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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 46 Part 1

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 46 Part 1

The snow on the road had already been swept clean but there were few cars on the road.
Ye Qiao wrapped herself in a white down jacket. There wasn’t much of an expression on her face: “What’s her name?”
Zhou Tingsheng, eyes glued to the road, frowned then replied: “Ruan Feiyan.”
“Her last name is Ruan?”

A sudden silence fell between them, but both of them could guess why the other wasn’t talking.
Ye Qiao looked outside the window, but her eyes couldn’t focus on anything: “The last name of that death roll inmate who donated the heart to me was also called Ruan.”
“I heard that her husband had passed away early, before her daughter was born. It was the reason why she took her mother’s family name. The husband had done some illegal things and caused a lot of trouble for the family after he died. People came to ask for money back or even threatened the lives of the mother and daughter. She was an amazing woman who single handedly raised her daughter.”

Ye Qiao told her heart-stirring past in a completely dull voice. The heat inside the car made her head cloudy, she even had difficulty hearing her own voice: “My father did something terrible to her.”
“......What terrible thing did he do?” Zhou Tingsheng didn’t have the courage to turn his head.
“The death sentence didn’t have to be carried out right away. She even had the chance to get the sentence reduced to a fixed term of imprisonment. It was my father who lied.” Ye Qiao didn’t seem to talk to any particular person. She even chuckled about the absurdity. “Later, I heard that she was actually taking the blame for someone else. One of my father’s students.”

Ye Qiao turned her head to look at Zhou Tingsheng. His face reflected the brightness of the snow, making the contour of the face somewhat surreal. She suddenly changed the direction of the conversation: “You told me that you were learning Chinese painting before, remember? When my father holds the brush, the first joint of his index finger will straighten up. You hold it the same way.”
That was how he held the needle while tattooing her chest.

When a person is afraid of something, they are inclined to interpret every hint as evidence that something has happened. Someone who’s afraid of being dumped by their lover sees betrayal in their lover’s every move. Someone who’s afraid of being blamed by their boss feels anxious in all their work despite putting in their best effort. Someone who’s afraid of ghosts will walk cautiously around corners and warily look at every bush fearing they would come face to face with a ghost.
Ye Qiao had just told him everything she’d kept hidden from the world.

Zhou Tingsheng stopped at the traffic light and pulled out a cigarette. He hadn’t smoked lately but now lit one up in front of her. He lowered the window, letting the chilly air in the car. The wind blew onto their faces and stung like needles. Half of Zhou Tingsheng’s face felt numb from the freezing cold. His lips quivered when he put the cigarette into his mouth. Ye Qiao, facing the cold breeze, felt more and more sure of her own hunch.

Her forehead throbbed from the icy wind. It seemed that even the weather was trying to stop her from continuing. Yet she stubbornly continued: “My father only had one student. His last name was Zhou.”
“Don’t say it anymore.” Zhou Tingsheng rolled up the window. The enclosed space suddenly began to fill with smoke.

Zhou Tingsheng extinguished the cigarette in irritation. He couldn’t understand why things had turned out this way.
Fortunately, there were three more kilometers to go before they reached the hospital. They had to be in the car for now and face an even more urgent incident together later. Ye Qiao dropped the topic but spoke self-mockingly: “You knew it all along. You just didn’t tell me.”

It was a red light again and Zhou Tingsheng stopped the car.
He didn’t say a word and prayed that the car trip could last forever.
But time that a person values the most, goes by the fastest. After a few turns, they had arrived at City Hospital.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 71 Part 2

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 71 Part 2

In reality, Tong Yao wasn’t paying attention to Li Huanshuo at all. She was focusing on the guy who was being held down and wearing the Qing Dynasty uniform…...If Tong Yao remembered correctly, her team’s first round of matches against B group next week would be against the Qing Dynasty. The team was third place last season-- --with four Chinese and one Korean. The Korean player was the one pinned down by Li Huanshuo right now. Everyone called him Long Ge, a caring type of player-- --

Why did she think that?

Tong Yao had seen the team’s competition videos. She personally thought this Korean’s Chinese was even better than Lu Sicheng’s…...Because he would at least tell his teammates when the team was at a disadvantage: It’s alright. We can win. Everyone go for it, don’t give up.

-- --Unlike Lu Sicheng, who not only spoke only a few words while in a disadvantageous position, he would speak even less when they were winning. If it wasn’t for the chatty Little Fatty, one would have the wrong impression their bot lane was empty, especially during the early game when everyone was busy in their own lanes.

Besides, just last year, Qing Dynasty was struggling to keep itself in the major league, yet because of this skillful jungler, the team won third place in this year’s spring season.

All Tong Yao was thinking about at the moment was how to beat this team next week. Suddenly, a hand forcibly turned her head around. The man standing behind her asked with a stone face: “Who are you staring at?”

“Long Ge.” Tong Yao answered without thinking.

“What? Long Ge, do you know him well? He’s a jungler and never plays mid. You two can’t possibly face each other before or know each other well. You’re collecting stamps again? You.”

“......I’m not. What nonsense about collecting! I was thinking this guy only came to China this spring season and his Chinese has improved so much, not to mention that he has saved a whole team. He’s really something.” Tong Yao said: “You should consider having him to teach you some Chinese?......Don’t just say all the time: Little Fatty, go forwards two steps to receive some damage so I can get some kills.”

Lu Sicheng: “......”

While Lu Sicheng stared in silence, Little Fatty, who was standing behind Tong Yao and Lu Sicheng, thrillingly gave Tong Yao a thumbs up-- --

In the meantime, Li Huanshuo raised his head and saw Tong Yao.

His eyes brightened up and immediately walked towards Tong Yao, disregarding the protest of the female staff member. He first greeted Lu Sicheng who was behind Tong Yao, then held Tong Yao’s arm: “Jiejie, why are you here too?”

“To eat dinner.” Tong Yao smiled.

Lu Sicheng jerked her jacket from behind.

Tong Yao calmly freed herself from Li Huanshuo’s hand.

“Yesterday, when I was streaming, someone badmouthed you.” Li Huanshuo frankly said in broken Chinese. “I scolded him. I don’t let them say anything about you. You’re very good.”

Tong Yao looked at his expectant face. She really wanted to pat his head and commend him, but her captain was watching her from behind. She could only briefly thank him. Then she lowered her voice: “Don’t do that again. What if they diss you as well, then you’ll be ensnared with me.”

Li Huanshuo bashfully said: “Don’t understand.”

He couldn’t understand what the Chinese phrase for ensnared meant.

He turned to ask Lu Sicheng and Lu Sicheng told him to guess, with no intent on telling him. Li Huanshuo then turned to Long Ge for help. Long Ge explained to him in Korean and raised his head to glance over at Tong Yao’s direction-- --Long Ge and Lu Sicheng started to play professionally about the same time. He even started to play in the Korea region a little bit earlier than Lu Sicheng. He nodded at Lu Sicheng as a greeting.

Then Long Ge turned to say something to Li Huanshuo and Li started to get excited……

Li Huanshuo came back to Tong Yao: “Tailun Ge said you’re very interesting. I told him no way, that you’re another man’s girlfriend. Even if you aren’t, I’m second in line.”

Tong Yao didn’t know how to respond. She didn’t know how to explain to Li Huanshuo that saying she’s interesting didn’t mean he’s interested in her……

Tong Yao and her teammates left Li Huanshuo and the others to go to their table at the back of the restaurant.

Little Fatty had heard Tong Yao’s exchange with Li Huanshuo and giggled: “Why do all the junglers like you-- --your ex-boyfriend, that kid you gave chicken soup for the soul, or this Li Huanshuo. Now even your fighting incidents attract attention?”

“I don’t know. Probably because of my good looks.” Tong Yao sat down at Lu Sicheng’s left hand side and absent-mindedly took the menu: “Don’t listen to Li Huanshuo.”

Lu Sicheng: “Did he say anything wrong?”

Tong Yao raised her head from the menu: “What?”

Lu Sicheng: “How many lobsters do you want?”

Tong Yao: “A lot of them.”

Lu Sicheng: “ Big eyes, small stomach.”

Tong Yao: “I’ll take it home if I can’t finish them. Dabing hasn’t eaten lobster before. After eating lobster, the cat can probably clean its own litter box.”

Everyone: “......”

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 59 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 59 Part 1

Xiang Nuan said: “Lin Chuyan, I’ll never forgive you again!”

“I’m wrong, don’t get angry.”

It was too late, Xiang Nuan deleted his name from her friend list. Lin Chuyan tried to call afterwards, Xiang Nuan blocked his number instead of answering.

Xiang Nuan was very, very angry!


In the end Chen Yinghu didn’t join them as he had promised. It was because his cousin, Shen Zemu, suddenly came to find him.

Shen Zemu took him outside and stopped at a dark corner. Then Shen Zemu pummeled him, asking: “Are you going to tell me the truth?”

“I will, I will…...It’s me!”

“When did you do the switch?”

“When you were sleeping.”

Shen Zemu sneered. No wonder he had been staying at Shen Zemu’s house the past few days. When they played games late into the night, Shen Zemu’s mother would invite her nephew to stay for the night and Chen Yinghu had never refused. Shen Zemu finally understood why.

It wasn’t Shen Zemu’s fault for overlooking it. It was because he could never imagine anyone could be this shameless.

Shen Zemu took a deep breath and held back the urge to strangle his cousin: “What did Lin Chuyan offer you?”

Chen Yinghu couldn’t look into Shen Zemu’s eyes: “What did this have anything to do with Chuyan?”

“You aren’t telling the truth? Alright……” Shen Zemu started to pull up his sleeves as he was talking, gesturing that he was about to hit Chen Yinghu again.

Chen Yinghu immediately gave in: “Alright, alright, I’ll tell you…...Chuyan lent me money and I want to pay back the favor so I did this to you. Cousin, please believe me, you still hold an important position in my heart.”

“Not as important as money.”


Shen Zemu reined in his urge to hit his cousin and continued the interrogation: “How much did he lend you? Will it do if I give you double that amount? Then you can go play that trick on him for me.”

