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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 89 Part 2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 89 Part 2

The last event on the commencement program was the degree awarding ceremony. The Secretary of the school party committee personally moved Xiang Nuan’s tassel to the other side of the cap and solemnly handed over the diploma into Xiang Nuan’s hands. The Secretary was an amiable old lady. She looked at Xiang Nuan and said with a smile: “Have a bright future.”

“Thanks, thank you, Ms. Liu.”

“Alas sending off another class of students.”

Xiang Nuan felt sad too and walked up to hug the old lady.

After the commencement, Xiang Nuan and her classmates went to take pictures on the campus. On her way, she received a lot of candies.

It was a tradition at Nanshan University. The candies were prepared by the school’s student council. They were custom made. Every graduating student had one candy with words printed on the wrapping paper. Those words were written by the graduates themselves. Some had their own names printed on the paper, some put famous quotes on it, some had poems, some had secret code on it as a way to subtly confess to their love. On the day of graduation, each graduating student could give the candy to anyone they wanted to.

Many stories developed from this one candy. Some got over their old grudges and became friends again because of the candy. Some ended up married while some failed in their confessions and parted ways with the person they had a crush on.

Lin Chuyan saved his candy for Xiang Nuan last year. The words printed on his candy wrapping paper were rather lovey-dovey.

This year, Xiang Nuan’s candy was certainly being saved for Lin Chuyan.

She didn’t expect that she would receive so many candies from other students. She thought she was probably quite popular.

Later on, Xiang Nuan was afraid that she couldn’t hold onto so many candies and went back to her dorm to fetch a plastic jar. She put all the candies into the jar. Afterwards, whenever there was someone who was going to give her the candy, she would reach over with the jar and say: “Thanks!”

She was almost like a monk collecting alms.

They took pictures until four o’clock in the afternoon.

Xiang Nuan went to change her clothes then walked to the school gate. Lin Chuyan would be here to pick her up soon.

Lin Chuyan was still driving that same Mercede-Benz. But the car belonged to him now-- --Two years ago he bought the car from his father. They had gone to do the official title transfer. Lin Chuyan had negotiated with his father about the price of the car and ended up buying it at only a tenth of the original price……

After Lin Chuyan became somewhat famous, he joined Xiang Nuan and the others and opened a shop selling household products.

The business began unintentionally. In the beginning, Xiang Nuan was the one who wanted to participate in an entrepreneurship contest. It was simply a contest and most people didn’t actually start a business out of it. She worked with other students to design the project and won the top prize in the contest. Afterwards, there were investors who came to them, actually interested in sponsoring them. They found out that the investors were serious.

Xiang Nuan figured at the time that rather than let the investors take all the money, they could make the money themselves. When she talked to the other partners of the project about it, everyone agreed and they all took out some of their own money to start the business.

Lin Chuyan had become the top streamer on Pea TV and Xiang Nuan’s business was also booming.

Without any conscious efforts, they all became rich……

“Silly, why are you spacing out for? Get in the car.” Lin Chuyan called her with one hand on the steering wheel and the other arm resting on the window. He was looking at Xiang Nuan with a smile.

Xiang Nuan recovered and looked back at him. He still looked the same. There was almost no difference from a few years ago.

Xiang Nuan was impressed by it. He was almost 23, but looked like he was still in his teens. When he smiled, he looked especially innocent and harmless, like a serious person.

Xiang Nuan circled to the other side to sit in the passenger seat.

It was a hot day and she was wearing a cotton short sleeved t-shirt and jean shorts. Lin Chuyan took a glance at her fair and smooth legs.

He wanted to touch them but kept himself from doing so.

Xiang Nuan shook the candy jar in her hand: “Lin Chuyan, look, I got all these candies today.”

Lin Chuyan squinted his eyes and asked: “From whom?”

“Some from our class, some I don’t even know…...Oh, where are we going now?”

“You’ll know when we get there.”

“Gee, keeping me in suspense.”

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 119 Part 3

You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 119 Part 3

Hearing what Lu Sicheng said, both Tong Yao and Little Fatty stiffened and sat upright. Though they very well knew Lu Sicheng wasn’t talking about them, but still felt guilty and broke into a cold sweat. Old Cat and Old K on the other hand both kept their cool, no facial expression and no response.

