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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 1 Part 1

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 1 - Part 1

It was a hot summer day in mid June. There had been several thunder showers already.

After the bustling graduation season, the newly graduates swarmed into the job market.  They were either busy running between recruiting interviews or at a loss on what to do.

The Yinyuan Investments Building located downtown was like a sacred sword from Greek myth[1], soaring straight upwards into the clouds.  Qin Xiao stood in front of the revolving door and looked upward.  The dazzling sunlight reflected off the silver glass made her narrow her eyes------

“I’m sorry.  Excuse me!”

Suddenly there was a flurry footsteps behind her.

Tea of Summer - Chapter 46: Spring Sunshine 4.1

Chapter 46
Spring Sunshine 4.1

Two days later, Xia Liang’s “special condition” ended.  Finally, she could go into the water.  After she ate breakfast early in the morning, Xia Liang excitedly went to the bathroom to change into her swimsuit.  The green two piece swimsuit in her hand was ordered online with one-day delivery.  It was not as exposed as most bikinis, it was more cute, like the kind that teenagers wore.
Aside from Lin Qian and Song Qiyan, Wei Jian was also outside as well. Xia Liang hesitated to go out like this, so she decided to put on a white, chiffon robe.

But Xia Liang didn’t realize that, sometimes, semitransparent was even more attractive .

Xia Liang gathered her street clothes and went back to her room.  Lin Qian looked up and down at her. “Tut,” then she took her swimsuit into the bathroom.
Xia Liang stood there and couldn’t decide whether to go out or not.  Someone knocked twice on the door.

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Announcement About My Mandarin

Hello Everyone,

As a few comments pointed out, apparently Hui3r began translating My Mandarin (or My Darling) about two weeks after we posted the prologue on February 22nd. We didn't check between then and when we decided to consistently post them.

A bit peeved that we didn't check earlier as we now have a dozen chapters sitting about. Nonetheless, it's a good lesson for us to learn from so that this won't happen in the future.

Anyhow, we've already started looking at another novel. If all goes well, expect to see the first chapter on Wednesday.


Secret Room Book 1 - Chapter 38

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 1: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 38

The scene was most puzzling to Ai Qing.  She mouthed to 97:  What happened?
Weren’t the three always on good terms?  She had known them for so many years and had never seen them argue.  But now, obviously something had happened between them.
97 shrugged.  “I don’t know.  They’ve been like this since last night.”
Last night?  They were like this…...and still won the quarter-final and semi-final?
Ai Qing silently admired them.
In the end, nobody could give her a reason.  She stood there for a couple of minutes and felt bored.  She chatted with 97 randomly about the exchange rate of the Korean Won, weather, that the winter was so cold, etc.  Then she carried the basket of drinks and left.

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My Mandarin - Chapter 1: A Brief First Love That No One Knows (1)

Hello All,

We'll be posting a chapter of My Mandarin every Saturday and might do more releases a week later as time permits.

For those who've forgotten the prologue, here's a handy link.

My Mandarin
Chapter 1: A Brief First Love That No One Knows (1)

There was a small courtyard alongside a small street near Jingan Temple. When one pushed open the wooden gate and walked in following the cobblestone pathway, one could find a small nail salon there. Chu Jian was the owner of that salon.
There was a business building at the end of the small street.  A nail technician training company was located on one of the floors. Chu Jian owned that company as well.
These two were her actual businesses.

As for the studio, it was simply because Tong Fei had suffered setbacks in her business and came to cry over Chu Jian’s shoulder for half a night.  Finally Chu Jian decided to take out all of her savings since graduation to support her best friend for over ten years to start her own studio.
But Chu Jian always believed that she didn’t have much to do with the entertainment business.

Secret Room Book 1 - Chapter 37

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 1: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 37

The quarter final match was much more vicious than she had anticipated.
She was on edge when she saw Xiaomi in close combat. On the other hand, Slide and Inin were isolating and double teaming the enemy.  How to describe it?  Right, insidious was an apt description. They had not only accomplished Ai Qing’s goal to “Let RAP remember SP from this battleground”, they even turned the match into an unforgettable performance in this tournament.

