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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 12 Part 2

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 12 Part 2

“How come?”  He patiently tried to convince her otherwise.  “We need a manager to handle the day to day business and act as a translator.  Didn’t you say that your English is at the professional level?”

Qianxi was the kind of person whose spirit quickly soared once she was praised.  She suddenly was encouraged.  “That’s right!  I scored 118 on the TOEFL[1].  I qualified for the simultaneous translator certificate when I was in high school.  I’ve practice a lot of simultaneous translation in the past month just to get ready to be the translator for your guys!”

“Then what are you worrying about?”

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 2

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Just an update, since we found You're Beautiful When You Smile, we will be posting every Wednesday replacing Secret Room. Secret Room will be going back to the normal Mon & Sat schedule. Also, some chapters of When You Smile is longer than our normal fair, and so we may release part 1 of a chapter on Wednesday and part 2 on Friday.

Thanks for understanding. Enyjoy!

Chapter 2

As the saying goes: there’s no such thing as love affairs in esports.

Tong Yao was profoundly aware of that, from the beginning she encountered the game.

The reason that Tong Yao began playing LoL was very simple-- -- the same reason as most girls who played-- --she started playing because another person was addicted to the game and she happened to like him.

They lived very close to each other that summer, but halfway through the summer, Tong Yao realized that they rarely spoke…...So, one day, she knocked on his door and discovered him sitting in front of the computer frantically playing a certain game. Tong Yao couldn’t elicit much of a response from him. While he was busy with his abilities, she went up to the keyboard while he was distracted and pressed a key.

He screamed.

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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 12 Part 1

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 12 Part 1

The preliminaries was the last tournament for the first half of the year.  The whole professional circle were now training in preparation for the International Invitationals.  As a newcomer, team KG was under even more pressure.  For a whole month, they underwent special training behind closed doors.

Soon July arrived.

On the way to the airport, Li Cang was still talking about the competition.  “We haven’t set out yet, the captain of Gas has already invited us to a few skirmish games after we arrive.  Is there something wrong about it?”

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Secret Room Book 2 - Chapter 23

Playing Fish Trapped in the Secret Room
Book 2: You’re Beautiful
Chapter 23

The round of sixteen went through smoothly.
Dt and Inin both won their games in the morning.

After a short break, the quarterfinals began.
The round of sixteen still had some players from other countries, but the quarterfinals was a battleground for the Koreans.  Except for Dt and Inin belonging to Chinese clubs, only one player from America was still competing.
“I finally know how it feels for foreigners to compete in Ping-Pong and diving with Chinese athletes.”  Ai Qing unscrewed a bottle of water and passed it to Inin with a smile.  “Are you under a lot of pressure?”
Inin had a worried frown.  He drank a few mouthfuls of water:  “Yes.”
“What’s there to be pressured about.”  Ai Qing laughed.  She brought the ice cold mineral water bottle to his forehead.  “It is just a competition.  Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.  We aren’t here representing a country.  We belong to clubs.  No need to put pressure on yourself.”
Apparently, their talk had little effect.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 1

Hello all,

We'll be translating another story called 你微笑时很美 (Ni Wei Xiao Shi Hen Mei) or You're Beautiful When You Smile.


Chapter 1:

[Yao Yao, I broke up with Ai Jia.]

Tong Yao opened WeChat to see a message from her good friend Jinyang.  She was taken aback for a moment, before taking a cracker from her desk and bringing it to her mouth to calm herself.  She replied after taking a moment to think: Why?

[He’s someplace beyond my reach.]

Secret Room Book 2 - Chapter 22

Playing Fish Trapped in the Secret Room
Book 2: You’re Beautiful
Chapter 22

She continued to rest her head on her arm.  She looked at him, the first time she’d ever sized him up as a man.  “Do you know…...what we were talking about just now?”  His eyes were clear and still unusually interested at the nothing out the window.  “What is it?”
The window glass reflected her image very clearly.
“We said that we definitely will win.”  She said.
“Oh,” He could tell that she was in a good mood and felt better as a result,  “Why are you so confident?”
Perhaps she wasn’t as confident as she sounded, but she thought it was worth trying.
It had been a long time since she felt so strongly to challenge someone.  There was something flowing out from her heart and spreading through her body.  It was a sudden fervent want to eagerly challenge or surpass somebody.

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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 11 Part 2

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 11 Part 2

Qianxi made great effort to keep the chat more lively.  “You guys don’t have to be so formal.  Though I’m in the group, you can still chat as usual!”

In order to liven up the conversation, she specifically picked a dancing alpaca to show her goodwill.

Li Cang,  “......”

