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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 49 Part 3

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 49 Part 3

Xiang Nuan didn’t go shopping or visiting friends during the vacation but stayed at home playing games. Lately when she was playing games, she liked to sit on the Kun that Lin Chuyan had given her. She sat on Kun cross-legged as if she was practicing to attain immortality.

Sometimes Ren Danyan would see her daughter sitting on the big fish cross-legged and yelling for murder with both eyes shining with excitement…...She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Wasn’t college supposed to be an ivory tower? Why did her daughter change like this in just half of a year in college…..There were three and a half more years to go. She couldn’t imagine that……

Ren Danyan had enough and forced Xiang Nuan to go out with her. They went shopping to buy clothes and handbags and to get their hair done. She liked to dress up her daughter.

The hairdresser suggested that Xiang Nuan should get her hair permed with big waves.

After the perm, Xiang Nuan felt the new hairdo looked good on her, making her even more attractive.

Facing the mirror, she took a picture of her new hairdo and sent it to Lin Chuyan.

Xiang Nuan: [picture]

Xiang Nuan: How does it look?

Lin Chuyan: It looks good, like seaweed turning into spirits.

Xiang Nuan didn’t feel good about his comment. She touched her hair and checked in front of the mirror for quite a while, then asked in annoyance: “How do they look like seaweed turning into spirits?”

Even the hairdresser felt that she had been insulted.

Ren Danyan also had her hair done at the salon and happily left with Xiang Nuan. Afterwards, she took her daughter to go buy clothes. Noticing her daughter was pouting, she patted Xiang Nuan’s head and said: “It looks good. What’s going on?”

Xiang Nuan at the moment was trying hard to come up with a way to get back at Lin Chuyan. Min Lili happened to send her a message at the time.

Min Lili: Nuannuan, let me tell you, I just ate 5 flatbreads! I’m so stuffed, hahahaha!

Xiang Nuan suddenly paused.

She paused not because Min Lili had eaten 5 flatbreads, but……

Why didn’t she send a picture of her new hairdo to Min Lili, or anyone else, but to Lin Chuyan the first moment she could?

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