“He lent me 100K. Cousin, do you have 200K?”

Shen Zemu: “......No.”

Though his family was well off, his parents didn’t let him spend money freely. All his savings were from the scholarship he earned every year. In order to save 200K, he would probably have to stay in university for 20 years.

For any normal student, 100K was a large sum of money. Shen Zemu shifted his attention from the chocolate incident to this unusually large sum of money. He asked Chen Yinghu: “Why do you need such a large amount? Are you gambling? Doing drugs? Patronizing prostitutes?”

“No, no, I’m not. Don’t make wild guesses, cousin. What if other people heard you…...I’m just lending that money to another person.”

“To whom?”

“Keke. She needs money badly, but I don’t have enough. So I borrowed some from Chuyan.”

“Is she that online girlfriend of yours?”

“She’s my girlfriend! Girlfriend!”

Shen Zemu hmphed. Though Chen Yinghu claimed she was his girlfriend, he knew the girl through the internet. Shen Zemu didn’t think there was anything wrong to call her his online girlfriend.

Shen Zemu was rather old-fashioned and grew uneasy hearing his cousin had lent such a large sum to someone he met over the internet.

He worried that his cousin had been cheated and asked: “Has she written an IOU note to you?”

“Well……that’ll be too awkward……”

Shen Zemu only replied with an oh and didn’t say anything more. But it was obvious what he thought from the tone of his voice.

Chen Yinghu wasn’t able to accept his cousin’s skepticism and defended his girlfriend: “Keke isn’t a liar.”

“Whatever, it’s not my money anyway.” Shen Zemu put his hands in his pockets and turned around to leave.

Chen Yinghu watched his back and blurted out: “Cousin, do you feel that everyone in the world is a bad guy?”

Shen Zemu didn’t answer; his slender silhouette gradually disappeared in the darkness.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 71 Part 1

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 71 Part 1

When they arrived at the hot pot place, Tong Yao was embroiled in debate at the center of her mind about whether to order the lobster or the 888RMB plate of beef-- --

One voice said: “Are you a country bumpkin? Have you never had lobster before?”

Another voice said: “Are you a country bumpkin? Have you never had beef before?”

One voice said: “You can have beef any day.”

Another voice said: “How can anyone eat 888RMB beef everyday? Have you forgotten that you’ve been deducted 120K from your pay?”

One voice said: “Will eating 888RMB beef make you fly?”

Another voice said: “Well I don’t know about that, so I want to try it. Who knows?”

Tong Yao, deep in thought, supported her head with her arm, barely containing the saliva in her mouth. When the bus stopped, she bolted up from her seat and started to get off the bus. She walked a couple of steps before Lu Yue called after her. “What’s wrong with your foot? You’re limping?”

Tong Yao turned her head back, then lowered her head to check her foot. There was a red spot on the back of her right heel where a blister had formed-- --It was from a simple reason, the new team shoes she was wearing had chafed the back of her foot.

Tong Yao: “It’s a blister. The new shoes rubbed against my foot.”

Lu Yue: “Oh, are you a mute? Why didn’t you say something about the shoes earlier?”

As Tong Yao limped off the bus, Lu Sicheng came up from behind and used both of his hands to lift her onto the ground.

“All the new shoes are like that. It’s no big deal. I’ll just go buy some bandages from the market close to base when we get back.” Tong Yao glanced over at Lu Sicheng. “My friend set the record shopping in Las Vegas for 12 hours straight. By the fourth hour, her heels had already started chafing and she continued to shop for the next 8 hours, just like a mermaid dancing on the tip of a knife.”

Xiao Rui: “A shopaholic mermaid.”

Ming god: “Is this mermaid you’re talking about our next door mid’s girlfriend?”

Tong Yao nodded. All the men in the group had the same expressions on their faces: Sympathy for Ai Jia.

Only the brothers Lu Sicheng and Lu Yue didn’t seem to be surprised, it looked like they were very used to this kind of behavior from women. Lu Sicheng didn’t say anything, but Lu Yue did: “If spending money would let women stop nagging or looking for trouble, then that means we can live longer. If you think about it this way, then you’ll agree that it’s worthwhile letting them spend the money.”

Tong Yao lifted her foot to kick him: “Yeah, women are all like that, aren’t we cute? I can do that too, but I don’t have the money-- --Ah, don’t talk about money, now I suddenly feel chest pain.”

“Serves you right.”

After saying that, Lu Sicheng pulled open the door to the hot pot place. When they walked in the restaurant, they discovered that there were other teams there as well-- --

In addition to Tong Yao’s team, there was Team Huawei and Team Qing Dynasty from B group. The two teams were sitting close to each other. Huawei’s Jungler, Li Huanshuo, was leaning on the back of the Qing Dynasty’s Jungler, holding a wine glass in his hand while calling him “gege” in Korean. Behind him, a girl who looked like a staff member was pulling on his sleeve while sneakily taking pictures of the two junglers-- --

They looked like as if they were a Jenga tower.

Lu Sicheng: “Look.”

Tong Yao: “What?”

Lu Sicheng: “This guy will always have girls around him.”

Tong Yao: “......”

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 58 Part 3

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 58 Part 3

Xiang Nuan didn't know how to face Shen Zemu anymore; she logged off from WeChat and blankly stared into space.

Within less than one second, she received a call from Yang Yin: “Nuannuan, what are you up to? Why aren’t you on the game yet?”

“Oh, oh, I’m coming, I’m coming.”

It was impossible for her to avoid Shen Zemu today because they had to practice as a team for the match tomorrow.

Xiang Nuan was much quieter than usual during training; Shen Zemu was usually quiet to begin with, but today…...he spoke even fewer words.

Only Waiwai who acted as the leader, spoke in the chat. Zheng Dongkai would occasionally chat a bit. The other three members of the team would only give callouts when necessary.

Callouts are abbreviations and terms that players use to inform the team about their location, status, enemy locations, etc.

Yang Yin felt everyone was too quiet tonight and figured it was because they were under too much pressure from the upcoming match tomorrow. When the team finished the first match, Yang Yin said: “Lin Chuyan, sing a song for us. Lighten up the atmosphere.”

“Sure.” Lin Chuyan cleared his throat and started singing: “Chocolate~chocolate~your kiss is like chocolate~ ~ ~”

Xiang Nuan: “......”

She couldn’t stand to hear the word chocolate now.

Suddenly, Shen Zemu spoke: “Do a different song.”

Obviously, he didn’t want to hear the word either.

“Sure.” Lin Chuyan changed to another song and began singing: “You’re a piece of chocolate that I won’t get sick of. I want to slowly-- --”

“Enough!” Xiang Nuan interrupted him. She was going nuts. “Change to a song that has nothing to do with chocolate.”

Lin Chuyan sounded quite innocently: “I thought the songs matched the holiday today.”

“Even so, don’t sing that. All six of us are single, why are you singing about chocolate. Sing ‘Love Song for the Singles.’ ”

“Alright, let me get ready.”

Lin Chuyan quickly covered his phone and turned his head away to laugh.  He was afraid that others would hear him and tried his best to muffle his laughter as his shoulders violently quivered.

Of course, the others in the chat group didn’t notice that.

After a while, Lin Chuyan finally calmed down and started to sing for them.

But after he finished singing, even Waiwai was feeling down now.

Yang Yin was speechless at the result and wouldn’t let Lin Chuyan sing again. She found a playlist of classic music to play for the team. Every song was high energy. No more demoralizing music.

With classical music in the background, Xiang Nuan felt like she had refound her passion, like a warrior ready to charge into battle.

The team could finally play matches normally and Xiang Nuan was finally able to forget the awkwardness.

They finished their training that night earlier than usual. Yang Yin told them to rest well and get ready for tomorrow.

Xiang Nuan was still excited from playing. Lin Chuyan asked her whether she wanted to continue playing.

“Yes. Let’s go find Oblivion…...Hum, Oblivion isn’t on.”

“Let’s find Hu Ge then.”

Chen Yinghu was in the middle of a match, so Lin Chuyan created a chat group and waited for him to join after he’s done.

In the meantime, there were only Lin Chuyan and Xiang Nuan in the group. Lin Chuyan asked Xiang Nuan: “You really haven’t received any chocolate today?”

“No and don’t talk about it anymore.”


Then Xiang Nuan heard very quiet laughter from Lin Chuyan; it sounded like he was trying to suppress it.

Though his laughter was pleasant to hear, the moment Xiang Nuan heard it, a spark went off in her head and she suddenly realized everything. Then she exploded: “It was you? ! It was you! Bastard, bastard, bastard. Lin Chuyan, you bastard!”

“Don’t get angry. I’ll sing for you. Chocolate~chocolate~your kiss is like chocolate~ ~ ~” His deliberate teasing annoyed Xiang Nuan even more.

“Shut up, bastard!”

Lin Chuyan was laughing so hard that he had to rest his head on the desk to catch his breath.

He thought to himself: Xiang Nuan, you’re so cute. How can I let anyone else to grab you away from me.

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 45 Part 3

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 45 Part 3

Ye Qiao truly hoped that she could remain indifferent.
No one knew that when she was going in and out of consciousness on the hospital bed, she longed for her father to be there. Even if he were there without a warm smile nor a word of comfort, she still desperately hoped her father was right there with her. But he hadn’t come afterall. Whether it was because his poor health had prevented him from coming or he simply didn’t want to see his unworthy daughter again, in the end Xu Zang didn’t come visit his daughter.
Maybe the grudge between father and daughter would always be there.

After Ye Qiao hung up the call from the museum director, she got another call from Shen Ting.
Shen Ting’s youthful, energetic voice pulled Ye Qiao out of her sad memories.

In the meantime, Zhuo Tingsheng brought steaming hot dumplings to the table. Ye Qiao was forbidden from eating hot and spicy food and so he had made a vinegar and ginger dipping sauce for her. While he was still mixing the sauce with chopsticks, Ye Qiao, hungry, plucked one dumpling to put into her mouth. She turned speaker on her phone so she could eat while talking. Shen Ting’s voice filled the room: “Qiao Jie, have you seen the news about Xu Yinshan?”
Ye Qiao grunted from distance.