Cheng Yang,  “......”

Cherry,  “......”

The young and naive Wei Lai,  “Qianxi Jie, your alpaca is very similar to boss’.”

Qianxi,  “Ah?  Which one?”

Wai Lai sent one of the stickers he had saved from two days ago.

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Secret Room Book 2 - Chapter 21

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 2: You’re Beautiful
Chapter 21

She had guessed the answer to the question.
It was confirmed when room service delivered a bag of cleaned clothes to her room ten minutes later.  It was her clothes.
Signed by:  Room 1213, Wu Bai.

Ai Qing poured all the clothes in the bag onto the bed.  She found it was the exact outfit she had wore on the plane.  It seemed he picked them out deliberately for room service to wash……
She knelt down on the bed flabbergasted.  Three seconds later, she threw herself at the clothing.
Ah, heaven……

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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 11 Part 1

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 11 Part 1

Wei Lai felt even more gloomy now.  He was sitting at the dining table eating bread, while Qianxi sat across the entire time.  She spoke like a nagging mother from a TV ad.  “When a kid is growing, you have to pay attention to your nutritional balance and must have a regular daily routine.  You must drink more milk!  Otherwise you will remain at 160cm forever!”

He really wanted to shout at her.  “I’m not a little kid!  I don’t like to drink milk!  I have half a million fans!  I am160cm because I haven’t reached puberty yet!”

But, the god of wealth could never be offended.  He could only turn to their boss with a plaintive look, begging for help

Amid his look of eager expectation, Xu Jimo turned around to open the refrigerator door…...then gave a box of fresh milk to Qianxi.

…...Was there still time for him to drop out of the team?

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Secret Room Book 2 - Chapter 20

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 2: You’re Beautiful
Chapter 20

She gave one of the two fast food takeouts to Inin, then walked over to open the door and let Grunt in.
They didn’t talk to each other the entire time.

After the door closed, the man behind her took off his glasses wearily, “Tell me.  Where did your sister go?”
“Are you so confident that I’d tell you the truth?”  Ai Qing threw the takeout onto the table.
“Ai Qing.”  He looked at her face.  “Tell me.”
This man……
She remembered that it was at the Guangzhou airport when she first saw him.  She had commented that he was a boy born with a girl’s face.  Especially after taking off his glasses, he looked so much like a beautiful girl either from the front or the side.  Then at KTV, he inexplicably revealed that she used to be an esports player.  A week after that, he and her sister became entangled for years.
“She went back home.”  Now she looked back at all that had happened, perhaps, everything had happened too rapidly at the time.  It was too fast, just like when she fell in love with Solo at first sight when she was younger.  “If you want to talk to her, you can contact her after you go back home.”
So her sister was right.
Nobody had the right to intervene in another’s relationship.
Since only the ones involved and God would know all the ups and downs in that relationship.

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Secret Room Book 2 - Chapter 19

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 2: You’re Beautiful
Chapter 19

Dt stood from his seat, grabbed Grunt’s jacket, and ran after him.  Inin pulled on Ai Qing’s arm and whispered a suggestion, “Can we go back ourselves……”
Apparently Inin really feared Gun.
Gun seemed to detect Inin’s uneasiness.  He stood up slowly from his chair and reached out to rub Inin’s hair into a mess. He half smiled and got close to him, “Are you afraid of me?  I’m not your manager, what’s there to be afraid of?”
“No.”  Inin was even more despondent.  He apprehensively lowered his head and looked down at his own shoes.  “I just thought I should…...go back earlier to practice.”
Gun wanted to continue playing around with him.
Ai Qing flipped away Gun’s hand and pulled Inin behind her.
It was very obvious that she wouldn’t allow anyone to bully her people.

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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 10 Part 2

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 10  Part 2

Qianxi had been at the hospital for half the night.  It would be inappropriate to bother a pregnant lady by going to her cousin’s house so late in the night.  “I will find a hotel nearby later for the night.  You guys don’t need to worry about me.”

“Then afterwards?”

Qianxi stopped.

Xu Jimo’s concern was, “How long do plan on staying away from home?”

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Secret Room Book 2 - Chapter 18

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 2: You’re Beautiful
Chapter 18

It was a totally different world inside the stadium, from the noise to the hyperactive commentators.
It was the countdown to the next match.

Grunt’s opponent had already put on his earphones.
He remained still.

