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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 58 Part 2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 58 Part 2

Xiang Nuan told herself to calm down.

She found the delivery slip, the handwritten address was blurry. She searched the slip number online and discovered that it was from Z province.

Shen Zemu lived in Z province.

Xiang Nuan couldn’t believe Shen Zemu would send such a gift.

Shen Xuezhang was a very decent man……

Yet, who knew…...Any normal person who got closer to Lin Chuyan might be influenced by him and become weird……

Xiang Nuan sent a message to Shen Zemu, trying to find out.

Xiang Nuan: Xuezhang, I received a box of chocolate. Is it from you?

Shen Zemu: En.

He admitted it! Without hesitation!

It came as such a surprise to Xiang Nuan. At first, she was shocked, feeling all her admiration of him had crumbled. Then, she found it especially unfair. Even though she used to have a crush on Shen Zemu, she had never done anything to hurt him in any way. Why was she being humiliated like this?

Xiang Nuan replied in distress: Xuezhang, what do you mean by sending this kind of thing.

Shen Zemu: It’s just what you think it is.

Xiang Nuan: Xuezhang wants me to eat poop?

Shen Zemu: ……

Shen Zemu, cell phone in hand, stared at Xiang Nuan’s message, confused. Was this young lady actually brain dead? What sort of logic equated “giving chocolate” to “eating poop”? Even if she wanted to turn him down, did she have to say such disgusting things?

He couldn’t understand it or figure it out.

Shen Zemu tried to gather his thoughts and typed several replies but deleted them all. Finally he asked her directly: Why would you say that.

He was really curious about how she came to that conclusion.

Xiang Nuan sent him a picture of the chocolates.

Inside the exquisite box sat six pieces of poop shaped chocolate.

Shen Zemu immediately understood what had happened. His face darkened, he was furious.

After sending the picture, Xiang Nuan bitterly added: Xuezhang, you’ve changed.

Shen Zemu replied with a dark face: It’s been switched.

Xiang Nuan was shocked to hear that: Ah?

Shen Zemu: It wasn’t like that originally.

Xiang Nuan understood what he meant right away and said: Wuwuwu, I knew Xuezhang wouldn’t turn into a weido. Xuezhang is the last normal person in this world……

Shen Zemu: Thanks.

He truly felt that way himself sometimes……

To be polite, Shen Zemu added: You’re a normal person.

Xiang Nuan: Xuezhang, I’m sorry, I failed at living up to everyone's expectations. I’ve defected already. Q A Q

Shen Zemu stared at her words and found it to be rather unusual for her to say. As he was carefully trying to decipher the meaning of it, Xiang Nuan spoke again.

Xiang Nuan: So, who switched it anyway? I guess someone has nothing better to do?

Who switched the package? Well, he very much wanted to know that himself.

Shen Zemu replied: Let me find out.

Then Xiang Nuan suddenly became very quiet.


The reason why Xiang Nuan suddenly stopped responding was because she realized an even more serious and embarrassing problem-- --

Shen Zemu’s chocolate happened to arrive today. So was it a confession? It must be?

She went back to the previous messages and saw Shen Zemu said “It’s just what you think it is.”

It really was a confession.

Shen Zemu had confessed to her the moment she had switched her interest onto other things.

Xiang Nuan had seen a lot of regretful love stories on TV or in novels. But this was the first time in her life that she had experienced the so called “missed each other.”

When Xiang Nuan liked him, he didn’t want to see her. When Xiang Nuan had gradually gone pass him, he came by to tell her that he likes her.

To Xiang Nuan, his ‘like’ came too late……

Xiang Nuan felt it was such a shame and was saddened by it.

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