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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 57 Part 3

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Those Sweet Times
Chapter 57 Part 3

Since the second day of the New Year, Xiang Nuan and her teammates were back to their intense training regimen. Min Lili heard about Xiang Nuan and her team were competing again. With nothing to do during the break, she volunteered to go on all the forums, Tieba, and even WeChat groups of various universities to collect information about the other teams.

Xiang Nuan was quite moved by her eagerness to help.

Unfortunately, it was the first time Min Lili had done anything like this and wasn’t particularly good at hiding her identity. She was soon found out by the people at the Nanshan Institute of Physical Education.

The Nanshan Institute of Physical Education wasn’t far from Nanshan University’s main campus. The students from the two schools weren’t on good terms for a rather simple reason. Nanshan University— —especially the main campus, which had more male students than female. The gender imbalance made it very difficult for a male student to find a girlfriend on campus to begin with. But the neighboring Physical Education Institute campus happened to have more fit, good looking male students who attracted the attention of many girls. The male students of both schools became rivals in finding campus romance and naturally, didn’t like each other.

Min Lili saw students from Physical Education bragging  on the forums about how they were going to crush all other schools in the competition, especially the nerds next door. The nerds next door referred to the students of Nanshan University.

Min Lili replied with a comment: “A bunch of idiots.”

The Physical Education students were rather irritated, since the thing they hated most hearing was “all brawn and no brain.” They immediately lashed out at her.

Min Lili had nothing better to do and started a shouting match with them.

The moderator of the forum was a student from the Institute and found out that Min Lili was from Nanshan University by tracing back to her registered mailbox.

The meaningless exchange had now been elevated into a war between the two schools.

Min Lili got offline after realizing she was in trouble, but the students of the Institute weren’t going to let the issue go. The next day, many of them went on to Nanshan University’s forum  posting provocative comments. After going back and forth for a while, the students of the Institute issued a challenge to Nanshan University.

Min Lili showed Xiang Nuan the screen shot of the challenge. Xiang Nuan was so confused.

What was that?

Min Lili was afraid of being found out that she was actually the culprit for all this and couldn’t give Xiang Nuan a reasonable explanation for it. Xiang Nuan was even more confused.

Xiang Nuan went on the forum to check it out for herself and found quite a lot of traffic. It looked like everyone was quite bored during the break…..

There were many private messages in her mailbox.

Xiang Nuan opened her mailbox and quickly glanced over all the new messages. Most of them were encouragement to her, some were confessions.

One of the senders had a familiar ID: -Invincible-

Xiang Nuan was reminded of the Hua Mulan which she’d crushed.


Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

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