sweet and crisp, just like a pear just picked from a tree in fall.


Xiang Nuan worshiped Yang Yin from the bottom of her heart. Yang Yin also liked Xiang Nuan the moment she laid eyes on her. Who wouldn’t like such a beautiful girl?

The two girls hit it off right away and happily conversed along the way.

Lin Chuyan walked behind them. He looked at their holding hands and felt…...very jealous.

There were more than 30 teams registered to play the competition at the shopping center. The competition was single elimination, best of three. There were some games for the audience to participate in, such as guessing which team would be the winner. It was modeled after a real competition.

Most of the audience voted for Xiang Nuan’s team as the most likely to win. The votes had to be exchanged by purchasing receipts, so there were only a limited amount of votes to go around. Xiang Nuan’s team seemed to be the most popular one.

Xiang Nuan was quite happy with the result, thought found it rather embarrassing. She touched her chin and said in a deep voice: “It looks like our team’s domineering aura is too obvious.”

Waiwai didn’t have the heart to tell her that the audience was only judging the teams by their looks.

They found their seats and readied themselves for the game. Xiang Nuan sat next to Yang Yin. She discovered that once Yang Yin got into the gaming mode, her presence totally changed. Yang Yin looked like an ordinary girl in appearance, but now she was wholly engrossed in the game and gave out an enchanting presence, like a queen.

“Yin Jiejie, do you have anything to say?” Xiang Nuan asked.

Yang Yin thought about it and simply said: “Just stay still and look pretty.”

Xiang Nuan thought: What confidence!

Waiwai thought: How alluring!

… …

Yang Yin was playing Shen Zemu’s archer position. The team played from morning till evening. Xiang Nuan truly felt like she didn’t have to do a thing, just standing there. Xiang Nuan’s responsibility was to protect their archer, but Yang Yin was so stable that she didn’t really need any protection. Yang Yin expertly maneuvered her champion, always knowing exactly when to appear at the right location. The team could always find a safe spot to deal maximum damage upon the enemy…...There was nothing to worry about this archer and Xiang Nuan, as a support, felt rather useless.

“Yin Jiejie, how can you play so well.” Xiang Nuan envied her.

Yang Yin smiled: “I’m a professional player.”

“Are all professional players as good as you?”

Yang Yin thought for a while then said: “To tell the truth, most of them are better than I am.  I’m just a coach now.”

Xiang Nuan now thought that all professional players were truly frightening……

Under the leadership of a professional player, Xiang Nuan’s team won the competition and was awarded 10,000 RMB.

Xiang Nuan was so thrilled, she felt like flying.

It was a totally different feeling to receive her share of 2000 RMB since she had earned the money through her and her teammates own efforts. With the money in hand, she felt like shouting: “I’m number one!”

They went for dinner to celebrate their triumph. As their host, Xiang Nuan was buying.

They chose to eat BBQ and ordered beers. Lin Chuyan couldn’t drink since he had to drive later, but the others all had a little too much to drink.

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Monday, September 9, 2019

Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 38 Part 2

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 38 Part 2

Ye Qiao and Zhou Tingsheng continued with small talk all the way back to G City, until Zhou Tingsheng suddenly spoke seriously: “You just came back like this?”
Ye Qiao thought it was a strange question: “What’s wrong?”
Zhou Tingsheng didn’t know whether she was indifferent to fame and wealth or just being silly. He answered in a roundabout way: “You don’t even have a cell phone, how to get notified about work?”
Ye Qiao was stupefied. Her work contact had always been Shen Ting. Shen Ting would always send anything important to Ye Qiao’s mailbox; any other notices she would call or send short messages on WeChat. After losing her cell phone, Ye Qiao hadn’t been able to check her WeChat or even emails. She had gone to Yang City to do the audition in the first place, but after one day, she had totally forgotten about the reason she had gone there for.

Zhou Tingsheng knew she would remember everything now. He gave her head a pat: “Don’t worry. They can’t contact you, but they can still contact me.”
As for why they would contact him, all Ye Qiao could think of was that some deal had been made behind the scenes. But those things weren’t of concern to her at the moment, she asked a question concerning her main concern: “What’s the result?”
Zhou Tingsheng: “Wang Qingming said your image is too unassuming and probably more suitable for the character which Pei Xindan is supposed to play. But they’re still discussing whether they want to do the switch or not. They’re trying to get a hold of you to talk this over.”

