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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 69 Part 3

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 69 Part 3

Tong Yao’s eyes were sparkling clear and there was only one thing that Lu Sicheng had said earlier echoing in her head — —

[after you start to wear the team uniform, to me, you have only one identity regardless of gender: a teammate.]

She wants to be his teammate.

She wants to be their teammate.

Even if it means that she has to smooth out the edges of her character one day, it’s — —

“You probably feel that you haven’t been treated fairly. You were protecting your teammates and ended up being treated this way.”

The voice coming from above her head interrupted her thoughts. She paused slightly, then raised her head up to meet those dark brown eyes— —The coldness in his eyes had faded, now the dark brown looked as soft as chocolate.

“All of us are very grateful for your protection. That’s why Little Fatty and the others were willing to do the game in the end. It was to provide some useful evidence to reduce the damage you’ve done to yourself.” Lu Sicheng stopped for a moment. Under Tong Yao’s gaze, he slowly said: “And I, I personally am also very grateful for your protection.”


“No one asked you to smooth out the edges of your character, young lady. It’s just that you have to understand — —Before starting to protect others, you have to learn how to protect yourself well.”

“When do I know that I can protect myself?”

“When you’re strong enough to the point that no one can put you down.”

Tong Yao remained silent, eyebrows slightly gathered, confused by the answer she had received.

Xiao Rui had begun pounding on the door urging Lu Sicheng to get out of the room for the next match. Lu Sicheng raised his hand to pat her head as if to soothe her but didn’t pull his other arm out of Tong Yao’s grip until Tong Yao released it. He then mumbled in a low voice that he’s going back to play and walked forward a couple of steps— —

Tong Yao grabbed his arm once again.

He turned his head.

“Cheng Ge, are you that kind of person?”


“Strong enough that no one can put you down?”

Lu Sicheng was quiet for a while then slowly shook his head: “I’m not. There are times when I hesitate and don’t know what to do.”

Tong Yao: “?”

Tong Yao let him go again. Lu Sicheng unlocked the door and was about to open the door when Tong Yao called out to him, still standing in place with her hands behind her: “Cheng Ge.”


“One last question.”

“In the past two days, why did you ignore me? Just because you’re angry? Or is there some other reason?”


Lu Sicheng pulled the door open and thought about her question as Xiao Rui nagged at him to go onstage. Then he gave his answer which made Xiao Rui rather confused. Afterwards, he went out the door and closed the door again.

Tong Yao was left inside the room by herself, in a daze.

His answer was that he would become soft-hearted.

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  1. Soft chengge awww I wished Tong yao would be able to hear his answer

    1. I think she did that's why she was left in a daze

  2. What what what? Soft-how? Hahahaha finally the love in the air~~~ thanks for the update ��

  3. He needs to be a tough leader. That's why he rather ignored her to prevent him being soft hearted looking her dejected and wronged face.