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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 71 Part 2

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 71 Part 2

In reality, Tong Yao wasn’t paying attention to Li Huanshuo at all. She was focusing on the guy who was being held down and wearing the Qing Dynasty uniform…...If Tong Yao remembered correctly, her team’s first round of matches against B group next week would be against the Qing Dynasty. The team was third place last season-- --with four Chinese and one Korean. The Korean player was the one pinned down by Li Huanshuo right now. Everyone called him Long Ge, a caring type of player-- --

Why did she think that?

Tong Yao had seen the team’s competition videos. She personally thought this Korean’s Chinese was even better than Lu Sicheng’s…...Because he would at least tell his teammates when the team was at a disadvantage: It’s alright. We can win. Everyone go for it, don’t give up.

-- --Unlike Lu Sicheng, who not only spoke only a few words while in a disadvantageous position, he would speak even less when they were winning. If it wasn’t for the chatty Little Fatty, one would have the wrong impression their bot lane was empty, especially during the early game when everyone was busy in their own lanes.

Besides, just last year, Qing Dynasty was struggling to keep itself in the major league, yet because of this skillful jungler, the team won third place in this year’s spring season.

All Tong Yao was thinking about at the moment was how to beat this team next week. Suddenly, a hand forcibly turned her head around. The man standing behind her asked with a stone face: “Who are you staring at?”

“Long Ge.” Tong Yao answered without thinking.

“What? Long Ge, do you know him well? He’s a jungler and never plays mid. You two can’t possibly face each other before or know each other well. You’re collecting stamps again? You.”

“......I’m not. What nonsense about collecting! I was thinking this guy only came to China this spring season and his Chinese has improved so much, not to mention that he has saved a whole team. He’s really something.” Tong Yao said: “You should consider having him to teach you some Chinese?......Don’t just say all the time: Little Fatty, go forwards two steps to receive some damage so I can get some kills.”

Lu Sicheng: “......”

While Lu Sicheng stared in silence, Little Fatty, who was standing behind Tong Yao and Lu Sicheng, thrillingly gave Tong Yao a thumbs up-- --

In the meantime, Li Huanshuo raised his head and saw Tong Yao.

His eyes brightened up and immediately walked towards Tong Yao, disregarding the protest of the female staff member. He first greeted Lu Sicheng who was behind Tong Yao, then held Tong Yao’s arm: “Jiejie, why are you here too?”

“To eat dinner.” Tong Yao smiled.

Lu Sicheng jerked her jacket from behind.

Tong Yao calmly freed herself from Li Huanshuo’s hand.

“Yesterday, when I was streaming, someone badmouthed you.” Li Huanshuo frankly said in broken Chinese. “I scolded him. I don’t let them say anything about you. You’re very good.”

Tong Yao looked at his expectant face. She really wanted to pat his head and commend him, but her captain was watching her from behind. She could only briefly thank him. Then she lowered her voice: “Don’t do that again. What if they diss you as well, then you’ll be ensnared with me.”

Li Huanshuo bashfully said: “Don’t understand.”

He couldn’t understand what the Chinese phrase for ensnared meant.

He turned to ask Lu Sicheng and Lu Sicheng told him to guess, with no intent on telling him. Li Huanshuo then turned to Long Ge for help. Long Ge explained to him in Korean and raised his head to glance over at Tong Yao’s direction-- --Long Ge and Lu Sicheng started to play professionally about the same time. He even started to play in the Korea region a little bit earlier than Lu Sicheng. He nodded at Lu Sicheng as a greeting.

Then Long Ge turned to say something to Li Huanshuo and Li started to get excited……

Li Huanshuo came back to Tong Yao: “Tailun Ge said you’re very interesting. I told him no way, that you’re another man’s girlfriend. Even if you aren’t, I’m second in line.”

Tong Yao didn’t know how to respond. She didn’t know how to explain to Li Huanshuo that saying she’s interesting didn’t mean he’s interested in her……

Tong Yao and her teammates left Li Huanshuo and the others to go to their table at the back of the restaurant.

Little Fatty had heard Tong Yao’s exchange with Li Huanshuo and giggled: “Why do all the junglers like you-- --your ex-boyfriend, that kid you gave chicken soup for the soul, or this Li Huanshuo. Now even your fighting incidents attract attention?”

“I don’t know. Probably because of my good looks.” Tong Yao sat down at Lu Sicheng’s left hand side and absent-mindedly took the menu: “Don’t listen to Li Huanshuo.”

Lu Sicheng: “Did he say anything wrong?”

Tong Yao raised her head from the menu: “What?”

Lu Sicheng: “How many lobsters do you want?”

Tong Yao: “A lot of them.”

Lu Sicheng: “ Big eyes, small stomach.”

Tong Yao: “I’ll take it home if I can’t finish them. Dabing hasn’t eaten lobster before. After eating lobster, the cat can probably clean its own litter box.”

Everyone: “......”

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