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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 44 Part 2

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Those Sweet Times
Chapter 44 Part 2

In the afternoon, the two dueling men went to the small forest near the west gate of campus.

The area near the west gate hadn’t been developed yet and was usually quite desolate. Most of the trees in the forest were white poplar. The leaves had all fallen off the branches by this time of the year. Only the perfectly straight trunks remained standing. When viewed from afar, they looked like white pencils stuck in the ground upside down.

Xiang Nuan waited outside of the forest, watching over Lin Chuyan’s bag.

Feeling a bit bored, she logged onto the game. Someone asked her to play ranked right as she got on. The person’s id was  “Bo Gege.”

Xiang Nuan remembered him. He was Lin Chuyan’s friend whom she had met at the karaoke bar yesterday. She remembered that he liked to brag about himself and boasted that he was going to organize a game team.

None of these things interested Xiang Nuan. What she was interested in was-- --She had heard that he was a skilled player.

Xiang Nuan happily accepted the invitation.

After the team was formed, Deng Wenbo sent her a strange message.

Bo Gege: Sister, don’t tell Chuyan that you’ve run into me here.

It’s Nuannuan: Hm? Why?

Bo Gege: He probably will rape me. Please, please.

It’s Nuannuan: ……

What was he talking about.

Once the game began, Deng Wenbo chose Li Bai as his champion. He thought Xiang Nuan would pick some female champions like Diaochan or Zhaojun so she could work as a couple with Li Bai. He was surprised to find that Xiang Nuan had locked Zhang Fei without a second thought.

It wasn’t unusual to start an affair in the King’s Valley. But to let Li Bai and Zhang Fei have an affair…...Deng Wenbo found it mentally difficult to imagine it.

In any case, Deng Wenbo wanted to show off his skills in front of a pretty girl. He turned on his mic to direct Xiang Nuan and show off his ability at playing Li Bai at the same time.

Xiang Nuan was quite obedient and followed his directions. But after a while, Xiang Nuan found Deng Wenbo’s Li Bai wasn’t very strong.

His Li Bai couldn’t even reach Lin Chuyan’s level, not to mention Hu Ge’s.

The third time Li Bai died, Xiang Nuan subconsciously commented: “The hand speed of an old man.”

Deng Wenbo was hurt.

It was a bad habit of hers when playing games. Sometimes, she didn’t even realize what she had said as she played. The words just jumped out of her mouth, most of those lines she had learned from Hu Ge.

Deng Wenbo’s feelings was hurt and he set his mind at proving himself to Xiang Nuan. However, before he could do that, the match was over. Xiang Nuan and the rest of the team was good enough to win the match in the end.

Deng Wenbo didn’t waste another second at inviting her to another match.

Xiang Nuan heard footsteps coming from the forest at this moment, she hurriedly refused the invite.

Deng Wenbo was hurt even more.

-- --

Lin Chuyan and Invincible walked out of the forest together.

Xiang Nuan didn’t see a single bruise on Lin Chuyan’s face and body, only his hair was a little ruffled. She felt relieved.

Then she turned to look at Invincible. He had blackened eyes, a swollen face, and seemed to be limping…...looking quite miserable.

When they walked over to Xiang Nuan, Invincible gave Lin Chuyan a stare: “Sicko.”

Lin Chuyan grinned at him.

Invincible ran away like a lame rabbit.

This was the most miserable day in his twenty years of life. First, he was forced to call a girl “daddy,” then he was beaten up by a sicko who pushed him to the ground and forced him to call him mama……

He was about to cry.

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.


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