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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 59 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 59 Part 1

Xiang Nuan said: “Lin Chuyan, I’ll never forgive you again!”

“I’m wrong, don’t get angry.”

It was too late, Xiang Nuan deleted his name from her friend list. Lin Chuyan tried to call afterwards, Xiang Nuan blocked his number instead of answering.

Xiang Nuan was very, very angry!


In the end Chen Yinghu didn’t join them as he had promised. It was because his cousin, Shen Zemu, suddenly came to find him.

Shen Zemu took him outside and stopped at a dark corner. Then Shen Zemu pummeled him, asking: “Are you going to tell me the truth?”

“I will, I will…...It’s me!”

“When did you do the switch?”

“When you were sleeping.”

Shen Zemu sneered. No wonder he had been staying at Shen Zemu’s house the past few days. When they played games late into the night, Shen Zemu’s mother would invite her nephew to stay for the night and Chen Yinghu had never refused. Shen Zemu finally understood why.

It wasn’t Shen Zemu’s fault for overlooking it. It was because he could never imagine anyone could be this shameless.

Shen Zemu took a deep breath and held back the urge to strangle his cousin: “What did Lin Chuyan offer you?”

Chen Yinghu couldn’t look into Shen Zemu’s eyes: “What did this have anything to do with Chuyan?”

“You aren’t telling the truth? Alright……” Shen Zemu started to pull up his sleeves as he was talking, gesturing that he was about to hit Chen Yinghu again.

Chen Yinghu immediately gave in: “Alright, alright, I’ll tell you…...Chuyan lent me money and I want to pay back the favor so I did this to you. Cousin, please believe me, you still hold an important position in my heart.”

“Not as important as money.”


Shen Zemu reined in his urge to hit his cousin and continued the interrogation: “How much did he lend you? Will it do if I give you double that amount? Then you can go play that trick on him for me.”

“He lent me 100K. Cousin, do you have 200K?”

Shen Zemu: “......No.”

Though his family was well off, his parents didn’t let him spend money freely. All his savings were from the scholarship he earned every year. In order to save 200K, he would probably have to stay in university for 20 years.

For any normal student, 100K was a large sum of money. Shen Zemu shifted his attention from the chocolate incident to this unusually large sum of money. He asked Chen Yinghu: “Why do you need such a large amount? Are you gambling? Doing drugs? Patronizing prostitutes?”

“No, no, I’m not. Don’t make wild guesses, cousin. What if other people heard you…...I’m just lending that money to another person.”

“To whom?”

“Keke. She needs money badly, but I don’t have enough. So I borrowed some from Chuyan.”

“Is she that online girlfriend of yours?”

“She’s my girlfriend! Girlfriend!”

Shen Zemu hmphed. Though Chen Yinghu claimed she was his girlfriend, he knew the girl through the internet. Shen Zemu didn’t think there was anything wrong to call her his online girlfriend.

Shen Zemu was rather old-fashioned and grew uneasy hearing his cousin had lent such a large sum to someone he met over the internet.

He worried that his cousin had been cheated and asked: “Has she written an IOU note to you?”

“Well……that’ll be too awkward……”

Shen Zemu only replied with an oh and didn’t say anything more. But it was obvious what he thought from the tone of his voice.

Chen Yinghu wasn’t able to accept his cousin’s skepticism and defended his girlfriend: “Keke isn’t a liar.”

“Whatever, it’s not my money anyway.” Shen Zemu put his hands in his pockets and turned around to leave.

Chen Yinghu watched his back and blurted out: “Cousin, do you feel that everyone in the world is a bad guy?”

Shen Zemu didn’t answer; his slender silhouette gradually disappeared in the darkness.

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  1. Appreciate this update. LC, you're so naughty!

  2. Well I also kind of agree with SZ that straight up giving 100 k to someone you've never met in person is a little shady sorry CYH...

  3. Keke sounds sketchy to me. She suddenly found she had a family issue when they were supposed to meet his family and now she borrows that much money from her bf? I don't want CY to be hurt.