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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 37 Part 2

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 37 Part 2

Zhou Tingsheng could see Ye Qiao’s mischievous smile reflected in the clear part of the mirror. Rousing his suppressed desires, he clasped her waist from behind. His wet chest clung onto Ye Qiao’s dry and slightly cool back. She leaned forwards and mumbled her complain: “It’s wet……” Zhou Tingsheng pushed forwards, pushing the two of them against the washbasin. Ye Qiao had nowhere to hide, bent over to rinse her mouth, then scolded him: “I’m brushing my teeth. I’ll scream if you don’t stop.”

“Go ahead?” Zhou Tingsheng looked over her shoulder to meet her eyes in the mirror. His body heat from the hot shower made it feel like a sauna. Ye Qiao could see the desire in his eyes and quickly finished brushing her teeth. But neither of them had the confidence to continue.

Zhou Tingsheng knew very well he couldn’t act recklessly in this house. He reluctantly released Ye Qiao and turned around to get his clothes, then awkwardly left the bathroom.
The door to the bedroom was right outside the bathroom. He could already hear rustling outside the bedroom, someone was walking up the stairs.

Ye Qiao came out of the bathroom right after him and blocked Zhou Tingsheng’s path.
He forced a smile: “What are you coming out for? To watch me put on my clothes?”
Ye Qiao lightly clicked her tongue and stepped forward to give him an appeasement kiss. As their lips locked, both of them heard footfalls from the hallway. One set of footsteps sounded  slower and heavier than the other. Grandma was outside.

There were many rooms on the second floor and the steps seemed to go towards the other direction. Ye Qiao became bolder and pushed Zhou Tingsheng against the room door. She teased him: “Grandma is up. What do you think she would think if she goes downstairs and sees an empty guestroom?”
As if to validate her question, grandma happened to ask right then: “Where’s everyone? Auntie Zhong, have you seen them?”
Auntie Zhong’s voice came from further away: “I saw him this morning. It seems he went out for a jog.”

The conversation outside and Ye Qiao’s voice mixed in his ears. Zhou Tingsheng’s heart thumped like a beating drum. He was rather uneasy about the entire situation, but Ye Qiao didn’t seem to care. She continued, moving from the lips down to his neck, then further down.
The old lady’s suspicious voice came through the door again: “Both of them went out jogging?”
Grandma knew that it was a good thing for young people to get some exercise. But Ye Qiao was weak physically and didn’t have a habit of taking morning jogs. No wonder she was suspicious.
Auntie Zhong couldn’t be sure: “......It seems so.”

Ye Qiao lightly giggled and squatted down. She used her teeth to untie the bath towel on Zhou Tingsheng. Zhou Tingsheng’s muscles were tense and his hoarse voice didn’t sound like his own. Ye Qiao could hear him murmuring her nickname as a warning, but his voice carried a hint of his desires. She mischievously continued her teasing.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 64 Part 4

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 64 Part 4

On the way to the airport, Tong Yao had nothing else to do but check the posts on Tieba. All the posts were quite critical of the Obsidian team. Many commented that if Obsidian didn’t really want to win the competition, the team shouldn’t have stayed in the major league. There were many teams in the junior league who were fighting hard to get into major league…...Some even said that the reason why the Chinese professional league couldn’t earn a better standing in the world was because there were shameless teams like Obsidian!

Tong Yao asked Ming god about Obsidian and learned that they had almost lost their position in the major league last season. They made a comeback in their last match in the last season to stay in.

Tong Yao: “A win is a win.”

Ming god: “En. But personally, I do think they aren’t that strong compared to some teams in the junior league-- --Most of junior league teams lack experience. If they could play a few round-robin matches, they would probably perform better than some of the bottom teams in the major league.”

Tong Yao continued checking Tieba.

Then she happily discovered that she had finally earned some validation in the eyes of the fans, possibly because of her record 5 kills today. Amidst all the derogatory comments about Obsidian, there were some posts about her here and there: [Smiling is really fine], [That 5 kills wasn’t easy, even if Obsidian’s lousy], [I decide to take back my comment about girls playing games]......

Tong Yao randomly clicked on one post and found the first sentence of the post was -- --

[After watching today’s matches, I begin to suspect that Smiling’s victory in her 1v1 wasn’t an accident. She’s really good at the game, fully in control of the lane and has a good understanding of strategy……]

Tong Yao couldn’t help but giggle.

The man sitting behind her kicked the back of her chair: “Haven’t you been giggling foolishly enough?”

Tong Yao turned around, ready to retort, when she saw the man behind her had already pulled his jacket over his face to take a nap…...Tong Yao rolled her eyes and sat back down in her seat to continue reading. Lu Yue reached over and said flatly: “If we win the Red Arrow the day after tomorrow again, we’ll be all wins and no losses in the group. It looks like no one will question your position as one of the top three mids in the major league.”

Tong Yao couldn’t stop herself giggling again.


It was about 8:30 at night when they arrived at the airport.

The team was dismissed after everyone received their own boarding pass; they would have to be back at the terminal at 10:30 to get ready to board the plane. Little Fatty dragged Tong Yao to eat dinner together, then went to buy some skin moisturizer.

Tong Yao carried several bags with her as she boarded the plane. It was late at night and the passengers on the plane all spoke in low voices. She concentrated on the number on the seats as she passed the rows and eventually reached her own seat-- --

She looked down and saw her captain sitting at the window seat.

Tong Yao: “......”


The man was wearing his earbuds with a darkened face; probably still irritated at the commercial event they were forced to attend tomorrow…...He seemed to notice there was someone standing still next to him and lifted his eyelids to take a glance at her. Then he pulled one of the earbuds off: “What are you looking at?”


Tong Yao thought: I’m looking at you.

“Sit, you’re blocking the aisle.”

Tong Yao hurriedly sat down in the seat next to Lu Sicheng amid the unhappy gaze from the people behind her. While she was buckling the seatbelt, she accidentally brushed past Lu Sicheng and he moved away a little. Tong Yao instantly sprang away like a startled animal-- --then she began to curl up towards the opposite side-- --until she helplessly watched Little Fatty’s huge body approach her like a hill and sat down in the aisle seat next to her.

Tong Yao: “......”

Little Fatty: “What a coincidence, ha.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Little Fatty: “We probably won’t get there till after midnight. If you get sleepy, you can lean on my soft shoulder to take a rest.”

Tong Yao embarrassingly sat up straight a little, though her body was still curved towards Little Fatty’s direction and her head was very close to Little Fatty’s shoulder.

Lu Sicheng who was playing with his cell phone suddenly looked up at her. After a short pause when their eyes met, he made a surprising statement: “Am I a pile of shit? Keeping such a distance from me?”

Tong Yao: “.........................................................”

She concluded that the captain was really in a bad mood and she had better not make him unhappier.

Tong Yao sat up straight and lowered her head to pull her hair behind her ear-- --As she was doing that, the back of her hand unintentionally touched Lu Sicheng’s shoulder. She could feel  his body temperature through the thin layer of fabric between them.

Tong Yao suddenly felt like the rest of her body had disappeared, except the back of her hand.

And the back of her hand was so hot as if it was going to ignite at any moment.

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 50 Part 2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 50 Part 2

Walking out of the shopping center, Ren Danyan checked the bracelet on her palm and asked in an unimpressed voice: “Is this made of plastic?”

“I won it myself. Mom, aren’t you proud of me?”

“My little baby, you’ve played for an hour and won a piece of plastic. I’m so proud of you.”

Xiang Nuan: TAT Is she really my mom……

-- --

Xiang Nuan and her teammates had created a WeChat group, named “Charge forward to get rich.” There were five members in the group, but tonight, Xiang Nuan was surprised to notice that there was a sixth person in the group chat.

She checked the id and found the new addition was called “Young Master Yang,” the profile picture was a large, squinting face of a cat with a cigarette dangling from its mouth.

It didn’t look like a decent person no matter how anyone looked at it……

What was going on?

As if Young Master Yang had heard Xiang Nuan’s question, he started talking.

Young Master Yang: Why isn’t there anyone here to welcome me?

Xiang Nuan decided that whether it was a stranger or not, it was still polite to welcome him. She was the first one to respond: Welcome, welcome, a warm welcome to Young Master Yang~

Shen Zemu: Change your id first.

Three seconds later, Master Yang: It’s done.

Shen Zemu: Change it to your own name.

Another three seconds later, Yang Yin: Really…… How’s this?

Xiang Nuan grew more and more curious about this person. Where had this mysterious person come from? And judging by the name, Yang Yin, could it be a girl? But if it was a girl, why would she call herself Young Master Yang or Master Yang?

It was terribly confusing……

Fortunately, Shen Zemu soon clarified the confusion for everyone: Let me introduce you to everyone. This is Yang Yin, a game coach. She happens to have some free time now and has come to give us a hand.

As they moved up in the Collegiate Competition, they would meet more and more skilled players. In order to win the championship, they had to improve their own game as much as possible. It so happened that Chen Yinghu had come to visit Shen Zemu’s family and he had asked Chen Yinghu to find a coach for the team.

Chen Yinghu highly recommended this coach.

Somehow, Shen Zemu didn’t feel Yang Yin was a reliable person……

After seeing Shen Zemu’s introduction, Xiang Nuan’s messages quickly became respectful: How are you, Coach Yang! I’m the support of our team. You can call me Xiang Nuan or Nuannuan.

Yang Yin: How are you, Nuannuan. Don’t be so formal. You can call me Yin Jiejie. ( ^ - ^ ) V

Xiang Nuan: Oh, oh, how old are you?

Yang Yin: 21.

Xiang Nuan: Then I do need to call you jiejie. I’ll be 19 after the New Year. You can be a coach at the age of 21? You’re awesome!

Yang Yin: I started playing professionally when I’m 16~

Xiang Nuan: Wow!

Shen Zemu watched the chat between Xiang Nuan and Yang Yin. No wonder Yang Yin could be friends with his cousin, both were addicted to playing games and didn’t like going to school…...What he couldn’t understand was Xiang Nuan’s worship of them. Was it very glorious to drop out of school to go play video games?