Shen Ting continued: “There are posts online that are trying to confuse people; they’re posting pictures of you and Mr. Zhou. It isn’t a big deal since not many people know about Mr. Zhou. But by posting the pictures now, people will think it’s related to the scandal and confuse you with being involved in the iCloud thing. It’s going to be hard to clarify.”
Ye Qiao looked up at Zhou Tingsheng to see his reaction. He was still mixing up his soy sauce dipping sauce. He casually asked: “How widespread is it?”

“Ah, Mr. Zhou is there as well?” Shen Ting’s voice became somewhat uneasy: “It isn’t too bad. The pictures are all normal pictures; it won’t be too hard to clarify. I’m just calling to remind Qiao Jie……”
“Well your Qiao Jie is eating right now. Let her finish eating then we can talk about this.”
He hung up the phone right after speaking.

Ye Qiao was astonished: “You didn’t even ask me before hanging up my phone now.”
“It wasn’t anything important about work. No need to talk about it any longer.” Zhou Tingsheng didn’t think it was a big deal. Seeing Ye Qiao’s bloodshot eyes, he continued: “Is your cold getting worse? Better go take a nap after you eat.”
Ye Qiao put another dumpling into her mouth: “I slept two rounds last night. Can’t sleep now.”
“You’ll be sleepy after taking the medicine.”

Ye Qiao’s nose and cheeks were reddish from the cold, making her look like a cute cartoon character. Zhou Tingsheng kept pinching her cheeks from time to time. Ye Qiao raised her chopsticks to block his hand: “Colds can be infectious.” Zhou Tingsheng didn’t seem to care, he even took away a half-eaten dumpling from Ye Qiao and put into his mouth.
After he had swallowed the half-eaten dumpling, Ye Qiao intently stared at him as if she had witnessed something unusual.

Zhou Tingsheng was concerned: “What’s wrong?”
Ye Qiao blinked her eyes and asked in confusion: “The dumpling you just ate had meat fillings……”
He didn’t notice it when he swallowed it. He only felt the taste of ginger fill his mouth and he didn’t feel ill. “It’s nothing.”

Ye Qiao however thought this was a big deal. If he could have one bite, then he could have another bite. Then maybe whatever had been troubling him would disappear. He must have experienced some bloody encounter which he didn’t want to remember and thus refused to eat meat. Ye Qiao knew very well it would take a long journey to get over this kind of traumatic experience. She picked up a dumpling, trying to entice him: “This has a pork and celery filling. The celery has a very strong smell and you’ll only taste the celery when you eat it. Try a couple of them……”
Zhou Tingsheng turned his face away without answering. Ye Qiao had failed at her first attempt and dejectedly put down her chopsticks, not wanting to push too hard.

It was a cold, snowy day.
After eating, Ye Qiao took the medicine with some water. Then she checked her friend circle. As usual, most of the posts were from Qianxi. She always started with three rows of Ahs, then what came next was even more shocking: “I got to work early in the morning and the first patient of mine is my neighbor! I’m scared to death. I ran into her last night when I was having my late night snack and this morning she’s on the emergency bed with a slashed wrist! What’s going on with young girls these days, don’t they treasure their own lives now? I broke up with my boyfriend, work overtime, and have to bear with cafeteria food. I can really be a model worker! Could you guys give me a thumbs up!”

Ye Qiao glanced at the picture Qianxi had taken. A corner of the medical chart was shown, it happened to be the latter half of the address. The picture was rather blurry, making it difficult to figure out where it was but Ye Qiao already knew who lived at that address.

At the other side of the bedroom, Zhou Tingsheng was answering a phone call with a grim face: “Yes, en…...alright, I’ll be right over.”
She had put all the clues together and took another gulp of water, trying to calm herself down. But the water she drank was too hot and burned her throat.

Zhou Tingsheng took his coat off the rack and walked over to her: “I’m going to the hospital, over at Qingjiang Road. You take a good nap. Send me a text to tell me what you want for lunch. I’ll bring it back when I come home. En?”
Ye Qiao stubbornly shook her head: “I’ll go with you.”

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 45 Part 2

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 45 Part 2

When Zhou Tingsheng came out with a bag in hand, he saw Ye Qiao staring blankly into space: “What’s wrong?”
“.......It’s nothing.” Ye Qiao recovered and held his hand: “I suddenly don’t want to eat seafood porridge for breakfast now. Let’s go back and have some dumplings, alright?”
“I only have frozen ones. Think you can handle it?”

On the way back, Zhou Tingsheng noticed that the knuckles on Ye Qiao’s hand holding the dog leash had turned slightly red from the cold. He wrapped his palm around her hand. Her hand was so cold that it made him shiver. Ye Qiao looked up at him and smiled. The snow that was reflected in her eyes seemed to glimmer.

After they were back in his apartment, Zhou Tingsheng busied himself cooking dumplings. Ye
Qiao took the opportunity to check the news.
As Ye Qiao had suspected, that Zhao something actress turned out to be Zhao Mo. There were four or five other minor actresses whom she had met once or twice that were also involved. Xu Yinshan was the most famous actress among them; her pictures were the most revealing as well. The Weibo sites for both Xu Yinshan and her agent were unusually quiet.

Ye Qiao had a clear conscience and was not afraid of getting involved in the scandal. Yet, somehow, without knowing why, it seemed to be an ill omen of things to come.

Her cell phone started to ring, startling her. When she answered, she heard a man’s voice which she didn’t recognize at the other end of the phone: “Is this Ms. Ye?”
“And you are?”
“I’m Yang Zhisong, the director of Yang City Art Museum. You’ve met me when you were little.”
Ye Qiao searched her memory and quite easily recalled that the director was a classmate of her father when they were young. They were good friends for many years. Ye Qiao replied politely: “Uncle Yang.”

“It’s nice of you to still remember me.” Yang Zhisong laughed, then asked how she was doing with a cordial tone of voice. After chatting a little, he continued: “Your father hasn’t been feeling well lately, he’s been in the hospital under observation for some time now. Our museum is going to have an exhibit of his works in the first half of the new year. He told me that he’s unable to come to the opening ceremony and recommended that you come in his stead as his immediate family member.”
Ye Qiao was taken by surprise: “My father recommended me?”

Even during the days when she was hospitalized from the accident, she hadn’t heard anything from him. The only thing she heard was through Qianxi that Cheng Su was pregnant. Ye Qiao had thought that the kinship between her father and her was already as thin as the fleeting water.

Yang Zhisong gently said: “Yes, your father has only one daughter. It’s only natural that he asks you to be the special guest at the opening ceremony of the exhibition.”
Only she was his offspring..
Ye Qiao suddenly felt saddened. Her eyes welled up and asked lightly: “Could you give me a few days to think over it?”
Yang Zhisong was a bit surprised to hear her reply, as if he hadn’t expected that she would hesitate to do this for her father. But he promptly replied: “Sure…...sure. Take your time to think it over. I understand that you’re a movie star now and compensation for your attendance is negotiable.”
Ye Qiao thought it was a bit of absurd to talk about money and laughed at herself: “It’s not about an appearance fee. It’s just lately…...It’s not convenient for me.”
“Oh? Is that so? If you can’t come, could you introduce me to some of your father’s students to me?”
“Students?” Ye Qiao thought about it then regretfully said: “My father doesn’t seem to have any students.”

Yang Zhisong sounded quite confused: “How could that be. I even know one. Your father’s last student, the only son of the Zhou family.”
Ye Qiao’s facial expression suddenly changed.
“Oh really. It was a long time ago and I don’t have his contact information.”
She sounded very aloof.

Yang Zhisong didn’t seem to notice it: “It’s alright, that would be our last resort anyway. It would be best if you could attend. Promise me that you’ll seriously consider it!”
“En.” Ye Qiao gave him her assistant’s number and told him she would keep in touch.
Her voice sounded rather indifferent now.

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Friday, November 22, 2019

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 70 Part 3

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 70 Part 3

“Why did you hit her? Haven’t you thought about how it would damage your image? Or is it because you know that you’re the only female player in the league and everyone is watchful of your every move so you couldn’t help yourself so you could attract more attention?”

Tong Yao: “......”

In her mind, Tong Yao cursed the reporter with every dirty word she knew. Did the reporter mistaken her as a movie star who has to make sure she has enough exposure all the time? Before she could come up with a more gentle way to answer the question, a big hand came from behind her and pushed the microphone to the side. A chilly voice came from the man behind her: “That’s enough. How do you expect her to answer a question like that? Which media outlet are you from?”

The reporter was taken by surprise and subconsciously backed away a little. The fans swarmed forward to pull him away. The crowd of fangirls noisily jabbered like chattering birds: “This is so insulting.” “Where’s your professional ethics asking a question like that.” The more aggressive ones were more straightforward: “Shit, are you trying to earn more followers? Idiot.”

Tong Yao blinked her eyes, appreciating the warmth the fans had shown her. She took pens and notebooks to sign autographs for a few fans and thanks the fans who had given her gifts. The crowd in front of her dispersed slightly and Tong Yao took a breath of relief and prepared to get on the bus. As she moved forward a couple of steps, she heard someone next to her say: “What kind of professional player is she? Who knows how she became a main player, there wasn’t any news about her being in training at all. I heard that she had signed a contract before that…...Even if she’s really good, but she never had her face cam on before. Who knows whether it’s really her who played all those matches to get her to that rank. The club just signed her up without any proof, tsk, tsk, don’t you think-- --”

It was the reporter who had been pushed away earlier.

He was leaning against the wall, looking down at the pictures he had just taken while suggestively talking to another reporter next to him-- --

As he was talking, he sensed that someone was walking towards him. Before he could raise his head, a slender hand with fair skin covered the len of his camera. The reporter looked up with a start and saw a girl who was one head shorter than him standing right in front of him. Her black eyes were sparkling.

She abruptly lifted her hand up.

