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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 30 Part 3

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 30 Part 3

At the other side of the ship, Zhou Tingsheng moved his eyes away from the silhouette, finished the rest of the red wine before putting the glass back onto the tray held by the waiter, then walked back inside.

The bright lights inside almost blinded him for a moment, but that silhouette still floated in front of his eyes.

Ye Qiao was wearing an aqua blue evening gown. The well placed, embellished sequins didn’t seem too overdone, but rather accentuated her curvaceous figure like a mermaid swaying in the deep sea. The minimalist sapphire pendant buried between her bosom was like a secret key to an enchanting scenery. She was born for the camera, even if there wasn’t a camera nearby, she was still the most dazzling one in the crowd.

She was smiling at someone else now.

She was smiling to someone who Liang Ziruo had referred to as a polished scoundrel.

Liang Ziruo happened to come next to him as he was thinking about what she had said. She lightly swayed the red wine in her hand and teased him: “What’s wrong? Why do you look bored?”

Zhou Tingsheng said with narrowed eyes: “You didn’t tell me that she’s going to come.”

“Who? Ye Qiao?” Liang Ziruo had just seen her for the second time. This time she finally had a chance to take a good look at Ye Qiao and had to admit that she was a true beauty, it was especially rare to see someone with such grace.

If it wasn’t for what had happened in the past, Liang Ziruo wasn’t against such a woman marrying into the Zhou family.

Liang Ziruo sounded a little regretful: “You think I invited her? Haven’t you gone over the guest list? She came as a female companion of a guest, not someone’s wife. Who would know in advance who she is?”

Zhou Tingsheng didn’t bother to respond and walked straight to the bar. Liang Ziruo tried to stop him but it was too late. With the interruption, she even forgot she had come by to introduce someone to him in the first place.

Zhou Tingsheng gulped down two glasses of liquor before he received a belated holiday wish from Wuzi: “Sheng Ge, Happy National Day! I don’t keep track of all the holidays. Hope you don’t mind this is a few days late, Ha!”

Zhou Tingsheng sent a short reply.

Wuzi immediately sent a cheeky message back: “Haha, I have my red envelope ready already. What’s your progress over there? Don't chicken out!”


Zhou Tingsheng turned off the cell phone without a second thought. He walked outside. There were people everywhere on the ship but there was no sight of the mermaid whose image still lingering in his mind.

He asked a few waiters, some told him that they saw her walk towards the bow. It was a dimly lit area with a few people there. There was a couple who were passionately kissing each other in the shadows. Zhou Tingsheng couldn’t stop himself from taking a look at them. The couple was a bit embarrassed and turned to look at him. They were two unfamiliar faces. Zhou Tingsheng carefully looked around again, making sure there wasn’t any one else there, then he left the area.

Ye Qiao had disappeared with Wen Shaoqian. They weren’t at the bow or the ball room. The only possibility was that they were in their rooms.

Zhou Tingsheng started to suspect that he had the tendency to inflict pain on himself. He opened his cell phone to check the list of room assignments for all the guests. Wen Shaoqian’s room was at the end of the hallway. He couldn’t stop himself from walking in that direction. The narrow hallway was very quiet, he could even hear his own heartbeat and breathing. The rooms on the ship had poor sound insulation. When he was near the room, he could hear a clunking sound coming from inside.

He could hear the rustling of fabric, a necklace dropping on the floor, and a man and woman exchanging words through heavy breathes.

He turned around instantly, but his body refused to move, as if he had been nailed to the ground. He felt like a fool.

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