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 64 Part 3

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 64 Part 3

The exchange between Xiao Ma and Lu Sicheng continued in similar fashion until Lu Sicheng’s responses grew nasty in the end. Just from reading those words, Tong Yao felt like grabbing a pot lid to shield her head and quietly crawl away-- --

At this point, since the official site had already announced the event, it was hard to back away from the commitment. They had to consider the reaction from the fans who had purchased tickets for the anime convention as soon as the news came out. Then it would be hard to give the sponsor a satisfactory explanation for the team’s cancellation. Even if Lu Sicheng was willing to make up the funds from the sponsor and ask them to divest, the whole incident would still deter other potential sponsors from investing……

The club headquarters definitely wouldn’t allow its League of Legend team to have its own way……After all, those who invest in the club aren’t doing simply because of a dream to build Chinese esports; they are businessmen first and all businessmen want to make money.

“......It’s alright, we can go and come back on the same day.” Though Tong Yao was also displeased with the arrangement, she comforted Lu Sicheng anyway since she sensed his growing anger: “We’ll just rest less, it’s only one day.”

“You don’t understand.” Lu Sicheng gave her a glance: “This isn’t the first time these kinds of things have happened. You back down this time, more will come later-- --Last year, before you joined the team, we had stopped various events like this at least dozens of times. Go ask Xiao Rui.”

Tong Yao turned to look at Xiao Rui, who returned a wry smile.

This was the first commercial event since Tong Yao had joined the team. She walked over to Xiao Rui, sat down next to him, and wore the disposable gloves again to eat crayfish: “What are these kinds of events like?”

“Play some matches with fans, sign autographs, take pictures with fans, and interact with them, things like that.” Xiao Rui replied: “It usually goes like that.”

“Oh, then that’s not that bad. It doesn’t sound like a hard job.”

“C City is hot as a hot pot lately and the anime convention is indoors. It’ll be so crowded, that I’m afraid our players will get a heat stroke and affect our performance the next day.” Xiao Rui sighed: “We’re being preyed on.”

Tong Yao used the back of her hand to pat Xiao Rui’s back as a comforting gesture: “It’s alright, it’s alright. We can take it.”


The competition next week came quickly.

The match against Obsidian was much easier than Tong Yao had anticipated-- --Obsidian had probably lost the will to fight against the leading team in the A group since they had lost all their prior matches, being last in A group with 0 points. The matches with Obsidian started at 5 o’clock in the afternoon and ended by 6:30……

Tong Yao was named MVP for two of the matches.

She also earned her first 5 kills in her professional career.

After the match was over, she took off her earphones and stood up, ready to go shake hands with the opposing team. Suddenly, she heard people in the audience calling her name. She turned to take a look and found a group of fans in the audience holding a support plaque with her name on it-- --The colorful support plaque was one amongst a sea of plaques that had other names like Lu Sicheng, Little Fatty, and her other teammates. Though hers were inconspicuous, Tong Yao found it just at a glance.

She heard the people shouting her name, cheering for her-- --Voices from both men and women; though the shouting wasn’t uniform, Tong Yao still felt it was the best cheering she had ever heard.

Tong Yao squinted and her lips curved into a smile. She raised her hand to wave at her fans in the direction of the plaque, then she shouted: “Thanks.” The audience burst into laughter-- --She was the first professional player to act so thrilled onstage.

Lu Sicheng, who stood behind her, rolled his eyes. He pressed down on her head with his big hand: “Shame on you.”

“I have fans. Ahhh, see that, Cheng Ge? Have you seen that, my support plaque!”

With such excited insistence, Lu Sicheng took a perfunctorily look at the audience then simply said “en”-- --

“You see it? See it? My support plaque!”

“I saw it.”

“Hmph, you haven’t seen it. You’re just brushing me off!”

“I said I saw it. The one with an idiotic cat head on it, right? Would you cut it out, already?”


After the players of ZGDX bowed to the audience, they turned to leave the stage. The entire audience saw their mid, who was following the ADC, raise her arm and give a forceful slap on his back.

Since they had finished the match early, including the time for Tong Yao’s MVP interviews, the team still had plenty of time to gather their belongings then head to the airport.

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 50 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 50 Part 1

Ren Danyan was unhappy seeing her daughter constantly glued to her phone and pushed Xiang Nuan’s head: “Do you plan on marrying your cell phone?”

Xiang Nuan rubbed her head and murmured in a small voice: “No……”

“Then don’t play with your cell phone today.” Ren Danyan confiscated Xiang Nuan’s phone as she spoke.

Xiang Nuan couldn’t accept it and gave her mother puppy dog eyes: “Mom, I’m an adult now……”

Ren Danyan didn’t give in and refused to take the phone out of her bag. Instead, she took Xiang Nuan shopping.

Once Xiang Nuan started trying on new clothes, she forgot about her cell phone. The mother and daughter pair had a great time shopping. Ren Danyan not only bought new clothes for Xiang Nuan, she also bought her some cosmetics.

When Xiang Nuan first entered college, she was quite into makeup. After her focus shifted to playing Kings of Glory, she’d stop bothering with makeup altogether.

Ren Danyan originally found her daughter’s young and natural beauty didn’t need any makeup. But now that Xiang Nuan wasn’t putting on any makeup, she felt like she had to buy some cosmetics for her.

After shopping for half a day, it was already dinner time when they decided to return home. Xiang Nuan noticed someone doing an event on the first floor of the shopping center. There was a temporary stage with a huge poster in the background. The poster was about Kings of Glory.

What? Xiang Nuan’s eyes instantly brightened.

Xiang Nuan dragged her mom over to take a look. Ren Danyan didn’t realize what was going on and thought it was just a product promotion. After they got closer, Ren Danyan saw several young men and women wearing strange costumes and various colored wigs.

What were they selling…...she wondered.

The strange people in Ren Danyan’s view were actually cosplayers, dressed as the champions from Kings of Glory.

Xiang Nuan walked over to the cosplayer who was dressed as “Wang Zhaojun” and asked her what was going on.

Wang Zhaojun explained to Xiang Nuan that the shopping center was going to hold a Kings of Glory competition. Anyone with a membership card could register. Anyone who didn’t have a membership card could go to the service counter to get one.

The competition tonight was 1 v 1 matches. The shopping center had invited 8 high ranking players to take challenges from any of the registered players. If anyone could defeat all 8, then the person would win a two hundred RMB gift card.

“Mom, I want to play.” Xiang Nuan tugged on her mother’s sleeve and pleaded.

Ren Danyan couldn’t understand how the world had turned into a place with video games everywhere. But since Xiang Nuan had been very cooperative earlier while they were shopping, Ren Danyan decided to reward her. She took Xiang Nuan’s cell phone out of her bag: “Go ahead and hurry up.”

Xiang Nuan used Diaochan and defeated the first 7 but lost to the eighth player. She felt the first 7 weren’t playing that well but the 8th one was really strong. They had both played Diaochan and in very similar fashion, but the 8th player had more gold than her.

She knew what that difference was-- --This 8th player was very skilled at farming minions. In the game, if the champion dealt the deathblow to the minion, then the champion would get extra gold. Therefore, when farming for minions, it was imperative to make sure that the minions didn’t die from other sources, like the turret or allied minions.

It wasn’t a difficult skill but took a lot of practice. Xiang Nuan always played support and so didn’t have much experience at farming minions.

Xiang Nuan felt a bit sorry for herself to have lost in the final match.

The 8th player comforted her: “Girl, you played very well. Let’s add each other as friends and play together later.”

“Oh, sure.”

Afterwards “Wang Zhaojun” walked over and gave Xiang Nuan a consolation prize. It was a bracelet with green stones strung together with a thin, red thread. It looked like it was from some wholesale market.

“Wang Zhaojun” told her: “Next week we have a competition for teams, you can register in advance. There’s a ten thousand award for the winning team. Do you want to try it?”

Xiang Nuan regretfully said: “But, I don’t have a team. It’s only me.”

“That’s too bad. Try your best to find some teammates.”


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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 37 Part 1

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 37 Part 1

Ye Qiao didn’t know when Zhou Tingsheng had fallen asleep that night.
The sound of the raindrops gradually stopped outside the window. Ye Qiao turned around to find Zhou Tingsheng already sound asleep. She got up to look at the man; the edge of his eyes were discolored blue, perhaps he hadn’t been sleeping well lately. She got out of bed very carefully to take a shower. She then put on her pajamas and gathered both of their clothes and went downstairs. She put his jacket into the dryer.
The jacket felt warm after she took it out of the dryer. Even the jacket smelled like it had basked under sunlight.

When she went upstairs, she passed by the guest room that Zhou Tingsheng was supposed to have stayed the night in. It was originally her parents’ room. After her mother passed away, her father seldom interacted with the family and no one had used room since. Deep down in her heart, she didn’t want Zhou Tingsheng to stay in the room. Somehow, she felt it would be bad luck.
She then realized that even she could be quite superstitious sometimes.

As she lay down beside him again, it suddenly felt to her that she was having a secret affair and wasn’t at ease with the idea. However, sleepiness soon overcame her and she fell asleep quicker than she had ever experienced before.

She had an Electra Complex ever since she was little, a secret she had been ashamed to mention to anyone. When she was 13 years old, she was forced to distance herself from her father. The admiration for her father became a scar in her heart. The partners she found after she became an adult were usually much older than she was, with the kind of charisma and life experiences that seemed out of reach for her.
This time with Zhou Tingsheng was a totally different experience. Both of them could be quite childish from time to time. They mutually had to tolerate each other’s immaturity and youth. This time, she didn’t have to follow other’s rhythm, she was in control of her own pace.
It was a strange feeling to her, yet she was exploring it cautiously, with great expectations.

