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Undefeated - League of Legends - Book 1: Chapter 27

Book 1: The Return of the Lost King
Chapter 27: A Downright Expert!


“This guy is so annoying. I just can’t get him!” Yi Qin said somewhat unhappily.

“No hurry. Take your time. It doesn’t matter if you can’t get him.” Yu Luochang said.

Caitlyn had the advantage of having longer range than Ezreal. Under normal circumstance, Caitlyn should be able to restrain Ezreal from last hitting.

Yet, Yi Qin didn’t find much of a chance to do it. Instead, she was hit a few times by Ezreal’s Q ability “Mystic Shot,” which was hard for Yi Qin to accept!

It was Yi Qin’s habit when playing games to always return the same blow whenever she was hit by the enemy!

After she lost some health, Caitlyn moved slightly forward. Every headshot had to be a hit on the Ezreal’s face!

Yu Luocheng was quietly observing the situation. He couldn’t help but frown when he sensed Yi Qin’s little trick.

Yu Luocheng wasn’t against Yi Qin bravely harassing Ezreal; after all, Caitlyn had a range advantage over Ezreal.

Yet her intentions was too obvious. She would poke at the enemy at every seventh headshot!

If enemy Thresh was smart, he could count the timing of headshots and would have a good chance to hook Caitlyn if Caitlyn kept following her own pattern!

Surely enough, Thresh started to move! It was right at the moment when Caitlyn used headshot!

Ezreal was moving backwards; he was purposely trying to lure Caitlyn to move outside of the minion line. This was exactly what Yu Luocheng had expected! !

“This Thresh is also an expert! !” Yu Luocheng instantly concluded.

Secret Room: Book 1 - Chapter 19

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 1: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 19

Dt faced her and slightly tilted his head towards the chair and computer next to him.
Ai Qing could hardly refuse in front of so many people.

Though she was familiar with StarCraft 2, she certainly could not play at the same level of the other players in the room.  The reason that professional players could stand at the peak was because they not only mastered the controls of the game, but they also owned the superb ability to perform amazing maneuvers which were uncomparable by ordinary players.
Positioning was not her specialty.
She would definitely be the one to hold the whole team back if it was really a 3v3.
“Let’s play free-for-all instead.”  This was the first thing she said after she sat down.
She was just sitting in to the make up for the number of players for a game.
If it was a 6 players free-for-all battle, with no teams, then she would be responsible for herself only.  Nobody would blame her for holding the others back.
But her words made the other four players except Dt suddenly see her in a new light.
Nice.  The young girl even knew about free-for-alls.

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Tea of Summer - Chapter 36: Winter Warmth 4.1

Chapter 36
Winter Warmth 4.1


“Xia Liang?”

“……Xia Xiao Liang!” Lin Qian rolled her eyes and parked the car.  She pulled out the car key and looked at the girl in the passenger seat coldly. “I’m not sacrificing my beauty sleep to pick you up in this late hour at night just to watch you giggle silly here!  If you keep laughing with a face full of desire, believe it or not, I will throw you out of the car!”
Xia Liang coughed lightly.  Then she opened her watery eyes at Lin Qian in a look of innocence.  “Qian Qian……”

Lin Qian was completely desperate.  She pinched the center of her eyebrows and sighed. “I say, I find one girl and one guy in the same room on Thanksgiving night.  You are really……Where was our Xia Xiao Liang, that good girl?  Didn’t you say that you were invited over for dinner?”
Xia Liang truthfully explained to her what had happened.
Lin Qian rolled her eyes again after Xia Liang finished.  “Uhm, you worried about him and wanted him to go home.  He worried about you and wanted to take you home.  You worried and he worried, and in the end, why was I the one who had the bad luck of driving all the way there to take you home this late at night, huh?”
Xia Liang held Lin Qian’s hand trying to please her.  “Hehe, I know Qian Qian is the best.”

Lin Qian did not even want to roll her eyes now.  She waved her hand to her. “Hold it, shouldn’t you save this for your Song shixiong?”
Xia Liang blushed again when she heard the word “your.”