The players of the 32 groups were all vigilant except for him.  He still quietly maintained his posture.  In the end, even the assistant referee thought he might be sick and walked over to him, bending down to ask but he wasn’t moving.  The assistant referee patted his shoulder, Grunt then responded with a few words.  He sat up straight and put back his glasses.
Inin suddenly exhaled a long breath,  “That scared me to death.  I thought he was going to abstain.”
“He…...he shouldn’t be.”
StarCraft 2 was his first game when he entered the esports circle.  It was also the only game he ever played against Solo. With his obsession with Solo for so many years, he shouldn’t, and wouldn’t possibly abstain.

There was no live broadcast for the elimination rounds.
Nobody knew the actual details of the matches.

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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 10 Part 1

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 10  Part 1

For Qianxi, she had hidden under the shade of a great tree and lost her dreams for the future. Yet, she would feel satisfaction if she could provide temporary shelter for those who were still struggling forwards.

To Xu Jimo, it felt like he had suddenly joined a reality show where a red leather chair had turned around, revealing Qianxi beckoning him with a finger.  “I want you, come talk about your dreams.”......

Fortunately, a scream saved him. “Boss, we got a problem!”

Xu Jimo intercepted Li Cang as he flew at him.  “What’s wrong?”

“Wei Lai, Wei Lai passed out……”

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Announcement: Wednesday will now be Secret Room

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Just wanted to update everyone that Secret room will now be posted every Wednesday along with Mondays.  We're looking for something else to translate in the meantime.

Thanks!  Have a great day everyone!

Secret Room Book 2 - Chapter 17

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 2: You’re Beautiful
Chapter 17

Ai Qing met with the K&K members downstairs.
Probably due to the short confrontation last night, nobody seemed to have slept well.  Dt put his hands in the pockets of his sports jacket, quietly looking at passersby outside the hotel.
He turned around upon hearing their arrival and stared for a full three seconds before nodding to Ai Qing and Inin.

Besides the driver, it was just the five of them on the shuttle.
Grunt put his hand at the window, looking at the traffic outside. Chicago at this time of the year still required warm clothing. Grunt, however, let the cold wind pour in his open window.  After a while, Ai Qing was so cold that she had to wrap the scarf in her hand around her neck to shield herself from the cold wind.
After they arrived at the indoor stadium, she kept rubbing her hands trying to warm herself.  Inin found the entire situation strange and whispered in her ears,  “Why is everybody acting so weird today?”  “Ah? Really?”  Ai Qing played dumb.  “It doesn’t feel that way to me.”  “Seriously. Grunt is especially different.”  Inin replied and emphasized again.  “For real.”

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Secret Room Book 2 - Chapter 16

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 2: You’re Beautiful
Chapter 16

Ai Qing had no memory of the night before.
She only knew that somebody had tidied her room.  All her clothes had been folded and neatly placed next to her pillow.  There was a note Ai Jing left to her: Little Gou Gou, I was wrong.  Promise me, don’t confront Grunt again while you’re in America.  I don’t want anything to affect his ability to compete.  I’m leaving.  See you at home.
She picked up the note in shock while holding the blanket.  After a minute passed, she dialed her sister’s phone.
It was turned off.
She wasn’t sure whether her sister didn’t want to answer the phone or because she was already on the airplane right now.

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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 9 Part 2

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 9  Part 2

Two hours passed in a flash.

Xu Jimo went to look for Qianxi immediately after his post-competition interview.  But she wasn’t sitting where he last saw her.

He looked around and finally found a little shadow at the side of the stage.  It looked like she had come to look for him but couldn’t find him, so she just waited at the side.  Several boys had surrounded her, barraging her with questions.  “Young lady, where did you buy this box?”, “I want the limited edition badge inside.  How much will you sell it to me?  Fifty?  One hundred?  Two hundred.  Will that be enough?”  Qianxi kept shaking her head like a rattle-drum.

Xu Jimo laughed and sent her a message.  “Look to your left.”

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Tea of Summer - Chapter 55: Tea of Summer Part 2.3

And we're done with Tea of Summer folks! Wednesday's will now be Secret Room, while we figure out what else to translate.

Chapter 55
Tea of Summer Part 2.3

“I overheard your conversation with that guy in the recording studio------Zhao Ge called him 37?  Umm, I heard you talk about your flight date to Seattle.  I hurriedly changed my airline ticket to the same day and hoped that I’d meet you on the airplane.” He laughed and began to lament his own foolishness.  “At the time, I just thought that being on the same day would be enough, but I forgot that even if it was on the same day, there are many different airlines.  By the time you arrived at the airport, I was already boarding the plane.  So I still didn’t get the chance to talk to you.”
Xia Liang remembered glancing at a man’s back in the airport that day.  So she wasn’t mistaken, it was indeed Song Qiyan.