Zhou Tingsheng flipped over in his sleep and unconsciously hugged her.
Ye Qiao half awakened but soon fell into a deep sleep in his arm. When she was still half awake, it was clear that he was having a nightmare. His hands and feet were icy cold and his hold tightened on Ye Qiao. She was quite familiar with nightmares. In a daze, she put her arm onto his back to comfort him. On this cool, rainy night, two bodies warmed each other with their own body temperature. When they woke the next morning, their arms and legs were entangled.

Zhou Tingsheng woke up at daybreak, still remembering the bloody scene in his dream. He thought he would be spared of his nightmares after such a perfect evening last night. He wasn’t sure whether Ye Qiao was awake or not when his nightmare began. He saw Ye Qiao was still sound asleep and his senses came to him: This is Ye Qiao’s bed.
He had fallen asleep last night before he went back to his own room. He was a bit embarrassed at the chance of being discovered by her family.

It was clear and cool right after the rain that autumn morning. Ye Qiao woke up and found the other half of the bed empty. She thought Zhou Tingsheng had probably gone back to the guest room in the middle of the night.
There was noise coming from the kitchen downstairs, the housekeeper must be cooking breakfast. Ye Qiao checked the clock in her room; it was still early but she got up to wash up.
When she pushed open the door to the bathroom, she was surrounded by steam.
The man inside the bathroom swiftly grabbed the bath towel to cover the bottom half of his body. Ye Qiao was stunned and confused, then she realized that he had just taken a shower.

Zhou Tingsheng had gone jogging in the morning to calm himself down. He had just finished showering, but hadn’t had a chance to dry himself. The drops of water flowed along his masculine chest down to his stomach. Ye Qiao looked at his body wantonly and smiled as she reached past him for the toothpaste. The mirror in the bathroom was covered by a layer of fog. She placed the toothbrush in her still smiling mouth and used the fingertip of her free hand to clear the mirror in the shape of a human figure which happened to reflect Zhou Tingsheng’s body.
Her finger moved on the mirror as if she was caressing his body.

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 36 Part 3

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 36 Part 3

Noticing that Zhou Tingsheng hadn’t moved for a bit, Ye Qiao began to worry that she might have hurt his feelings. She slowly turned over to face him: “Actually……” and she forgot what she was going to say.
His gaze was like a cozy fire, instantly melting her heart. The uneasiness suddenly dissipated, like a drizzling sky that suddenly cleared up, letting the gentle moonlight shine down.
It was the best moonlight of the year.

Zhou Tingsheng quietly held his tender gaze at her fair and dewy face, lush and long eyelashes, and clear eyes. She shyly stared back. Everything looked just right to him. He reached over to pull her hair up; his fingertips trebled from the beating of his heart. He gently called her name: “Qiaoqiao.”

Warmth suddenly filled her heart and swelled till it overflowed to the rest of her body drying her suddenly tightened throat. She used to dislike people calling her Qiaoqiao, because only her close family use it. When people other than her family called her by that name, it would rouse a feeling of repulsion. But when he called her with his deep, tender voice, though it felt a little strange yet it also strangely felt right.

She gave light nasal sound: “En.”
His voice seemed to shake: “Let’s find a time to go to my home for dinner.”

Ye Qiao held her silence for a long time. She was well aware of the meaning behind his invitation, but she felt that if she agreed, it seemed too easy, that they weren’t taking it seriously. Ye Qiao felt a little regret that it seemed more difficult to act reserved given the way they used to interact between each other. She also still had lingering concerns about his promiscuous behavior. But she was a fatalistic person and found it difficult to make it harder for others, she decided to follow her own heart.

Zhou Tingsheng could tell from Ye Qiao’s expression that she had agreed. He had been anxiously waiting for her answer and it wasn’t easy for him to release his facial muscles to break into a smile: “Then the 15th next month?”
Ye Qiao pouted: “I have work on the 15th.”
“Then the 16th.”
“The 16th is work too.”
Zhou Tingsheng smiled bitterly: “You’re turning me down?”
Ye Qiao frustratedly said: “I really have to work those days.”
“Then you pick a day.”
Ye Qiao replied without thinking: “I only have time these couple of days.”
Zhou Tingsheng didn’t know what to think and fixed his gaze on her face to make sure she wasn’t joking: “Qiaoqiao.”

“......” Zhou Tingsheng was quiet for quite a long time as if he’d lost the ability to express himself. His long arm reached over to hug Ye Qiao’s waist, smelling her familiar fragrance, and gave a deep breath of relief.
Circling by his arm, Ye Qiao suddenly said: “Zhou Tingsheng.”
It was hard for her to say it. Ye Qiao stammered: “That day…...I didn’t……”

Though she had nothing to hide, some of the words were still hard for her to utter even if she prefaced each word with “no” and “never”, as if those negations weren’t enough to wipe clean the filthiness of each word.
Zhou Tingsheng understood and tightened his grip around her: “I know.”

Sometimes, the unspoken misunderstanding that entangled two people could be unravelled simply by one sentence. Grudges stemming from mistrust and past sins didn’t seem to matter at this moment. Ye Qiao discovered right then that she actually could be someone who lived for today.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 64 Part 2

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 64 Part 2

[Who’s feeding who? Who’s a loving couple with who?]

[I just heard Smiling tell someone to open his mouth!]

[Damn Fatty, I dare you to turn the camera and give us a look-- --Who wants to watch you eating crayfish! ! ! Go away! ! ! !]

[Turn the camera, turn the camera-- --]

Little Fatty gigled in his seat: “Well, I’m not turning the camera.” “My hands are greasy, can’t turn the camera.” “Come hit me, hahahahaha.” “Why, it’s enough just watching me.” As he was joyously teasing his fans, he saw one comment fly by-- --

[Little Fatty, waiting for you at C City next week. Muah.]

Little Fatty stopped stuffing crayfish into his mouth and looked up at his teammates not far away with a confused look on his face. Then he checked the comment again and blinked: “What C City?”

There were more comments. Those who were just asking him to turn the camera now started to fill him in about the news: The ZGDX official Weibo site has just released news that all the major players of the ZGDX will fly to C City Saturday of next week and show up at a certain anime convention. They will be there to promote a certain brand of peripheral equipment from one of the team’s sponsors.

Little Fatty: “......?”

Little Fatty’s reaction to the news was utter confusion: “Next week we have an event at C City? Anime convention? What anime convention-- --Our team? That can’t be right. Why don’t I know about this…… We have two matches next week, against Obsidian on Friday and against Red Arrow on Sunday. How can we fly to C City for an event with just Saturday being the only free day? Fly in and out the same day?”

As he was talking, the smile disappeared from his face. He took off the disposable gloves and murmured: “Let me go ask.” Then he turned off the stream.

Little Fatty then checked the official site of ZGDX on his cell phone. He discovered that about an hour ago, the official site had indeed posted the news. What was suspicious about the news release was that it didn’t @ any of the teammates who owned a Weibo account. It was a unilateral announcement-- --

As if headquarters was afraid that the team would find out about it. How sneaky.

“Xiao Rui, what is this. We have an event at C City next Saturday? Damn, wake up friend, it takes at least 2 or 3 hours to fly to C City, it’s in the other half of the country. Do you think it’s like going for a field trip to the suburbs? I wouldn’t have even known about it if the fans hadn’t mentioned it on the bullet comments……”

Little Fatty slapped the cell phone on the table as he yelled. Those who were sitting around the table eating crayfish were taken back-- --Old Cat stretched his head over to look at the screen of Little Fatty’s phone and frowned. Old Cat looked up at Little Fatty first: “Did you turn off the stream?”

Little Fatty: “Yes.”

Old Cat then turned to look at Xiao Rui and asked quite frankly: “Is there something wrong with this sponsor?”

“Headquarters did tell me that there might be an event like this, but it isn’t confirmed yet-- --I told them that we have matches both on Friday and Sunday and won’t have the energy to do any events. They said they will negotiate with the sponsor further to see whether we can have the B team to go instead……” Xiao Rui also stood up and reached over to check Little Fatty’s cell phone. “Damn, looks like the result of their negotiations is sneakily making the announcement without even letting us know?”

Everyone: “......”

After sitting there dumbfounded for a while, Tong Yao suddenly realized something. She took off the disposable gloves and crawled on top of several chairs to get besides Lu Sicheng. With a swift move, before Lu Sicheng could react, she pulled the cell phone out of Lu Sicheng’s hand and took a close look-- --

Just as she had expected, their captain was arguing with people at headquarters about the arrangement while all the others were happily enjoying crayfish……

Xiao Ma from the marketing department of ZGDX: QAQ all the sponsors are our providers, Cheng Ge. Just agree to it?
Lu Sicheng: No.

Xiao Ma: As far as I know the two teams you’re against next week aren’t strong teams. It won’t affect your team’s performance just go to C City for the event between two matches……
Lu Sicheng: No.

Xiao Ma: If you are against attending this kind of events, why don’t you buy up the whole ZGDX club?
Lu Sicheng: My last name is Lu, not Ma.

Xiao Ma: We all have to make a living, Cheng Ge.
Lu Sicheng: Alright, I’ll make up whatever difference there is for this event. Let them divest, then.

Xiao Ma: Don’t let us be caught in the middle, Cheng Ge. I’m discussing this with you because you’re one of the owners, but your strong objection puts us at headquarters in quite a difficult position. We already made the official announcement!
Lu Sicheng: It’s you guys who are being unrealistic. Agreeing to any demand from the sponsors only because there’s money there. Now you tell me our refusal to cooperate is giving you a difficult time? Furthermore, did I let you make the official announcement? You really know how to act first, ask later?

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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 49 Part 3

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 49 Part 3

Xiang Nuan didn’t go shopping or visiting friends during the vacation but stayed at home playing games. Lately when she was playing games, she liked to sit on the Kun that Lin Chuyan had given her. She sat on Kun cross-legged as if she was practicing to attain immortality.

Sometimes Ren Danyan would see her daughter sitting on the big fish cross-legged and yelling for murder with both eyes shining with excitement…...She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Wasn’t college supposed to be an ivory tower? Why did her daughter change like this in just half of a year in college…..There were three and a half more years to go. She couldn’t imagine that……

Ren Danyan had enough and forced Xiang Nuan to go out with her. They went shopping to buy clothes and handbags and to get their hair done. She liked to dress up her daughter.