Whether to switch with Pei Xindan or not, the characters had equal weight in this movie. Ye Qiao knew this meant that she had already gotten the role. She said to Zhou Tingsheng: “I can do that character, but Pei Xingdan isn’t suitable for the role I’ve auditioned for. The personality of ‘Lin Xuan’ is dark and twisted and doesn’t match Pei Xingdan’s chivalrous disposition. You tell Director Wang about my opinion. I have already portrayed someone with a different temperament in <The Watcher> than the characters I did before. I don’t have any problems playing ‘Lin Xuan.’”

Zhou Tingsheng was aware of how Ye Qaio took her work to heart, but deliberately teased her: “So vain.”
Ye Qiao seriously replied: “It’s not that I’m vain. Actually, you’re the one to blame that everything turned out like this.”
Zhou Tingsheng thought he had misheard: “Blame me?”

Disdain was written all over Ye Qiao’s face: “Didn’t you intentionally choose the section of the script I did for my audition?” She paid attention to the look in his eyes and he was indeed trying to avoid hers. She sneered: “You let me recite so many lines about love and affection so as to satisfy your own desire to hear a confession. I could’ve shown off my acting skills if the lines had been different. No wonder Director Wang would doubt my ability at portraying that character.”

“......” Zhou Tingsheng couldn’t find an excuse. He wasn’t thinking of the consequences at the time. Besides, in his mind, the audition was only a formality. He had invested so much money into the project after all, he wasn’t there just to listen to Ye Qiao’s confession.
Fortunately, Ye Qiao wasn’t upset for long. She suddenly remembered the pictures someone had put in her bag at the audition. She smiled and used her finger to hook on his chin: “You know what, it works this way too. I’ll be performing as an insignificant actress who had a sugar daddy, just like I am now. So it’s rather convenient.”

Ye Qiao could always bring Zhou Tingsheng to the point where he was at a loss for words. However, he had to talk business with her now: “Since they have such an opinion of you already, why don’t you take the role of the protagonist instead of insisting on being the villain. It’d be better for your popularity.”
“It is a risk.” Ye Qiao admitted but she had her own convictions: “I hope every movie I do, I can have some breakthrough, even if it’s a commercial film. Nowadays, the audience isn’t only going to the theatre to see the lead actor and actress. All the righteous and kind characters will be easily forgotten, but the villain, if I can make the character stand out, she’d be be remembered for a long time. It’s true for everything that if you put in more effort then you can harvest more.”

Zhou Tingsheng said: “Then I’ll tell them what you said.”

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 38 Part 1

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 38 Part 1

Grandma didn’t come to the table until Auntie Zhong brought out the last dish.
The elderly lady had come from an intellectual and conservative family. She looked up at the young couple sitting across from her and didn’t know how to start a conversation with them.

Qianxi put a winter jujube into her mouth while saying: “Grandma, you look terrific today, your complexion is great.”
The old lady stared at her, making Qianxi almost choke on the jujube.
Ye Qiao looked around: “Where are uncle and aunt?”
“They’ve gone to work.”
Grandma’s tone of voice didn’t sound very cordial. The smile on Ye Qiao’s face froze, she exchanged a look with Zhou Tingsheng.
The elderly lady was always a kind and generous person. She was graceful, approachable, and usually spoke with a kind smile on her face. It must be what had happened earlier this morning that had displeased her.

The atmosphere at the table became rather uneasy. Only Qianxi sighed: “I finally have a normal meal! I really don’t want to go back to work. Why can’t I have a 7 day vacation for the Autumn Festival?”
Ye Qiao acted as if nothing had happened and continued the conversation: “You should be a full time employee next month, no?”
“There’s no difference. The hospital cafeteria doesn’t care whether you’re full time or an intern!”

Zhou Tingsheng also joined in: “Which hospital?”
“It’s on Caohe Road and Qingjiang Road. It’s quite close to my apartment. It would be nice if I could bring Auntie Zhong over to cook for me. Hmph, it’s my dad. He won’t let me hire someone to do the housework for me. He said I’d be living a luxurious and wasteful life.”
When Zhou Tingsheng heard the location, the expression on his face changed ever so slightly. Ye Qiao continued the conversation after noticing Zhou Tingsheng had stopped responding.
Fortunately, Qianxi the chatterbox was there and carried the conversation till they had all finished eating breakfast.

