Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Most Majestic You - Chapter 8 Part 3

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 8 Part 3

Two doors down the hall, Qianxi proudly completed her mission to deliver the medicine and was bargaining with her cousin.

Ye Qiao, a drop-dead beauty even without make-up, softly asked her, “Are you going to sleep at my place again tonight?”

“Yes……”  Qianxi embraced Ye’s waist and pretended to cry.  “My cousin, I’m unemployed and without a place to live now.  You must take me in!  I can mop the floor, cook, do laundry, and run errands.  Oh, right, cousin, do you need an assistant?”

Ye Qiao pulled Qianxi’s arms down from her waist.  “Stop joking around.  Are you really not going to compromise with your dad?”

“En.”  Qianxi held her fist and waved her hand.  “He has gone too far!  He has controlled every aspect of my life, from school to my career and friends.  Now he wants to pick who I marry.  Does he think he’s playing a daughter raising simulator video game?”
She couldn’t stop herself once she started.  “Do you remember uncle Pei?  Last week my dad arranged for me to have a blind date with his son without telling me.  He acts as if that guy was his son-in-law already.  I think the only thing they didn’t do was set up an arranged marriage when I was a baby.  I’m getting angry from just talking about it.  He drove away my previous boyfriend and thinks I don’t know.”

Ye Qiao looked at her with sympathy, having experienced it before.  “Why didn’t you fight when he broke up with you?”

Qianxi raised her voice one degree higher.  “That’s because I was too disappointed at him.  Didn’t my dad just have a chat with him?  He was so shaken up from just a conversation.  My dad didn’t even threaten or bribe him.  Didn’t he give up too easily?  If it happened in a movie, shouldn’t he try to take me away?”

Qianxi bit her teeth in distress and disgust.  “And how could he give up such a great opportunity so easily?  Even the jerk in movies would rip off several million dollars before breaking up.”

“He was really useless!”  She heartily concluded.  Then she waved her hand to indicate that it was all in the past, not worth mentioning again.

Ye Qiao laughed and covered her lower abdomen.  “......even your little niece is amused by you.”

“Really?”  Qianxi placed her head against her stomach.  “Really. Something is really moving!”

“Uhm.  Your brother-in-law hasn’t heard yet.  He will be jealous of you.”

Qianxi pretended to cry and looked at her.  “You’re being all lovey-dovey again to make people jealous.”

Ye Qiao’s assistant and stylist interrupted them to inform her that it was time for her makeup. Qianxi planned to go back together with Ye Qiao.  So she got a staff badge from the assistant and was ready to go inside the arena to watch the closing ceremony to kill time.

When she entered the arena in the evening, she was shocked by how packed the stadium was------could a video game really have so many fans?

Qianxi stood in the front of the staff area and looked back. There were huge crowds of fans with various LED boards yelling the name of their favorite team.  Many people even wore the costumes of the heros in the game.  There were all sorts of strange things, it was extraordinary.  It was just like the concert for a famous singer.

She saw several LED boards with the name she was familiar with: Kill.  And most of them lifting the LED boards were girls.  It particularly stood out since there were more males than females in the audience.  The girls were screaming Xu Jimo’s name louder than the shouts for her big star cousin.

So he has so many fans…...and they are all female fans.

Sitting among enthusiastic fans, this was the first time she actually realized that the people she knew were brilliantly shining stars.  Amongst them, only she had been engulfed by the darkness.

The event began and there were only several security guards there to maintain order in the first row.  The whole row was empty, except for her, conspicuously sitting in the middle.  She looked upward at Ye Qiao as screams heralded her appearance on stage.  She also listened to the cheers for KG as they appeared.  The sound waves invaded her ear drum one after another, but she could only hear her own breathe grow heavier.

Ye Qianxi, if your last name wasn’t Ye, then how could you have met so many shining and glowing people in your life?  Why weren’t you happy since you were already so lucky?

Why are you still discontent.

Why can’t you throw away your dream.  Why are you unwilling to become the person your parents expected?