The hairdresser suggested that Xiang Nuan should get her hair permed with big waves.

After the perm, Xiang Nuan felt the new hairdo looked good on her, making her even more attractive.

Facing the mirror, she took a picture of her new hairdo and sent it to Lin Chuyan.

Xiang Nuan: [picture]

Xiang Nuan: How does it look?

Lin Chuyan: It looks good, like seaweed turning into spirits.

Xiang Nuan didn’t feel good about his comment. She touched her hair and checked in front of the mirror for quite a while, then asked in annoyance: “How do they look like seaweed turning into spirits?”

Even the hairdresser felt that she had been insulted.

Ren Danyan also had her hair done at the salon and happily left with Xiang Nuan. Afterwards, she took her daughter to go buy clothes. Noticing her daughter was pouting, she patted Xiang Nuan’s head and said: “It looks good. What’s going on?”

Xiang Nuan at the moment was trying hard to come up with a way to get back at Lin Chuyan. Min Lili happened to send her a message at the time.

Min Lili: Nuannuan, let me tell you, I just ate 5 flatbreads! I’m so stuffed, hahahaha!

Xiang Nuan suddenly paused.

She paused not because Min Lili had eaten 5 flatbreads, but……

Why didn’t she send a picture of her new hairdo to Min Lili, or anyone else, but to Lin Chuyan the first moment she could?

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 64 Part 1

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 64 Part 1

Back at base, Tong Yao and Lu Sicheng received a rousing welcome from everyone, though Lu Sicheng’s recently washed car was now filled with the smell of crayfish and needed another wash…...Little Fatty was streaming and showed off the ten pounds of crayfish that was his share to his fans. Before he ended the stream to go eat the crayfish, he sincerely announced to his fans: Cheng Ge is a good man who keeps his words.

The bullet comments went like-- --

[Well said, so when are the two Cs of your team going to get married?]

[What marriage? They’re happily eating their crayfish now. The team is all grade schoolers and kindergarteners.]

[...................................ZGDX teammates get along so well.]

[Any team that’s doing well certainly gets along well. That goes without saying…...Besides, with Lu Sicheng the big investor who buys food everyday, even I can be happy all the time.]

[So, how much is all the crayfish?]

[Lu Sicheng is really rich, how much does he make a year?]

[Don’t you know that Lu Sicheng comes from a rich family? If you don’t believe me, look at Lu Yue. He’s just a substitute, how much can he make? But he wears the same watch as his brother. Do you know how much that watch costs? It starts from 800,000 RMB my friend.]

[Turn the camera over, let me see the other guys. I don’t want to watch you, Little Fatty.]

“Watch your words. You expect me to turn the camera for you with that attitude?” Little Fatty pinched a crayfish which was larger than his palm and kept showing off: “Have you ever seen a crayfish this big? It’s 150 or 160 a pound. Before it’s cooked, the bubbles it made are rainbow colored……”

[This shrimp is poisonous.]

[It’s full of hormones.]

[A Mary Sue among crayfish wrecked by you.]

[It had drunk liquid detergent…...233333333333333]

“Little Fatty, are you done showing off? Do you want to eat or not?”

Old Cat’s voice came from behind, mixed with the rustling sound of plastic bags being torn open…...Little Fatty looked back and found Old K was taking a selfie of himself, the teammates behind him and the crayfish. After taking the shot, he posted it on Weibo. Little Fatty put down the crayfish in his hand and checked the Weibo post: “Old K, there’s problem with your post, what do you mean by ‘everyone’s here’? Have you seen your support in it?”

“Who told you to stay over there? I’ll photoshop you into it?” Old K put down the cell phone and put on disposable gloves.

Lu Sicheng sneered and sat there playing with his cell phone without touching the crayfish.

“Why don’t you eat?” Tong Yao kicked him.

Lu Sicheng looked up at her without saying anything. Lu Yue was peeling the shrimp in his hands: “He doesn’t want to bother with peeling them. Besides, it will make his hands smell.”

Lu Sicheng: “That smell won’t even dissipate till the next day. Terrible.”

Lu Yue tipped his chin up to Tong Yao as if to say: See. “......He cares too much about his idol facade. He’ll eat it unless you peel one for him and put it in the bowl.”

“Damn, you think you’re eating Boston Lobster and need others to serve you.” Tong Yao nagged while swiftly taking off the shrimp head, peeling off the shell, pulling out the vein, dipping it in the sauce, and delivering it next to Lu Sicheng’s mouth: “Open your mouth, ah.”

Lu Sicheng backed away trying to avoid it. Tong Yao mumbled: “You watched me peel it, I didn’t put any rat poison on it.” Seeing him still resisting, Tong Yao raised her brows and said nevermind. Just as she retracted her arm to put the crayfish in her own mouth, Lu Sicheng came forward and bit up to the tail of the shrimp and pull it into his mouth.

Tong Yao: “......”

Tong Yao asked Lu Sicheng again: “Do you want more?”

Lu Sicheng: “You like to peel shrimp for other people?”

Tong Yao: “I was going to say that even if you want more, I’m not going to serve you. I’m just letting you have a taste since it’s your money. This is a courtesy-- --Who are you talking to?”

Lu Sicheng turned the screen of his cell phone away from her: “What does it have anything to do with you?”

Tong Yao: “You asked me the same question earlier, so I’m asking it now-- --”

Before she could finish, a slap landed on her forehead. Tong Yao screeched and shrunk back. Lu Sicheng mumbled: “No respect to elders.” Then he stood up from the chair next to Tong Yao’s and changed to one farther away from her…...Lu Yue interrupted: “Tsk, tsk, tsk. You two played a 1v1 this morning and flirted by feeding crayfish at night. What a loving couple.”

Lu Yue’s voice was a bit loud and there was an immediate response on Little Fatty’s screen as bullet comments flew by-- --

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 49 Part 2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 49 Part 2

“If we can win every championship, each of us can have a share of 16,000 RMB. How do you want to spend the money?” Xiang Nuan asked her teammates.

She had already started planning on how she’d spend the award money.

All the teammates of this new team were in a group chat. Zheng Dongkai replied, jokingly: “I want to buy a girlfriend.”

Waiwai said: “You can buy one now, on Taobao, 200 RMB, shipping included.”

“Shut up.” Lin Chuyan couldn’t stand them making these sort of jokes when Xiang Nuan was around.

Shen Zemu asked a very practical question: “We have two junglers and two supports.”

With a lineup like what they have now, it would be a miracle if they could win the elimination round, not to mention any award money.

Xiang Nuan asked Waiwai: “Waiwai Xuezhang, I can only play support. Can you play anything else?”

“Then I’ll be top. I’m not bad with Yang Jian, even Kil’Groth will do.”

The problem with double support was solved. Now it was the problem of double jungler.

Before Zheng Dongkai said anything, Shen Zemu spoke: “I’ll be the marksman.”

Generally, marksman and support always worked together. The most important task of the support was to protect the marksman. With Shen Zemu as their marksman, Xiang Nuan would have to stay close to Shen Zemu the entire time during their games.

Thinking about it, Lin Chuyan abruptly said: “I’ll be the marksman.”

“Lin Chuyan, don’t make trouble.” Xiang Nuan said.

Lin Chuyan was the only mage among the five players; it couldn’t be changed.

The lineup was decided quite easily, then they waited in queue to play a ranked match. Lin Chuyan wasn’t in a good mood; to vent his anger, he randomly chose Angela as his champion and hid in the bushes to ambush enemy.

Many mage champions such as Daji, Xiao Qiao, or Diaochan needed time to develop, but not for Angela. Angela was already a force to be feared at level 4.

In the ranked matches at the Master tier, there were no weak players. It was rare to see Angela in these matches. However, she appeared in this match and ambushed two enemies.

Xiang Nuan knew that Lin Chuyan had only played Angela for a few times. She couldn’t tell whether he had good luck or he simply made good a prediction.

In either case, the enemy, after losing two of their own to Angela, started to focus on Angela in the late game.

Angela was an easy target……

“Protect me.” Lin Chuyan said in a small voice.

Xiang Nuan abandoned Shen Zemu and ran to Lin Chuyan’s side. She used her champion’s huge body to shield the small Angela.

“Don’t be afraid!” Xiang Nuan said.

“En.” Lin Chuyan’s voice was tinted with laughter.

Xiang Nuan also giggled, though she didn’t even know why she is laughing.

Shen Zemu lightly snorted.

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Monday, August 19, 2019

Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 36 Part 2

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 36 Part 2

Ye Qiao felt she had been wronged by Qianxi: “What do you mean ‘together’?”
Qianxi, with a disdainful expression on her face, said: “You aren’t together? He even chased you to our home. Don’t tell me that you didn’t bring him here and he just google searched our address.”
Ye Qiao mindfully listened to the noise coming from the bathroom and said in a small voice: “We aren’t together. Don’t make things up.”
Qianxi gasped with surprise and Ye Qiao covered her mouth just in time. Ye Qiao didn’t release her hand until Qianxi had calmed down. Qianxi took a deep breath: “It can’t be! You aren’t together!” She said in disbelief. “So it was all true when you told me that you didn’t know, weren’t clear, and never asked him? You aren’t pulling my leg?”
Ye Qiao nodded. She was wondering depressedly how she was going to handle the situation after Zhou Tingsheng had caused such a big fuss about their relationship.

Qianxi knelt on the bed and got closer to her cousin: “So you got to know him a little more after my mother’s detailed interrogation.” Ye Qiao replied: “En.” Then she heard Qianxi asked in exasperation: “Then, what about now, about that thing? Haven’t you asked him yet?”
Ye Qiao shook her head: “What do you think?”
Qianxi shouted: “My dear cousin!” She pounded the bed: “He has already come here. If you think he doesn’t like you, I’ll cut my head off!”
The sound of water stopped right when Qianxi said she would cut her head off.

