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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 51 Part 2

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 51 Part 2

Ye Qiao adjusted the microphone and spoke in a calm and steady voice: “Today, I’ve come back to my hometown Yang City to make a public apology for the mistakes I have made……”
One of the reporters interrupted her. “Ye Qiao! Does Zhao Mo’s suicide have anything to do with you? You’ve chosen this day to have your apology news conference, is it because you knew beforehand about Zhao Mo’s intent to shed light on your innocence?”
The whole room was in commotion about the question.

Some gave the intern reporter a sympathetic look. He was probably so excited that he interrupted Ye Qiao in the middle of her sentence and hadn’t done his homework, otherwise he should have known that the news conference was scheduled ten days ago.

Ye Qiao didn’t mind the interruption. She answered the reporter’s question: “I’ve been waiting for the passage of time to heal some of the pain. The clean pond has become filthy because dirty water has been dumped into it. But as long as there’s a clean water source, after a while, the pond will be clean again on its own. There’s no point arguing or trying to persuade others. Time will let the truth come up to the surface.”
She continued calmly: “I only knew about Ms. Zhao’s incident right before the beginning of this news conference. I’m deeply sorry about the things she’s encountered in her life. Her passing has sped up this process. I’m deeply grateful to her. She was willing to speak the truth for me in the last moments of her life.”

The audience quieted down. Ye Qiao flatly said: “My personal vendetta has hurt not only me, but also my family and those who’ve supported me. It’s also caused loss to my agency and businesses who had trusted me. This matter, no matter whether I’m innocent or not, has caused irrevocable damage. I intend to devote the rest of my time to charity work. I’m here to earnestly request your forgiveness and ask for your willingness to give me a chance to make it up to all of you.”

Finished, she stood up and bowed deeply to the audience: “I’m sorry.”
The audience remained silent.
The news conference should have ended there. But as Ye Qiao was stepping off stage, the host of the news conference, her agent, came up on stage and said: “Next, we’ll have Ye Qiao’s father, Xu Zang, come on stage to say a few words.”

The audience erupting into sound. Xu Zang came up on the stage. He didn’t need an introduction; his fame was great enough that every reporter present was excited-- --The popular actress was from an artist family and her father was the master painter Xu Zang! All the previous rumors about how Ye Qiao got to the position she held today by associating with rich people or using Gu Jin as a stepping stone had been easily dissipated. With such a family background, who would need to rely on any underhanded deals?

Facing the flashing cameras, Xu Zang stood at the same place where Ye Qiao had earlier. He put both of his hands together: “I’ve come on my own, please excuse my bluntness.”
He sat down and without any prepared notes, started to talk as if he was chatting with the audience: “Qiaoqiao is my daughter. She’s had health issues since she was young and has suffered a lot because of it. I’m very pleased that she’s achieved so much after she’s grown up. However, during the past half a year, there’s been much negative news about her. I can understand the misunderstanding that the media and the public have against her. The damages caused due to our family disputes are something both her and I don’t want to see. I am, therefore, here today to make an announcement.”
“I will be establishing a foundation under my name. I’ll auction off all of my paintings as of now and the proceeds from the auction will be donated to the foundation.”
“I wholeheartedly ask all of you to please give my daughter another chance to make it up to all of you.”

Ye Qiao was dumbfounded at the side of the stage and didn’t hear what anyone was saying afterwards.
That was her father. He didn’t know Zhao Mo’s incident would happen today to clear his daughter’s name. He had come to earn a chance for her daughter to get a new start. Ye Qiao was ashamed to face him. Though she’d rejected her father for the past ten years, she’d still shamed her father. Despite that, he still tried all he had to open a protective umbrella for her just because she was his daughter.

Zhou Tingsheng had come to stand next to her without her noticing. He used both of his hands to cup Ye Qiao’s face and used his thumbs to wipe off the tears on her face: “What are you crying for? Your father just got released from the hospital a few days ago. You haven’t gotten a chance to see him since you came out, aren’t you going up to talk to him?”
The sounds of chairs being dragged filled the room. The news conference had ended and everyone was leaving. Xu Zang was also heading backstage.

