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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 46 Part 3

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 46 Part 3

They walked past the hospital ward’s garden, there was a thing layer of ice on the ground. The two of them carefully walked side by side, giving the illusion that they could walk like this till their hair turned white.

Zhou Tingsheng was the first one to open his mouth: “What did you say to her just now?”
“We chatted about random things. I told her about the psychological problems I suffered from and that I’ve only slowly overcome them after I met you. But you aren’t everyone’s ‘Prozac’; I can introduce a good psychiatrist to her if she needs one.”
Ye Qiao went into detail about her conversation with Ruan Feiyan, as if she was afraid that she wouldn’t have anything else to say to him after she ran out of things to say about the topic.

“I guess she must hate my father very much. I told her not to. My father is a rather proud, but upstanding person. When he was still a poor artist, he wouldn’t even give a single one of his paintings as a gift to a high official who appreciated his talent. When I was little, my favorite topic to write about was ‘My father.’ Sometimes, even though the assigned topic was about my mother, I would talk about my father on and on instead.”
“But, I didn’t tell her all that. There’s no point in telling her about things from the past.” Ye Qaio stopped for a little while: “What he did was all for me. I told her to aim all her hatred towards me.”

She knew very well how significant that love was, but it was also what had given her a guilty conscious that she couldn’t rid herself of.
She had wanted to be the pride of her father and had tried all she could to be the glory in his heart. But in the end, she had become the only stain in her father’s spotless life.
She could talk about her father forever.

They fell into a long silence.

Ye Qiao thought they would again part ways in silence. Zhou Tingsheng suddenly stopped and embraced Ye Qiao in his arms without saying or asking anything. His heavy breathes making puffs of fog. Ye Qiao bumped into his chest, the pain from the jolt made even her sighs hurt.

She reached out with her hand, now red from the cold, and lightly pat Zhou Tingsheng’s back: “It’s alright. I don’t blame you.”
Zhou Tingsheng tightened his grip on her, his throat moved up and down but couldn’t make a sound.

Ye Qiao comforted him like she was calming down a wounded animal. She softly stroked over his coat: “The words you told me before, did you say them because of me or this heart inside of me?”
“It’s because of you.” He said.
“I thought about giving up on you back then on the cruise ship.” He snuggled his head next to her neck: “Liang Zirao tried to persuade me many times. She believes that it’s for the best if we stopped interacting with each other. But I can’t do it.”

The path in front of them now had a layer of solid ice over it, blocking their way. Ye Qiao took a deep breath in: “I can’t tell what exactly I’m feeling right now.” She actually felt quite tranquil. But she knew she shouldn’t be this calm. Some of those disturbing feelings were lodged deep within her frozen heart, so deep that she could no longer even sense it.

“Fate likes to play tricks on people. I just never expected I’d be one of its victims.” She concluded.

That night, there was a heavy snowstorm. Even airports in nearby cities had their flights suspended.
The world seemed to have fallen into an endless dark night.

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