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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 50 Part 1

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Those Sweet Times
Chapter 50 Part 1

Ren Danyan was unhappy seeing her daughter constantly glued to her phone and pushed Xiang Nuan’s head: “Do you plan on marrying your cell phone?”

Xiang Nuan rubbed her head and murmured in a small voice: “No……”

“Then don’t play with your cell phone today.” Ren Danyan confiscated Xiang Nuan’s phone as she spoke.

Xiang Nuan couldn’t accept it and gave her mother puppy dog eyes: “Mom, I’m an adult now……”

Ren Danyan didn’t give in and refused to take the phone out of her bag. Instead, she took Xiang Nuan shopping.

Once Xiang Nuan started trying on new clothes, she forgot about her cell phone. The mother and daughter pair had a great time shopping. Ren Danyan not only bought new clothes for Xiang Nuan, she also bought her some cosmetics.

When Xiang Nuan first entered college, she was quite into makeup. After her focus shifted to playing Kings of Glory, she’d stop bothering with makeup altogether.

Ren Danyan originally found her daughter’s young and natural beauty didn’t need any makeup. But now that Xiang Nuan wasn’t putting on any makeup, she felt like she had to buy some cosmetics for her.

After shopping for half a day, it was already dinner time when they decided to return home. Xiang Nuan noticed someone doing an event on the first floor of the shopping center. There was a temporary stage with a huge poster in the background. The poster was about Kings of Glory.

What? Xiang Nuan’s eyes instantly brightened.

Xiang Nuan dragged her mom over to take a look. Ren Danyan didn’t realize what was going on and thought it was just a product promotion. After they got closer, Ren Danyan saw several young men and women wearing strange costumes and various colored wigs.

What were they selling…...she wondered.

The strange people in Ren Danyan’s view were actually cosplayers, dressed as the champions from Kings of Glory.

Xiang Nuan walked over to the cosplayer who was dressed as “Wang Zhaojun” and asked her what was going on.

Wang Zhaojun explained to Xiang Nuan that the shopping center was going to hold a Kings of Glory competition. Anyone with a membership card could register. Anyone who didn’t have a membership card could go to the service counter to get one.

The competition tonight was 1 v 1 matches. The shopping center had invited 8 high ranking players to take challenges from any of the registered players. If anyone could defeat all 8, then the person would win a two hundred RMB gift card.

“Mom, I want to play.” Xiang Nuan tugged on her mother’s sleeve and pleaded.

Ren Danyan couldn’t understand how the world had turned into a place with video games everywhere. But since Xiang Nuan had been very cooperative earlier while they were shopping, Ren Danyan decided to reward her. She took Xiang Nuan’s cell phone out of her bag: “Go ahead and hurry up.”

Xiang Nuan used Diaochan and defeated the first 7 but lost to the eighth player. She felt the first 7 weren’t playing that well but the 8th one was really strong. They had both played Diaochan and in very similar fashion, but the 8th player had more gold than her.

She knew what that difference was-- --This 8th player was very skilled at farming minions. In the game, if the champion dealt the deathblow to the minion, then the champion would get extra gold. Therefore, when farming for minions, it was imperative to make sure that the minions didn’t die from other sources, like the turret or allied minions.

It wasn’t a difficult skill but took a lot of practice. Xiang Nuan always played support and so didn’t have much experience at farming minions.

Xiang Nuan felt a bit sorry for herself to have lost in the final match.

The 8th player comforted her: “Girl, you played very well. Let’s add each other as friends and play together later.”

“Oh, sure.”

Afterwards “Wang Zhaojun” walked over and gave Xiang Nuan a consolation prize. It was a bracelet with green stones strung together with a thin, red thread. It looked like it was from some wholesale market.

“Wang Zhaojun” told her: “Next week we have a competition for teams, you can register in advance. There’s a ten thousand award for the winning team. Do you want to try it?”

Xiang Nuan regretfully said: “But, I don’t have a team. It’s only me.”

“That’s too bad. Try your best to find some teammates.”


Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

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