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 51 Part 1

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 51 Part 1

The same tattoo table with the same lighting. Ye Qiao lifted her chin up and suddenly burst into giggles as if she had remembered something. Her bony collar bone slightly moved up and down in time with her laughter.
Zhou Tingsheng put on gloves and asked: “What are you laughing about?”
“Do you remember the last time I was here, you told me that this was something for a lifetime.”
Zhou Tingsheng’s hand, holding the needles, slightly quivered. His eyes went darker: “I remember.”
At the time, she had replied that there will be too many things happening in a lifetime and not many of them could be controlled by ourselves.
Had he expected today at the time?

Zhou Tingsheng didn’t expect that a tough guy like him would someday have trouble pushing the needle onto her skin. The machine was already on. As the needle drew closer to her skin, his heart skipped a few beats.

There was a linden flower hiding inside the vines on her chest; it was buried in between the vines.
She was born without freedom, like the vines, always confined by the things it entangled, unable to grow freely. Yet she had blossomed on his fingertips and in his heart.

Ye Qiao didn’t endure the pain in silence like last time, she moaned in pain and her eyes fogged over. Zhou Tingsheng supporting her waist, bent over to kiss her. After he finished the tattoo, he pulled off the gloves and put his hot palm on her exhausted body, caressing from her shoulder blades all the way down to her tailbone. Ye Qiao slightly shivered when his sweaty palm touched her skin. The remnant of the pain and the heat from her back made her a little hazy. The she heard him murmur: “Qiaoqiao, marry me.”
She had imagined many times of the moment when she would hear those words and now the moment had actually come. Ye Qiao had no hesitation and said with a smile: “......I’ll marry you.”


Ye Qiao stayed out of the public eye for three days in order to get away from all the rumors and criticism.
She was scheduled to make an official apology in public after ten days of her release. She carefully chose a black suit but was indifferent to the pressure of public opinion she would soon face. Zhou Tingsheng drove her to the location for the news conference without a word. Before Ye Qiao got out of the car, she turned her face right and left to show Zhou Tingsheng with a smile: “How about this? Is my hairdo intact?”
Zhou Tingsheng stroked her newly permed short hair all the way down to the end. The emptiness made him clench his fist: “Don’t go, Qiaoqiao. You don’t need to apologize to anyone.”

“I do.” Ye Qiao held his hand tight and let him slowly release his fist. “I acted in my own way but had disregarded and hurt others, those who trusted me, supported me, including business and film production companies that signed contracts with me. I owe them all an explanation.”
Inside the room, all the cameras were in place. Reporters were patiently waiting for Ye Qiao’s arrival. They had already prepared the headline for today’s entertainment section.

Five minutes before Ye Qiao’s arrival, shocking news reached the cell phones of all the reporters in the room-- --Zhao Mo had jumped off a building!
Zhao Mo had made her name not from her acting career but from being the center figure of several major entertainment news events. She had jumped from the 30th floor of a building this morning and died at the scene. She had left a suicide note with her family. The family had made the content public. In the note, Zhao Mo mentioned that she had been goaded by others to take on drugs to entrap Ye Qiao while under the influence of the drugs. Zhao Mo’s fiancee, Shen Yi, also went on camera to confirm that Zhao Mo was in distraught psychologically and her accusation of Ye Qiao was entirely unbelievable.

Zhou Tingsheng sat down at the audience section in the room and all he could hear was the chatter of the reporters.
“This whole thing’s been turned on its head! Is she going to apologize today or not?”
“Who knows. But if Ye Qiao is really innocent, why didn’t she say anything earlier? Why bother with an apology news conference?”

Zhou Tingsheng looked around and his eyes landed on a familiar figure-- --
The man was wearing a navy blue robe and had a very gentlemanly look. He quietly watched Ye Qiao as she leisurely sat down on the stage.
Some reporters who had covered news in the artist circle recognized him: “Isn’t that Xu Zang? I heard that he’s in poor health and only showed up for a little while at the opening ceremony of his own painting exhibition. Why is he here?”