Qianxi’s smile on her face suddenly froze and she slowly turned her head around. Fortunately, he was still inside the bathroom. She buried her head into Ye Qiao’s chest like an ostrich: “Cousin…...though I had said a lot of bad things about him, you don't have to care about them. I just thought something is better known beforehand than the unknown. But now that I think about it, they aren’t necessarily bad things. At least the two of you come from the same family background and you like each other. Not like me. My Doctor Fu doesn’t come from a good family, I don’t even know how to tell my dad.”

Ye Qiao had guessed the reason long ago. She patted Qianxi’s head: “It’ll be alright. Just talk to them nicely. Though grandma is rather old fashioned, she isn’t stubborn.”
Qianxi sighed: “When your mother wanted to marry your father, I heard it was a terrible struggle. In the end, though your father married into the family, he was constantly under pressure from grandpa and grandma. It got better only after he became famous, but your mother got sick…...Ah, with an example like that right in front of us, it’s much more difficult for me to marry someone like Doctor Fu!”
Qianxi was busy with self-pity and hadn’t realized that she had brought up some unhappy memories for Ye Qiao until she looked up at her cousin. Feeling down, she muttered and mumbled: “Ah, cousin…...I don’t mean that……”

The door to the bathroom suddenly opened. Zhou Tingsheng came out and saw Qianxi holding Ye Qiao on the bed.
Qianxi, stunned at the sight of Zhou Tingsheng, jumped up: “Ah, cousin-in-law! I’m not occupying your bed on purpose! Hehehehe, I’m leaving……” Before she jumped off the bed, she gave Ye Qiao a look and slid a hand across her neck: “Cousin, remember what I just said!” She ran out of the room and closed the door behind her.
Ye Qiao was speechless. Who would want to cut her head off.

Zhou Tingsheng stood before the bed and looked downward at Ye Qiao: “What did she say?”
Ye Qiao raised her eyebrows: “Nothing.” She looked up at Zhou Tingsheng, who was now wearing her uncle’s old fashioned blue and white plaid pajamas. The pajamas loosely hung over his body, looking more like a hospital gown. Ye Qiao couldn’t stop a chuckle from escaping her lips.
Zhou Tingsheng joined her on the bed and grabbed her: “What are you laughing at? En?”
“I’m laughing at how ugly you look…...It’s really ugly.” Zhou Tingsheng tickled her. Ye Qiao tried to hold her laughter in out of fear of waking her grandma. She gripped her teeth: “Why can’t I say that you look ugly!”
After tickling for a while, Zhou Tingsheng could feel the familiar smooth touch of her skin even from outside the fabric. His fingers abruptly stopped moving and released his hold on Ye Qiao. He then suddenly sat up on the bed.

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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 36 Part 1

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 36 Part 1

By the time Zhou Tingsheng came to the dinner table, Ye Qiao’s family had almost finished eating. Aunty Zhong added one more pair of chopsticks and a rice bowl as a courtesy. Zhou Tingsheng didn’t have much use for them since the family had finished off most of the food. They invited him to sit down at the table only because it was easier to question him.

Ye Qiao was at her wits’ end. Her uncle and aunt kept thanking Zhou Tingsheng for bringing gifts, especially her aunt who knew the value of those mooncakes. Ye Qiao was uneasy under the scrutiny of her family. Something didn’t seem to be right. She gave a sharp glance at Qianxi, questioning her with her eyes-- --What did you say to them exactly?
Qianxi innocently mouthed her reply to her cousin-- --I didn’t say anything!
Zhou Tingsheng held Ye Qiao’s hand under the dinner table and watched the two cousins exchange words in silence with a smile.

Ye Qiao’s grandma was more prudent and her uncle was a man, therefore the responsibility of questioning Zhou Tingsheng fell her aunt’s shoulders. She gently asked: “Are you from Yang City?”
Zhou Tingsheng nodded and said: “Yes.” Her uncle immediately exchanged a look with her grandma across the table: Oh, he’s from here.
Ye Qiao’s aunt naturally felt surprised: “You didn’t go home for the holiday tonight, so you came here especially to keep Qiaoqiao company?”
Zhou Tingsheng answered with a tint of smile: “Yes.”

Ye Qiao pinched him under the table. Ye Qiao’s aunt continued with a series of questions, such as “Where do you work?” “How busy is it?” “Qiaoqiao has to travel a lot, it must not be easy for you.”
She mixed praise in between her questions and continued without interruption. Ye Qiao felt like her family was already ready to marry her off.
Qianxi looked at Ye Qiao sympathetically and her eyes seemed to say “I told you it would be like this.”

When they got off the dinner table, it was already 9 o’clock. Zhou Tingsheng had drunk some liquor with Ye Zhiliang and couldn’t drive home by himself. Ye Qiao’s aunt was planning to let him stay for the night and gave Ye Qiao a look, asking her intent.
Ye Qiao had been in a state of bewilderment the entire night after Zhou Tingsheng’s sudden appearance and didn’t know whether to say yes or no until she heard Zhou Tingsheng cover his mouth and yawn. Ye Qiao remembered that he had been rained on earlier and probably needed a hot shower now, so she agreed. The Ye family house had many rooms; even her grandma didn’t show any displeasure at the decision to invite Zhou Tingsheng to stay the night.

There was no shower in the guestroom and Qianxi was using the shared bathroom, Ye Qiao led Zhou Tingsheng to her bedroom to use the bathroom there.
Ye Qiao took a towel and her uncle’s pajamas and told him: “You’re too tall, my uncle’s jacket probably won’t fit you. I’ll find a shirt for you tomorrow. As for the jacket, I’ll dry it for you and it’ll probably be dry enough to wear tomorrow.”  She walked in the bathroom to adjust the temperature of the water and pointed out the hot and cold water faucet handles. She also pointed out the toiletries he could use.

As Ye Qiao was leaving the bathroom, Zhou Tingsheng blocked the bathroom door. He put both of his hands around her waist and sniffed her hair: “You aren’t going to take a shower with me?”
Ye Qiao pinched him on his face and responded in irritation: “I haven’t dealt with you about tonight yet. If you dare misbehave in front of my grandma, uncle, and aunt, don’t blame me if you get kicked out.”
Zhou Tingsheng lowered his head to kiss her and smiled: “It’s worth it even if I get kicked out.” Ye Qiao bit him with some force and he had to let her go.

After Qianxi showered, she came to Ye Qiao’s room and closed the door. She could hear the sound of water running in the bathroom and gave Ye Qiao an ambiguous look while clicking her tongue.
Ye Qiao was lying on the bed reading a book. She coldly asked Qianxi: “What are you doing here.”
Qianxi kept clicking her tongue: “My mom questioned me for quite a while and I didn’t say anything. Cousin, you have to commend me.”
Ye Qiao sneered: “What’s there to commend?”
Qianxi indignantly said: “Hmph, I’ve seen this one before and in your own home…...So you two have been together since then. I was trying so hard to arrange a date for you! And you’ve been hiding him in your home!”

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Friday, August 16, 2019

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 63 Part 2

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 63 Part 2

“I wasn’t talking to him.”

“Oh, did you block him?”


“Block him, en?”


“It’s an order from your captain.”

“That’s not the way to give orders. I didn’t chat with him, but I can’t just block him for no reason. It’s too awkward.” Tong Yao stuffed her cell phone under her butt: “If you dare, come and get my phone and block him yourself.”

Lu Sicheng had to focus on driving and just glanced at her without saying another word-- --For the following half hour, Tong Yao sat sideways and watched Lu Sicheng. Lu Sicheng was driving and Tong Yao couldn’t play on her cell phone. To pass the time, the two chatted from time to time about gossip in the professional circle, such as who has a girlfriend, who’s having an affair with a fan, and which team’s fangirls are most good looking…...Finally they talked about the first time Tong Yao sat in the audience watching ZGDX compete and the camera caught her waving-- --

“With that wave, you’ve downgraded the average looks of ZGDX’s fan group from an 8 to a 6.”

“That’s right, all your fans look like movie stars.”

“En.” Lu Sicheng freed one of his hands to pat Tong Yao’s forehead: “I’ll give you one more chance. Think before you open your mouth-- --Whose fan is it?”

“......Our fans.”

Lu Sicheng smiled, satisfied with the answer, and took his hand back. Tong Yao covered her forehead with one hand and leaned back into the seat, sneaking a look at Lu Sicheng from time to time-- --

When she wasn’t sure about her feelings towards him, she was satisfied just when his gaze lingered on her in the crowd. But now that she was sure of her feelings, she wasn’t satisfied with just a look. What she wanted to do was to fill his world with herself……

Humans are indeed greedy.

“Cheng Ge.”


“You don’t have a girlfriend nor allow teammates to fall in love. Is ZGDX a monastery with monks?”

“Yes. You can leave if you aren’t happy about it.”

“Leave where? To CK?”

“If you dare.”


Tong Yao retrieved her cell phone from under her rear when they arrived at the base, the phone felt warm. Then she realized that she had been tricked by her captain again: She sat in the car with her captain, bored to death, but didn’t remember that she could play on her cell phone to pass the time.

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 49 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 49 Part 1

The corners of Lin Chuyan’s mouth were curved upwards the entire day after he received Xiang Nuan’s gift.

When his dad, Lin Xueyuan, came home for dinner, he thought his son looked like some lunatic who had just been released from the asylum.  He pointed at his son with his lips and asked his wife, Yue Yingying, in a whisper: “What’s wrong with him?”

Yue Yingying was a petite, good natured woman and carried her age very well, hardly looking like someone over 40 years old. She smiled and quietly asked her husband: “Do you think, maybe Chuyan is actually in love?”

“We’ll know for sure just by asking him.” Lin Xueyuan raised his voice: “Hey, son.”


“Do you have a girlfriend now?”

Lin Chuyan’s good mood disappeared from his father’s direct question. He looked down and said: “No.”


After dinner, Lin Chuyan went back to his own room and went online to play with Xiang Nuan.

Xiang Nuan sent him a screenshot of the news about Kings of Glory’s Winter Collegiate Competition.

