Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Most Majestic You - Chapter 9 Part 1

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 9  Part 1

Under the overly bright spotlight, Xu Jimo stood in between the host and his team mates accepting the souvenirs on behalf of his team from the special guest, Ye Qiao.  His eyes were blinded by the white lights.  The host joked that if any member of KG was Ye Qiao’s fan, then it would be a great opportunity to hug the goddess.  Yet, he seemed to glimpse a lonely figure who was sitting at the front most row all by herself with water glistening in her eyes.

Qianxi?  Did she comes to watch the games?

Many female fans sitting in the first row of the floor seats spoke in admiration, “My husbando is super cool-headed.  Look, that Florian excitedly ran over to ask for a hug while our K god hasn’t even moved a bit.”

“Wei Lai didn’t move either.”,   “Ai, he is only a kid.”, “He’s just a little boy god, ok!  Single eyelid, 160cm, he’s simply too cute!”  “You are a weird auntie……”

Qianxi listened to their enthusiastic discussion and broke into a snigger through the tears.

At this time, the teams were walking down from the stage.  KG walked from the side of the stage towards the VIP area.  When Xu Jimo passed the staff area, he could not help looking at that single and lonely figure.  He couldn’t see her clearly under the dim light.  He paused and carefully examined a while longer, before finally confirming that it was her.

Qianxi happened to turn her head to look around and met his eyes.

Xu Jimo slowed down without even realizing it. The other members of KG were unaware that he had fallen behind and walked away, leaving him standing there alone.  Xu Jimo simply turned to Qianxi’s direction and went to greet her.

Qianxi was stunned to see him walk over and sit down besides her.  “Did you come to see your cousin?”

“Uhm.”  She feared that he might see something on her face and hastily wiped her face.

Xu Jimo asked, despite already knowing,  “Is your cousin Ye Qiao?”

“En. Can you tell?”  Her cousin was such a radiant person and everywhere she went, she was always a goddess who could only be appreciated from a distance.  Qianxi felt it was somehow over reaching to claim kinship with her, though they shared the same family name.

Xu Jimo watched the disheartened Qianxi, then passed a sheet of tissue to her.  “......Are you in a bad mood again?”

“No, no.”  Qianxi patted her face randomly with the tissue and cracked a smile.  “Look, I already came to the arena to watch the competition in order to understand the industry.”

Xu Jimo was silent for a long while, then he said in a low voice.  “Something happen again?”

“My dad fired me.”

Qianxi laughed and tried to nip his attempt to comfort her in the bud.  “Luckily I was planning to resign anyway, it’s just that he fired me first.  Nothing really, I’m already used to this.”

“Don’t worry.  Even though I’m unemployed, I won’t regret all the decisions I have made before.  I would never take back anything I already gave away.”  She indifferently tilted her head.  “Though I don’t look very smart and most of my decisions failed, I never regret anything.”

After she finished, she showed her famous, brilliant smile as if to comfort him.  “Don’t worry.  Anything would be a small issue to me as long as it’s solvable by money!”

Xu Jimo was totally defeated by her twisted concept of money.  “I’m not worried about this.”

Qianxi was confused.  “Then what are you worrying about?”

Xu Jimo shook his head with a smile.  He looked at his watch.  “I have another exhibition game to play later and it will probably take two hours.  Can you wait for me until then?  I will come to get you.”

Two hours…...then she wouldn’t be able to ride with her cousin.  Qianxi thought about it, then she nodded.  “I can.”

“Then I will contact you later.”  Xu Jimo stood up and hurriedly headed towards the competition arena.  He suddenly stopped and dropped a large silver box into her arms.

Qianxi caught it and measured the weight.  “What’s this?”

“Souvenir.”  He would receive lots of them in every competition.  There was no more room to store them in the base.  “It’s yours.”

Xu Jimo passed her and even bent down a little bit to rub her head.  “Cheer up.  Little rich lady.”


Qianxi now held multiple peripheral products with the KG logo on it…...sitting at the most eye-catching place in the audience.

After the opening ceremony, the exhibition game had yet to begin.  The audience was noisily moving through the stadium.  Two young girls walked over to her after they saw her holding the box with the gilded KG logo.  They pointed to her staff badge and asked,  “Sister, are you selling the peripheral products?  Do you have their autographed pictures to sell?”

Others nearby stopped to hear her response.

“Is there a picture of the whole KG team?  Worse come to worse it’s alright if you have K god only!”,  “I want K god only.  Do you have it, Do you have it?”......

Qianxi almost fell apart and ran away from her seat.  “I’m not selling anything!”

She walked back with difficulty to the staff area.  Fortunately, the exhibition matches began shortly which drew the audience’s attention away.

The large screen slowly filled with images of ongoing games.  She only knew Xu Jimo and Li Cang out of the ten players in the field.  It was said that because the original player Tundra was absent from the all star exhibition matches, so the more experienced Li Cang became the substitute and sat on the opposing side from Xu Jimo.

Because his strongest opponent didn’t show up, the exhibition game became a personal show for Xu Jimo.  The whole stadium had turned into whirl of excitement, with a wave of cheers after every kill.

By the end, everyone in the audience was standing, Qianxi followed suit and felt the urge to scream just as loudly as her neighbors.