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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 31 Part 3

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 31 Part 3

Ye Qiao mentally snickered, but her hand gripped firmly to his tie. She then forcefully pulled the buttons off his shirt, his pale skin was showing and some of the buttons were even pulled off the shirt. Then she grabbed the necklace off her neck and quickly took off both earrings, discarding the priceless sapphire jewelry to the side. The precious stones rolled off the bed and dropped onto the floor with a clang as an accompaniment to their lust.
Aroused, Wen Shaoqian turned around to pushed her under him. His lips covered hers.
Just as their lips were about to touch, Ye Qiao suddenly pushed him away and leapt to her feet. She pointed to the jewelry scattered on the floor and coldly said: “I’ve returned everything to you. If you need me to pay back your shirt, message me your bank account tonight.” She briskly pulled up the zipper with one of her hands and said: “And about this dress, I like it very much. Thank you.”

She picked up her clutch and went right out the door. She noticed a faint red mark on her shoulder in her reflection from the porthole window. The gown she was wearing had a tube top, there was no way to hide the hickey.

Ye Qiao frowned then turned around and took a deep breath. She had nowhere else to go.
She couldn’t open the door to her room and it seemed quite possible that Wen Shaoqian had done something to it. She wasn't even sure whether he had actually made a phone call to get someone to fix it for her.
Ye Qiao leaned against the door to her own room. The fierceness she displayed earlier was nowhere to be found and instead looked rather helpless now. Fortunately she had pulled off some of the buttons on Wen Shaoqian’s shirt. It would take him some time for him to change into a new shirt and tidy himself up. It would be too humiliating if he had run out after her and happened to see her with no place to go.

Bored, she pushed the lock button on her cell phone and didn’t realize that the battery was dead. So much for leaving the ship, that would have to wait till the next morning, at least 6 hours away.

When she boarded the ship, she didn’t expect to end up trapped here with nowhere to go. She racked her mind for ways to get herself out of the predicament and concluded she could go find someone and borrow their phone for later. But for the time being, she was too tired to bother with it. The high heels she was wearing didn’t even fit perfectly. Her feet were sore and hurt. She slowly slid down to a squat, her back leaning against the door.

When a person is exhausted, it’s quite natural to have unrealistic fantasies where heaven opens a door for her without an effort on her part.
A door did open.
It was the door across from hers. A pair of leather shoes stepped out of the door. Ye Qiao felt a sudden premonition. She looked up. When she saw the face of the person at the door, she almost wanted to confront heaven face to face. What kind of fate did she have where he would appear again right in front of her?

Zhou Tingsheng stopped right in front of her. He was just as shocked though his gloomy expression remained unchanged.

Ye Qiao didn’t speak. Zhou Tingsheng didn’t move either.

After looking for a while, her neck felt rather sore. She looked down and set her chin on her knees. She didn’t know how to react.

From Zhou Tingsheng’s angle, all he saw after a short look of surprise, all Ye Qiao did was lower her head with a shallow smile, treating him like an unimportant passerby. Zhou Tingsheng suppressed his anger, pressed his lips together, and started to walk away. However, his steps slowed as he passed by her. It seemed that deep down in his mind he wished she would look up again and ask him for help or tearfully whine to him, or at least watched him walk away…...Such petty and humble wishes, Zhou Tingsheng forced himself to quicken his step and leave.

Unexpectedly, Ye Qiao looked up and spoke to him, her voice seemed just like it came from his dreams: “Have a cigarette?”

Zhou Tingsheng turned around; Ye Qiao was quietly watching his hand inside his pants pocket. She knew his habits very well.

The fingers in his pocket moved slightly, eventually getting ahold of a cigarette box. He took it out and threw it to Ye Qiao. Ye Qiao took one out of the box and lifted her head to give him a look, with obviously overtones. Zhou Tingsheng walked back to her and knelt down with one knee right in front of her. He took out his lighter and lit the cigarette for her. He mocked her when their eyes met: “You get kicked out?”

Ye Qiao had just taken a puff and instantly started choking, coughing smoke into his face. She covered her mouth, but couldn’t stop the coughing as if she was coughing out all the frustration she’d built up tonight. As she was coughing, she began to laugh dryly.

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