Saturday, April 23, 2016

God's Left Hand - Prelude: Chapter 4

Sorry for being a bit late. Finals is coming around the corner. Once summer hits we'll be able to post more often.

Ai Qing was sharing a room upstairs with the other girl from Dt’s team.
Tossing and turning, she just couldn’t fall asleep in the middle of the night.  Afraid that she’d wake up her roommate, she simply walked out of the room.  She walked to the staircase and sat down.  From this angle she could see the ocean.

The ocean lapped onto the beach, wave after wave in the darkness.
Suddenly, her arm felt ticklish.  She looked down, two cats had come from who knows where.  They sat quite elegantly right next to her.  When she looked over, they also looked up at her at the same time.  Ai Qing chuckled and whispered,  “Are you brothers? Sisters? Or lovers?”
The two cats looked at her for a while, then turned to look at the sea……
These seaside cats….. What characters.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

God's Left Hand - Prelude: Chapter 3

Translator's note: Sorry for being late, the auto-poster didn't work for some reason. ┐(´∇`)┌
Here you guys go.

Facing off against these ace gamers, death usually happened in an instant.
After one minute and 37 seconds, the last player took off their headphones.

Mian Bao gulped down some coke. “Gou Gou, exactly how good is your hearing?  You ambushed me just when I started to move.”
Ai Qing stuck her tongue out, taking a quick look at Wu Bai.
He unexpectedly backed out of the game toward the end, without any explanation.
“It’s not hearing, it’s her sense of smell.”  
“That’s why Gou Gou makes her name; her sense of smell of always knowing where the enemy is,” Slide mumbled through the unlit cigarette in his mouth.
That was how a gaming website in China summed her up when she was 15.