Startled, the reporter shrank back.

It turned out that Tong Yao was only using one finger to wiggle in front of his nose and raised her chin up at the same time. She gripped her teeth and said: “You should be glad.”

The reporter: “? ? ? ?”

Tong Yao: “My dad won’t let me cause any trouble now. I’ll let you go this time.”

After saying those words, Tong Yao drew her hand back with some force, disregarding the dumbfounding reporter. She turned around and got back onto the bus, fuming. She sat down on a window seat and pulled the curtain up…...Three minutes later, Lu Sicheng also got on the bus. When he passed Tong Yao, he pulled the hood of her jacket over her head and patted her head at the same time.

Tong Yao slapped his hand away.

Xiao Rui stretched his head over and cunningly asked: “Which dad won’t let you cause more trouble?”

Tong Yao: “......”

Tong Yao silently stared at Xiao Rui.

During the silence, Lu Sicheng stood there and suddenly, after some searching, pulled out a box of milk from the gift bags he had received from fans. He put the straw in and handed it over next to the lips of their angry mid: “Fans want me to give this to you so you calm down.”

Tong Yao took the milk and drank it in two gulps, then she threw the empty box into the trash bag.

Lu Sicheng: “Still angry?”

Tong Yao: “Angry.”

Lu Sicheng: “Then we’ll take you to eat hot pot.”

Tong Yao: “Ok.”

Lu Sicheng: “Still angry?”

Tong Yao: “Yes.”

Lu Sicheng took out all the other boxes of milk and stuffed them into her hands, then he walked towards the back of the bus…...Xiao Rui leaned over: “Well, give me a box.”

Tong Yao grasped the boxes hid them behind her: “No, I won’t.”

Xiao Rui: “They weren’t from Cheng Ge anyway, what’s the big deal?”

Tong Yao thought about it and figured it was true. She took the milk out and watched Xiao Rui begin sharing the boxes. Then suddenly she thought about something else. She got up from her seat and looked to the back row: “Is it that hot pot place that sells a plate of beef for 888 RMB? I want lobsters.”

The back row was silent.

A long while later, a calm male voice could be heard-- --

“As you wish.”

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 58 Part 2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 58 Part 2

Xiang Nuan told herself to calm down.

She found the delivery slip, the handwritten address was blurry. She searched the slip number online and discovered that it was from Z province.

Shen Zemu lived in Z province.

Xiang Nuan couldn’t believe Shen Zemu would send such a gift.

Shen Xuezhang was a very decent man……

Yet, who knew…...Any normal person who got closer to Lin Chuyan might be influenced by him and become weird……

Xiang Nuan sent a message to Shen Zemu, trying to find out.

Xiang Nuan: Xuezhang, I received a box of chocolate. Is it from you?

Shen Zemu: En.

He admitted it! Without hesitation!

It came as such a surprise to Xiang Nuan. At first, she was shocked, feeling all her admiration of him had crumbled. Then, she found it especially unfair. Even though she used to have a crush on Shen Zemu, she had never done anything to hurt him in any way. Why was she being humiliated like this?

Xiang Nuan replied in distress: Xuezhang, what do you mean by sending this kind of thing.

Shen Zemu: It’s just what you think it is.

Xiang Nuan: Xuezhang wants me to eat poop?

Shen Zemu: ……

Shen Zemu, cell phone in hand, stared at Xiang Nuan’s message, confused. Was this young lady actually brain dead? What sort of logic equated “giving chocolate” to “eating poop”? Even if she wanted to turn him down, did she have to say such disgusting things?

He couldn’t understand it or figure it out.

Shen Zemu tried to gather his thoughts and typed several replies but deleted them all. Finally he asked her directly: Why would you say that.

He was really curious about how she came to that conclusion.

Xiang Nuan sent him a picture of the chocolates.

Inside the exquisite box sat six pieces of poop shaped chocolate.

Shen Zemu immediately understood what had happened. His face darkened, he was furious.

After sending the picture, Xiang Nuan bitterly added: Xuezhang, you’ve changed.

Shen Zemu replied with a dark face: It’s been switched.

Xiang Nuan was shocked to hear that: Ah?

Shen Zemu: It wasn’t like that originally.

Xiang Nuan understood what he meant right away and said: Wuwuwu, I knew Xuezhang wouldn’t turn into a weido. Xuezhang is the last normal person in this world……

Shen Zemu: Thanks.

He truly felt that way himself sometimes……

To be polite, Shen Zemu added: You’re a normal person.

Xiang Nuan: Xuezhang, I’m sorry, I failed at living up to everyone's expectations. I’ve defected already. Q A Q

Shen Zemu stared at her words and found it to be rather unusual for her to say. As he was carefully trying to decipher the meaning of it, Xiang Nuan spoke again.

Xiang Nuan: So, who switched it anyway? I guess someone has nothing better to do?

Who switched the package? Well, he very much wanted to know that himself.

Shen Zemu replied: Let me find out.

Then Xiang Nuan suddenly became very quiet.


The reason why Xiang Nuan suddenly stopped responding was because she realized an even more serious and embarrassing problem-- --

Shen Zemu’s chocolate happened to arrive today. So was it a confession? It must be?

She went back to the previous messages and saw Shen Zemu said “It’s just what you think it is.”

It really was a confession.

Shen Zemu had confessed to her the moment she had switched her interest onto other things.

Xiang Nuan had seen a lot of regretful love stories on TV or in novels. But this was the first time in her life that she had experienced the so called “missed each other.”

When Xiang Nuan liked him, he didn’t want to see her. When Xiang Nuan had gradually gone pass him, he came by to tell her that he likes her.

To Xiang Nuan, his ‘like’ came too late……

Xiang Nuan felt it was such a shame and was saddened by it.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 70 Part 2

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 70 Part 2

During the duration of her father’s phone call, the only words Tong Yao said were “en,” “ah,” “oh,” “I know,” or “I was wrong.” The only long sentence she had said was immediately retorted by her father. She had no choice but to remain silent for the remainder of the phone call. Before hanging up, her father asked her a question which finally proved to her that her parents hadn’t found her at some trash dump: “Did you get hurt?”

The concern in those words suddenly moved Tong Yao to tears. After she told him that she was fine, her father added one more warning before hanging up: “Don’t cause any more trouble.” Lu Sicheng and her other teammates walked into the rest area right afterwards. Tong Yao took a glance at her stone faced captain and suddenly had a revelation— —

It seems that all men in the world knew how to play the “carrot after stick” trick.

Lu Sicheng found his own coffee mug, sipped some coffee, and turned around to see the team’s mid staring at him with her black and white eyes. He paused and asked: “What are you looking at?”

Tong Yao numbly turned her eyes away.

Lu Sicheng asked Xiao Rui: “What’s wrong with her?”

Xiao Rui: “You guys played the match for 40 minutes and she was lectured by her father for 40 minutes.”

Lu Sicheng raised his eyebrows.

Xiao Rui added: “Her biological dad.”

Lu Sicheng’s eyebrows flattened.


Lu Yue was doing an interview outside because he had earned MVP for the second match. Tong Yao walked out of the rest area to stand in the passageway to listen. She heard the host ask Lu Yue how he was feeling coming back onto the stage— —

“Pretty good.” She could hear the smile in Lu Yue’s voice. “That’s why I play a new champion that I’ve been training with.”

“That’s right. It was a real surprise today when you suddenly took out Twisted Fate who doesn’t really match your usual style. So it was something you’ve prepared for a while now?”

“En. Not really. It’s just that our data analyst— —” Shouts and screams came from the audience; some were shouting Ming god’s name. Lu Yue laughed then continued: “Our data analyst told me that a Chinese mid has to know how to use this champion, otherwise I’d lose face. So I practiced him.”

“So that means Smiling can play Twisted Fate as well?”

“Yeah, she plays Twisted Fate well. Actually, I always feel that she seems to play everyone well. In the beginning, she wasn’t good with Azir, but she got a handle with him a bit later.”

“Oh, it looks like there’s not much tension between player and substitute on our ZGDX team— —”

“There’s no tension at all. We have different styles…...Maybe today some people will think that, after seeing my performance, I shouldn’t be just a substitute or something. But the fact is that for now she is more suitable than me to be the main player. Though I’ll be stronger later on, that’s for sure.”

“Looks like this is the reply Lu Yue would say in response to doubts being posted online.”

“I trust my teammates’ ability to make the right decision. If there’s anything I want, I’ll fight for it on my own.”

Tong Yao concluded after hearing the interview that Lu Yue was truly protective of his brother. Then Tong Yao put on her jacket and went to gather their stuff to go to the parking lot— —There were many fans who had waited there right after the match was over and media reporters as well— —Usually there were only fans, but today even reporters were there too. The crowd looked rather large.

When those reporters saw Tong Yao, they excitedly ran over with their cameras. A swarm of camera lenses and microphones were stretched right under her nose— —

“What do think about the suspension this time?”

Tong Yao: “I deserved it.”

“Don’t you feel that you’re being treated unfairly? People said that you did it because you were protecting your teammates!”

Tong Yao: “I don’t feel it’s unfair.”

“Tell us, tell us.”

Tong Yao: “Tell you what?”

“Are you worried that you’ll be replaced by Lu Yue?”

Tong Yao: “I’m only suspended for one match.”

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 58 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 58 Part 1

On Valentine's Day, Xiang Nuan ate takeouts for every meal of the day. Her parents were annoyed that all she did was play games and went out by themselves instead of taking her along.

Xiang Nuan figured that it made sense that a couple would go on a date on Valentine’s day and the person who was single would stay home eating takeout.

During the day, Xiang Nuan received a large bouquet of lilies. The flowers were fresh, beautiful,  and had a pleasant fragrance.

The delivery girl didn’t say who the bouquet was from and Xiang Nuan couldn’t find a card on the flowers either.

Why did the sender want to stay anonymous?

Xiang Nuan took a picture of the bouquet and posted it to her friends: Who sent this?

Three people claimed that it was from them, but Lin Chuyan wasn’t among the three.