Tong Yao pulled out her cell phone-- --

[ZGDX, Smiling: Do you guys have a skirmish today? Do you mind having a visitor over?]

[A rascal when in high school: For what?]

[ZGDX, Smiling: …...Emergency shelter.]

[A rascal when in high school: Hahahahahahahaha, the skirmish with CK went under?]

[ZGDX, Smiling: Even worse than that.]

[A rascal when in high school: What happened?]

[ZGDX, Smiling: Top and jungler split up. Cheng Ge explodes.]

[A rascal when in high school: ……………………………(candle) (candle) (candle) That’s really bad.]


The team next door also had a scheduled skirmish today. Tong Yao failed to find shelter there.

To get away from the depressing atmosphere in the small training area on the second floor, Tong Yao chose to immerse herself in her own world-- --She started streaming and playing ranked matches.

It started out rather normal, as usual, until Lu Sicheng came out of the meeting room. His whole body was in a depressed mood-- --His mood soon encompassed the whole training area. He walked closer and looked down to see that Tong Yao was streaming. He flatly ordered: “Turn off the mic.”

Tong Yao had just finished a match and was waiting in queue for the next one. Hearing Lu Sicheng, she turned off the mic in no time, overlooking the viewers’ series of comments like [don’t turn off] [unsubscribe] [Ahhhh, they’re going to talk in secret and won’t let us hear, so angry] [......Cheng Ge, you’re in bad mood today. Did you two get into a fight]. The second after she turned off the mic and was about to type to let the viewers know that it was going to be just a short while, she heard behind her Lu Sicheng talking to the troublemakers, top and jungler, who were sitting to the back: “Give me an explanation.”

The tone of his voice was the kind that meant there was no room to refuse.

Old Cat scratched his red hair and looked quite impatiently: “What’s there to explain? I was attacked at top, how do I develop if I don’t farm? I was locked in at the top and couldn’t go to other lanes to help. I could make up for the lower economy from other lanes by staying at the top. Go check the endgame screen if you don’t believe me.”

It sounded quite familiar.

Old K took a look at Old Cat, but didn’t say anything.

Tong Yao and Little Fatty took a glance at Lu Sicheng’s face and remained silent.

Lu Sicheng walked over to Tong Yao and had her move over a little. Then he used her computer to click open the data analysis of the recently finished match: “At the 35th minute of the game, you as top had a 11.7% team participation, damage to enemy’s champions was 12,000 the whole game, only higher than the support by 2,000. Starting from the 12th minute 18th second, there were 7 large or small team fights and you were there only once, the time when K god wasn’t around-- --And that was the only time we won a 4 vs 4 team fights-- --With your 0 kills, 6 deaths, 2 assists record, you only contributed two assists the whole game.”

Tong Yao looked up at Lu Sicheng in a daze, shocked: Except the rate of team participation and the stats, everything about the numbers of team fights, who were there and who wasn’t when Old Cat showed up for a team fight, and things like when the first team fights happened at what minute and what second, all of those weren’t in the data shown on the screen.

In other words, all that information came from Lu Sicheng’s brain.

………………………………………….Tong Yao figured that he must’ve been a Scorpio, who could hold grudges to this extent?

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 89 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 89 Part 1

Three years later.

On June 28th.

“ weighted gpa is ranked 8th in my class. I’ve received the outstanding student, merit student, and national scholarship awards. In addition, I’ve actively participated in various school activities. I’ve won first prize in a national English speech contest and together with my team, we’ve won the grand prize in a national college students entrepreneurship competition. While I was interning at the Yuelin Group, I’ve won the honor as the group’s “outstanding intern of the year.”......This was my college life. In these four years, I’ve transformed from someone perplexed by the world to being more resolved, from callow to mature. I’ve gained knowledge, grown as a person, and learned how to take on responsibilities. In this season of departing, I wish to say thanks to all my teachers; thank you for your great attention and care as you’ve patiently teached us. I also wish to say thanks to my parents; thank you for raising me, educating me, and indulging my willfulness…....”

With a prepared statement in hand, Xiang Nuan took her time as she read from it. There were over three thousand students, teachers, and guests sitting inside the stadium on the Nanshan University’s Yuanchi campus listening to Xiang Nuan’s speech as the representative of the graduating class.

