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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 31 Part 1

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 31 Part 1

Ye Qiao felt her chest tighten ever slightly at the crowded party and went out to the bow to get some fresh air. Wen Shaoqian followed her out and asked: “It’s quite windy here. Why did you come here?”

Ye Qiao, with one hand on her chest, shook her head: “I have a weak heart. I’m a little out of breath inside.” Wen Shaoqian held her arm, trying to lead her back: “You should get some rest if you don’t feel good. If the trip aggravates your health issues, I’ll feel bad for having suggested that you come here with me.”

Ye Qiao was stubborn. She slowly pulled her arm out of his hand and politely declined: “There’s better air circulation here. It’s too stuffy inside.”

Wen Shaoqian was a patient man and wasn’t bothered by the rejection. He was still gentle and even made fun of her: “‘Xi Shi[1] holding her heart’ would be like what you’re doing now.” Though sometimes he spoke in a playful manner, he was gentle enough not to annoy her: “Before I met you, I wouldn’t believe that a sickish woman could be charming.”

Ye Qiao wondered if she was sickly? Though she was troubled at times by physical problems, she had tried very hard to live an active life. Since they didn’t know each other that well yet, Ye Qiao felt bad to refute him again. So she only politely thanked him. Wen Shaoqian laughed. They became quiet afterwards.

Maybe they were too quiet, a couple who were kissing at the side of the ship turned to come this way. The man with his suit jacket wide open pushed his female companion against the wall and kissed her passionately. Wen Shaoqian and Ye Qiao were standing in the shadows that the couple didn’t see them first. But it was still quite embarrassing for Wen Shaoqian and Ye Qiao to be so near to the couple. Wen Shaoqian gave a look to Ye Qiao, she returned an uneasy grin. Both of them quietly left the bow. Ye Qiao had nowhere to go but follow Wen Shaoqian back to their rooms.

When Ye Qiao arrived at her room, she couldn’t unlock the door to her room. She tried a few times to no avail. She asked Wen Shaoqian to try it, who tried to force open the door to little success. He frustratedly said: “The doors on the ship are usually locked in a special way. We can ask a staff member to come help unlock it later.”

Ye Qiao felt a strange foreboding: “Will it take long?” “Maybe.” Wen Shaoqian looked helpless as well: “There’s no one in my room. You can go rest there. I’ll call someone to fix the lock for you.”

He noticed Ye Qiao’s hesitation, smiled as if he had nothing to hide: “Is Ms. Ye afraid that I’ll take advantage of you?” Ye Qiao felt that if she refused again, it’d look like she was overreacting: “Not at all. I just don’t want to trouble you.” Wen Shaoqian warmly said: “No trouble at all.”

Ye Qiao walked with him to his room, at the end of the hallway. Wen Shaoqian noticed that she didn’t pick up the hem of her long gown as some actresses would when walking on a red carpet. Her gown was long enough to cover her ankles and she walked with ease as the tail gracefully swayed like the tail of a fish. He smiled to himself with secret delight at seeing his prey fall into the net as he appreciated his trophy.

[1]: Xi Shi is considered one of the Four Beauties of ancient China:

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