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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 43 Part 4

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Those Sweet Times
Chapter 43 Part 4

Xiang Nuan kept Hu Ge’s inculcation in mind. Diaochan only worked if she farmed minions in the early game. It didn’t seem Invincible was going to let her off that easy. He struck Diaochan first instead of the minions. Diaochan wasn’t able to move away quickly and was assailed by a combo from Mulan. Xiang Nuan was so shocked that she even used the cleanse skill.

The cooldown time of cleanse was 2 minutes long, usually used only at critical moments.

Invincible deliberately laughed out loud.

Xiang Nuan pursed her lips. Though Dianchan had lost a lot of health, she didn’t retreat because she didn’t want to waste the wave of minions. A Diaochan without any gold was useless.

She distanced Diaochan from Mulan and continued farming. After she reached level two, she safely retreated and recovered her health.

She followed the pattern of avoiding Mulan and earning more gold first.

Mulan tried to get closer to Diaochan on several occasions, but Xiang Nuan managed to move Diaochan away each time.

When they reached level four, they both had their ultimates.

Mulan suddenly moved right next to Diaochan!

Xiang Nuan checked Diaochan’s health and felt it was time to fight, casting her ultimate.

Soon she found that Diaochan still wasn’t able to defeat Mulan and ran away.

Mulan didn’t chase after Diaochan but stayed in the same place as she used her first ability. Xiang Nuan thought she was safe as Diaochan moved out of range of the ability, until she saw Mulan use flash.

This skill was called “flash” When used in conjunction with certain abilities, it could change the direction of attack, creating a surprise attack.

Xiang Nuan was out of the safety zone and had used up all her escape abilities. Diaochan died instantly.

Xiang Nuan was quite upset as she watched Diaochan lying inside the spring.

She knew about that move, Hu Ge had taught her. Why didn’t she realize it in time……

A palm pressed down on her shoulder again. She heard Lin Chuyan whispered next to her: “It’s alright. Take it easy.”

His voice was calm and gentle, like a cup of warm water. Xiang Nuan quieted down after hearing his words.

Actually, everything that had happened so far was within Hu Ge’s predictions. He had told Xiang Nuan that Mulan would be very aggressive in the early game to prevent Diaochan from growing stronger. A Diaochan with a full set of items would be very formidable and Mulan had to make sure it didn’t happen too quickly.

Xiang Nuan felt that she had been a bit too rash. She calmed herself down and checked the difference in their economy.

Mulan had quite a lead in gold over Diaochan. She had to make sure the gap didn’t grow any wider.

Xiang Nuan decided that she had to make money, lots of money!

Xiang Nuan started playing hide and seek again with Mulan and concentrated her efforts on farming. Whenever Mulan tried to get closer, she would try to hide away.

Finally, as the match reached the tenth minute mark, Diaochan was level 13 with 4 items.

“With items in hand, I can laugh at the crazy dog.” Xiang Nuan subconsciously repeated what Hu Ge often said.

“Hmph.” Waiwai said: “It’s Nuannuan is mocking her opponent. En, one warning.”

Mulan got closer to Diaochan again, Xiang Nuan used cleanse followed by her ultimate to cut down Mulan’s health. Mulan ran away to recover. Xiang Nuan used the opportunity to farm more and finally caught up to Mulan’s creep score.

When the two met again, Xiang Nuan made a mistake as she maneuvered and lost a lot of health from a combo from Mulan. But Xiang Nuan didn’t run away and activated her ultimate to take Mulan head on.

Both sides were at the edge of death.

Mulan started to switch her weapon. The moment she swapped her weapons, it would deal damage to nearby enemies. Xiang Nuan was rather close to Mulan at this point and there was no time for her to run. It seemed that Diaochan would take the hit.

Some of the audience had already started to feel sorry for Xiang Nuan. It looked like Diaochan couldn’t survive this time. Xiang Nuan had been playing pretty well so far, it was a pity that she wouldn’t win the match.

What was unexpected to everyone was that Diaochan’s health didn’t budge when Mulan switched her weapons. Diaochan simply floated away.

Xiang Nuan had read her opponent and used Diaochan’s second ability to be invincible at the right moment.

Diaochan was still alive but Mulan fell down.

-- --

When the match ended, Xiang Nuan still couldn’t believe that she had won the game. When she put down her cell phone, her hands were shaking. She looked at Invincible and smiled: “Call me daddy.”

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.