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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 57 Part 2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 57 Part 2

Lin Chuyan felt that he had probably made his advances prematurely.

Tonight was the same as last night.

It had been basically his own wishful thinking, but what if she didn’t like it at all?


Lin Chuyan slowly sighed, got up, and tidied the piano before leaving.

When he opened the door of the piano room, he discovered two people standing there with their ears facing the door, eavesdropping.

They were his parents.

Lin Chuyan looked at them without saying a word.

It was rather awkward.

Lin Xueyuan had handled many awkward moments before. He straightened up and gestured to his son without much expression on his face: “Follow me.” He didn’t mention anything about the eavesdropping, but led his son to the living room.

The family sat down and before his son could say anything, Lin Xueyuan took the initiative to ask his son: “Do you have a girlfriend now?”

“No.” Lin Chuyan answered, looking somewhat frustrated.

Yue Yingying asked: “Then, you’ve found someone you like?”

Lin Chuyan tightened the corners of his mouth but didn’t say anything.

Lin Chuyan’s parents gave each other a look. They understood now, so their son had a crush on someone……

“Chuyan, go for it.” Yue Yingying patted her son’s shoulder.

Lin Chuyan hesitated for a while, then said: “Could you… me analyze the situation.”

He told his parents about how he used the fireworks to confess to her last night but the internet suddenly dropped and then today when she abruptly cut the video feed when he was playing the piano for her……

After listening to everything, Lin Xueyuan looked at his son. The look was sympathetic, but when he spoke it sounded like he was gloating. “What’s there to analyze, she doesn’t like you. How could the internet happen to go down at such a crucial moment, can you believe it? It’s just as unbelievable in a TV drama. Yesterday, she turned you down once and today you did it again, how can that girl not feel uneasy about it? She doesn’t want to turn you down outright and you just keep at it? Why do I have a silly son like you?”

Lin Chuyan kept quiet.

Yue Yingying asked her son: “Chuyan, do you have a picture of that girl? I’d like to see it.”

Lin Chuyan looked for one picture taken when he went to Xiang Nuan’s house to show his mom.

In the picture, Xiang Nuan had pulled her curly hair into a bun. She was wearing a red coat and held a stick with candied fruit to the camera. Half of the picture was the candied fruit on a stick. Behind the stick, she was smiling, her pretty eyes curved into two crescents. She had a straight
nose, delicate lips — with thin upper lips and a fuller lower one — and rosy cheeks on her fair skinned face. She looked especially radiant.

Yue Yingying was taken by surprise with her beauty and couldn’t stop praising her: “This girl is really pretty!”

Lin Chuyan nodded, a smile appeared in his eyes: “En.”

Lin Xueyuan felt the girl in the picture looked familiar. He had a good memory and it didn’t take long for him to remember-- --Last time he had gone to Nanshan University to settle something with his son and ran into a girl by chance. He was angrily shouting into the cell phone at the time and scared that girl.

He was sure it was the girl in the picture.

However, Lin Xueyuan didn’t think the encounter was something to brag about and decided to stay silent.

Lin Chuyan retrieved his cell phone, said goodnight to his parents, and went back to own room upstairs.

As he was still on the stairs, he overheard his dad talking to his mom in the living room: “I’ve been saying it all along. This little rascal only has a face that’s presentable. What girl in her right mind would like him?”

Lin Chuyan: “......”

He really wanted to remind his dad that he was still nearby.

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