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 76 Part 4

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 76 Part 4

[That’s right, a kitten.] On the screen, Xu Tailun, with a warm smile, answered the bullet comments.. [A fan gave it to me. A cute kitten, thanks. I’ll take good care of it.]

Tong Yao turned the volume up.

Little Fatty: “Are you watching Long Ge’s stream?”

Tong Yao: “Yeah, we’re going to play against them. I’m getting to know how their jungler plays.”

Little Fatty: “Oh.” He didn’t suspect anything, turning around to focus on his own game. Tong Yao continued to watch the scream, watching him lie-- --

[This afternoon? Went to a movie this afternoon? I didn’t go to a movie this afternoon. You probably mistook me for someone else.] Xu Tailun said: [I just brought the kitten back to the base. How could I go to the movie theatre with a cat. Ask my teammates if you don’t believe me…...With a woman? I have a girlfriend, how could it be possible that I’ve gone to a movie with a woman.]

As he was talking, he turned the camera to face one of his Chinese teammates. His teammate paused for a second then grinned: “Oh, yeah, he was playing games with his alternate id this afternoon.”

Tong Yao rolled her eyes once more.

The little kitten unsteadily walked back and forth in front of the camera. All the bullet comments were about how cute the kitten was. Then, the kitten stopped and sneezed, shaking its head after.

Bullet comments were like “how cute,” “it sneezed, sneezed,” “I really want to have a cat too,”-- --

Only a few bullet comments mentioned: Is the cat catching a cold? Is the air condition in the base too cold for the cat to catch a cold in this kind of weather?

Tong Yao frowned, unable to stand it anymore, and logged off. Lu Sicheng came down from the stairs and saw Tong Yao sitting cross legged on the sofa, hugging a pillow, and looking like she was deeply disgusted with something. He walked over and pushed her head: “What’s wrong?’

“That Xu Tailun is really disgusting, not a good person.” Tong Yao said: “I dislike him.”


“All the men who play professionally are disgusting. No one is good.” Tong Yao said: “Really disgusting.”

“......Are you retarded? What does he have anything to do with me?”

Tong Yao stood up on the sofa. Lu Sicheng subconsciously stepped back a little. Tong Yao stuffed the pillow in her arms into his, then jumped off the sofa and went upstairs with eyebrows crossed…...Lu Sicheng watched her shut her door close. He threw the pillow back onto the sofa and asked the others without even looking back: “What’s wrong with that woman?”

Little Fatty: “Don’t know.”

Lu Sicheng: “She was fine a while ago.”

Little Fatty: “She’s yours, go ask her yourself.”

Lu Sicheng turned his eyes away from the door on the second floor, then irritatedly scratched his hair: “Alright, alright.” He mumbled: “I just can’t let her out of my sight for a second.”

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 64 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 64 Part 1

Yue Yingying had rushed home to meet Xiang Nuan out of curiosity. She wondered who the girl Lin Chuyan likes so much was like. She felt that she had to go home and observe Xiang Nuan for her son. After chatting with Xiang Nuan, she found the young women to be cute, unpretentious, and well-spoken. Her son seemed to have good taste in women. As they chatted, Yue Yingying happened to mention that Xiang Daying was her favorite artist. Unexpectedly, Xiang Nuan replied: “He’s my father.”

Yue Yingying lost control when she heard that.

As the gentle and kind Yue Yingying suddenly raised her voice into a high pitch, Xiang Nuan was stunned. For a second, she even suspected that her father had antagonized someone…...But she soon realized that she had forgotten an important fact-- --Lin Chuyan’s father had tried very hard to get a painting from her father to give to his wife.

So it wasn’t that her father had enemies, but was Lin Chuyan’s mother’s idol?

Xiang Nuan thought about herself; if her two favorite champions in Kings of Glory-- --Zhuge Liang and Diaochan-- -- were to appear right in front of her eyes, she would probably scream too.

Yue Yingying was apologetic for suddenly losing control. She used one hand to tightly hold the other and subconsciously rubbed them. She smiled at Xiang Nuan: “Sorry, sorry. I’m too excited.” She turned to look at her son who was walking towards them, with an obvious complaint in her eyes.

