Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 49 Part 2

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Those Sweet Times
Chapter 49 Part 2

“If we can win every championship, each of us can have a share of 16,000 RMB. How do you want to spend the money?” Xiang Nuan asked her teammates.

She had already started planning on how she’d spend the award money.

All the teammates of this new team were in a group chat. Zheng Dongkai replied, jokingly: “I want to buy a girlfriend.”

Waiwai said: “You can buy one now, on Taobao, 200 RMB, shipping included.”

“Shut up.” Lin Chuyan couldn’t stand them making these sort of jokes when Xiang Nuan was around.

Shen Zemu asked a very practical question: “We have two junglers and two supports.”

With a lineup like what they have now, it would be a miracle if they could win the elimination round, not to mention any award money.

Xiang Nuan asked Waiwai: “Waiwai Xuezhang, I can only play support. Can you play anything else?”

“Then I’ll be top. I’m not bad with Yang Jian, even Kil’Groth will do.”

The problem with double support was solved. Now it was the problem of double jungler.

Before Zheng Dongkai said anything, Shen Zemu spoke: “I’ll be the marksman.”

Generally, marksman and support always worked together. The most important task of the support was to protect the marksman. With Shen Zemu as their marksman, Xiang Nuan would have to stay close to Shen Zemu the entire time during their games.

Thinking about it, Lin Chuyan abruptly said: “I’ll be the marksman.”

“Lin Chuyan, don’t make trouble.” Xiang Nuan said.

Lin Chuyan was the only mage among the five players; it couldn’t be changed.

The lineup was decided quite easily, then they waited in queue to play a ranked match. Lin Chuyan wasn’t in a good mood; to vent his anger, he randomly chose Angela as his champion and hid in the bushes to ambush enemy.

Many mage champions such as Daji, Xiao Qiao, or Diaochan needed time to develop, but not for Angela. Angela was already a force to be feared at level 4.

In the ranked matches at the Master tier, there were no weak players. It was rare to see Angela in these matches. However, she appeared in this match and ambushed two enemies.

Xiang Nuan knew that Lin Chuyan had only played Angela for a few times. She couldn’t tell whether he had good luck or he simply made good a prediction.

In either case, the enemy, after losing two of their own to Angela, started to focus on Angela in the late game.

Angela was an easy target……

“Protect me.” Lin Chuyan said in a small voice.

Xiang Nuan abandoned Shen Zemu and ran to Lin Chuyan’s side. She used her champion’s huge body to shield the small Angela.

“Don’t be afraid!” Xiang Nuan said.

“En.” Lin Chuyan’s voice was tinted with laughter.

Xiang Nuan also giggled, though she didn’t even know why she is laughing.

Shen Zemu lightly snorted.

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.


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  2. Hahahaha these two are so cute. I sympathize with Shen Zemu. I think he doesnt know if he should laugh at their antics or cry at the fact that XN is slowly being drawn towards LCY unknowingly 😂

  3. So cute together, poor SZ left to himself; hahaha. Thank you for the chapter.

  4. At this point I'm not sure whether to light incense for SZ or start handing out red bags for LC and XN XD