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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 44 Part 3

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 44 Part 3

Ye Qiao called Qianxi. After a brief greeting, she asked: “Is the young lady next door pretty?”
“Young lady?” Qianxi was surprised by the question. “Oh, you mean that high school girl? She’s good looking. I figured she could be the prettiest one in her grade.”
Ye Qiao said: “Heart-shaped face, big eyes, about 165cm high, no glasses, is that her?”
“......Yeah.” Qianxi was suspicious. “Why are you asking about her?”
“It’s nothing. I’m hanging up.”

Ye Qiao suddenly lost all courage to get to the bottom of it and abruptly hung up. She curled up into a ball, held her knees, and felt like sleeping.
It was so cold that she had goosebumps on her skin and shivered from time to time. When she closed her eyes, she was back to the night she first met Zhou Tingsheng. The shower in the old building was switching between cold and hot. She could still hear the heavy breathing and moaning in her ears. She had long forgotten what exactly was said, but she remembered that they were rather obscene.
She had thought that it was a thing in the past, who knew that they were far from passing.

She maintained her position and gradually fell asleep in the coldness. In her dream, she began to warm up.
She felt the bed slightly sink and instantly woke up. It was already deep into the night. There was a dim wall lamp right above Zhou Tingsheng’s bed. Without her knowing it, Zhou Tingsheng had carried her back to his apartment. But she felt that she was owed an explanation.

Zhou Tingsheng had discovered the change of her breathing pattern. His arm lightly circled her waist: “You awake?” He smiled with obvious forced casualness: “It’s so cold, yet you slept so soundly.”

Ye Qiao abruptly turned around to face him and asked a direct question: “The young lady today is the student your family has been sponsoring?”
“En.” He didn’t want to lie.
However, her second question struck home: “Is it your family, or you?”
Zhou Tingsheng was quiet for a moment then said: “It’s me.”
Ye Qiao was unusually calm: “That night when I first met you, you just came out from her home, right?”
“......Yes.” He began to hesitate.

Ye Qiao was very sensitive by his reaction. His slight hesitation was interpreted by her wildest imaginations. She pounced at him; Zhou Tingsheng, taken by surprise, fell backwards onto the bed. Ye Qiao sat over him, both hands starting to touch his body.
Her hands slowly went down his body, slowly taking off his pajamas inch by inch. Zhou Tingsheng called her: “Qiaoqiao.” He was trying to get up but she pushed him back down. She bent over and gave him a harsh kiss; she bit his lips and then said: “Isn’t this your most favorite thing to do?”

Zhou Tingsheng could feel her anger and carefully responded to her kiss. He stroked her back in an attempt to calm her down. The bitterness and anger finally turned into tears in her eyes. A big teardrop fell on Zhou Tingsheng’s eye. His eyelashes quivered. Ye Qiao watched him blink his eyes and suddenly sobbed out loud.

“Qiaoqiao……” Zhou Tingsheng called for her in a hoarse voice, trying to calm her down. But Ye Qiao grew sadder as she cried until she grew tired of crying and laid on Zhou Tingsheng’s body, motionless.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry. Listen to me, I’ll explain everything.” Zhou Tingsheng patted her back. “She’s still a kid, how can there be anything between us?”
Women from 16 to 60 were the same, they were infatuated in the men they liked. The way Ruan Feiyan looked at Zhou Tingsheng was still clearly imprinted in Ye Qiao’s mind. Her fingernails dug into his flesh without even realizing it.
Zhou Tingsheng grunted from the sharp pain and grabbed her hands. He turned around to look right into her eyes: “Qiaoqiao, you must believe me.”

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