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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 31 Part 2

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 31 Part 2

They arrived at Wen Shaoqian’s room. He easily opened the door and switched on the light. There was limited space on a ship. Even though his room was a deluxe one with an ocean view window, it was still quite cramped and narrow. Under the dim light, they each found a place in the room. Ye Qiao felt quite uncomfortable after entering, she was pale with her eyebrows knit tightly. The source of her discomfort wasn’t from the stagnant air in a narrow cabin, but rather the faint fragrance floating inside the room.

Ye Qiao sat on his bed and sniffed. The smell was complex, it was pungent at first, then gradually grew milder.

Wen Shaoqian hung up his jacket and made the phone call for Ye Qiao to fix her door lock. He noticed her discomfort: “You don’t like it? The incense is from India. It can calm your nerves and it’s also good for insomnia.”

Ye Qiao slowly got used to the smell and was feeling a lot more at ease. She shook her head and said: “You have insomnia too?”

Wen Shaoqian chuckled lightly: “A doctor who’s not suffering from insomnia won't reply to his patient’s consultation messages at the middle of the night.”

Ye Qiao was reminded about that night when she didn’t have anyone else to talk to and they wouldn’t have become friends if it wasn’t for their conversation that night. She was usually intuitively resistant to the complacency of strangers. But Wen Shaoqian was well-versed in the human psychic. He probed little by little to slowly get into Ye Qiao’s world without causing her any offense. She actually could sense his deliberateness, but couldn’t find an excuse to reject him.

She was a little uneasy that he mentioned that night and said with a smile: “It’s better to forget about those ‘consultations’. It isn’t patient to doctor now.”

Wen Shaoqian was intrigued: “Then what is it now?”
“Friends.” Ye Qiao earnestly answered, nodding her head.
Her dress was a bit too tight for her and when she nodded, the fabric seemed binding.
Wen Shaoqian glanced at her dress and sorrifully said: “Looks like the dress I picked isn’t quite fitting.”
Ye Qiao smiled: “It’s only a little tight on the top part. It would be a strange thing if you can pick a dress that’s fitting.”

The look in Wen Shaoqian’s eyes subtly changed. He liked a quiet and delicate woman but didn’t like this woman being reserved and shy. The presumptuousness that Ye Qiao displayed occasionally was exactly to his liking. In addition, she had an eye-catching tattoo on her chest. He believed that a woman with a tattoo like that must have an uninhibited soul, inconsistent with her outer appearance. Wen Shaoqian stood next to Ye Qiao and looked over her shoulder to check her zipper. He took down his disguise and asked in a deep voice: “Do you want to make it looser?”

It was somewhat unexpected, but in the end Ye Qiao didn’t find it surprising at all. She actually could understand this kind of naked desire more than a display of affection.
She leaned to one side and touched the zipper under her arm: “It’s rather troublesome to put on or take off this dress.”
“Let me help you.” Wen Shaoqian’s palm was already on her hand before she had even finished talking. He was very skillful at doing these sorts of things. His fingers caressed the back of her hand with just the right touch and guided her hand pulling the zipper down little by little. He noticed that Ye Qiao wasn’t resisting, quickly stole a glance at her, and very naturally bent over to kiss her. He lightly kissed her shoulder socket to test her reaction.

His lips were too cold for Ye Qiao and she couldn’t help but shiver. Then she turned around to put her arms around his waist, with their necks still tangled together. She easily pushed him onto the bed. She looked at him dangerously and asked: “You have that stuff?”
Wen Shaoqian hesitated for a moment then said: “Yes.”

So he came prepared.

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