Lin Qian sighed again.  She silently stewed in self-loath for her motherly mentality, then she crossed her arms around her chest. “Tell me, you were caught by Song Qiyan just like that?”

Lin Qian saw Xia Liang stared at her innocently.  Her blood veins were pulsing in her forehead.  She went crazy. “Can you just say it straight whether you like Song Qiyan or not?”
Xia Liang’s face was steaming. She thought for a little while with a red face.  Then she nodded solemnly.  “En” She looked as cute as she could ever be.
She didn’t even know when it started.  Her feeling of admiration from Zi Xia towards Bei Yan had changed to Xia Liang caring …… and even liking the actual man himself, Song Qiyan.
Lin Qian continued to ask. “Then Song Qiyan……Does he like you also?”
Xia Liang thought for a while.  Then she deflated. “……I don’t know.”

Lin Qian almost stopped breathing.  It was like a piece of iron that didn’t know it could become steel.  She pointed her snowy white finger at Xia Liang’s head and poked in disappointment. “Xia Xiao Liang, you really are good for nothing!”
Xia Liang helplessly rubbed her forehead.  She argued in a low voice, “I really don’t know……He never told me……”
Lin Qian had no expression; she didn’t want to waste energy on her. “Are your eyes there for decoration only?  Can’t you feel it even when he doesn’t tell you anything?  Can’t you confess to him first since you know you like him and he has not expressed anything?  At least can’t you poke around?  Ah?  Furthermore, even I as a bystander can see it……”  It would be the biggest joke in the world if Song Qiyan didn’t have a crush on you!
Xia Liang was puzzled and looked at her. “See of what?”

Lin Qian choked.  She suddenly felt that she was so stupid.  Lin Qian’s response was to put on a shining, glamourous smile for Xia Liang. “Xia Xiao Liang, you better die of stupidity.”
Then she opened the car door, slammed it shut with a “pong”, and walked upstairs by herself in her high heels.
Xia Liang sat in the car alone powerlessly watching Lin Qian’s back.  She pulled on her own cheek.
Why did she get so angry……?

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Secret Room: Book 1 - Chapter 18

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 1: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 18

A few years ago, Baona once had high expectations for StarCraft 2.
In 2012, there were still 8 professional teams in China, but last year, there were only three teams left.

Certainly this game was not very popular in other countries either.
Right in front of her, there were fans who were holding signs for the various teams that they supported, fierce battles on the screen, and…...commentary that she couldn’t understand.  Luckily, sometimes she would play a round with members of her club when she was bored, so she could at least know what was going on.
All players still stayed after the competition.
Some of them were packing, but most of they were chatting in the smoking area.

These youths had just fought fierce battles with each other, but after the fact, they were actually good friends who just hadn’t seen each others for some time.  Ai Qing stood outside the smoking area with Dt waiting for Inin to come out.  During that time, somebody recognized Dt.
Two Korean big boys dressed in a black team uniform walked over with a smile and asked Dt in English,  “Why did you come to Korea this time with your girlfriend?”
Dt promptly clarified that they were only good friends.
The taller boy was still joking with him.  He repeatedly emphasized “good friend” and seemed to have a lot of fun with it,  “Good friend, oh,  good friend.  I see, good ‘friend’.”
The shorter boy did not speak English well, but he could still understand these simple words.  So he could not help laughing as well.
Dt didn’t know how to argue, so he just stopped explaining.

Ai Qing was also fairly embarrassed because she was the target of the joke.  She could only pretend that she didn’t know a single word at all.  She was looking around and saw Inin, with his backpack on his back, rushing over.
The young boy was panting from running.  Before he came to a stop, the tall boy dragged his backpack and pulled him aside.  The tall boy spoke to him, but Inin seemed somewhat hesitant.  He looked at Dt, then looked at Ai Qing.  He started talking with hand gestures; it seemed that he was unwilling to do something and refused the taller boy’s suggestion.

Unfortunately she and Dt didn’t know Korean at all.
They could only watch their enthusiastic discussion like watching a Korean drama.

