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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 57 Part 3

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You're Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 57 Part 3

Tong Yao walked back stage, limping with the broken sandal dangling on her right foot…...She began messaging Jinyang while walking-- --

[ZGDX, smiling: The sandal broke, Ahhhhh, the expensive ones you gave me TAT]

[Ah Mao’s mom: Hahahahahahahahaha, I saw it, it’s alright. I’ll buy another pair for you. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, how do you feel when you were picked up by that light pole in front of the Lu household? Do you feel like being struck by lightning?]

[ZGDX, smiling: Not really.]

[Ah Mao’s mom: The pole’s bending down and inviting you to pee on it. You should be happy that you don’t have to pee anymore.]

[ZGDX, smiling: I really like your optimistic attitude and exuberant imagination.]

Tong Yao finally reached the rest area and pushed open the door to find several staff members still inside. One of the girls ran to her to hand over a pair of disposable slippers like those found in hotels-- --

Tong Yao: “Where did you get these?”

The girl said: “Cheng Ge went to the nearby hotel to ask for them just now.”

Tong Yao muttered: “Oh, I didn’t expect him to be this nice.” She changed into the slippers and saw through the corner of her eyes that the bouquet was still placed on top of the table. She paused and straightened up, noticing the staff members were all packed up and ready to leave as well-- --No one seemed to show any intent to take the flowers with them.

“You aren’t taking the flowers?” Tong Yao asked, pointing to the bouquet.

“Cheng Ge didn’t say to take it.”

Tong Yao got closer to smell the flowers, they were all fresh imported budding flowers about to bloom. It seemed too wasteful to her to leave them here. Since she didn’t have anything to take with her, she decided to take the bouquet with her. Following the rest of the staff, Tong Yao got onto the bus with the pair of expensive sandals in one hand and the huge bouquet that almost covered her face in the other hand-- --

Lu Sicheng was sitting on the last row of the bus with his eyes closed. Tong Yao walked all the way to the back and slightly bent over to pull off one of his earbuds: “Captain, thank you for the slippers.”

Lu Sicheng opened his eyes and the dark brown pupils calmly and coldly stared at her for 3 seconds. In the fourth second, his eyes moved to look at the flowers next to Tong Yao’s feet: “What are these?”

“The bouquet your fan sent you.”

“Was that my question? I’m asking, why are you taking it onto the bus?”

“These are nice flowers, why not? Are you allergic to pollen?”


Lu Sicheng was quiet for a while, then he said to Tong Yao while fixing his eyes on her: “It’s you  who wanted to take it. Don’t grumble about it later.” As Tong Yao was looking at him confusedly, he grabbed his earbud back and stuffed back into his ear then used the hood of his jacket to cover half of his face-- --

His body language was obvious: Get away from me.

Tong Yao smiled and sent WeChat message to Jinyang: [The evil supporting actress from the Korean drama has done it again. I think I’ll go to hell after I die.]. She then turned to sit down on her seat with the bouquet next to her feet and started to check Weibo posts with her legs crossed-- --

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