These five players could easily end the game, but instead they tormented the enemy, hunting them, using the slowest method possible to chip the enemy’s health down.
It was simply……
A very slow, painful death……

Ai Qing couldn’t help but chuckle.  These guys sought vengeance for the smallest slight.
Seriously speaking, the grudge between SP and RAP had nothing to do with them.  Of course, it had nothing to do with her either.  She had joined SP only a year ago and shady competition had happened almost  three years ago.
Regardless, she was a well qualified manager.  The way she stirred up the morale of the team, she was really ….. even she admired herself.
The four teams stood on the stage after the quarter final.  When they lined up to take a group picture, Inin was so excited that he started to cry......Therefore, after taking the group picture, SP’s A team created a strange scene:
Inin kept wiping his eyes with his sleeves.  All probably thought it was too shameful, so he lifted his foot trying to kick Inin’s butt.  Fortunately, Slide was quick enough to pull Inin into his arms.  He smiled with Following at each side of Inin teasing him. Xiaomi, the softest hearted of all, stood behind all four and kept sighing and shaking his head……

“Come on.  Wipe it clean quickly, don’t use your sleeves.”  Ai Qing pulled out the tissues from her backpack and passed it to Inin when he walked down the stage.
“Thank you……”  Inne, nose red, took the tissues.
The young boy didn’t feel embarrassed, rather she was the one who felt embarrassed.
“Don’t cry.  Don’t cry.”  Ai Qing touched Inin’s hair.  But she still couldn’t stop herself from laughing, so she found an excuse and ran away, “Let me get some drinks for you.”

The drinks here were free but the area was only open to the players.
Ai Qing stood in front of an array of ice boxes.  She pondered whether to get some coke or some banana milk, a special Korean product.
Someone far away was calling her name.
She looked over and found it was the K&K players who had just qualified for the semi finals.  It was 97 calling for her loudly.  She took the basket and filled it with a pile of banana milk, then she walked straight over.  She found the atmosphere at the table a bit weird.
They didn’t show any excitement from winning at all.
Grunt lowered his head, wiping his glasses with a white paper towel lightly.  It looked like he was not in good mood.  Dt saw Ai Qing come over and stretched out one hand to take the basket of drinks from her.  He put the basket down besides his foot for the time being.  The remaining two players, affected by the mood of their teammates, were hardly in a joking mood.  They just drank water by themselves, silently. 

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Tea of Summer - Chapter 45: Spring Sunshine 3.2

Chapter 45
Spring Sunshine 3.2

It was afternoon at a private beach in Florida.
There were many people scattered around the large beach.  There were children on vacation and seniors from the nearby retirement community.  On the beach near the half exposed coral reef, there sat four young Asians underneath a big beach umbrella.

Song Qiyan and Xia Liang sat in the middle with Wei Jian and Lin Qian on each side.
Xia Liang looked to the left at Wei Jian who had very uneasy expression.  Then she turned to look at Lin Qian at her right who had a poker face.  She silently pressed her lips into a thin line and pulled back closer to Song Qiyan.
Song Qiyan held her waist and gave her the peanut butter and jelly sandwich he had just made. 

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Secret Room Book 1 - Chapter 36

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 1: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 36

Ai Qing’s gave a splendid presentation.
She had been a professional commentator for over a year and was one of the most popular commentators.  She didn’t earn such fame by accident.
She explained RAP’s usual strategy, positioning, group fight style, item builds, ability to resist pressure……
She analyzed these five main factors in great detail with little effort.

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Announcement: Discontinuing Undefeated - LoL

Hey guys, we're going to stop translating Undefeated - League of Legends.  Aside from the low view counts, I've grown to become more and more annoyed by the writing to the point that I no longer find any joy in translating/editing them.


We will be officially starting My Mandarin next week in LoL's place.

Secret Room Book 1 - Chapter 35

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 1: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 35

“Yo, is our manager back?”
Ai Qing walked up to the second floor and saw Slide and All resting nearby.  She was naturally teased by them.  All affectionately put his arm around her shoulder.  “What’s going on?  Did our manger sneak out on a date on the first day of training?”
She wanted to explain but Slide had already closed in on the other side.  He patted her head and laughed.  “Don’t try and defend yourself, we all saw it.  The boss’ balcony is really nice with such a wide view.”

