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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 68 Part 4

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 68 Part 4

Tong Yao lifted her head from her cell phone to look at the LCD screen in front of her. The first match was near the end. She watched without much expression when her team began to push Red Arrow’s nexus. Lu Yue’s stats at the end of this match was 7 kills, 1 death, and 13 assists.

The broadcast on screen was usually delayed about a dozen seconds from what was happening on stage. As Tong Yao was watching her team pushing Red Arrow’s nexus, the door behind her pushed open. She didn’t turn to check, thinking it must be one of the staff. She could hear the earth-shattering shouts coming through the opened door from outside, “Go, ZGDX”......

Tong Yao lowered her head, taking a few seconds to ponder whether she should give Lu Yue a little red flower on the broadcast stream.

At the fourth second, she made up her mind to give Lu Yue a thumbs up for playing Twisted Fate so well. She looked up and discovered a tall man was now standing with his back to the now closed door, arms crossed in front of his chest and quietly looking at her.

Tong Yao: “...............................................”

It was Lu Sicheng.

When did he come in the room?

Tong Yao’s heart skipped a beat under his cold gaze. Tong Yao’s hair was about to stand up. She lowered her head after meeting Lu Sicheng’s eyes for a second. Then she swirled the chair so the back of the chair was facing the door. Her fingers subconsciously swiping her cell phone……

The silence broke when Lu Sicheng abruptly asked her: “Seeing your substitute receive cheers on stage while you can only watch sitting in the rest area. How do you feel?”

Tong Yao: “......”

Tong Yao dared not to turn around.

She blankly fixed her eyes on the top page of the Tieba; there were some praising Lu Yue, even some questioning whether Lu Sicheng had misjudged Lu Yue, and why ZGDX hadn’t paid much attention to Lu Yue.

“I said in one of the after game interviews that I’m glad to have a teammate like Smiling. Because ever since she joined us, ZGDX would be unprecedentedly strong going into the summer season.”

A low and calm voice came from behind.

Tong Yao’s finger on the phone screen paused.

She heard footsteps approaching from behind. At the same time, her jumbled mind suddenly quieted down. Her heart sank downwards endlessly, from the lukewarm shallow sea all the way down to the chilling bottom-- --

She then discovered that she probably has thalassophobia.

“Now they’re questioning my ability to judge, questioning whether I’ve made mistakes, questioning whether I wasn’t even handed in placing you and Lu Yue in the team……” Lu Sicheng stopped for a while, then flatly asked: “Why? “

Tong Yao: “......”

Tong Yao lowered her head further, using her back to face the man behind her.

Then she saw a big hand landing on the arm of her chair; with a little force, the hand swung the chair back to face him-- -- Lu Sicheng was slightly bent over, with both hands on the arms of the chair to support himself. The shadow created by his large body completely enveloped her.

“Look up.”


Tong Yao raised her head.

Though unprepared for it, she looked up and met a pair of dark brown eyes. His eyes seemed bottomless. She tried to glean something from them, but couldn’t tell if there was any emotion in them.

She leaned back towards the back of the chair and swallowed. Her heart and stomach seemed to have dropped to the floor. She moved her lips, about to apologize. Suddenly, she heard the man’s voice again right next to her: “However, I don’t care about other people questioning my judgement.”

Tong Yao was taken aback.

“The sticking point is you. What I care about is you.”


Lu Sicheng slightly raised his body upright and checked his watch: “There are 7 minutes left. Before the next match begins, give me a good reason why I shouldn’t give you up no matter what other people say.”

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  2. Oh my god. Why do I feel he’s being incredibly unfair to her?
    If you logically analyze then yes, as the captain of the team, it’s his prerogative to question her professionalism BUT he’s very aware she has feelings for him. I think it carries a bit cold hearted. It was absolutely her fault yes but the circumstances weren’t.
    She already got punished and is feeling bad.
    Uhhhh, my maiden heart got hurt by proxy hahahaha

  3. Lu Sicheng has in one breath almost confessed and made her feel bad about what happened. I understand she should have been more restrained in her response but she also fell victim to a manipulative bit.h. Sicheng's mixed responses are just making her feel worse.

  4. Ohohoho if i remember correctly.. It's coming

  5. He's trying to get out of the slumber she got in... Yeay

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  8. No no.. I think he meant not giving up on her as a good player. To play as professional requires not only a talent and skill but also a steel mentality. She needs a strong heart and cool head. Her feelings towards him is not the issue because he is asking about her attitudes after this and whether she really did some self reflection.
    She knows how fast she canbe replaced. There are many good players out there. She has seen whst happened to Ming god, nearly happened to Lu yue and other player from other teams.
    Now she just experienced it herself, so his question is justified.
    Can she handle the pressure and learn from mistakes so that it's worth it for him to fight for her position in the club as a captain. Or she better just resign to not let him wsste time nurturing her in his team. He wants the world victory afterall.
    Regarding love issue. If he really loves her, playing as professional or not he would still chase her anyway.
    But 8f he doesn't like her... Even if she sticks on playing beside him, it won't turn into anything anyway.
    So TY needs to make her mind clear.

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