Monday, April 24, 2017

Secret Room: Book 1 - Chapter 28

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 1: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 28

As a new game, there weren’t any existing tactics or classical play styles from popular competitions to follow.  The current ranked players were only from the alpha test, so there was no real list of top players yet. Everything was still unknown and everything was a challenge.

This was a game full of undiscovered potential.
------Just because of this reason, it was enough to make everyone’s blood boil in excitement.

After Ai Qing killed the last opponent with a short knife in the game……
The whole game screen was instantly frozen.
A storm struck; mountains collapsed, the earth split open, and the whole world was frozen.
All the battles were over.

The opponent’s captain, an id from Korea, punched these 4 characters in the message area.
IMBA, imbalance, was a term used by some professional players.  Here, it meant “twisted”.
It was obviously used as praise.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Undefeated - League of Legends - Book 1: Chapter 31

Book 1: The Return of the Lost King
Chapter 31: Leaving Without Saying Goodbye

Yu Luocheng was baffled why Yi Qin had changed into another person after the phone call.

What made her mood swing so drastically? Was it really from her ex-boyfriend?

Yu Luocheng thought back about the tone of his voice just now and realized that it really sounded like he was blaming her.

He didn’t mean to, but he had a chance to compete with professionals after playing amateurly for so long.  He did have some complaints about Yi Qin’s mindlessness…… Deep down, he was still a professional esports player who refused to be defeated after all.

Yu Luocheng carefully thought it through and decided he better apologize.

Unknowingly, he had asked Yi Qin to play like a professional in the last few rounds. Yet in reality, too much talk would only distract his teammate and make her more irritable……

“Yiyi, I’m sorry…...I was too serious about the game.” Yu Luocheng said.

“Yiyi, say something.”

Yiyi jie, I have called you jiejie already. Don’t be like this. I’m apologizing here……”

“Darn, when did she get off voice chat!”

Yu Luocheng suddenly discovered that the he was the only one in the voice chat after pleading.

“Player ‘Xue Yi Yi’ has left the game!”

A line of bright red words suddenly appeared on screen.

What was going on?

Yu Lucheng, stunned, quickly sent a QQ message to Yi Qin.

“Yiyi, what’s wrong?” Yu Luocheng hurriedly asked.


Secret Room: Book 1 - Chapter 27

I swear this is the entire chapter. Don't worry, next one is longer.

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 1: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 27

“Thanks.”  She paused before speaking again, “Dt.”
The two Americans on her team didn’t know that there was one extra person who was translating.  After all, they didn’t understand Chinese so they really couldn’t tell how many Chinese were in voice chat.
They were surprised when Ai Qing spelled out Dt’s name.
They quickly said hello to Dt in English.  Ai Qing was the only one who was fluent in both Chinese and English.  She could tell that they and Dt knew each other after listening in.  It sounded like they had met during the IEM9 competition this year.
She had many questions, but it was inconvenient to ask right now.
She could only remind the team that the game had started.

“It’s a good opportunity to partner with western players.  They are very strong in shooters.”  She said.
“What’s their background?”
“Lavvy, he was Europe's first mid in DotA in the past.”  The character Ai Qing was controlling just jumped into the swamp looking for cover.  This map was quite unusual; part of it was a jungle.  “I don’t know the other one.”
“The other guy is Loop, he used to play Starcraft 2.”
Dt added in a timely manner.
Very concise.

Following was very surprised.  He raised his head and mouthed to Ai Qing:  This guy is really helpful.
Ai Qing glanced at him, smiled, and mouthed back: He is a K&K player.
That means------he was SP’s toughest competitor in China.

Following’s smile vanished instantly.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tea of Summer - Chapter 40: Spring Sunshine 1.1

Chapter 40
Spring Sunshine 1.1

That night, he held her hand as they watched the fireworks light up the sky.  She then insisted on taking him to the shopping mall.  They pushed their way through the crowd.  Finally she bought him a gray scarf and bashfully put it on for him.  Then they walked, hands held together, for half of the night and watched the crowd gradually thin around them.
Finally, exhausted, she ended their late night wandering by using his own words, “Umm, girls shouldn’t stay up late.  It’s unhealthy.”