There was a male student watching her through binoculars at a seat far away from the podium. He was talking to another male student next to him as he watched: “Is this Xiang Nuan? So pretty! Why isn’t there such a goddess at the main campus? It’s not fair!”

“Even if there is, she’s not yours.”

“Lin Chuyan is too crafty! He already set his sights on her when she was only a freshman. Shameless!”

“If he hadn’t started that early, she might be someone else’s.”

“Is it too late to steal her from him?”

“Haven’t you heard the rumor circulating Nanshan University-- --If anyone tries to go after Xiang Nuan, Lin Chuyan would retaliate against that person.”

“Oh? How?”

“Not sure. But according to some people, he’s vicious and sometimes down right perverted. They say that one time he had dragged a guy into the woods and did something to him……”

“What do you mean? It can’t be what I’m thinking?”

“You can think whatever you like. Besides, afterwards he forced that guy to call him ‘mom.’”

“Shit! ! !”


Xiang Nuan fluently finished reading her statement and walked off the podium. The audience applauded. She could faintly hear people calling her ‘goddess.’

She wasn’t aware when the students of Nanshan University started to call her goddess. It seemed to have begun after she was with Lin Chuyan?

It was also after that when she became more and more famous.

Lin Chuyan was a man that already carried the spotlight. Once she was with him, it was hard for people not to notice her.

Xiang Naun went back to her own seat for the rest of the graduation ceremony.

“Nuannuan, you were awesome!” Min Lili gave her two thumbs up.

Xiang Nuan was too embarrassed to tell Min Lili that Lin Chuyan had actually helped her polish it. Despite his enjoyment at keeping a high profile and occasionally acting rather presumptuous, Lin Chuyan was quite useful as a boyfriend after all……

Min Lili was going to go abroad for school after graduation. Zheng Dongkai had given up on getting a recommendation to graduate school last year. This year, he had applied to the same school as Min Lili and got accepted.

“Is Zheng Dongkai waiting for you?” Xiang Nuan asked.

“He said no.” Min Lili curved her lips up.

“I don’t think he’s telling the truth. He must have learned it from Lin Chuyan, one takes on the color of one’s company.”

“I don’t think so. Zheng Dongkai may be pretending, but Lin Chuyan is outright ostentatious.”

Xiang Nuan: =  =

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 119 Part 2

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 119 Part 2

Everyone sat down in the training area on the second floor when it was time for the skirmish.

Old K would usually go into the jungle at the beginning of the game. Usually top helped the jungler get the blue buff before going to top to start farming-- --But today, when the game began and the five champions spawned in the fountain, Old K didn’t wait for the others but asked Tong Yao to come help him. Old Cat on the other hand moved towards the top lane with a dark face……

The atmosphere instantly became awkward.

Only Little Fatty tried to pretend nothing had happened and started chatting to save the moment: “The current version of Zyra is a really strong support, very good at countering Thresh. Every time Thresh uses the hook, he throws the hook and Zyra just plants a flower in the way! Cheng Ge, I, as the god of Thresh, don’t think this is good. We have to work together as a team to counter Zyra……”

Lu Sicheng didn’t bother with Little Fatty but turned to glance at both Old Cat and Old K with a stone face-- --The look didn’t do anything to Old Cat and Old K but successfully made Little Fatty shut up. He cleared his throat and pretended that nothing was happening.

“Next time, try using champions with longer arms to fight Zyra. Don’t limit yourself with traditional support champions, you can give all the other champions a try.”

Lu Sicheng proved that he had heard Little Fatty just fine. Then he looked back at his own computer and clicked his mouse, focusing on farming on his own-- --The rest of the team felt the mounting pressure and kept their mouths shut. But they didn’t expect that this was only the beginning……

What followed was two troublemaking juveniles demonstrating what it was like when the jungler ignored top and top ignored supporting their jungler-- --

The jungler left the upper half of the jungle immediately after clearing it of monsters. Though he had seen the enemy’s jungler in the upper half of the jungle, he didn’t bother signaling to top to warn of the danger of being ganked by the enemy jungler. All the wards were placed to gain vision around mid and bot lanes, none of them were for top.