After breakfast, Ye Qiao and Zhou Tingsheng said their goodbyes to Grandma. Grandma was about to say something but stopped herself when she saw Qianxi was present. In the end, she only told them to be careful on the road.
Ye Qiao was exhausted after getting in the car and collapsed into the passenger seat: “It was like playing a spy movie at the breakfast table. Did you see how grandma looked at me just now? I’m scared to come back for Chinese New Year……”

Zhou Tingsheng helped her buckle the seat belt: “Don’t act like that from now on.”
Ye Qiao looked at him intently: “What do you mean ‘that’?”
Zhou Tingsheng concentrated on driving and seemed to be referring to something else: “So you don’t feel uncomfortable now? I have some mooncakes in the back of the car.”
“Can’t eat it.”
“You only had two bites of har gow at the table.”
Ye Qiao listlessly said: “I’ve lost my appetite.”

Zhou Tingsheng gave a hearty laugh: “With mental resilience like this, you still have the guts to play with fire. Making me feel embarrassed gave you a good appetite?”
Ye Qiao recalled how Zhou Tingsheng had gone along with her back in her room and disdainfully raised her eyebrows: “Hmph, ungrateful.”
“Alright……” While stopping for the red light, Zhou Tingsheng tried to reach for Ye Qiao but missed her, only grabbing a strand of her hair with his finger tips. “We created such a fuss at my first visit to your family. I’m wondering if I can go back in the future.”

“Sure you can. I heard that my uncle and aunt did something similar in their younger days…...At that time, my grandpa was still healthy and personally beat my uncle up until one eye was larger than the other.” Ye Qiao happily retold her family secret, quite proud of it. “Don’t be fooled by their appearance now. Qianxi’s personality doesn’t come from nowhere, it’s in the family’s DNA.”
Zhou Tingsheng raised his eyebrows: “So this is your family tradition.”
Ye Qiao pretended not to know what he was referring to: “What family tradition?”
Zhou Tingsheng laughed: “Nothing. I mean your cousin’s a very interesting person.”
Ye Qiao chuckled: “You like my cousin now?”
Zhou Tingsheng slightly pulled on that strand of hair in his hand as a warning: “Don’t get over excited.”

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 65 Part 2

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 65 Part 2

As Tong Yao was leaning back away from Lu Sicheng, Little Fatty caught her from behind and patted her shoulder: “Don’t worry, just listen to the Captain. Don’t do things that you aren’t allowed to and play well, then you won’t ever get bombarded-- --Besides, even if you’re about to, the Captain will stand in front and block it for you.”

Lu Sicheng fixed his eyes on Little Fatty for a while, then spoke with no expression on his face: “Who told you that I’ll be this heroic and kind?”

Tong Yao was a little taken back: “So you won’t?”

Lu Sicheng: “You’re talking about Buddha.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Little Fatty: “......”

Lu Sicheng: “But Little Fatty got one point right.”

Tong Yao: “What?”

Lu Sicheng: “You have to listen to me.”

Tong Yao: “......”

The mid and the support exchanged a look with each other and collectively rolled their eyes. Then they started to watch the videos together…...

Lu Sicheng sneered and turned away from them, facing the window to get some shut-eye. He could hear the two next to him chattering from time to time: “Their jungler likes to gank mid a lot. Give me a ward at the beginning of the game.” “Don’t give it to Cheng Ge, he won’t die.” “Even he dies, it won’t hurt you. Let him die.” When he heard “Pick Alistar and constantly use his e (a healing ability)while hiding behind him. He’ll rage so hard.”, he finally had enough and opened his eyes. After a short pause, though, he closed his eyes once again-- --

About 20 minutes later, all was quiet behind him.

He could hear the flight attendants pushing the cart grow near. The seemingly sound asleep Lu Sicheng opened his eyes, without an ounce of sleepiness in his eyes. He raised his head up to take a look around-- --Most of the people on the plane, including his teammates, had fallen asleep. His team’s Mid and Support were even sleeping huddled together……

Because of their Mid’s height, when she curled up in the narrow airplane seat, hugging her legs, she looked like roly-poly. Her whole body tilted towards Little Fatty, leaning on him like on a soft human pillow-- --

Lu Sicheng: “......”

When the flight attendant pushed the cart over, she asked Lu Sicheng what he wanted to drink. He asked for a cup of coffee. As he was getting his coffee, he used the opportunity to tip the tumbler over towards himself with three of his fingers-- --

Tong Yao’s body tilted over and her head landed right on his shoulder.

He could feel her even and long rhythmic breathing next to him.

