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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 57 Part 5

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 57 Part 5

[Luoluo: So what about it? Professional video gamer players aren’t allowed to have girlfriends? Think about how old he is now? He can’t have his own life?]

[Luoluo: So what if I showed up there on purpose? Who do those fangirls think they are, constantly calling him “hubby” and not feeling ashamed…...Isn’t it good to let them give him up?]

[Luoluo: What if there’s news about it all over the place, isn’t it good to have more exposure?]

Lu Yue’s face turned darker and darker, grabbing the phone back from Tong Yao and blocking her right away.

“It’s not that we can’t have girlfriends.” Lu Yue stuffed the cell phone into his pocket. “It’s that we can’t have this kind of girl as a girlfriend. She likes to show off too much and is too competitive because of some superiority complex. Besides, she doesn’t know anything about our profession, though it’s not entirely her fault, no one is interested in wasting time on these things.”

“You really are concerned about him.” Tong Yao leaned to the back of the chair.

“No matter what, my brother is a public figure. It’s not just him, the people around him also have to have an awareness of being a public figure. Then everyone can go about with things he wants to do with peace of mind.”

Tong Yao thought about his words then lifted her hand to ruffle Lu Yue’s hair: “You’re actually quite sensible.”

Lu Yue squeaked and tried to shrink back to avoid her hand. Tong Yao was about to move forward to ruffle his hair some more when her stretched arm was abruptly pulled back by someone from behind. Both Lu Yue and Tong Yao looked up in a daze. They saw a sleepy person towering like a huge Buddha statue standing right behind them.

“What are you two doing?” Lu Sicheng asked.

Lu Yue: “We’re in a meeting.”

Tong Yao: “A meeting.”

“Heck with the meeting, there’s no meeting in kindergarten.” Lu Sicheng let go of Tong Yao’s arm and seemed disgusted: “We’re here. Get off the bus to eat dinner.”

Tong Yao looked up and indeed, they had arrived at the restaurant.

It was already dinner time after they finished the game.

Tong Yao, wearing hotel slippers, followed the others into the restaurant. She was surprised that none of the waiters stopped her from entering though they did pay special attention to her slippers……

During dinner, no one had the spirit to mention to their captain that he, for the first time, had been the subject of gossip. After they all had enough to eat, Lu Sicheng came up with a surprise suggestion: “Let’s go buy some team shoes. It’s an eyesore to see all of you wearing an assortment of sandals, slip-ons and sneakers.”

Tong Yao: “Sandals and slip-ons are so convenient. Why don’t you like them……?”

Lu Sicheng: “I should’ve let you fall on your face today, then you can tell me whether sandals are convenient or not.”

Tong Yao looked down at the slippers on her feet and chose to keep quiet.

Xiao Rui: “We have to ask for funding first……”

Lu Sicheng: “I’ll pay for them.”

Xiao Rui thought about it and nodded since Lu Sicheng was one of the team’s bosses: “Cheng Ge will pay for them? I think that’ll work.”

Since it was still early after dinner, they all decided to shop around at the shopping center near the restaurant. Though it was supposed to be for the team shoes, they basically just need to go to a sports store to buy 6 pairs of identical sneakers. They swarmed into a store and after picking and choosing for a while, they finally decided on a pair of male blue and white basketball shoes. Little Fatty tried the shoes on and they looked pretty good on his feet. The rest of the team agreed to buy that pair of shoes.

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