The Winter Collegiate Competition was held during winter vacation and any college student could register to compete. They had to register as a team and all five players on the team had to be enrolled in the same college.

“Shall we give it a try?” Xiang Nuan asked: “The provincial champion has a 10,000 RMB award, regional champion is 20,000, and the national is 50,000. Put them together, that’s 80,000! Lin Chuyan, we’ll be rich!”

Lin Chuyan smiled to himself. Though he knew she didn’t have any intention to imply anything when she said ‘we,’ it sounded especially appealing to his ears. He said: “Yeah, sure. We don’t have anything better to do anyway.”

That night, Lin Chuyan contacted the other members of their old Times team. Zheng Dongkai was very happy to join in once he found out there was a money prize. However, Lin Chuyan had trouble recruiting the other two members. Maomaoqiu was out of the country visiting relatives; in addition to the time difference, the internet there was too slow for him to play. Dayu’s family owned a restaurant and he had to help out since the New Year’s holiday was usually the busiest time.

The next day, Lin Chuyan told Xiang Nuan about being unable to form a team.

Xiang Nuan thought about it and said: “Let me ask some other people.”

Lin Chuyan knew who she was referring to. He didn’t want to have Shen Zemu join them, but on the other hand, he also wished that he could.

It’s all because Lin Chuyan wished Xiang Nuan won the competition.

Lin Chuyan was torn between the two opposing feelings for the whole day until that night when he received the ‘good news’ from Xiang Nuan: Both Shen Zemu and Waiwai had agreed to join them. They had the five players they needed to register for the competition.

“We are going to form a super strong team.” Xiang Nuan said excitedly.

Xiang Nuan wasn’t exaggerating, their team would be the strongest team in Nanshan University at least based on the fact that they were composed of the first and second best teams from the campus competition.

Before the New Year, it was the qualifying match within each college-- --All the teams from the same school would play single-game elimination matches to decide the final winner. Then the winner of each school would compete after the New Year for the provincial game. The winners of the provincial games could go on to the regional and from there, the national games.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 63 Part 1

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 63 Part 1

[ZGDX, smiling: Almost made a wrong move.]

[Ah Mao’s mom: ? ?]

[ZGDX, smiling: Just now, he was so mesmerizing that I almost lost self-control and tried confessing to him-- --Damn, what an idiot I am. Ever since I admitted to you that I have feelings for him, I can’t stop myself from being attracted, when he’s talking or not talking, smiling or being mean, even the way he drives the car……]

[ZGDX, smiling: I wish I was the steering wheel when I see his hands holding the steering wheel! ! ! !]

[Ah Mao’s mom: If I print out what you just declared, maybe the Lu Sicheng Fan Club will let you be its president. But before it happens, do you want to take some medicine? Cheng Ge is handsome alright, but you can’t lose yourself in it-- --What about your dream, your fight for respect for female professional players? Mulan!]

[ZGDX, smiling: With his good looks in front of me, I almost forgot my own analysis earlier.]

[Ah Mao’s mom: How did you stop yourself then?]

[ZGDX, smiling: …...He interrupted by asking me whether I wanted to listen to music, then he told me not to rush.]

[Ah Mao’s mom: Not to rush what?]

[ZGDX, smiling: I probably looked like I was in a hurry to find the right word to say at the time…...He told me not to rush because he could tell that I was anxious.]

[Ah Mao’s mom: Aw, but, what if he’s telling you not to rush your confession?]

[ZGDX, smiling: Then what? He’s telling me not to rush my confession? Does it mean that he’s letting me wait patiently till he confesses to me first? Yi, xixixixi, that doesn’t sound right!]

[Ah Mao’s mom: ? ? ? ? ? You can take it anyway you like. So optimistic, like an idiot.]

[ZGDX, smiling: I’m not an idiot.]

[Ah Mao’s mom: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’re smart.]

[ZGDX, smiling: Just you wait. Maybe one day he will have a crush on me because of my superior gaming skill and charismatic personality. The day will come sooner or later and by that time, I’ll allow you to boast for three years about everything you know : ) ]

[Ah Mao’s mom: ………………...My sister, you’re way too optimistic, almost to the point of delusion. Your superior skill? You don’t recognize who you are now just because you beat him once. You better take your medicine.]

Tong Yao logged off Wechat with a giggle. Lu Sicheng gave her a glance: “If you keep giggling in my car, I’ll throw you out.”

Tong Yao looked at him sideways: “I can’t even giggle in the car.”

“Idotic animals are banned from my car.” Lu Sicheng said, then after thinking about it for a second: “Who are you talking to?”

Thought about the exchange with Jinyang just now, Tong Yao held her cell phone tightly, as if she feared Lu Sicheng might reach out to grab it. Her face blushed slightly-- --fortunately, it was dark enough in the car that Lu Sicheng couldn’t notice. Tong Yao hesitated for a while: “Are you making everything your own business?”

“It’s my obligation as the captain to mind my teammates' business.” As Lu Sicheng was talking, he suddenly frowned: “Look at your face, it has nervous written all over it. Was it Li Hengshuo? You’re still talking to Li Hengshuo? You can carry a good conversation with him even if you don’t speak the same language?”

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 48 Part 3

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 48 Part 3

Once at home, Xiang Nuan felt completely relaxed. The first thing she did was reinstall Kings of Glory and played for the entire day. However, she seemed too relaxed, even when playing games as she lost more matches than she won.

“Sorry, I’ll be more serious.” Xiang Nuan felt like she was holding her teammates back.

“It’s alright.” Lin Chuyan said: “Give me your mailing address.”

“What for?”

“New Year’s gift.”

Lin Chuyan noticed Zheng Dongkai, who was right next to him, glance at him after he said New Year’s gift.

Zheng Dongkai had come to his house for a visit. He asked Lin Chuyan: “Chuyan, why don’t you give me a New Year's gift?”

Lin Chuyan raised his eyebrows and looked right at him: “Do you need one?”

Zheng Dongkai could read the answer in Lin Chuyan’s eyes and shook his head: “No, no, no. I don’t need one.”


Xiang Nuan thought Lin Chuyan really enjoyed giving gifts but she had never given him any. But what would she give him? A skin from the game? It didn’t seem right, it would be too cheap.

What did Lin Chuyan like?

Xiang Nuan pondered. The only thing she could be sure was-- --Lin Chuyan liked to drink tea.

Even if they were in a coffee shop, he seldom drank coffee but always tea.

Xiang Nuan went to the cabinet where her father kept all his teas. She found a can of tea that was the most beautifully packaged. “Dad, let me borrow a can of tea.”

Xiang Daying was trimming a kumquat tree. He looked up and asked her daughter, puzzled: “What for? You want to drink tea?”

“No, I want to give it as a gift.”

“Don’t give that one as a gift, it’s not a good tea.” Xiang Daying stood up, put down the pruning scissors, washed his hands, and came over to take out another can of tea from the cabinet: “This is from my student. It’s a white tea produced by his family. You can’t buy it on the market. Are you giving it to your teacher?”

“Well.” Xiang Nuan hesitated for a moment and took a look at the can: “The packaging doesn’t look good.”

“You’re an adult now, don’t always judge things by their cover.” Xiang Daying used the opportunity to teach his daughter a lesson. In the meanwhile, he had found another can and separated the tea into two piles: “I’ll keep some myself, can’t give your teacher all of it.”

Xiang Nuan went out to the tea shop to buy a can without any markings. Back home, she used stickers to beautify the can. The plain light blue can was decorated with several white snowflakes, some large some small. On top of the cover, there was a snowflake in the center.

The can looked quite refreshing.

The day after she mailed the tea to Lin Chuyan, she also received the gift from him.

It was a huge carton box, larger than a refrigerator. Xiang Nuan was dumbfounded when she signed for the delivery.

What was it? Had he sent her a portable toilet? Was that really necessary?

The oversized package even attracted the attention of her parents, who came to take a look.

Xiang Daying opened the box with scissors. When her mother saw what was inside the box, she was bewildered and asked Xiang Nuan: “Is this a fish?”

Xiang Nuan was laughing : “This is Kun.”

Zhuang Zhou’s Kun.

Kun was her original reason for competing in the campus esports competition. She had almost forgotten about it but who knew that Lin Chuyan still remembered.

Xiang Nuan dragged the tremendous Kun into her own room and sat on it as she called Lin Chuyan.

“Hello, Lin Chuyan, I got the gift. Thank you. I…...really like it.”

Lin Chuyan: “En. You can give it a name.”

“Oh, then I’ll call it Chuyan, haha.”

“That’s good. When you play Zhuang Zhou later, you will be riding Chuyan into battle.”

Xiang Nuan: “......”

Lin Chuyan chuckled: “You have an indecent mind.”

Xiang Nuan thought that she must’ve been out of her mind to have been touched by his gesture earlier.

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Monday, August 12, 2019

Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 35 Part 3

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 35 Part 3

Ye Qiao unlocked the door and was stunned.
The man at the door gently smiled at her, despite the fact that his clothes were soaked through. It was Zhou Tingsheng.

He was still wearing the same clothes, now half dry and half wet. There were two boxes of mooncakes in his hand. The mooncakes were from a famous bakery with a hundred year history. It was usually very difficult to get their mooncakes this time of the year, Ye Qiao wondered how he acquired them, especially at this time of the day..

Ye Qiao hastily pushed Zhou Tingsheng out of the doorway. It was completely dark by now. Zhou Tingsheng leaned against the wall and prepared to be interrogated: “What are you doing here?”
Zhou Tingsheng raised the boxes in his hand up: “To deliver mooncakes to you.”
Ye Qiao grit her teeth: “I didn’t ask about that.”
He played dumb: “Then what are you asking?”
Ye Qiao gave up: “Where did you get the mooncakes?”
Zhou Tingsheng answered honestly this time: “I got them from home. My mom used to love their mooncakes. My family always orders mooncakes from them every year.”
Ye Qiao didn’t know what else to say. She touched his wet shoulder and frowned: “Then why didn’t you change your clothes at home?”
Zhou Tingsheng smiled: “I forgot.”