A team fight broke out at mid and top didn’t bother teleporting over to help even as his team’s jungler was being attacked-- --Usually, he would have reacted quickly enough to save their jungler from dying, but this time he didn’t do it. He watched the enemy’s top teleport to bot to join his team and killed ZGDX’s jungler…...Then with the advantage of numbers, CK easily killed ZGDX’s mid and support. Lu Sicheng reacted more quickly and avoided death. But CK was still able to take down one of bot’s turrets and the first infernal drake.

Lu Sicheng hid in the bushes to go back to base. At that point, Old Cat started to slowly walk towards mid lane. He was going to help Tong Yao guard the outer turret at mid-- --

But that wasn’t going to help the team.

At the 12th minute, CK forced ZGDX into a team fight. At this point, CK had earned extra gold from destroying the first turret in the match in addition to getting three kills and killing the valuable infernal drake. ZGDX was far behind……

It all began with Old K’s absent-mindedness when he carelessly went over knowing that the enemy had all gathered there. It ended with Old Cat playing blind at top, refusing to teleport down to help no matter what.

CK was a strong team and good at pushing whatever advantages they had. Once they seized the opportunity, they made the rest of the match quite miserable even for Tong Yao and Lu Sicheng who still had an edge up to this point-- --

Additionally, Jian Yang was in a very good condition today and had discovered that ZGDX’s top and jungler weren’t working together today. He stayed put at top again and constantly attacked Old Cat...

At the 25th minute, Old Cat’s Trundle died from a random attack from the enemy’s ad. Without top, it was hard for ZGDX to drag it into the late game.

At the 35th minute, CK pushed into ZGDX’s base. When ZGDX’s inhibitor blew up, the stats of all five ZGDX players looked quite pitiful-- --

Ming god went over and smacked both Old Cat and Old K at the back of their heads with his writing tablet and commented: “Gee, what an ugly play!”

Lu Sicheng didn’t have much of an expression on his face and clicked to check the post match stats. Then he turned off the computer and said flatly: “Just tell us if you don’t want to play the skirmish. No need to waste everybody’s time here.”

His voice wasn’t loud, but low and slow. It was enough for everyone on the second floor to hear it clearly.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 119 Part 1

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 119 Part 1

“Threatening people to replace them with substitutes…...Is this how you deal with this?”
Tong Yao lifted her hand to push Lu Sicheng’s face away: “Go tell them yourself if that’s what you’re going to say. I won't pass something so offensive to them.”

“Then what should I say?”

“Use more loving care.”

“They aren’t you.” Lu Sicheng said with a matter-of-fact tone of voice: “Who has that much loving care to spare? It would be a waste to use loving care on them.”

“You haven’t really given me much loving care either. You stood behind me while I was playing ranked and said I was doing this wrong or that wrong, or I had bought weird items, or I moved like a handicap person. Is all that words of loving care? Do you really know what loving care means, I truly doubt it.” Tong Yao pinched the tip of Lu Sicheng’s straight nose: “Sometimes, you even get Ming god to join you at taunting the team. Ming god wasn’t even interested, do you know?”

Lu Sicheng gave her words some serious thought, then said matter-of-factly: “It’s slander. I’ve never done anything like that.”

Tong Yao pushed him away to sit up.

But she was pressed back down into the bed.

“What are you doing?”

“Giving you loving care?”

As he was speaking, he lowered his head to bite Tong Yao’s neck. He would always bite the same spot. Whenever the mark on her neck disappeared, he would bite there again…...Tong Yao lifted up the blanket and pushed him away. She got up on her own and gathered the blanket to push onto his face: “Better not say things like replacing them with substitutes. What if you make things worse for those two chuunibyous?”[1]

“I won’t say it if they behave themselves.” Lu Sicheng responded, muffled under the blanket: “Take your hands away. It’s stuffy.”

Tong Yao released her hands. When Lu Sicheng lifted up the blanket, Tong Yao wiped her face with her sleeve and turned around to walk out of the room-- --When she opened the door, she heard the door to the base open at the same time. Tong Yao took a look from the railing and found Old Cat had come back. But he didn’t go up the stairs to his own room. He threw the key onto his desk, then went directly onto the couch and closed his eyes. The two cats rushed to jump onto his tummy……

“Old Cat.” Tong Yao stretched her head out from the second floor: “Go back to your room to sleep.”

After saying so, Tong Yao felt that she was like a bystander who was urging an upset  daughter-in-law who had run away from home to go home to sleep. Her tone of voice sounded very much like a cautious busy body.