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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 9 Part 1

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 9  Part 1

Under the overly bright spotlight, Xu Jimo stood in between the host and his team mates accepting the souvenirs on behalf of his team from the special guest, Ye Qiao.  His eyes were blinded by the white lights.  The host joked that if any member of KG was Ye Qiao’s fan, then it would be a great opportunity to hug the goddess.  Yet, he seemed to glimpse a lonely figure who was sitting at the front most row all by herself with water glistening in her eyes.

Qianxi?  Did she comes to watch the games?

Many female fans sitting in the first row of the floor seats spoke in admiration, “My husbando is super cool-headed.  Look, that Florian excitedly ran over to ask for a hug while our K god hasn’t even moved a bit.”

“Wei Lai didn’t move either.”,   “Ai, he is only a kid.”, “He’s just a little boy god, ok!  Single eyelid, 160cm, he’s simply too cute!”  “You are a weird auntie……”

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Secret Room Book 2 - Chapter 15

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 2: You’re Beautiful
Chapter 15

Dt walked into her room.  As she ran about the room giggling, he pulled out a SP uniform from her suitcase and put in on her, on top of the suspender skirt.
While he was fiddling with the zipper, she uncomfortably pulled his hands…...
It was particularly warm since she was drunk.  When she stroked the back of his hand, his entire body almost stiffened, too afraid to move.
“Oh, oh, I thought about one thing.  Wu Bai.”  Blissfully unaware of his situation, she spoke in a serious manner as she stared at the ceiling, “I just checked the name list for the preliminaries.  I could roughly figure out who you will meet in the quarter final.  Aren’t I awesome?  Hehe, hehe……”
“Uhm, you are awesome.”  He took a deep breath, then began to battle with the zippers again.
“That man is despicable.  If you encounter him, you can’t use Zerg.  Last year, he was particularly fond of a strategy to counter Zerg.  It was using Protoss Photon Cannons.  He built an array of Photon Cannons right at the center of the map to intercept enemy units…...Oh, well, do you understand?”  She looked straight at him with big sparkling eyes.
No wonder she was the famous Apple Dog.  Even while inebriated, she was still analyzing tactics------

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Secret Room Book 2 - Chapter 14

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 2: You’re Beautiful
Chapter 14

Once she was in her room, she took a shower, unpacked her bag, blow dried her hair, and changed her clothes all in one stretch.
In other words, she didn’t let herself take a break.
Yet, eventually she would finish everything she needed to do…...and so found herself with nothing to do.  But it was too early to call Baona and Solo.  She felt quite uneasy and ran to the refrigerator to take out four bottles of 300 ml beer.  She opened all of them with a bottle opener and poured it into a cup.
She drank it, it was icy cold.
Feeling a bit more carefree, she soon finished all four bottles.
She continued to searched for all the other drinks that contained alcohol and took them out.  She drank them one by one.
They tasted good.
She squinted her eyes and grinned, it felt as if she was comfortably floating.

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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 8 Part 3

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 8 Part 3

Two doors down the hall, Qianxi proudly completed her mission to deliver the medicine and was bargaining with her cousin.

Ye Qiao, a drop-dead beauty even without make-up, softly asked her, “Are you going to sleep at my place again tonight?”

“Yes……”  Qianxi embraced Ye’s waist and pretended to cry.  “My cousin, I’m unemployed and without a place to live now.  You must take me in!  I can mop the floor, cook, do laundry, and run errands.  Oh, right, cousin, do you need an assistant?”

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Tea of Summer - Chapter 54: Tea of Summer Part 2.2

Chapter 54
Tea of Summer 2.2

The car slowly moved forward on the green light.  Xia Liang looked in shock at the side of Song Qiyan’s face hidden in the shadow and then opened Qian Sui’s Weibo.
Qian Sui didn’t use Weibo very often, but he was more active compared to Bei Yan.  Most of his posts were about the release of his song and occasionally he would share posts from good friends in the circle.
His last Weibo post was a chain of replies with Bei Yan.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Most Majestic You - Chapter 8 Part 2

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 8 Part 2

The hallway was quiet.  All the doors were closed, marked with gold colored numbers that all looked the same.  Ai, which room did she point to just now; this one, or that one?

Qianxi hesitated and knocked lightly on the door of one room: it seemed to be this room?

There was the sound of a dragging chair inside, someone came to open the door shortly.  When the door opened, the person’s eyeballs almost dropped to the ground.  “Young, young lady boss?!”

Qianxi was dumbfounded.  Li Cang had opened the door for her.  She glanced inside the room and saw the chubby Cherry and the bespectacled Cheng Yang.  As for Xu Jimo, he had already stood up and was walking towards her.

“Why are you guys here?”