Ye Zhiliang looked at the door and wondered aloud: “What’s going on? Why hasn’t she invited the guest in. Instead she walked out herself.”
Ye Qiao’s aunt had sharp eyes and already noticed the young man at the door. She turned to question Qianxi: “What’s going on? Do you know who that is?”

Qianxi recoiled in her chair with an innocent expression and used both of her hands to cover her mouth: “I don’t know, I don’t know! I won’t tell you even if I have to die!”
The old lady turned to face her and slowly said: “Xixi, be a good girl and tell grandma who’s outside?”

“......” Qianxi couldn’t take the pressure from being stared at by several pairs of eyes and finally confessed: “I’m not exactly sure. I only took a glance at him and he looks familiar. He’s probably her…...boyfriend?”
She was telling the truth when she said ‘probably.’ All she knew was that this man seemed to have a relationship with her cousin and that her cousin seemed to have met someone she liked lately. She drew her conclusion simply based on these two points.

The older generation in the room, however, all overlooked the word ‘probably'. Ye Zhiliang sternly scolded her: “Why haven’t you told us that your cousin has a boyfriend?”
Qianxi: “......” She thought: What does that have anything to do with me! I won’t tell you about my boyfriend myself!
Qianxi’s mother asked again: “If that’s her boyfriend, why isn’t he coming with your cousin?”
Qianxi: “Ah……” How would she know!

The old lady sighed: “Qiaoqiao can be sulky sometimes and always needs others to sweet-talk her. He’s already come here, invite him in, hurry.”
Qianxi: “Urr......” She was amazed at her family's imagination.

Before Qianxi could say anything, her father already went over to open the door.
The porch lights came on. The two people in the dark outside the door were at a loss of what to do.
Ye Zhiliang noticed Ye Qiao’s uneasiness on her stern face and took it as the sign that she was giving the man a difficult time. Ye Zhiliang amiably said: “Why are you talking with the guest here? It’s raining outside, invite your friend in already.”

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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 35 Part 2

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 35 Part 2

Ye Qiao yanked Qianxi’s arms off her and said: “Grandma never speaks at the dinner table,  how could she ask you anything?”
Qianxi faked crying: “It’s all my dad’s fault. He told grandma that I haven’t been working hard and that I don’t even have a boyfriend……”
The Ye family didn’t interfere with the next generation’s lives as long as they were on the right track. What the older generation cared about were the two things Qianxi just listed. However, Ye Qiao was suspicious about Qianxi’s claims of not having a boyfriend. She looked at Qianxi dubiously and Qianxi winked at her. She then realized that Qianxi hadn’t told her family about it.

Ye Deru gently scolded: “That’s enough. Let your cousin sit down to have dinner.”
They had just started eating not long ago. As Qianxi went back to her seat, the housekeeper brought another set of bowl and chopsticks. Ye Qiao took off her jacket and apologized: “I just arrived in Yang City last night and rushed to an audition today. Sorry, I’ve come empty handed, grandma.”
“Grandma won’t blame you for that.” The old lady disapprovingly said: “You don’t have to be so courteous with your grandma. All the formality can wait till you’re married.”
Ye Qiao’s aunt also agreed. After Ye Qiao sat down, her uncle immediately asked: “Qianxi said that you had lost your cell phone. Why don’t you buy a new one? Your aunt tried to call you to invite you for dinner but couldn’t get ahold of you.”
Ye Qiao made an excuse: “I haven’t had time to get one yet. I’ll buy a new one in a few days.”

Qianxi grew excited about buying a new phone: “Cousin, which one are you going to buy? The 6S just came out. I’m going to ask my classmate to buy one from the US. Do you want one too?”
Ye Qiao said: “It’s alright. I’ll just buy one myself.”
Ye Zhiliang scolded Qianxi, annoyed: “That’s all you care everyday. In the beginning, you begged to study medicine. Now you’ve learned medicine but aren’t diligent in your studies.
You can’t stick to your goals.”
“Dad-- --” Qianxi sadly said: “Why do you have to make everything related to work!”

Ye Qiao listened to their exchange at the dinner table. Her aunt, sitting next to her, poured some soup for her and asked: “She must have caused a lot of trouble for you when she was in G City?”
Ye Qiao assured her aunt that Qianxi didn’t. Her aunt continued with a content smile: “Qianxi has transformed from a naughty monkey. She’s over 20 now and I don’t know who will be able to rein her in, in the future.”
Ye Qiao answered with a polite smile: “She just likes to have fun, but she knows her limits.”
Her aunt thought for a second and agreed, then asked with a smile: “How about you? Grandma cares a lot about you. Our family hasn’t given you any support when you entered the business, mainly because grandma wishes that you give it up after a couple of years. Nowadays, we notice that you’ve done very well and it’s probably impossible for you to give it up so easily. Grandma’s since transferred her attention to the other topic of interest.”
Ye Qiao lowered her head: “En. I know it all.”
He aunt happily said: “That’s good. Grandma won’t have anything to worry about after you and Qianxi all settle down.”
Just as she finished, Qianxi barged into the conversation: “Mom! What are you talking about with my cousin? You’ve been nagging me all the time…...Tsk, tsk, now you won’t even let my cousin alone!”
Qianxi got another scolding her way. Ye Qiao uneasily smiled and buried her head in the food, preparing to keep quiet all the way through the dinner.

It was then that the doorbell rang. In order to get away from the nagging of her mother, Qianxi immediately said:  “I’ll get the door!” But was stopped by her mother, who hadn’t finished her lecture: “You don’t need to do that.”
Ye Qiao put down her bowl and chopsticks, quickly wiped her mouth, and said: “I’ll get it.”

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Friday, August 9, 2019

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 62 Part 3

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 62 Part 3

Before Lu Sicheng finished talking, Tong Yao bent down to carry all the heavy bags that Lu Sicheng was carrying before. What was left next to Lu Sicheng’s foot was a bag about 7 or 8 pounds.

Lu Sicheng: “......”

Tong Yao: “You have wrist injuries. Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Lu Sicheng: “What’s there to say. The car is right over there…...Put all those bags down first.”

Tong Yao: “No way.”

Tong Yao: “I even carried those liquid natural gas cylinders for my mom when I was home.”

Tong Yao: “I’m not that pampered. Why didn’t you say earlier that you’ve hurt your hands? Why don’t you wait for me here? I’ll put these bags onto the car then come back to get you-- --Give me your car key.”

“......It’s just a strain. I’m not crippled.” Lu Sicheng frustratedly said and bent over to pick up the one bag on the ground and walked a step forward: “Give me.”

Tong Yao backed away one big step and widened her eyes, staring at him.

Lu Sicheng tsked and knew that if he would step forward, Tong Yao would probably dash to the car. He took a glance at the car and figured it wasn’t parked too far away. Finally, with Tong Yao’s insistence, he sighed: “Let’s go.”

Tong Yao lifted the bags of crayfish, weighing about 27 or 28 pounds, and led the way, walking at a brisk pace..

After they had put the bags in the back seat of the car, Tong Yao sat down on the passenger seat, pulling on the seatbelt. Lu Sicheng also opened the car door to get in the driver’s seat. He paused for a moment then suddenly said: “It’s something new.”

“What?” Tong Yao asked without looking at him.

“This is the first time I’ve been taken care of by a little girl.”

“Oh.” Tong Yao fastened the seatbelt with a click, then raised her head: “But I’m not a little girl.”

Lu Sicheng didn’t reply, but just smiled. He raised his hand to rub her hair: “Thanks.”

Suddenly, it became very quiet inside the car.

Tong Yao slightly widened her eyes and blankly stared at the man in the driver seat. After he had started the car and drove the car slowly out of the parking lot, she was still looking at him. A long time after, she suddenly called out to him: “Cheng Ge.”

“En?” Lu Sicheng answered while driving.

The honking outside the car covered the sound of her pounding heart. The beams from oncoming cars shone on half her face. She lowered her eyes to look at the fingers with distinctive joints on the steering wheel. Those joints looked quite sexy.

“What is it?”

“I…...Ah, you should make reasonable arrangements for your training hours. Don’t aggravate your injuries.”

“Every month the team will arrange for a physical therapist to come and gives massages. You don’t know about it because you missed the date last month when you joined the team.”


Tong Yao nodded and relaxed her tightened shoulders. But the hesitation and puzzlement were still showing on her face…...She took a deep breath, she could even hear her own breathing.

“Cheng Ge……”


“I seem to-- --”

Tong Yao hesitated.

“Do you want to listen to some songs?”

Lu Sicheng interrupted her. From the corner of his eye, he could see Tong Yao blink, then just pop like an overinflated balloon, she lowered her head and her shoulders dropped all of a sudden……

Lu Sicheng cast his eyes down, the long and thick eyelashes covered the emotions in his eyes. He reached out and patted her head once again, then quietly and slowly said: “No rush.”

Whatever you wish to have, you’ll have them. 

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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 48 Part 2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 48 Part 2

Xiang Nuan was actually quite scared but couldn’t stop herself from visiting the forum.

The number one hot post on the forum wasn’t about the ghost, rather it was……

[Topic] Is there anyone who was studying in room 702 last night? Hahahaha, I finally got to see the rumored love triangle!

Posted by: Sugar Iron Egg.

Post: [picture] [picture] I was a little far away from them and didn’t want to keep turning back to look at them. The pictures are a little blurry. You all just make do, find the highlights yourself.

Many more posts followed.

-- --I was there too. I didn’t take pictures. I really wanted to move closer but I didn’t have the courage to. Shen Zemu’s presence was frightening. TAT

-- --I admire Xiang Nuan’s willpower. If I sat in between these two guys, I wouldn’t be able to study.

-- --Xiang Nuan already has good looks. Would she fall for someone just because of their looks? Certainly not.

-- --Raise my hand. I found the highlight…...In the beginning, Xiang Nuan was sitting in the middle, later on it’s Shen Zemu in the middle. What happened between them?