Old Cat opened his eyes, turned to the other side, then patted the heads of the two cats while curling up on the couch. He sounded aggrieved: “I’m not. I’m sleeping here tonight.”

Old Cat did sound like someone who was upset.

Tong Yao: “......”

She was worried.


The next day, they had their skirmish with CK in the afternoon.

Old K had returned to his room quite early last night, but he didn’t come out of his room until it was almost time for the skirmish. Old Cat on the other hand resisted going back to his room to wash up. In the end, he had to use the disposable toothbrush the base had prepared for the staff who sometimes had to stay up all night working at the base……

After Old K came out of the room, Old Cat then went up to get a change of clothes in his room. When the two of them crossed paths on the stairs, Tong Yao felt the whole base was depressingly quiet……

Old Cat held his head high and walked by Old K with his eyes looking steadily forward.

-- --Watching that, Tong Yao had the feeling that today’s skirmish would be a goner.

The result was just as she had expected.

[1]: 中二病, a Japanese term that describes a person who manifests delusional behavior, particularly thinking that one has special powers that no other person has.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 118 Part 2

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 118 Part 2

Lu Sicheng’s voice was low and his body followed Tong Yao, falling on top of her with his hands touching her at random places. He didn’t release Tong Yao until she was trapped on his bed with messy hair and a blushing face-- --With his big hand securely placed on Tong Yao’s waist, Lu Sicheng squeezed himself so that he lied down next to her…...His slightly hoarse voice sounded next to Tong Yao’s ear: “What’s up?”

While asking, his hand began to hook up the edge of Tong Yao’s underwear. The tips of his fingers were about to touch a certain part of her body……

Tong Yao reached over and slapped his hand off her and pulled on her own clothes: “I came to ask you what to do with Old Cat and Old K. Both of them came back from the arena today with dark faces…...Then Old K started to play solo-- --Hrm.”

The man next to her pulled himself up a little as she was still talking. His body shadowed hers and he started to kiss her, from her eyes, to below the eyes, the side of her face, the cheek, the lips, the neck……


How could Tong Yao continue?

Tong Yao tried to get away.

Lu Sicheng pushed her down so she wouldn’t move around.

“Old K isn’t playing duos with Old Cat. Besides, it’s 11 o’clock now and Old Cat hasn’t come back yet.”

“Already 11 o’clock?”


“Then why don’t you sleep here tonight? I’ll sleep with my arms around you but I won’t do anything else.”

“........................................Lu Sicheng, I’m talking to you about serious business.”

Lu Sicheng giggled, he liked to hear her calling his full name when she was annoyed…...The moist and warm breath was right next to Tong Yao’s ear-- --Her ears became red. Tong Yao pinched Lu Sicheng’s ear so he wouldn’t move randomly. Then she finished what she had in mind: “But the stream viewers kept asking about Old Cat. Old K then simply turned off the stream with a super dark face.”

“Oh.” Lu Sicheng lowered his head to kiss Tong Yao’s lips. His dark brown eyes looked very deep: “So?”

“Tomorrow we have a skirmish with CK, the day after we have another skirmish with YQCB. How can we play with the two of them fighting like this? You’re the captain, aren’t you going to do something about it?”

Lu Sicheng paused for a moment then laughed. The corners of his lips faintly curved up, with hardly a look of concern: “Aren’t you worrying too much? It’s normal to be irritated when being targeted during a game. During the second match today, Old K was farming a little too much. Don’t know what he was up to, looks like he was purposely trying some new tactic-- --That time when you were targeted by Li Huanshuo, weren’t you also irritated? It’s normal to get annoyed at the time…...They aren’t kids anymore, should be fine in a while.”

He sounded like there wasn’t anything to be concerned with.

Tong Yao pinched his earlobe.

“You better remember what you just said.”


“If we lose the skirmish tomorrow because the two of them, you better not make a big deal about it. I’ve reminded you anyway. Though it’s just a training match, I still don’t want to lose to Yang-- --”

Tong Yao’s lips were sealed by Lu Sicheng’s mouth. The tip of his tongue agilely worked its way into Tong Yao’s mouth, the tips of both tongues tangled together-- --Lu Sicheng’s kiss came with a sense of aggressiveness, as if something she just said annoyed him. Tong Yao found it was getting difficult to breathe and all she could breathe in was his breath.

