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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 51 Part 3

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 51 Part 3

Yang Yin’s face had already turned red. She grabbed Xiang Nuan’s hand and complained: “Let me tell you, it’s much more difficult for a girl to play esports than a boy, ten thousand times more difficult. Damn……”

“I agree.” Xiang Nuan felt the same way. “When I won a game, people said that someone else played for me. And their reason was because I’m pretty, I couldn’t have possibly played that well. What kind of logic is that……”

“It wasn’t that bad to say someone played for you. Do you know what they say about me?”

“What do they say?”

“They say,” Yang Yin squinted her eyes, banged the table, and raised her voice: “They say that I got my position by sleeping with someone! Hahaha, don’t you think it’s funny?”

Xiang Nuan was in rage and struck her plate with her chopsticks: “They’re all sons of bitches!”

“Right, a bunch of sons of bitches! Let’s drink, my friend. Bottoms up!”


Lin Chuyan used the tongs to place some cooked mushrooms and beef into Xiang Nuan’s bowl: “Eat some food, don’t just drink.”

Waiwai used the other pair of tongs to pick up some food for himself, Zheng Dongkai, and Yang Yin. Then Waiwai and Zheng Dongkai started to deride this superficial world which only judge people by how they look.

To some extent, Waiwai and Zheng Dongkai shared a common language. Both of them were close friends to the most popular people in school. They were like the stars next to the moon. If they were put in another place, they could shine by themselves. But when placed right next to the moon, they looked dim and dull.

Everyone around the table had some grievance to address, Lin Chuyan had his own as well but he couldn’t just say it in front of them.

In the end, all four friends got drunk and Lin Chuyan had to help them get into the car.

Zheng Dongkai, Waiwai, and Yang Yin sat in the back seat. Xiang Nuan was in the passenger side.

He sat her down on the seat and she stayed there without moving. She’d drunk so much that her eyes were now out of focus.

Lin Chuyan closed all the doors and was the last one into the car. Xiang Nuan was looking at him in a daze. He laughed and said: “Silly.” Then he buckled her in.

As he was fastening the seat belt, they were very close to each other. Xiang Nuan stared at his face, half obscured in shadow.

“You’re really good looking.” She said.

Lin Chuyan laughed and looked up at her. When their eyes met, he said in a small voice: “Thanks. You too.”

He sat back down and started the car.

After he had been driving for a while, Xiang Nuan suddenly called him: “Lin Chuyan.”

Her voice was very soft.

Lin Chuyan’s heart swelled: “En?”

“Actually, I missed you a lot.”

Lin Chuyan abruptly stepped on the break.

Xiang Nuan’s body jolted violently, held in place by the seat belt. The other three in the back seat weren’t that lucky. Zheng Dongkai was thrust forward, the top half of his body was now stuck between the driver and passenger seats. His head sticking out.

Lin Chuyan pushed Zheng Dongkai’s head back in silence.

Then Lin Chuyan turned sideways to look at Xiang Nuan.

Xiang Nuan’s head was tilted, eyes cast down; Lin Chuyan couldn’t tell whether she was drunk or sober.

Lin Chuyan rubbed her head, the soft hair felt a bit cool. He said lightly: “So was I.”

Xiang Nuan just sat there, letting him rubbing her hair without objection.

Lin Chuyan truly wished that he could rub her head like this every day.

… …

Lin Chuyan made sure everyone in the back seat was settled into their seats and buckled up before he started driving again.

He turned on some music at a low volume, then he called the person next to him in a low voice: “Xiang Nuan.”


“If Shen Zemu and I fall into the water at the same time, whom will you rescue first?”

“Who are you?”

“I’m Lin Chuyan…...If Lin Chuyan and Shen Zemu fall into the water at the same time, whom will you rescue first? You can save only one.”

Xiang Nuan used her index finger to scratch her chin, as if she was seriously pondering. After thinking for a while, she replied: “I’ll save Lin Chuyan.”

Lin Chuyan smiled, the smile gradually expanded on his face; he was touched and satisfied.

After another while, Xiang Nuan suddenly said: “But I can’t swim.”

“I’ll teach you.”

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