Lin Chuyan hadn’t talked much about Xiang Nuan in front of her parents. Naturally, he had never mentioned Xiang Nuan’s family either. He walked over to sit on the couch and said: “I forgot to tell you.” It was a rather spacious living room, but he chose to sit right next to Xiang Nuan.

Xiang Nuan was a little distracted.

Yue Yingying picked up Xiang Nuan’s right hand and put it in her own hands. She patted Xiang Nuan’s hand lightly and said with a smile: “I was wondering what kind of family would raise such a nice kid. It turned out to be Professor Xiang’s daughter, no wonder.”

Lin Chuyan felt like reminding his mother that her expression looked like she was kissing up to……

Xiang Nuan was embarrassed about the praise and blushed: “Auntie, you’re flattering me.”

“Not at all. Xiang Nuan, maybe you don’t understand the position your esteemed father is held in the artist circle?”

Lin Chuyan put his hand to his forehead and couldn’t believe that his mother had even used the word esteemed……

Xiang Nuan was taken aback by Yue Yingying’s question. She only knew about the position her father held at home. Most of the time, he had to listen to his wife; he didn’t really have any position at home to speak of…...As for his position in the artist circle, Xiang Nuan certainly knew a little bit about it since she grew up in such a family. She knew her father had some fame but didn’t really think he was as famous as some of the well known painters whom she knew about……

Xiang Nuan asked Yue Yingying with uncertainty: “Auntie, is my father very famous?”

“Professor Xiang may not be the most famous artist, but he’s greatly respected and admired in the circle. He studied under the Chinese painting master Mr. Qu Wensong and is his last pupil. His earlier paintings are influenced by Mr. Qu but soon afterwards he created his own style. His paintings are spontaneous and unconventional, overflowing with the joy of life. What’s more special is his character. He’s a noble man, indifferent to fame and money. He seldom sells his paintings and refuses to form cliques or factions. About 99% of his paintings on the market are fake.” Yue Yingying briefly summed up her understanding of Xiang Daying.

Xiang Nuan felt like she had just heard an entry from Baidu Encyclopedia in voice. After learning from Lin Chuyan’s mother, Xiang Nuan felt that the father she sees every day at home wasn’t the real Xiang Daying……

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 76 Part 3

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 76 Part 3

The surrounding fans burst into laughter at Tong Yao’s self-introduction. Tong Yao’s ears began to turn slightly pink. She gave Lu Sicheng a glance. Lu Sicheng then said with a faint smile: “Don’t laugh, you guys. She has thin skin. It took me quite a while to persuade her to see a movie with me.”

One of the male fans doubtfully asked: “Just you two?”

Lu Sicheng nodded: “En. That’s right.”

One female fan hesitated: “So you two are really together now? I see a lot of discussion about you two on Tieba and Weibo……”

Lu Sicheng: “We-- --”

“We’re purely teammates. It just happened that we came to see the movie together!”

Tong Yao interjected. She could see that female fan obviously take a breath of relief, as did Tong Yao-- --She turned to look at Lu Sicheng at the same time. Lu Sicheng stopped talking even though Tong Yao kept trying to message to him with her eyes that he could say something in support of her statement. But Lu Sicheng didn’t seem to have intent to say anything.

Tong Yao found Lu Sicheng’s reaction quite baffling.

The last call for the movie called just then. Tong Yao and Lu Sicheng were finally saved from the fans. They walked one after the other into the theatre.

They sat down in the theatre for a while before Tong Yao noticed Xu Tailun and his girl companion entered the theatre in the darkness…...Tong Yao tugged Lu Sicheng’s sleeve: “Look at the two walking down there.”

Lu Sicheng: “ Who?”

Tong Yao: “The butterfly jungler.”

Lu Sicheng: “......”

He lifted his hand and pat Tong Yao’s head: “Mind your own business.”


That night after they returned to base Tong Yao collapsed onto the sofa and refused to get up. She watched Lu Sicheng poured the goldfish into his fishbowl while chatting with Little Fatty-- --

“Where have you two been?”

“Buying fish.”

“Buying fish for a whole day?”


“You think I’m a fool.”

“Actually, we went to see <Independence Day 2>. Let me fill you in about the plot?”