Xiang Nuan left a private message for Lin Chuyan: Why haven’t you given me a thumbs up yet today?

After a little while, Lin Chuyan replied: I didn’t see it.

Then he immediately gave a thumbs up.

Xiang Nuan thought the flower probably wasn’t from Lin Chuyan. Somehow, she felt a little disappointed and deleted the picture.

Lin Chuyan gave her a red envelope.

Lin Chuyan: Don’t be angry.

Xiang Nuan: Who’s angry. = =

Xiang Nuan accepted Lin Chuyan’s red envelope and returned one to him with the same amount: Happy holiday.

Lin Chuyan used the money to buy a box of chocolate. After returning home, he opened the box and started to eat the chocolate while playing with Xiang Nuan.

Xiang Nuan could tell Lin Chuyan had something in his mouth whenever he spoke and asked him: What are you eating?


“Who gave it to you?”

Lin Chuyan thought to himself: You did.

But instead said: “Guess.”

Xiang Nuan figured that there was a lot of people after Lin Chuyan and it wasn’t strange that he would receive chocolate from someone. Despite that, she felt somewhat jealous and brushed him off: “I don’t want to guess. Don’t you have anything better to do?”

Lin Chuyan asked her: “Would you like to have some?”

“Hmph, not at all.”

After playing for a while longer, Xiang Nuan heard Lin Chuyan chomp on another piece of chocolate. She unconsciously spoke her real feelings out loud: “I really want to eat chocolate too.”

Lin Chuyan’s voice sounded happy and said in a low voice: “Go buy some yourself.”

Xiang Nuan harrumphed. What kind of suggestion was that? Buying chocolate for herself on a Valentine’s day…...She may be single, but she still had pride.

Someone up there must have heard Xiang Nuan’s deepest wishes. Another delivery arrived.

This time it was a box.

Xiang Nuan took off the wrapping and excitingly stared at the exquisite box. Finally, after waiting for a whole day, she also received a box of chocolate! She was pretty sure it was a box full of chocolates! Without a doubt!

She expectantly opened the box.

The inside of the box was beautifully decorated with gold foil paper and contain 6 pieces of……


Xiang Nuan didn’t want to admit that they were chocolates

The dark brown chocolate pieces were made to look like a pile of poop.

Ahhh, who would make chocolate into this kind of shape? ! It didn’t make sense!

Why would anyone would send this to her as a gift unless they wanted to hurt her feelings……

It was sad enough already that she was single, why did she have to be insulted like this.

She was so upset that she wanted to take a picture of the chocolates, send it to her friends, and trash whoever sent this to her. But she was afraid that her friends would laugh at her, especially Lin Chuyan. They were both single but he had received sweet chocolate while all she got was poop……

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 45 Part 1

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 45 Part 1

Ye Qiao had begun to settle down. Zhou Tingsheng lightly kissed her eyes and forced a smile on his face: “What is there to cry about? I’m not interested in a underage kid.” He glanced at her and whispered in her ear: “I only like someone just like you.”
His alluring voice was hard for Ye Qiao to resist. Zhou Tingsheng continued whispering in her ear trying to defuse the tension.

As her tears dried, Ye Qiao could hear her own heart pumping. Many faces were flashing through her mind. The girl seemed familiar to her, but was too exhausted from using up most of her strength earlier to continue the thought. When she woke up again, it was like another world was waiting for her.

Something was floating outside the window.
Zhou Tingsheng held her in his arms and lightly said: “It’s snowing outside.”
The first snow of the year, finally fell before Chinese New Year.

Ye Qiao was still in a daze: “That night, the noise that I heard… wasn’t you?”
Zhou Tingsheng tried to recall the night and deciphered what she meant: “No, it wasn’t. Her life style isn’t that good and no matter how hard I try to discipline her, it’s been of little use. That day, I happened to be there to see it myself.”

No wonder Qianxi heard the sound of fighting next door that day. The wounds on his face that night were probably because of the fight. Ye Qiao remembered their encounter in the drug store. Suddenly, she realized how blinded she was by jealousy and broke out into a chuckle.

Zhou Tongsheng however was a bit frustrated seeing her mood change: “Don’t you want to know something else?” Though he wasn’t sure where to begin explaining the complicated connections they all shared.
Ye Qiao shook her head: “It’s enough for me. I don’t need to know more.”
“Now you’re so understanding?” Zhou Tingsheng kept teasing her and pretended to be bitter: “Earlier, I thought you’re going to torture me.”

Ye Qiao pinched him: “I didn’t even scratch you…...It was I who was in pain.”
She blushed after saying that, even her ears were slightly pink. Zhou Tingsheng put her hand over his heart and spoke exaggeratedly: “When my Qiaoqiao is in pain, I’m in pain as well.”
“How glib-tongued you are.”

It snowed all night. By the next morning, everything was covered in a layer of white frost.
In this pure white world, all jealousy and sins seemed easily forgivable.

Ye Qiao held a cup of hot coffee with both hands and stood in front of the window. Her nose was a little stuffy, the aftereffects of catching a cold last night. Zhou Tingsheng was rifling through drawers trying to find cold medicine for her, but couldn’t find any. Zhou Tingsheng was in good health and seldom got sick with a cold. He had more medicine for injuries and wounds than other basic medicines. He put a down jacket on Ye Qiao and took Desa with them to the drug store.

The drug store was within walking distance from his apartment.
Desa wore the little boots which Ye Qiao had bought for her, happily treading in the snow. Their breath quickly froze into a white mist.

After they picked up cold medicine, Zhou Tingsheng went to pay for it. Ye Qiao waited for him outside with Desa. She heard two office workers standing there gossiping about the entertainment circle.
-- --They say the password to Z producer’s iCloud account was leaked. A bunch of nudes were exposed. There’s a lot of actresses in the pictures.
-- --Wow, it’s just like when someone got his computer repaired and the stuff stored on it go exposed.
-- --Exactly. They said that new movie which they’re promoting lately, <Innocent City>? Quite a few actresses in that movie are in those pictures.
-- --Really? It can’t be Pei Xindan and Ye Qiao?
-- --Not those two. The person in the early photos isn’t that famous, Zhao something. But this morning, a big star gets exposed, Xu Yinshan. Can you believe it!

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 44 Part 3

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 44 Part 3

Ye Qiao called Qianxi. After a brief greeting, she asked: “Is the young lady next door pretty?”
“Young lady?” Qianxi was surprised by the question. “Oh, you mean that high school girl? She’s good looking. I figured she could be the prettiest one in her grade.”
Ye Qiao said: “Heart-shaped face, big eyes, about 165cm high, no glasses, is that her?”
“......Yeah.” Qianxi was suspicious. “Why are you asking about her?”
“It’s nothing. I’m hanging up.”

Ye Qiao suddenly lost all courage to get to the bottom of it and abruptly hung up. She curled up into a ball, held her knees, and felt like sleeping.
It was so cold that she had goosebumps on her skin and shivered from time to time. When she closed her eyes, she was back to the night she first met Zhou Tingsheng. The shower in the old building was switching between cold and hot. She could still hear the heavy breathing and moaning in her ears. She had long forgotten what exactly was said, but she remembered that they were rather obscene.
She had thought that it was a thing in the past, who knew that they were far from passing.

She maintained her position and gradually fell asleep in the coldness. In her dream, she began to warm up.
She felt the bed slightly sink and instantly woke up. It was already deep into the night. There was a dim wall lamp right above Zhou Tingsheng’s bed. Without her knowing it, Zhou Tingsheng had carried her back to his apartment. But she felt that she was owed an explanation.

Zhou Tingsheng had discovered the change of her breathing pattern. His arm lightly circled her waist: “You awake?” He smiled with obvious forced casualness: “It’s so cold, yet you slept so soundly.”

Ye Qiao abruptly turned around to face him and asked a direct question: “The young lady today is the student your family has been sponsoring?”
“En.” He didn’t want to lie.
However, her second question struck home: “Is it your family, or you?”
Zhou Tingsheng was quiet for a moment then said: “It’s me.”
Ye Qiao was unusually calm: “That night when I first met you, you just came out from her home, right?”
“......Yes.” He began to hesitate.

Ye Qiao was very sensitive by his reaction. His slight hesitation was interpreted by her wildest imaginations. She pounced at him; Zhou Tingsheng, taken by surprise, fell backwards onto the bed. Ye Qiao sat over him, both hands starting to touch his body.
Her hands slowly went down his body, slowly taking off his pajamas inch by inch. Zhou Tingsheng called her: “Qiaoqiao.” He was trying to get up but she pushed him back down. She bent over and gave him a harsh kiss; she bit his lips and then said: “Isn’t this your most favorite thing to do?”

Zhou Tingsheng could feel her anger and carefully responded to her kiss. He stroked her back in an attempt to calm her down. The bitterness and anger finally turned into tears in her eyes. A big teardrop fell on Zhou Tingsheng’s eye. His eyelashes quivered. Ye Qiao watched him blink his eyes and suddenly sobbed out loud.

“Qiaoqiao……” Zhou Tingsheng called for her in a hoarse voice, trying to calm her down. But Ye Qiao grew sadder as she cried until she grew tired of crying and laid on Zhou Tingsheng’s body, motionless.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry. Listen to me, I’ll explain everything.” Zhou Tingsheng patted her back. “She’s still a kid, how can there be anything between us?”
Women from 16 to 60 were the same, they were infatuated in the men they liked. The way Ruan Feiyan looked at Zhou Tingsheng was still clearly imprinted in Ye Qiao’s mind. Her fingernails dug into his flesh without even realizing it.
Zhou Tingsheng grunted from the sharp pain and grabbed her hands. He turned around to look right into her eyes: “Qiaoqiao, you must believe me.”

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 70 Part 1

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 70 Part 1

Tong Yao followed Lu Shicheng out of the room. Lu Yue happened to be outside and Tong Yao grabbed his uniform to pull him back: “Play well. Don’t screw it up. Don’t be timid, just do it.”

“What’s wrong?” Lu Yue was confused. “You’re going to retire?”