-- --Has anyone noticed how their clothes changed? Lin Chuyan is wearing Shen Zemu’s jacket. The two jackets have the same color, but are different styles. Look carefully.

-- --Damn, damn, you have good eyes. It’s true!

-- --They put on the wrong jacket? Don’t plots like this only happen in dramas after the characters have gone to bed together? What did those two do? My god, I don’t want to think about it……

-- --It obvious it’s Xiang Nuan who’s embracing both men. Shen Zemu helped her solve problems and Lin Chuyan kept chatting with her. That’s right, I was present. I’m going to have the final soon and I’m still here posting.

-- --How many people were present last night? ?

-- --I regret having paid attention to my classes and not going for an all-nighter. I would have been able to see the once in a blue moon love triangle.

-- --I wasn’t there last night. But I saw Xiang Nuan and Lin Chuyan at the cafeteria today. Lin Chuyan peeled a hard boiled egg for Xiang Nuan, he was looking at her so indulgently! Aw! My girl friend and I couldn’t even move when we saw it! If Lin Chuyan’s willing to peel an egg for me, I’m willing to go to bed with him.

-- --Wake up, Lin Chuyan isn’t lacking anyone to sleep with him. Even Shen Zemu has been put down by him, Ok?

-- --[picture] [picture] [picture] The id in the pictures, ‘Chu god’ is Lin Chuyan and ‘Zemu’ is Shen Zemu. Last night, the two had played duo several times while Xiang Nuan was concentrating on her studies.

-- --Your post is awesome! Hahahahaha, I feel sorry for Xiang Nuan now……

-- --It’s too early to feel sorry for her. As far as I know, Shen Zemu usually uses Han Xin or Zhao Yun. Take a look at the champions he used when playing with Lin Chuyan? Diaochan? Da Qiao? Cai Wenji? It’s obviously a girl who was playing with Lin Chuyan. Let me make a bold guess, the one who was playing duos with Lin Chuyan on Shen Zemu’s account was Xiang Nuan.

-- --A modern day Sherlock Holmes……

-- --It makes sense. Who can tell me which combination of couples should I support? I’m quite confused, even more confused than when I was taking my differential calculus final.

-- --Don’t support a couple, support the triangle. Hahahaha!


More posts were coming. Some students were about to have a final and stopped posting, while others had just finished a final and returned to the discussion. It seemed to Xiang Nuan that all of them had quite the imagination. They could almost come up with a novel now.

She felt so embarrassed.

Shen Zemu was even more embarrassed than her.

People were only guessing which man Xiang Nuan liked, at least no one questioned her sexual orientation. For him, his sexual orientation had changed directions many times. Normally, he would ignore rumors about him having affairs with other men, but with Lin Chuyan…...He couldn’t stand it.

He reported the posts and not long after, they were all deleted.

The boiling gossip finally ended. Everyone was back to their studies again.

Xiang Nuan later saw the post about the ghost. She was too scared to go to the study room again at night. She stayed in the library to study. Fortunately, the rest of her finals weren’t too hard. Just studying at the library during the day was good enough for her.

After finals, came the most exciting moment: vacation!

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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 62 Part 2

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 62 Part 2

The conversation between the owner and Lu Sicheng which Tong Yao didn’t hear actually went like this-- --

The owner: “You’re buying so much crayfish. Are you throwing a party at home with your girlfriend?”

Lu Sicheng: “She’s not my girlfriend, just a teammate.”

He replied instinctively. But afterwards, when he handed his bank card over, he paused and turned to take a look at the person sitting behind. Tong Yao was sitting at the table right behind him, with both knees bent down to put her feet on the stretcher under the chair. She was looking at him eagerly with bright pupils, just like a quiet, furry puppy waiting for its owner.

Lu Sicheng: “......”

When both of their eyes met, Tong Yao was the first one to move her eyes away.

“Nonsense. Look at the way she’s looking at you; it’s how a girl looks at her boyfriend or husband. I’ve been in this business long enough to tell the difference……” The owner smilingly said: “The girl seems to like you a lot.”


“Don’t hurt her feelings even if you don’t like her.”

Lu Sicheng took the receipt from the owner and mumbled, “en.” Then he smiled and signed his name at the bottom of the slip.

Afterwards, he went back to the table and sat down next to Tong Yao again.

Tong Yao: “What were you talking about with the owner with such a sweet smile?”

Lu Sicheng: “Is there something wrong with your eyes?”

Tong Yao: “Did the owner give you a discount?”

Lu Sicheng: “No.”

Tong Yao: “Then what exactly could he say that make you smile so sweet and happy?”

Lu Sicheng: “The owner said that you were looking at me like a girl mesmerized by her boyfriend.”

Tong Yao: “.............................................................”

Tong Yao: “Bullshit! The owner wouldn’t say such silly things.”

She could only discredit the owner’s words.

Yet, she couldn’t deny her own actions.

Lu Sicheng just smiled without a retort. He simply let Tong Yao think he was just making it all up. While waiting for the second batch, Lu Sicheng continued to watch the news and read forums on his phone-- --Tong Yao took a glance and discovered that he actually read all those forums, like Tieba. In other words, he was fully aware of all the latest gossip. He just never talked about it.

All the things that had happened lately including his blind date, their 1v1 this morning, and fans suggesting the most proper date to get a marriage certificate…...When she thought about all these, Tong Yao felt her face starting to burn again. With one hand supporting her head, she turned to look the other way-- --

Within the next 35 minutes, while they were waiting for the crayfish to cook, they hardly exchanged any words.

After all the orders of crayfish were brought to the front, they counted to make sure they had all the orders, then picked up all the bags-- --Lu Sicheng carried the majority of the bags while Tong Yao only had a few in her hands. They walked out of the restaurant.  After some distance, Tong Yao was already sweating all over: “Why exactly can’t we order delivery?”

“This restaurant doesn’t deliver that far away.” Lu Sicheng said while putting down the bags he was carrying: “Let’s take a rest.”

Tong Yao was going to say that she could still handle it. But as she turned her head, she noticed that Lu Sicheng was rubbing his wrist. Tong Yao slightly paused in surprise, then rushed over. She dropped down the bags in her hands to check Lu Sicheng’s wrists: “What happened? Your hands hurt? Did you hurt your wrists?”

“......I’ve been playing professionally for so long, mostly as the AD carry. Isn’t it normal to have some occupational injuries?” Lu Sicheng calmly said, but he didn’t yank Tong Yao’s hand away. “It’s only the strain from intensive training from creep farming. As long as I don’t do any heavy lifting-- --”

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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 48 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 48 Part 1

When Lin Chuyan heard the voice, he instantly released Xiang Nuan and backed away one step.

Xiang Nuan opened her eyes.

Startled, the two of them looked at the direction where the voice came from. They saw Shen Zemu standing there with arms crossed in front of his chest, coldly looking at them.

He looked like a dean of students.

Under his sharp gaze, Xiang Nuan felt guilty for no reason and suddenly felt a lot of pressure. She shrunk her body, put her hands into her pockets, and lowered her head.

Lin Chuyan glanced sideways at her and felt that he wasn’t wrong calling her silly.

Shen Zemu said: “Go back and study if you don’t want to fail the class.”

Xiang Nuan suddenly remembered why she was here in the first place.

She hurried back to the study room.

When passing by Shen Zemu on her way to the room, she noticed that he didn’t have his jacket on. He was wearing a dark grey cardigan over the white shirt. Though the outfit looked quite good on him, standing in the hallway with a cold breeze blowing seemed……

“Xuezhang, aren’t you cold?” Xiang Nuan was concerned.

Certainly he was cold.

But his jacket was on Lin Chuyan.

Lin Chuyan’s jacket was still in the study room, but he would rather die than wear Lin Chuyan’s jacket.

When they were back inside the room, Shen Zemu pointed at the seat where Lin Chuyan had been sitting as Xiang Nuan was about to go back to her seat: “You sit over here.”


Lin Chuyan’s seat was next to the aisle. After Xiang Nuan sat down on it, Shen Zemu sat down next to her. Lin Chuyan was one step too late. By the time he reached that row, the only seat left for him was the one where Shen Zemu had been sitting earlier.

Now Shen Zemu was sitting right in the middle between Xiang Nuan and Lin Chuyan.

Xiang Nuan thought it probably was for the better. If she were to sit next to Lin Chuyan again, she wouldn’t be able to concentrate on her studies.

Finally, they could all study in peace now.

Whenever Xiang Nuan got sleepy, Shen Zemu would lend her his cell phone to play one match of Kings of Glory. Xiang Nuan had to admit that playing games could keep her awake much more effective than drinking coffee. Judging it from this angle, this game carried some positive energy. = =

-- --

After the calculus final, Xiang Nuan felt drained. She decided to go back to the dorm and take a nap, for as long as it lasts.

Min Lili walked beside her, looking at her cell phone while walking. She almost ran into the trees on the curbside, but Xiang Nuan dragged her back just in time.

Min Lili thought about something all of a sudden: “Nuannuan, do you know that there was a ghost in the building where the study rooms are!”

“Wow…...Wait, where? !”

“That building where you studied last night. The bathroom on the 7th floor. I wanted to tell you earlier but I was afraid it would scare you and affect your final.”

The 7th floor was where all the all-nighter study rooms were located, where she had studied the whole night.

Xiang Nuan was uneasy and shook her head forcefully: “It can’t be true. You’ve read too many stories.”

“It’s true, it’s true. Do you know why it’s on the 7th floor? Because 7 is the most negative number and 9 being the most positive one. Therefore, ghosts usually appear at the 7th floor, or 17th, 27th. Oh, right, furthermore, do you know why ghosts like to appear in bathrooms?”


“Because bathrooms are the most negative places in the world.”

Xiang Nuan had goosebumps: “It’s not true, not true, not true!”

“It’s real. Someone saw it with his own eyes. He even identified himself, a sophomore in Civil Engineering. He said that ghost kept asking him whether he was really a ghost. Looks like the ghost badly wants to be recognized…...Go look at his post on the forum if you don’t believe me. It’s the hottest post right now.”

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