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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 59 Part 2

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Those Sweet Times
Chapter 59 Part 2

The next day was Xiang Nuan’s great-uncle’s birthday. Her great-uncle lived in the countryside, some distance from Xiang Nuan’s home. Her parents left the house early in the morning to drive to great-uncle’s place.

Xiang Nuan was scheduled to play a match that day and couldn’t go with her parents, which her mother had grumbled about.

But Xiang Nuan was now immune to her mother’s grumbling.

When she was eating breakfast, she thought about what had happened yesterday and was still quite unhappy about it.

The doorbell suddenly rang and Xiang Nuan went to open the door.

When she opened the door, she didn’t see anyone but found a huge bouquet of flowers.

The flowers were various colors of roses: white, pink, and yellow. Each flower was in full bloom and fresh, all crowded together.

Xiang Nuan was taken aback.

It was probably very rare to find a girl who didn’t like flowers, especially such a large bouquet of flowers beautifully put together.

From behind the bouquet came a familiar voice: “Don’t be angry anymore.”

Xiang Nuan’s facial expression changed, she squinted her eyes and gritted her teeth: “Lin, Chu, Yan.”

Lin Chuyan quietly put down the bouquet and showed his face. With the complement of the flowers, Lin Chuyan looked even better.

He smiled: “Don’t be angry, Xiang Nuan.”

“Go away, go away, go away.” Xiang Nuan said as she tried to close the door.

Lin Chuyan slid through the doorway: “I’m not going.”

Xiang Nuan rolled her eyes.

Lin Chuyan even closed the door for her. Xiang Nuan was once again speechless by how shameless he was.

Xiang Nuan didn’t want to bother with him and went back to the dining room to finish her breakfast.

Lin Chuyan followed her to the dining room.

Xiang Nuan held a youtiao[1] and asked Lin Chuyan: “Lin Chuyan, what’s this?”


“Wrong. This is called Lin Chuyan.” Xiang said and took a big bite of it with a fierce look on her face. “I’ll take a bite out of you, Lin Chuyan. Then another, and another, and another……”

Lin Chuyan turned his head away without saying anything but his eyes were smiling.

After a few bites, Xiang Nuan started to eat millet porridge.

Lin Chuyan saw two hard boiled eggs on a white dish. Without asking, he went to wash his hands and peeled the eggs for her.

Xiang Nuan ate the eggs but said: “Don’t think I can forgive you just because of that.”

“I haven’t had breakfast yet.” He said with a pitiful look.

Xiang Nuan sneered. “Then don’t eat. If you die from hunger, the world will have one less pest.”

Lin Chuyan cheekily went to the kitchen to cook a packet of instant noodles for himself and even added an egg to the bowl.

Xiang Nuan was shocked. “You really don’t treat yourself as an outsider here.”

Lin Chuyan innocently glanced at her and defend himself. “Your mom told me to feel comfortable at your home, just like in my own home…...Don’t you want some noodles?”


Lin Chuyan carried the noodles over to the dinner table. He saw half of a youtiao that Xiang Nuan had left on the table, picked it up with his chopsticks and soaked it in the noodle soup before eating it.

“Hey……” Xiang Nuan protested, “I was eating it.”

Lin Chuyan paused, “Why didn’t you say so earlier.” Then he continued to eat it without feeling anything was amiss.

Xiang Nuan blushed and got up to leave.

[1]: 油条 (yóu tiáo) is a Chinese fried donut (without hole in it).

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.


  1. 😂 he wants you to bite somewhere else too 😗

  2. He definitely doesn't mind you biting him lol. I know XN won't be mad soon. He just did a 2 hour drive to see her