Finally Inin couldn’t resist the other two any longer.  He scratched his hair and looked back at Dt bashfully.  “He said, he heard that Dt hasn’t registered for this year’s WCS.  They won’t have the chance to win it back from you, so they want to play a game privately.”
He finished and looked at Ai Qing to explain,  “Their situation is exactly like mine. They missed the Korean Regional Tournament last year, so they went to the European Regional and lost to Dt.”
Ai Qing finally understood now.
There was going to be another grievance round.

Dt looked like he didn’t hear it.  He looked at his black electronic wrist watch. “We should go back now.”
“An emergency?”  Inin asked carefully.
“Very urgent.  It’s already the time that I need to take her back.”  Dt answered solemnly.  Obviously he still remembered his promise to Ai QIng that it would only take two hours to take care of things here before taking her back to the resort.
Inin instantly grabbed the key point and his eyes shone at Ai Qing.  “Very urgent?  It’s urgent that you have to go back?  What urgent business do you need to deal with?”
‘Ah?  No.  Nothing.”  Ai Qing was embarrassed from the attention, so she was honest to him.  “Absolutely nothing.  You guys just go ahead.”
She didn’t have any problem at all if she went back half or an hour late.

Maybe Inin could be the commentator to give her a master level analysis.
When they were inside the arena, she specifically paid attention to Dt’s friend.  Every movement he made was extremely efficient.  He had godlike hand speed.  Though he was young, he was definitely one of the top ranked players in the Grandmaster League as she expected.
She had very high expectations for his commentary.

Inin put his hands together and bowed to thank Ai Qing repeatedly.
Obviously he felt that Dt had to stay since Ai Qing already said so.

And actually, that was indeed what was happening.
They looked around for an empty small room and pulled over several computers, mice, keyboards, and earphones.  Inin threw his backpack aside and sat leisurely on the sofa with Ai Qing.  The two watched at them setting up while they gossiped in a low voice at the same time.
“You know what the fans called Dt in on the American and Korean Servers?”
Ai Qing shook her head with smile.  “I only knew that he was called ‘God’s Left Hand’ when he was playing DotA.”
“God’s Left Hand?”  Inin meditated on this name in his head for a while.  He used his not so fluent Chinese to decompose these words separately and then reassembled them into one phrase.  ‘Uhm. Uhm.  I understand it now.”
“As you were saying, what was he called in”  Ai Qing asked with great interest.
“Ah, right.  He was called Medusa, the Medusa from Norse myth.”[1]  Inin started laughing while speaking.  “She was the one that would turn you into a statue if you took a glance at her, but people still couldn’t help looking at her.”

This description was quite unusual.
“Why?  Why did they give him this name?”  And it was a woman.
“Because he was too lethal.”  Inin stretched his arms.  “For example, the strongest guy in our team is really full of himself.  Usually he pays no attention to anybody, but he turns into a chatterbox immediately once he meets Dt on  On Dt’s birthday last year, several grandmaster level players on the American Server all made an appointment to take a picture to wish him happy birthday.”
“Ah,  Also.  Also.”  Inin suppressed his voice even lower.  “The guy who is challenging Dt, he has a teammate who is ranked number 2 in Korea on StarCraft 2.  In order to play with Dt, he specifically registered a matching id on the American Servers as Pt.“
Inin spoke in high spirits.  Ai Qing listened but she felt dumbfounding.  “So on the Chinese Servers, he might be called ‘Daji’?”[2]
“Almost.  Almost.  I read that Chinese story, The Legend of Deification.  Really.  Really, close.”  Inin kept nodding repeatedly.
This young boy had a great capacity to gossip.  If he gave up being professional player, he absolutely could be an reporter.  He would be a good commentator, too.  Nowadays,  the commentators good at talking about the latest gossip was very popular.  Especially this kind of commentator who was professional, cute, and familiar with the background of players in various tournament regions……

The two chatted very happily while the computers were being set up over there.
Suddenly that tall Korean big boy looked at them and waved to them.
Inin didn’t quite understand and Ai QIng was all confused.
“3v3.” Dt spoke just in time.  “He wants 3v3.”
“With whom?  Me?”  Inin pointed to himself.  Then he looked around at other onlookers.  “Coki?  Warm?  There’s not enough players?”