He looked at her with a smile in his eyes.  Suddenly, he bent down and pecked the corner of her mouth.  He then quickly straightened himself.
Both of their faces were flushed since this was the first time they had ever done something so intimate.  They were silent on the way back to her apartment.  They just let the night breeze cool the heat on their faces.

He took her back to her apartment.  There was a subtle change in atmosphere between them when they were about to part.  He bent down again and kissed her forehand.  He spoke next to her ear with the voice she never tired of, “Goodnight.”

Monday, April 17, 2017

Secret Room: Book 1 - Chapter 26

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 1: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 26

The number of online viewers rose rapidly.
It was close to the max.
Ai Qing, as the host, made a prompt decision to close the game room.
Then she saw people commenting in the stream chat.  “Why’s the room closed?  We were still outside.” “Damn…..Luckily, I’m already in.”  “Oh my god, everybody is here tonight.”......
More and more fans began to recognize the ids of the players.

<Secret Room Storm> has four large servers, American, Chinese, Korean, and European.  The top ranking 100 players in each server had their id names displayed in red.
Obviously, almost 60% of all top players were here tonight.
It just so happened that all the best professional players for <Secret Room Storm> were all congregated in Seoul preparing for the one week long exhibition tournament.  So the news that China’s largest club, SP, would live stream tonight had spread quickly among them.  These professional players staying in the several nearby resort villages were all free and bored tonight.  They had all logged in to have some fun.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Undefeated - League of Legends - Book 1: Chapter 30

Book 1: The Return of the Lost King
Chapter 30: Are You Blaming Me?

“You’re awesome.” Yi Qin excitedly said.

“I got the kill, so we are still at a disadvantage.” Yu Luocheng shook his head.

“It’s already good enough. You probably don’t know how high these two guys rank in LoL for our country. It’s quite rare for an amateur player to kill one of them without the help of a jungler. You’re quite good.” Yi Qin praised him.

All along, Yi Qin knew her partner was a good player; without his help, she wouldn’t have reached 2000 so easily.

Yet, Yi Qin didn’t expect that he would be so calm and outstanding when facing professional players. If not for the fact that she had known him online for some time, Yi Qin would start to question whether he was actually still a student.

“Hehe.” Yu Luocheng laughed. It felt very good to be praised by Yi Qin.

It looked like he still got it.

But come to think of it, Qinguangwang’s series of maneuvers had been rather sudden; if his reaction time was a little bit slower, then he would have died before firing any ability!

Yu Luocheng had played many rounds of League of Legends, but this was the first time he had met such a strong and determined opponent!

Qinguangwang had made good calculations. The minion line was now pushing towards Yu Luocheng, so even if he died, Caitlyn would have a hard time to pushing the minions back while he was waiting to respawn. Besides, Thresh would surely help Ezreal control the minion line so Qinguangwang wouldn’t lose too many last hits.

Yu Luocheng was the support. There wasn’t too much benefit getting a kill himself other than buying a few more pink wards to have a better view.

Yu checked the statistics for both sides. Ezreal had one kill and his cs was still higher than Yi Qin. His equipment was better than hers too.

Yu started to worry a bit; if things kept going on like this, the disparity between the two ADCs would grow wider.


Secret Room: Book 1 - Chapter 25

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 1: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 25

“Me?”  She laughed and shook her head.
“You still have the skill.”  Solo smiled.  “The fifth member should be you actually, if not for the fact that esports doesn’t allow coed teams.”  He threw the cigarette into the ashtray afterwards and patted her back with his palm lightly.  “Let’s go.  Don’t forget.  Tonight you still have the live stream.”

It was Saturday.
It was the day of SP’s live stream after the training session.
Solo came up with the idea for a “Live Stream Day” to let fans watch live broadcasts of their games in realtime.  Especially for the lucky few who got a chance to play a game with their idols.  It was a festival for many esports fans.
Tonight’s stream would start at 10:30 PM.
Game: Secret Room Storm.  Streaming Hosts: Apple Dog & Following.