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Tea of Summer - Chapter 44: Spring Sunshine 3.1

Chapter 44
Spring Sunshine 3.1

Xia Liang was exhausted from traveling all yesterday and didn’t wake up until the sun was already high in the sky. She yawned and noticed that Lin Qian was still sound asleep next to her.  She silently slipped out of bed. Then found that she was still wearing the same clothes that she had changed into after she had arrived here last night.  She scratched her hair embarrassed; she realized how she probably got into bed last night.

She took out a change clothes and toiletries from her luggage and walked into the bathroom to take a hot shower.  Xia Liang walked out of the bathroom with wet hair and put the dirty clothes into a laundry bag.  Then she walked over to the living room.  The sliding door in the living room, dividing the public area and the sleeping area, was already open.  She peeked in and saw that there were only a bed sheet, a pillow, and a thin blanket left on the air mattress.  When she saw the black suitcase at the end of the bed, she knew this was the place where Song Qiyan had slept last night.  She looked around then saw the man himself leaning on the railing, enjoying the ocean breeze in the balcony outside the door.
Song Qiyan was dressed in a loose, large white T shirt and military green colored beach pants, which was ballooned out by the ocean breeze.  Xia Liang took a look at his back and tried to sneak up behind him.  But she was discovered before she had a chance to touch his shoulder when he suddenly turned his head.

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Secret Room Book 1 - Chapter 34

Sorry for being late, was wrapping up final report last night!

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 1: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 34

During the short time she was registering, she had missed her sister’s bombardment of WeChat messages.  When she opened her phone again, she was shocked to find over 40 voice messages from her pleading sister.
She listened to each from beginning to end, it documented the journey of her sister’s mental struggle.  From wondering whether she should buy an airline ticket to fly here, what hotel to stay, then directly jumped to having already booked a round trip airline ticket, and asking Ai Qing if she had room for her to stay……
After she had listened to all of them, the last message said:  I am on the way to the airport.

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Undefeated - League of Legends - Book 1: Chapter 34

Book 1: The Return of the Lost King
Chapter 34: That Bastard

To get a good grade on the language portion of the test is similar to building a good economy as an ADC in a game, it all depends on gradually gaining minion kills, one after another.

Yu Luocheng felt confident for the language exam and it went smoothly when he wrote the essay too.

Yu Luocheng was more interested in language. His father taught him a lot when he was in elementary and junior high. Though his schooling was interrupted for more than a year, language was always the subject he was best at.

It was hard to copy another person’s answer on a language test; most people buried their heads focusing their attention on their answer sheets. Occasionally, some raised their heads to take a look at their watches.


Secret Room Book 1 - Chapter 33

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 1: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 33

His footsteps slowed a bit but didn’t stop.

“Yesterday I heard some news.  Do you want to hear it?”  Baona whispered.
“What is it?”  Ai Qing found Baona to be a totally different person from when she had first met him.  He was very calm and self-composed at first, but now he liked to gossip a lot.
“Dt is Gun’s cousin.”
“......”  Ai Qing looked at him  to double check that he wasn’t joking.
“So it all makes sense now, no wonder I couldn’t recruit him.”
Ai Qing turned to look at the stage and her cell phone vibrated suddenly.  She lowered her head to look at it, but to her surprise… was a short message from Dt: “Thanks.”

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Tea of Summer - Chapter 43: Spring Sunshine 2.2

Chapter 43
Spring Sunshine 2.2

Xia Liang and Song Qiyan walked hand in hand for more than half an hour.  It was already past 9 o’clock in the evening when they went back to the cabin.

There was a TV in the living room and many DVD movies beneath it.  Song Qiyan and Wei Jian knelt down and decided to watch <Avatar>.  It was the second time that they were watching this classic movie.
The sofa in the living room had 3 seats.  Sung Qi Yan sat at one side.  Xia Liang sat in the middle.  Wei Jian moved a chair over and let Lin Qian sit next to Xia Liang on the sofa.
In the beginning, Xia Liang attentively watched the movie with her head resting on Song Qiyan’s shoulder.