Lu Yue looked at Lu Shicheng as he walked ahead of them: “Did you crush her will?”

Before Lu Sicheng was able to respond, Tong Yao slapped Lu Yue’s back: “Nonsense. If we win this match, we’ll have won every match so far. Didn’t you seen those people outside— — waving the fluorescent sticks? That’s the glory I helped create with my own hands……”

Lu Yue: “And with foot you kicked it all away and paid 120K for it.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Lu Sicheng: “You two are too chatty.”

Lu Sicheng pulled Lu Yue’s jacket out of Tong Yao’s grip. Then Lu Sicheng pushed her back into the room, head first— —After the emotional soul searching talk with Lu Sicheng, Tong Yao felt more relaxed now, the burden on her heart seemed to have lightened. She went back to the rest area to sit with the staff and watch the match on the big screen. To tell the truth, after the lecture from Lu Sicheng, she was now more afraid that Lu Yue would fail this round.

Especially if they lost the match because Lu Yue couldn’t coordinate well with his teammates. If that happened, she felt compelled to kneel down and kowtow to her teammates to apologize— —

Tong Yao was quite nervous sitting in front of the live broadcast. The first thing Red Arrow did when the second match started was to ban Twisted Fate. Because Red Arrow also needed to prevent Lu Sicheng from picking Kalista and teaming up with Little Fatty’s Alista in bot, that they weren't able to ban Azir. Lu Yue got to pick Azir as his champion.

ZGDX’s mid lane effectively had a third turret now.

Tong Yao breathed a sigh of relief after Lu Yue got Azir. She leaned back in the chair and watched the match attentively while chatting with Xiao Rui: “What’s the story about Lu Yue’s Twisted Fate?”

Xiao Rui turned to take a look at Ming god and pointed his chin at the smiling man: “Ask him.”

Tong Yao looked at Ming god. He explained with the same smile: “I taught him. I told him any professional Chinese mid has to know how to play Twisted Fate, a jungler just has to know Lee Sin. The older generation of players practically established this fact— —They’re traditionally strong champions which has nothing to do with the edition of the game. One of these days, we’ll take these champions back to the world stage.”

Tong Yao: “I haven’t seen Lu Yue play him before.”

Min god: “Twisted Fate doesn’t match his style, so he generally doesn’t play— — But once he uses it, it’d be his trump card.  It’s proof that he cares about this match very much.”

Xiao Rui: “True. After all, it’s the fight to decide who’ll be the one staying behind to watch the drinking fountain.”

Min god: “Xiao Rui, don’t go and scare Tong Yao— —But it’s true that Lu Yue wasn’t willing to learn Twisted Fate until I said to him ‘see how smoothly Tong Yao plays Twisted Fate.’”

Tong Yao: “......”

Tong Yao rolled her eyes.

At the beginning of the match, the broadcast was focused on bot because there was more action there. But Tong Yao’s attention was focused on the mini map in the lower right hand corner. She was keeping her eyes on Azir’s profile in the mid— —

Suddenly her cell phone vibrated, she pulled out her phone and discovered that the caller was her father. Tong Yao didn’t think too much about it and answered the phone. Before she could greet him, her dad began lecturing her— — The core contents of his reprimand were “I sent you to play games not to have a fight” “You haven’t even kept the first month’s pay in your pocket for long, now you’ll lose an additional 60K” “Is there something wrong with your brain, a girl having a fight with others?” and etc.

Tong Yao: “......”

Though her parents didn’t frequent the internet, her brother was a different story. She had been wondering yesterday why she hadn’t heard from her family at all and her brother hadn’t told on her yet, it was his favorite thing to do after all……

So her family was waiting for the right moment to give her the ultimate blow.

After Lu Sicheng’s lecturing, Tong Yao got another rebuking from her own father. Tong Yao was a bit overwhelmed. She had her eyes fixed on the screen while holding her cell phone up to her ear, but what went into the left ear went right out the right ear— —The match lasted 40 minutes and her dad’s phone call lasted 40 minutes. When Lu Sicheng and his teammates were pushing Red Arrow’s base, her father had just reached his conclusion— —

One of the conclusions was a familiar one: What sort of man would marry you if you act this way.

Tong Yao: “......I’m quite happy living by myself.”

Tong Yao’s dad: “You dare talk back.”

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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 57 Part 4

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 57 Part 4

Xiang Nuan checked the contents of the message, there was only three words: Go for it.

This piqued Xiang Nuan’s curiosity. She sent a reply: Is this that Invincible?

-Invincible-: Yes. =  =

It’s Nuannuan: Thank you. I’ll do my best.

-Invincible-: By the way, whether you believe it or not, I have to remind you that Lin Chuyan is a nutcase and a pervert.

It’s Nuannuan: I know. =  =

Xiang Nuan told her teammates about the challenge from the Physical Education Institute. After they reached consensus, she issued a statement on Weibo: Team Times has only one goal in mind and that is to win the championship. 

With such an ambitious announcement, they brushed off the challenge easily.

Xiang Nuan felt like since she had been with Lin Chuyan long enough, she had also learned how to be pretentious……

— —

The competition on the provincial level was entirely online, best two out of three. It would be held for two days, from the ninth to the tenth of the first month of the New Year. Each team was randomly matched up against another team.

Xiang Nuan checked the official site the first thing in the morning of the eighth and discovered that the first team that Nanshan University was up against happened to be…...Nanshan Institute of Physical Education.


The first match would be against the rival of their university?

Xiang Nuan felt the pressure to win the first match doubled after their announcement.

Xiang Nuan’s mind wandered off as she held onto her cell phone.

Suddenly, Min Lili sent her a message: Nuannuan, go for it!

Xiang Nuan: En, en!

Min Lili: Today is Valentine’s Day.

Xiang Nuan glanced at the calendar, it was February 14th.

Min Lili: Have you received any chocolate?

A face came into her head when she heard Min Lili’s question.

The face was handsome, with smiling eyes and lips that were slightly curled upwards, as if asking her: Do you want my chocolate?

Xiang Nuan rubbed her heated face and thought to herself, stop having all these random thoughts, concentrate on the competition.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 69 Part 3

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 69 Part 3

Tong Yao’s eyes were sparkling clear and there was only one thing that Lu Sicheng had said earlier echoing in her head — —

[after you start to wear the team uniform, to me, you have only one identity regardless of gender: a teammate.]

She wants to be his teammate.

She wants to be their teammate.

Even if it means that she has to smooth out the edges of her character one day, it’s — —

“You probably feel that you haven’t been treated fairly. You were protecting your teammates and ended up being treated this way.”

The voice coming from above her head interrupted her thoughts. She paused slightly, then raised her head up to meet those dark brown eyes— —The coldness in his eyes had faded, now the dark brown looked as soft as chocolate.

“All of us are very grateful for your protection. That’s why Little Fatty and the others were willing to do the game in the end. It was to provide some useful evidence to reduce the damage you’ve done to yourself.” Lu Sicheng stopped for a moment. Under Tong Yao’s gaze, he slowly said: “And I, I personally am also very grateful for your protection.”


“No one asked you to smooth out the edges of your character, young lady. It’s just that you have to understand — —Before starting to protect others, you have to learn how to protect yourself well.”

“When do I know that I can protect myself?”

“When you’re strong enough to the point that no one can put you down.”

Tong Yao remained silent, eyebrows slightly gathered, confused by the answer she had received.

Xiao Rui had begun pounding on the door urging Lu Sicheng to get out of the room for the next match. Lu Sicheng raised his hand to pat her head as if to soothe her but didn’t pull his other arm out of Tong Yao’s grip until Tong Yao released it. He then mumbled in a low voice that he’s going back to play and walked forward a couple of steps— —

Tong Yao grabbed his arm once again.

He turned his head.

“Cheng Ge, are you that kind of person?”


“Strong enough that no one can put you down?”

Lu Sicheng was quiet for a while then slowly shook his head: “I’m not. There are times when I hesitate and don’t know what to do.”

Tong Yao: “?”

Tong Yao let him go again. Lu Sicheng unlocked the door and was about to open the door when Tong Yao called out to him, still standing in place with her hands behind her: “Cheng Ge.”


“One last question.”

“In the past two days, why did you ignore me? Just because you’re angry? Or is there some other reason?”


Lu Sicheng pulled the door open and thought about her question as Xiao Rui nagged at him to go onstage. Then he gave his answer which made Xiao Rui rather confused. Afterwards, he went out the door and closed the door again.

Tong Yao was left inside the room by herself, in a daze.

His answer was that he would become soft-hearted.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 57 Part 3

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 57 Part 3

Since the second day of the New Year, Xiang Nuan and her teammates were back to their intense training regimen. Min Lili heard about Xiang Nuan and her team were competing again. With nothing to do during the break, she volunteered to go on all the forums, Tieba, and even WeChat groups of various universities to collect information about the other teams.

Xiang Nuan was quite moved by her eagerness to help.

Unfortunately, it was the first time Min Lili had done anything like this and wasn’t particularly good at hiding her identity. She was soon found out by the people at the Nanshan Institute of Physical Education.

The Nanshan Institute of Physical Education wasn’t far from Nanshan University’s main campus. The students from the two schools weren’t on good terms for a rather simple reason. Nanshan University— —especially the main campus, which had more male students than female. The gender imbalance made it very difficult for a male student to find a girlfriend on campus to begin with. But the neighboring Physical Education Institute campus happened to have more fit, good looking male students who attracted the attention of many girls. The male students of both schools became rivals in finding campus romance and naturally, didn’t like each other.

Min Lili saw students from Physical Education bragging  on the forums about how they were going to crush all other schools in the competition, especially the nerds next door. The nerds next door referred to the students of Nanshan University.

Min Lili replied with a comment: “A bunch of idiots.”

The Physical Education students were rather irritated, since the thing they hated most hearing was “all brawn and no brain.” They immediately lashed out at her.

Min Lili had nothing better to do and started a shouting match with them.

The moderator of the forum was a student from the Institute and found out that Min Lili was from Nanshan University by tracing back to her registered mailbox.