1, 2, 3, 4, 5……
Ai Qing was also counting silently.
There were actually only five StarCraft 2 players including Dt and Inin.
Looked like they needed to find another player.”

That was how she figured.
But nobody moved.
“Don’t we actually have exactly six players?”  Dt asked back.
Everybody was instantly silent.
These professional players of StarCraft 2 all continuously ranked within top 20 on  These players in the grandmaster league all looked at her direction immediately.  They looked at this…...seemly, probably, perhaps, possibly a girl who was not familiar with StarCraft 2------The girl that had come with Dt.

[1]:  This is exactly what the author wrote in the raws.  If you don’t know, Medusa is a monster from Greek mythology (and not a deity nor Norse).

[2]: Daji was the consort of the last king of the Shang dynasty and she caused the downfall of said Chinese dynasty. (One of those beautiful queens/princesses causing the downfall of their kingdom kind of story.)

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Undefeated - League of Legends - Book 1: Chapter 26

Book 1: The Return of the Lost King
Chapter 26: Team Hell, Qinguangwang

“Ai, looks like you don’t understand the difference between a professional player and a normal player.  Nevermind, we’ll just be a punching bag for them to practice on. Hopefully we also have a big shot on our team!” Yi Qin somewhat optimistically said.

Yu Luocheng didn’t think so. Actually, it no longer mattered to him whether they won this ranked game or not. What he really cared now was winning at bot!

This round, Yi Qin played Caitlyn and Yu Luocheng chose Zyra.

Zyra as a support was popular for a while during season 2; this champion is a more well-rounded support.

Her skill had a poke ability, her seeds can be used as vision, and has a crowd control ability and ultimate at the same time.

Secret Room: Book 1 - Chapter 17

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 1: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 17

Dt did not just skillfully use Google Maps, he also had Korean friends to guide him whenever they needed extra help. Both of them had never been in Korea before but surprisingly, they managed to take the public mass transportation------subway, to reach the competition arena.
The lobby of the auditorium was crowded with fans.
A young Korean boy ran out to greet them when they arrived.  He looked to be only fifteen or sixteen years old; more like a young fan here to watch the game if not for the name tag hanging around his neck which had the name of a popular team on it.

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Tea of Summer - Chapter 35: Winter Warmth 3.2

Chapter 35
Winter Warmth 3.2

“Aren’t you coming in?”  Song Qiyan asked with uncertainty after he had already changed into his slippers as Xia Liang stood at the door dumbfounded.
Xia Liang felt like she had just woken from a dream. She walked in and shut the door.
On the way here, they had continued to argue, but finally settled on going to Song Qiyan’s apartment together first to let him take his medicine. After he rested, then they would discuss whether he should take her home or not.

After she took off her boots, Song Qiyan already placed a pair of cotton slippers in front of her.  “I wear them in winter.  You can wear them for now.  I’ll buy a new pair in your size next time.”
“Uhm, it’s ok.”  Xia Liang put on the slippers without thinking too much of it.  Oh, so big……Her feet could swim inside them. ==
She followed Song Qiyan to the living room.  Then she pondered.  Ah, it seemed that there was something not quite right with their conversation just now……

She looked around this small apartment she was visiting the first time.  It was not a large apartment, just about several hundred square feet.  But there was a kitchen, dining table, small living room, bathroom and a bedroom.  The apartment was very clean.  It was quite plain.  There was not even a TV in the living room, only a couple of magazines on the coffee table.  The only thing which could be counted as decor was probably the green plants on the small balcony.
“Shixiong, do you live by yourself?”

Song Qiyan poured two cups of water for him and Xia Liang. “En.” He drank water to soothe his throat. “I like it quite.”  Then he plugged in the power cord of an electric kettle to boil water.
Xia Liang smiled and said light-heartedly, “I can tell.”
He looked like he was the quiet type of man who didn’t like noise.