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Secret Room Book 1 - Chapter 32

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 1: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 32

“Hoo, alright.” Within a second, Ai Qing turned back into Apple Dog again and concluded with a red face, “That’s all.  I’ll just sound weird if I keep talking……”
SP people all laughed.
She sat down.  Baona, sitting besides her, lightly clapped his right hand against the palm of his left. “No wonder you are the top commentator.”
“So many people are watching.  I have to give a pretty speech for the sake of SP.”  She pouted her mouth toward the referee area in the distance. “He’s worked so hard to put this team together.  The pressure from using retired players must be a lot more on him than us.”
“Solo?”  Baona looked at the referee area also.  “Yeah, there were quite a few in doubt about his recent decision.”
Ai Qing believed that she wasn’t the only one who knew about it, all of his old teammates were well aware of the immense pressure to re-assembling this team again.  They had to pick up the pieces from when they retired all those years ago, their state of mind and experiences.
All of this wasn’t something that could be achieved from just talking.
And not just in China, but there were also many large clubs in other countries, even inside SP, their powerful B team, were all geared up ready to surpass this team.

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Undefeated - League of Legends - Book 1: Chapter 33

Book 1: The Return of the Lost King
Chapter 33: The Proctor Will Arrive at the Examination Hall in 30 Seconds

Time flew by quickly; the college entrance exams was fast approaching!

For many students, if they could successfully conquer the entrance exam, then no matter how miserable and difficult their senior year was, it would be a perfect GG.

For the past three months, Yu Luocheng didn’t play games much. Occasionally on weekends, he would play with Yang Qianqian. Yet, those were basically easy wins for him.

Yang Qianqian probably used to be defeated by other players before, ever since she teamed up with Yu Luocheng, her confidence exploded because they hardly ever lost. Sometimes she would even ask Yu to play a couple of rounds with her during weekdays.

Yu Luocheng was puzzled. She played a lot yet she still kept her grades high. She would rank ahead of him in every monthly exam.


Secret Room Book 1 - Chapter 31

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 1: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 31

In the SP area, every member of the first team was already there.  Slide and All both acted as if they had just learned that she was the manager. They spoke with great embellishment combined with exaggerated expressions.  Xiaomi smiled warmly as usual and looked at her with shining eyes.  She was a little embarrassed.  “Manager, do we need a pep rally before the battle?”  Slide raised his eyebrows and asked.

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Tea of Summer - Chapter 42: Spring Sunshine 2.1

Chapter 42
Spring Sunshine 2.1

“It’ll be spring break after next week.  Do you want to go anywhere?”  They had been sitting on the couch for a while before Song Qiyan broke the silence.
Xia Liang moved a little in his arms to find the most comfortable position.  She then rubbed against his neck. “I don’t know……”
Song Qiyan poked her nose. “Do you want to travel?”
Xia Liang tilted her head. “Sure, but where to?”
Song Qiyan suggested, “How about Florida?”
Xia Liang still looked at him with her head tilted. “Just the two of us?”
Song Qiyan replied, “You can ask your roommate and I…...can ask Jeffery to come along.”

Thus, on the following Saturday, the four of them were standing at an airport in Florida.
They rented a jeep at the airport and dumped all of their luggage onto the back. The two men occupied the front row, Lin Qin and Xia Liang in the back seats.
They were excited about the difference in temperature from the north to the south. Wei Jian, who was sitting on the passenger side, rolled down his window, letting the spring air blow into the car.
They drove for about an hour until they reached the private island. There were many privately owned vacation cabins on the island. Song Qiyan drove into a village and eventually stopped in front of a cabin right next to the beach.
Lin Qin pushed Xia Liang who had fallen asleep against the window. “We’re here!”

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Secret Room Book 1 - Chapter 30

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 1: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 30

“He’s a very nice person.”
These were the words she said in the end.
Regarding Gun’s past winning records, character, and habits, those were recorded in the history of esports forums.  His most faithful fans could recall from memory his short retirement post, forwards and backwards.
“In the past two years and three months, I have won, lost, laughed, cried, been questioned, been the topic of gossip, been criticized, and set up by shady plots, but I never try to defend myself.  I don’t need to.  Tonight, the gorgeous feast has finally ended.  I have achieved fame and success, though it’s full of absurdity.”
He had been retired for 10 years.
He really hadn’t shown up anywhere.
This time, he came back.  He was already twenty-nine years old and he could never be an active player again.