The meaningless exchange had now been elevated into a war between the two schools.

Min Lili got offline after realizing she was in trouble, but the students of the Institute weren’t going to let the issue go. The next day, many of them went on to Nanshan University’s forum  posting provocative comments. After going back and forth for a while, the students of the Institute issued a challenge to Nanshan University.

Min Lili showed Xiang Nuan the screen shot of the challenge. Xiang Nuan was so confused.

What was that?

Min Lili was afraid of being found out that she was actually the culprit for all this and couldn’t give Xiang Nuan a reasonable explanation for it. Xiang Nuan was even more confused.

Xiang Nuan went on the forum to check it out for herself and found quite a lot of traffic. It looked like everyone was quite bored during the break…..

There were many private messages in her mailbox.

Xiang Nuan opened her mailbox and quickly glanced over all the new messages. Most of them were encouragement to her, some were confessions.

One of the senders had a familiar ID: -Invincible-

Xiang Nuan was reminded of the Hua Mulan which she’d crushed.


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Monday, November 11, 2019

Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 44 Part 2

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 44 Part 2

It seemed even more unbearable when the words were coming out of Ruan Feiyan’s mouth. Zhou Tingsheng squashed his growing anger, but his voice still sounded like burning fire: “She doesn’t even know who you are. What the hell are you yelling at her? I’m the real murderer you’re referring to.”
“You are not!”

She seemed to have a harder time accepting that fact than himself. She defended him: “It was just self-defense, involuntary manslaughter! After my dad died, my mom and I survived thanks to your family. My mom was willing to take the blame for you, it’s all because we owe it to your family. But what right does that Hsu person have? If it wasn’t for the fact that he wanted the heart, why would he push for my mom’s death sentence? You think everyone in the world is as stupid as my mom that she’d agree to anything!”

Ruan Feiyan bit her lower lip: “He’s the real murderer. His daughter’s life was saved at the cost of my mom’s life. His whole family is cursed.”
“What nonsense are you talking about?” Zhou Tingsheng couldn’t hold his anger in.  His voice had turned icy cold.
Ruan Feiyan shouted one more time: “I said— — Their whole family is— —”

The last word stopped in her throat, frozen by the chilling look in his eyes. Ruan Feiyan was disgusted with herself. But even now, she still cared very much of him. Even though she was woken up by nightmares numerous times and cautioned herself that the root of all the sin was him. She shouldn’t treat him differently just because he supported and cared for her in the last ten years. Furthermore, she especially shouldn’t have a crush on him just because the warmth he occasionally showed on his stern face……

When she was young and innocent, she lost both parents. Zhou Tingsheng became the only person she could rely on. Even if she knew the entire truth, she would rather find all the excuses for him and place all the blame to someone else. She would hide her sorrows and hate to present an innocent face in front of him.

But this man, the man she cared the most in her short life, was now using the most icy and hurtful tone: “Get out.”
She couldn’t believe her ears: “What did you say?”
Zhou Tingsheng’s voice was detached of any feeling: “Get out.”
After he repeated his command, his adam’s apple slowly went up and down. He felt that he had used up all the strength he had gathered in the past ten years. It felt like all that strength wasn’t enough to keep the scar in his heart from being pried open.

Ruan Feiyan ran out of his apartment with tears in her eyes. Zhou Tingsheng suddenly felt extremely exhausted, the air and lights felt like cold needles piercing into his flesh.

Five meters away, Ye Qiao shut herself inside her apartment which hadn’t been occupied for quite a few days. The heater in the living room was broken. Her thin clothes couldn’t keep the cold away, both her hands and feet were freezing cold. She huddled inside the only couch in the living room. This was the first time she regretted that she hadn’t put in more furniture in her living room. The emptiness in the room made her unable to hide her loneliness.

The horror game which she had gone through already couldn’t keep her interested. She played robotically…...until she threw down the controller in irritation. All she could hear was the mechanical clicking of the clock on the wall.

He hadn’t shown up yet.

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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 44 Part 1

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 44 Part 1

This year’s Chinese New Year came somewhat late.
At the end of January, when it was close to the New Year, Ye Qiao turned down all work and given herself about a half month break. There were no award ceremonies or red carpets, no screaming fans or flashing lights. In those peaceful days, she fell in love taking pictures of Ophelia and Desa. She would then post those pictures on the site Zhou Tingsheng had created earlier, with some quirky captions. The site suddenly became active after being inactive for so long, but the change of style led to a lot of speculation from the viewers.

Ye Qiao’s own apartment was practically empty since she now stayed with Zhou Tingsheng. She only returned to her own place when she needed something. One day she went back to fetch an old contract.
As she opened her own apartment door, the elevator stopped at the 23rd floor. Since there were only two units on this floor, the visitor was either visiting her or Zhou Tingsheng.

Zhou Tingsheng heard someone coming to his apartment and figured it was Ye Qiao. When he went to the door, he discovered someone else.
He hadn’t seen Ruan Feiyan for a few months. She was dressing rather maturely, her legs bare despite it being a freezing winter day. Zhou Tingsheng looked beyond her bright smile to see  2301’s door had just closed. The corner of Ye Qaio’s clothes just disappearing into the the other apartment. He couldn’t tell what kind of expression Ye Qiao had on her face. Ruan Feiyan waved her hand in front of Zhou Tingsheng: “Tingsheng Gege, what are you looking at?”

Zhou Tingsheng took his eyes off the other door and let Ruan Feiyan into his apartment: “Why did you come without letting me know ahead of time?”
Ruan Feiyan put a large shopping bag on the coffee table: “The pet toys I told you about last time. You haven't come over to pick them up and I don’t have much space to put them. Besides, I don’t want them to go to waste so I came to deliver them to you.”

Zhou Tingsheng certainly knew that was just an excuse. He poured two glasses of water and sat down ready to have a chat with her: “Before winter break, you homeroom teacher gave me a call. He told me your grades have gone down a lot.”
“Didn’t she say she wasn’t going to tell you……” Ruan Feiyan indignantly threw a toy bone. “I’m telling you she’s a spinster, she must like you and found an excuse to call you.”
Zhou Tingsheng wasn’t good at giving lectures, but gave her a displeased look for being disrespectful to her teacher.

Ruan Feiyan went over placing her arms over his: “Alright, alright…...Tingsheng Gege, I’ll do better next semester, all right?”
Ye Qiao happened to open the door just when as Ruan Feiyan clung to him.
Ye Qiao stood still at the doorway, silently exchanged a look with Zhou Tingsheng, then backed out and closed the door before Zhou Tingsheng could get a read on the layers of emotions in her eyes. As her frosty face disappeared behind the door, Zhou Tingsheng hurriedly freed his arm from Ruan Feiyan and said in an unusually harsh tone: “Don’t come to my place if you don’t have anything to do here.”

“What do you mean? !” The Ruan Feiyan’s face immediately changed. She demanded with a darkened face: “Who was that. Wu Zi said your recent girlfriend is a movie star, Ye Qiao, right? Is that her?”
Ruan Feiyan had already recognized her with just one look. She had seen her face in her nightmares numerous times. She just didn’t expect to see her here and because of her, Zhou Tingsheng’s attitude had changed so drastically.

Zhou Tingsheng didn’t know when the naive little girl had turned into an irritable and hysterical teenager.
He had always been particularly patient with her, but her temperament seems to have worsened. Zhou Tingsheng realized he had to be strict with her: “Sit down.” He commanded with a frown, his face looking particularly ominous.
Ruan Feiyan raised her voice: “What right do you have to order me?”
“I told you to sit down.” Zhou Tingsheng tried hard not to let his irritation get the better of him.
“I won’t.” Ruan Feiyan backed away a step. Realizing that there was no point pretending anymore she spoke, her voice choking: “You think I don’t know who she is? Just because she doesn’t use his father’s last name, I wouldn’t know who she is? I know, she’s the daughter of that murderer! Her heart is my mom’s …...Who does she think she is?!”

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Friday, November 8, 2019

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 69 Part 2

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 69 Part 2

Tong Yao answered the questions fluently without pausing. She suddenly understood something at the same time-- --Then she heard Lu Sicheng retorted: “Your team and your teammates change themselves to get used to your way of playing, how can you be irresponsible to them?”


“Now, do you still feel your suspension only matters to you personally? You made a mistake and got your punishment, then this thing is all over? You’re now sitting at backstage watching your teammates play. Have you ever thought about the fact that your teammates on stage are actually being punished with you? They have to readjust themselves to suit the new player and all their previous training is wasted.” As Lu Sicheng spoke, he took out a cigarette. As he was about to light it up, he glanced at Tong Yao and stopped. Instead, he broke the cigarette in half and threw it away. “You don’t repent and mend your ways after one suspension; then you make the same mistake again and get suspended again-- --How is our team going to work with you? Should we still let you participate in the training matches? Should we invite you to play ranked? Should the team adjust itself to fit you so you can get used to us quickly? There are a lot of good players out there after all, they are all waiting for the chance to move up to your position……”

Tong Yao: “......”

LuSicheng: “Should we continue to hire you, or replace you with Lu Yue, or hire a new mid?”

Tong Yao twisted her fingers, pondering for quite a while.

Lu Sicheng continued after glancing at her: “Because Lu Yue acted on his impulses, he cost us Ming god’s career and cost the team a chance at competing in the world competition-- --He tucked his tail and buried his pride to come back. His teammates chose to forgive him, but have you asked him whether he has forgiven himself yet?”

Lu Sicheng paused: “Your thoughts.”

Tong Yao’s head was hanging down so low that it almost touching her chest: “League of Legends is a team video game. In esports, there’s no individual hero.”

Lu Sicheng said en, then lifted his hand to check the watch again: “You have 3 more minutes.”

Tong Yao abruptly raised her head.

“After 3 minutes, I want to hear you tell me exactly where you stand-- --As I’ve said, I don’t care what other people say, I only care about how you see yourself: continue or give up? The professional scene isn’t a place where you can come and play as you will. A professional player’s career is very short, the golden moment is over in a flash-- --”

Lu Sicheng’s eyes turned piercingly cold: “You can’t afford to waste yourself, not to mention hold others back.”