The overflowing saliva spilled over the corner of Tong Yao’s lips-- --

Tong Yao sighed in a low voice and cast her eyes down.

Only then, Lu Sicheng backed out of her mouth.

“Then, you go and warn Old K and Old Cat. If we lose tomorrow’s skirmish, I’ll consider having substitutes for the skirmish the day after tomorrow.” Lu Sicheng and Tong Yao looked at each other for a while in the darkness under the blanket. Lu Sicheng fixed his eyes on Tong Yao’s slightly swollen red lips for a while, lowered his head to lick her lips with the tip of his tongue, then briefly said: “Tell them it’s from me.”

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 88 Part 4

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 88 Part 4

Shen Zemu drank the wine quietly and watched the others toasting each other. He put down his glass to pick up the harmonica and started to play it.

The sound from the harmonica was clear and melodious. The tune he played was like affectionately telling a tale, but also felt like a sigh of loneliness.

Xiang Nuan couldn’t keep track how much she had drunk, but sometime later, she even invited Lin Chuyan to drink with her while interlocking their arms.

Afterwards, she insisted on going onto the rooftop to look at the moon. Lin Chuyan couldn’t stop her, so he took her arm and said: “I’ll take you there.”

He brought her up to the balcony. When they looked down, they could see their friends in the garden.

The lights on the balcony had turned on. Yang Yin looked up at the two of them standing on the balcony; Lin Chuyan was putting his arm around Xiang Nuan’s shoulder to keep her steady.

Yang Yin looked back and saw Shen Zemu was also looking up at them.

He looked quite peaceful.

Yang Yin was a little curious and asked Shen Zemu: “You don’t feel sad?”

Shen Zemu lowered his head and thought for a while before answering: “What attracted me is her innocence, but what stops us being together is also her innocence. There’s nothing to be sorry about; unsuitable is unsuitable.”

Yang Yin poured some more wine for him: “You’re too cool headed to fall in love. Let’s just drink.”

Chen Yinghu and Oblivion had already gotten drunk; they were singing while hugging each other.

Yang Yin and Shen Zemu clinked their glasses to make a toast: “One glass for tomorrow, one glass for the past.”[1]

Shen Zemu looked at the reflection of the moon in his glass and showed a rare smile: “En.”


Xiang Nuan stood on the balcony looking at the people on the ground instead of the moon. She felt everyone and everything on the grass looked especially gentle tonight, perhaps it was because of the lighting.

Lin Chuyan at first was hugging her shoulder, but later on he switched to embracing her from behind.

Xiang Nuan didn’t resist; she looked at her friends in the garden, Hu Ge and Oblivion were singing while Shen Zemu and Yang Yin were still drinking.

“Lin Chuyan.”


“I’m quite confused. My mom always tells me that it’s meaningless to play games. I sometimes feel the same way but look how many friends I’ve met through games. Except Shen Xuezhang, I met each of them from playing games. With so many good friends, how can it be true that playing games is meaningless?”

Lin Chuyan didn’t respond but tightened his hug. There was a breeze blowing over the balcony, he was afraid that she would catch a cold.

Xiang Nuan kept asking: “What do you think, whether playing games is meaningless or not?”

“Any experience has meaning.”

Xiang Nuan slowly sighed: “Why do I always feel that you make a lot of sense no matter what you say.”

“Because I’m your hubby.”

“Ha, it looks like you want to go to naughty corner again.”

Lin Chuyan lowered his head, used his chin to rub against the side of her neck, and chuckled lightly: “Please spare me.”

The two of them snuggled together without saying anything more. It was all quiet around them. After a while, Xiang Nuan suddenly said: “I feel the most meaningful thing I did in this game is meet you.”

Lin Chuyan used his lips to rub her ear and whispered in her ear: “Glad you realize that.”

“Hey, at a time like this shouldn’t you reply ‘so am I’?”

Lin Chuyan didn’t follow suit.

Xiang Nuan felt like she got short changed and bent her elbow to nudge the person behind her: “Say it, hurry, say it.”

“I love you.”

[1]: A footnote from the original author herself: This is a line from a song called “消愁” (Alleviate Sorrow) sang by 毛不易 (Mao Buyi).

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