He hesitated for a moment before he put down his coffee and lifted the jacket on himself to place it over her shoulder

Tong Yao only knew that she had dozed off for a while.

She was woken up by the jolt of the plane as it landed. She looked up and around in a daze and breathed a sigh of relief when realized the plane had landed. She lifted her hand to wipe her mouth: “Such a bad landing, I’m going to file a complaint…...Ur, Little Fatty, do I have saliva on my face?”

“No.” Little Fatty, whose face had a red mark from sleeping on the small table, looked quite confused as well. “But you have Cheng Ge’s jacket on you.”

Tong Yao looked down and saw a long sleeve jacket resting on her lap. The jacket was last year’s winter uniform, with the word “Chessman” embroidered on the back-- --Tong Yao stared at the jacket for a while until a large hand besides her reached over and took it away……

“It’s common sense to bring a jacket onto the airplane during summer time.”


“You won’t survive for three days if you traveled by yourself.”


Tong Yao kept quiet since she was the one who had been taken care of and it was only common courtesy not to throw a retort back.

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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 51 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 51 Part 1

Lin Chuyan wanted to borrow one of his father’s cars.

Lin Xueyue asked: “What for?”

“To go out with some classmates.”

“Ok, sure. But I have to tell you in advance that if you damage the car in any way, you have to pay for the repairs yourself.”

“Isn’t that point of insurance?”

“Well, do you want to borrow one or not?”

It seemed to Lin Chuyan that his father wanted him to get in an accident with the car, depleting all the money he had saved.

Being on the cautious side, he picked the cheapest car from his father’s car collection.

-- --

Lin Chuyan, Zheng Dongkai, and Waiwai were all from Nanshan City. Yang Yin was also in the city. They didn’t have anything important to do during their vacation and were quite happy to have the chance to go to Xiang Nuan’s city for a chance to earn some money.

Lin Chuyan drove to pick up the other three. Waiwai lived the closest and was the first one to arrive at the pick up place. Lin Chuyan parked the car and rolled down the window to call him.

Waiwai was surprised: “Where did you get this Porsche?”

“I borrowed it.”

“Tsk, tsk. Why don’t I have such a rich relative.” Waiwai sighed and got in the car.

Lin Chuyan said: “It doesn’t make much difference whether you have one or not.”

Waiwai nodded: “That’s true.”

After a short while, Zheng Dongkai and Yang Yin arrived. It was the first time the three men had met the coach. Yang Yin was of average height with short hair and single eyelids. She had very fair skin, probably from staying at home most of the time. When she smiled, there was a tiny dimple right next to her lips…...She looked just like the girl next door, a daddy’s girl.

It was hard to imagine a girl like this could be bold enough to quit school at 16 to go play professional esports.

Yang Yin asked Lin Chuyan: “How long is the drive?”

“Less than two hours.” Lin Chuyan replied and started the GPS.

The destination was the name of a residential area.

“Are we going to Xiang Nuan’s home directly?”


Though Yang Yi wasn’t much older than the three men, she had been working for some years now and was more aware of social etiquette: “Then shall we bring something over as a gift? Are Xiang Nuan’s parents going to be home?”

“I have some fruit in the trunk. I don’t think we need to buy anything else.”

“Oh, ok.”

Lin Chuyan couldn’t forget the way Xiang Nuan’s father looked at him. It seemed like he was sizing up Lin Chuyan, as if Lin Chuyan was the bad guy who was going to steal his child.

Thus, Lin Chuyan was wary of appearing too attentive and thought some fresh fruit probably would be more proper.

-- --

Xiang Nuan’s home was a three story townhouse. There was a garden in the front of the house with various plants and flowers, but since it was winter, most had withered. Her father had moved some of the more precious ones into the house.

The most conspicuous object in the garden now was a large, light blue vat, now empty, which was used to keep lotus flowers and fish during the summer. Xiang Nuan had seen people in northeastern China used similar vats to make sauerkraut and had suggested to her mother to do the same during winter time…...Her mother found it to be an absurd idea.

Lin Chuyan and others carried the fruit and followed Xiang Nuan into the house. Waiwai exaggeratedly said to Xiang Nuan: “Xiang Nuan, so you’re actually a fair rich beauty who lives in a big mansion.”

Xiang Nuan laughed: “We bought this house a long time ago, it wasn’t that expensive at the time…...and it’s not that big.”

Lin Chuyan kept quiet and lowered his head listening to the chatter with a smile.

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