“As for me, I have to be responsible for my team, young lady.” Lu Sicheng spoke lightly: “I don’t know what you think about it. What I’m sure of is that ZGDX, as a top professional team, signed you up so you can come play games for us-- --In this circle, some people will treat you differently just because you’re a girl: look down upon you, discriminate against you, worship you, or protect and cherish you. But I won’t; after you start to wear the team uniform, to me, you have only one identity regardless of gender: a teammate.”


Tong Yao bit her lower lip, hard.

Her heart, which had sank to the bottom of the sea and was so cold that almost stopped pumping, suddenly started to beat again-- --

She looked up to Lu Sicheng.

Lu Sicheng leaned against the table, quietly looking at her.

The whole room became silent for a long moment-- --Until there were footsteps outside, someone was trying to turn on the door knob but couldn’t open the door. Tong Yao then realized that Lu Sicheng had locked the door when he came in…...Xiao Rui knocked on the door and called: “Cheng Ge.” Lu Sicheng didn’t respond, maintaining his gaze at Tong Yao with his head tilted to one side.

30 seconds later, Lu Sicheng briefly said: “Time’s up.” He straightened up, lightly glanced at Tong Yao: “Looks like you don’t have anything you want to say to me.”

Then he turned around and began to walk towards the door.

Right at that moment, he heard a loud noise coming from behind, as if something heavy had fallen off from the chair. He stopped and was about to turn around when the person behind him staggered forward to hit his back and forcefully grabbed onto his right hand out of desperation-- --

The hands felt icy cold.

Lu Sicheng’s pupils shrank slightly, but he didn’t say anything. Not even the expression on his face changed much. He slightly lowered his head and could see the tip of the nose of the person grabbing him from behind. The hands on his big hand were exerting a good measure of force-- --

“I don’t know how to smooth talk and don’t want to say meaningless apologies……”

She lowered her head and spoke in a hoarse voice.

“I just know that I want to win. I want to win every match together with all of you and I want to present in every single game. I don’t want to disappoint all of you again. I don’t want to be the stumbling block to anyone. I want to be your teammate until the day when all of you and I can stand on top of the world, which we all want……”

Tong Yao’s eyes were red, her voice choked.

But she didn’t cry.

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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 57 Part 2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 57 Part 2

Lin Chuyan felt that he had probably made his advances prematurely.

Tonight was the same as last night.

It had been basically his own wishful thinking, but what if she didn’t like it at all?


Lin Chuyan slowly sighed, got up, and tidied the piano before leaving.

When he opened the door of the piano room, he discovered two people standing there with their ears facing the door, eavesdropping.

They were his parents.

Lin Chuyan looked at them without saying a word.

It was rather awkward.

Lin Xueyuan had handled many awkward moments before. He straightened up and gestured to his son without much expression on his face: “Follow me.” He didn’t mention anything about the eavesdropping, but led his son to the living room.

The family sat down and before his son could say anything, Lin Xueyuan took the initiative to ask his son: “Do you have a girlfriend now?”

“No.” Lin Chuyan answered, looking somewhat frustrated.

Yue Yingying asked: “Then, you’ve found someone you like?”

Lin Chuyan tightened the corners of his mouth but didn’t say anything.

Lin Chuyan’s parents gave each other a look. They understood now, so their son had a crush on someone……

“Chuyan, go for it.” Yue Yingying patted her son’s shoulder.

Lin Chuyan hesitated for a while, then said: “Could you… me analyze the situation.”

He told his parents about how he used the fireworks to confess to her last night but the internet suddenly dropped and then today when she abruptly cut the video feed when he was playing the piano for her……

After listening to everything, Lin Xueyuan looked at his son. The look was sympathetic, but when he spoke it sounded like he was gloating. “What’s there to analyze, she doesn’t like you. How could the internet happen to go down at such a crucial moment, can you believe it? It’s just as unbelievable in a TV drama. Yesterday, she turned you down once and today you did it again, how can that girl not feel uneasy about it? She doesn’t want to turn you down outright and you just keep at it? Why do I have a silly son like you?”

Lin Chuyan kept quiet.

Yue Yingying asked her son: “Chuyan, do you have a picture of that girl? I’d like to see it.”

Lin Chuyan looked for one picture taken when he went to Xiang Nuan’s house to show his mom.

In the picture, Xiang Nuan had pulled her curly hair into a bun. She was wearing a red coat and held a stick with candied fruit to the camera. Half of the picture was the candied fruit on a stick. Behind the stick, she was smiling, her pretty eyes curved into two crescents. She had a straight
nose, delicate lips — with thin upper lips and a fuller lower one — and rosy cheeks on her fair skinned face. She looked especially radiant.

Yue Yingying was taken by surprise with her beauty and couldn’t stop praising her: “This girl is really pretty!”

Lin Chuyan nodded, a smile appeared in his eyes: “En.”

Lin Xueyuan felt the girl in the picture looked familiar. He had a good memory and it didn’t take long for him to remember-- --Last time he had gone to Nanshan University to settle something with his son and ran into a girl by chance. He was angrily shouting into the cell phone at the time and scared that girl.

He was sure it was the girl in the picture.

However, Lin Xueyuan didn’t think the encounter was something to brag about and decided to stay silent.

Lin Chuyan retrieved his cell phone, said goodnight to his parents, and went back to own room upstairs.

As he was still on the stairs, he overheard his dad talking to his mom in the living room: “I’ve been saying it all along. This little rascal only has a face that’s presentable. What girl in her right mind would like him?”

Lin Chuyan: “......”

He really wanted to remind his dad that he was still nearby.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 69 Part 1

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 69 Part 1

Tong Yao sat in the chair cross legged, looking at Lu Sicheng.

Lu Sicheng pulled himself away from her but one of his hands still landed on the arm of the chair. He looked at her, his face impassive.

“......To tell you the truth,” Tong Yao stared at Lu Sicheng and said frankly: “With you looking at me like this, I can’t think of anything to say. If you keep looking at me like this, I can’t even recall my personal id number.”

Lu Sicheng: “......”

Lu Sicheng lowered his eyes to look downwards, released his hand from the chair arm, and stepped back two big steps: “Six minutes forty seconds.”

Tong Yao: “One question: from what position are you asking the question?”

Lu Sicheng: “Your captain, your boss, your teammate, or any passerby on the street. Six minutes and thirty seconds. I want an answer that can convince everyone, not just some sweet talk paying lip service to me-- --Please be as straightforward as you were during your stream yesterday.”

Tong Yao: “.......................................”

He really did see it.

Lu Sicheng: “Six minutes twenty seconds.”

Tong Yao: “Don’t do the countdown! Give me some time! Give me a prompt. You suddenly ask me and I’m not mentally prepared. How can I persuade you?”

Lu Sicheng paused for a second before speaking: “Then let’s start from your behavior that day.”

Tong Yao: “I hit someone.”

Lu Sicheng nodded and took a moment to think before responding: “EDG team’s jungler, Promise, before he became a professional player had dissed other players during rank matches: ‘your mom’s dead, I’m your dad now’ and in the early stage of his professional career he mocked other players: ‘you’re so lousy, why don’t you go home to raise pigs’-- --He’s still denounced as a ‘troll’ to this day. People still laugh at him as the owner of a pig farm…...Now five years have passed since he became a professional player. Even if he won’t say more than 20 dirty words during a ten hours stream and never diss anyone, that reputation remains. LGD team’s mid, Gao Dewei, won the summer competition championship one year. But afterwards he didn’t put in the training for the world competition; messed up his ranked matches and sometimes even stopped in the middle to play other games. In the end the team suffered a landslide defeat all because he made a major mistake during the world competition. Even today people still laugh at him for that and everyone says that he deserved it. But actually he’s changed a lot a year after that, kept a low profile, is quite reserved, and takes his job to heart. But his bad reputation clings to him-- --”

Lu Sicheng: “Your thoughts?”

Tong Yao: “.............................................Speak and act with caution.”

Lu Sicheng nodded: “So before the incident, what did I remind you on the airplane?”

Tong Yao: “.............................................Speak and act with caution. Also it’s very easy for a professional player’s actions be viewed under a magnifier, so don’t do anything to affect one’s career and create trouble for yourself.”

Lu Sicheng: “Then where did you store it and forget all about it?”

Tong Yao looked downwards: “In the back of my head.”

Lu Sicheng moved back more to lean on the table and crossed his arms in front of him: “Continue?”

Tong Yao: “En.”

“During the training match yesterday, 3rd minutes and 57 seconds in, Lu Yue died and kept falling behind, unable to gain an advantage until the team flight at the end of game-- --During the whole time, at 5:37, 7:49, and 12:11, Old K tried to gank mid lane. He failed each time because Lu Yue habitually likes to farm near our own turret and the enemy’s mid was very vigilant.” Lu Sicheng checked his watch then continued: “In today’s match just now, at 27:11, after Old K got the dragon, we had a 4v5 on the other side of the map. Since we’d suppressed the enemy ADC in the early game, there shouldn’t be any problem for us to take them 4 to 5. The enemy retreated and we chased after them. Lu Yue didn’t join the chase with the rest of us and instead turned around to farm the minions around the second turret. We were left with 3 people and they all died, giving the enemy 3 kills. Their crippled AD got a new lease of life. This time we’re playing against Red Arrow, if it were against CK or YQCB, we would have lost the match already.”

Lu Sicheng: “Your thoughts.”

“Bad coordination.”

“Why is it bad?”


“Because during training sessions, you like to keep the enemy mid at their turret so Old K’s gotten used to counter ganking the enemy’s jungler. When Lu Yue played differently from you, Old K couldn’t react in time. Because if you had been playing today, you would’ve made the immediate decision to pursue the enemy and we’d have all followed without hesitation-- --”



“The habits we’ve formed from working together.”

“Where does that come from?”

“From the daily training sessions and ranked duos.”

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