Little Fatty immediately covered up his ears. Lu Sicheng pulled off his hands with a stone cold face: “Come on.”

Little Fatty: “I don’t want to listen, I don’t! Go away, go away!”

Lu Sicheng released him and said “Trying to trick me, hmph,” while keeping his chin held high. Tong Yao wondered what he was proud of …...Tong Yao watched him go upstairs, then turned around to lie down on the sofa to play on her cell phone. She clicked here and there until she happened to see Xu Tailun’s stream. It looked like he had just started.

Tong Yao clicked to watch it.

The first thing she noticed was the kitten which had been grabbed from her hand was walking back and forth in front of the camera-- --

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 63 Part 3

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 63 Part 3

Xiang Nuan came into the living room after the movie and saw an extra person there besides Lin Chuyan’s father. Even without an introduction, she could already guess that it was Lin Chuyan’s mother since they looked somewhat alike. It looked like Lin Chuyan had inherited his mother’s good looks.

Yue Yingying’s eyes brightened when she saw Xiang Nuan. She was very pretty, even more than in the picture. Not waiting for Lin Chuyan’s introduction, Yue Yingying smiled and said: “You must be Xiang Nuan? I heard Chuyan talk about you. Such a lovely and cute girl.”

So Lin Chuyan had said that Xiang Nuan was lovely and cute in front of other people! Though Xiang Nuan still thought Lin Chuyan was a nut case, she was quite happy that Lin Chuyan had praised her.

Xiang Nuan was a little embarrassed: “How are you, auntie.”

“Come, sit. Let your uncle cook dinner. Your uncle is a good cook, but usually doesn’t do it very often. We’re very lucky today.”

Yue Yingying was a gentle and sweet person from her looks to her voice. She spoke slowly, in a relaxed manner. Xiang Nuan felt she was a kind and patient person, easy to get along with.

Lin Xueyuan had already let his secretary deliver all the ingredients he needed to cook dinner. He planned to prepare a few more dishes than usual and went into the kitchen early.

Lin Chuyan went into the kitchen after his father, leaving Xiang Nuan in the living room to talk to his mother. “Dad, is there anything I can help?”

Lin Xueyuan didn’t buy his son’s sudden good will: “What help can you do? You only know how to cook instant noodles.”

Lin Chuyan kept quiet and noticed green onions among the ingredients. He took the green onions and started to peel them. He at least knew how to do that.

Lin Xueyuan put on an apron and put all the vegetables into the wash basin to wash. He spoke as he washed the vegetables. “Chuyan, don’t think I’m nagging at you. But do you know how to chase after a girl? Braiding your hair? How can you do that?”

Lin Chuyan answered while peeling off the outer skin of the green onions: “She wanted to braid my hair, what am I supposed to do?”

“She wants to do it and you just let her? You’re a man, can’t you be a bit more manly? That isn’t the way to be nice to a girl. I’m very nice to your mother, right? If your mom wanted to braid my hair, I absolutely wouldn’t let her.”

Lin Chuyan gave his father a glance: “Well, she makes you put on a facial mask and you never refuse her.”

Lin Xueyuan took out a boning knife, thrust it into the chopping board, then stared at his son: “I’ll chop you up if you talk back again.”

Lin Chuyan didn’t say anything in response. After peeling the green onions, he got closer to his dad and asked in a small voice: “Can I ask you something?”

“En? Go ahead.”

“You said that I’m quite shameless in front of Xiang Nuan?”

Lin Xueyuan stopped washing the vegetables and a guilty expression flashed by on his face. But soon enough, he rightfully turned to look at his son and retorted: “Have I wronged you? Aren’t you shameless? Don’t you already know that?”

Lin Chuyan sighed: “You talked about me like this in front of the girl I like. I can’t feel good anymore. Xiang Nuan was laughing at me just now. If my mom knew about this……”

Lin Xueyuan took a deep breath and tried his best not to explode. He wiped his hands dry and took out his cell phone and tapped it a few times.

Lin Chuyan heard a notification sound on his own cell phone. He checked it and found that his father had transferred 5000 RMB into his account.

It looked like his father was paying him hush money.

Lin Chuyan held his cell phone in hand and whispered to his father: “Dad, you look down upon me.”

Lin Xueyuan sent another 5000: “Is that enough?”

Lin Chuyan knew that he shouldn’t push too hard. He took the money and put his cell phone away: “I’m not doing this for money. I just don’t want to see you fight with mom.”

Lin Xueyuan rolled his eyes: “Get lost.”

With the forceful ‘get lost’, Lin Chuyan quickly left the kitchen and went back to the living room. As he stepped into the living room, he heard his own mother screaming.

His mother seldom lost self-control like this.

He heard his mother saying: “Good heavens! So you’re Xiang Daying’s daughter? !”

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 50 Part 3

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 50 Part 3

Zhou Tingsheng opened the door on the passenger side and quietly fixed his eyes on Ye Qiao.
She stood still. She looked back at him with clear, pure eyes. After a long moment, she slowly got into the car.
The car made a sharp turn and sped off.

Zhou Tingsheng shook off the tailing paparazzi and asked: “Where to?”
“I don’t feel like going home.” Ye Qiao looked at the road in front of them: “You decide.”

Fifteen minutes later, Zhou Tingsheng parked the car in front of Wuzi’s club. The staff in the lobby were all new. A tall receptionist went to inform Wuzi about them. Wuzi came out in surprise. “Sheng Ge didn’t tell me that my sister-in-law was coming today…...Everyone, tell the kitchen to make a few more dishes! I’m going to have a reception dinner for Qiao Jie!”
After exchanging greetings with Wuzi, Ye Qiao and Zhou Tingsheng went to the guest room to get some rest, but they didn't know what to say to each other.

“I’m going to take a shower.” She spoke in a flat tone.
Though half a year wasn’t a particularly long stretch of time, the separation had nonetheless created an invisible distance between them. Ye Qiao wanted to wash off the smell of the prison and the detachment of the past half a year. However, Zhou Tingsheg’s new hair style and clothing all reminded her that she had been away for some time.

The sound of water splashing in the bathroom seemed to last for as long as a century. Zhou Tingsheng in the meantime tried to get into the appropriate attitude to face her, but he couldn’t find one.
He could still hear Ruan Feiyan sobbing in his ears-- -- “I told her that she owed me this. I just wanted to have her arrested, be suspected by others, and tarnish her reputation. I didn’t plan that she’d be found guilty…...She could’ve just explained it to them; with the kind of lawyers your family could hire, she’d never have gotten any serious jail time! It’s her fault, she didn’t bother explaining herself!”
Others may not have understood, but he understood very well.
She was doing it to redeem his sin, but all it did was make him feel as if the weight of his crime had increased.

Zhou Tingsheng didn’t have time to take a good look at Ye Qiao until she came out of the bathroom.
Her chin was pointier. She had lost some weight. The ends of her short hair felt like needles pricking his heart.
Ye Qiao noticed the emotions in his eyes and moved closer to him. She circled his waist: “It’s alright.”
She buried her face deeply under his chin and said in a deep voice: “As long as you’re here.”
She had lost everything she had strived for: career, fame, and freedom. But she didn’t care. She finally could declare her love for him without guilt.
“It’s not alright.” Zhou Tingsheng squeezed out those words and repeated it again.

Ye Qiao thought she could maintain her calm as usual, but the familiar smell of his body made her eyes well up. She took a deep breath and said: “You don’t need to think about any of that. You still owe me a lot of other things……” She looked up at him with a smile and used her fingers to open her bath robe to show the vines under her collar bone: “These are still here. You haven’t finished them.”

The tattoo room hadn’t been used for a long time.
After dinner, Wuzi handed over the key to Zhou Tingsheng and tapped his shoulder: “My sister-in-law is such a nice person. She heard that my wife is going to have our child soon and already gave me the red envelope in advance. When are you going to have your wedding? Don’t let that incident influence……”
“Don’t worry, you can’t get away from giving us a wedding gift.” Zhou Tingsheng took the key and backed away two steps.
He turned around and saw Ye Qiao waiting for him at the end of the corridor under the dim light.

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