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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 57 Part 2

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 57 Part 2

“It’s alright. I was nervous in the beginning, afraid that I wouldn’t be able to fit in. But later on I’ve found my teammates to be very friendly.” Tong Yao scratched her head: “It seems that they don’t give me any special treatment because I’m a girl. It’s actually turned out to be a good thing. I have to compliment my teammates once again. It seems that they don’t think it’s a big deal for a girl to play professionally. They have never thought in that way-- --”

Tong Yao lifted up the mic after she had put it down and added: “Actually, if girls want to join the esports scene, they can do it very well too. Esports shouldn’t be a male only field. I hope those stubborn people who still think that way can change their minds.”

After speaking her mind, Tong Yao seemed to see some of the fangirls put down their cell phones and start to applaud vigorously.

Without knowing why, Tong Yao suddenly was reminded of Ming god’s fangirl whom she had met at the spring season competition. She wondered whether that girl had really given up the esports circle or was she still sitting in the audience like always and rooting for ZGDX-- --

Tong Yao squinted trying to make out the faces in the audience. She seemed to see her, but then felt she probably was mistaken.

The interviewer asked her a few more questions, like why did Tong Yao choose Diana. Tong Yao answered three or four more questions and thought the interview session was over. She was going to jump off the stool when the interviewer stopped her. Tong Yao turned and happened to meet the interviewer’s smiling eyes: “We have one additional off-script question. All the fans here, including me, would very much to know what had happened the moment when our Chessman turned around suddenly and picked you up when your team was walking back after bowing to the audience…...In fact, it’s hard to imagine to see such a romantic scene at a League of Legend competition-- --”

The audience burst into laughter, they started to discuss it in small voices.

Tong Yao’s lips twitched a little: “It’s because Little Fatty stepped on my sandal. I tripped and Cheng Ge caught me.”

Interviewer: “But, lately on all the gossip forums, all the the discussions have been about you and our Cheng Ge……”

Tong Yao: “There’s nothing between us. It’s only that sometimes he says things to tease me or does some flirtatious things. Don’t be tricked by that.”

The interviewer: “......”

Tong Yao: “If someday, our captain decides to like a human being and be with me, I’ll definitely announce it to the whole world.”

The interviewer: “......”

The interviewer: “You really would let us know?”

Tong Yao: “I‘ll shout it with a bullhorn onstage.”

The interviewer: “Hahahaha!”

People began to believe that there was really nothing going on between the two since Tong Yao was so frank and unabashed about the topic. By the end of the interview, Tong Yao was very relaxed, laughing and joking with the interviewer…...Finally, the interviewer ended the session and fans gradually left, Tong Yao jumped off from the stool breathing a sigh of relief. She returned the mic to the interviewer and found that her palms were all sweaty.

…...What trouble did she have to go through in order to keep her captain’s good name from being tarnished.

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 43 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 43 Part 1

After Lin Chuyan left the room, Xiang Nuan felt somewhat more at ease. Chen Yinghu unexpectedly spoke up.

“I didn’t hear anything.” Chen Yinghu sounded especially considerate.

The red-faced Xiang Nuan said: “Thank you.”

“Then, are you going to play now?”

“Sure, why not?”

Chen Yinghu invited her for another one on one and continued with his tutorial: “Have you noticed that Mulan is a warrior, with a short attack range. Diaochan has to distance herself when fighting with Mulan, a battle of attrition. Try your best not to let Mulan get close to you. Mulan has a lot of burst power, once she gets close to you, you can die right away.”

The fans watching Hu Ge’s stream kept asking for Chuyan. No one was interested in the teaching session since most of them had already studied the strategy guides.

While explaining to Xiang Nuan, Chen Yinghu also glanced at the bullet comments. He gloated over the fans constant requests: “Don’t ask me for him, you guys are the ones who drove him away. I don’t have him here, hahahaha!......Let’s keep talking about Diaochan. Don’t make any big move in the early game. Farm all the minions available so you can grow. There’s no jungle on the solo map, there’s no place for you to get blue buff. To deal with your mana consumption, buy Catalyst the Protector in the early game, then every time you level up you’ll recover some mana.” 

“En, en……” Xiang Nuan listened more attentively than in class.

“What I just mentioned are the basics. Now comes the key point. To win with Diaochan, you have to use her second ability well. You’ll be invincible for 0.36 seconds when casting her second ability. The difference between a master Diaochan and a normal Diaochan is how well they’ve mastered her second ability.”

“Then how can I do that?”

“Prediction. You have to predict your opponent’s intentions beforehand. Certainly, it takes quick reflexes.”

Xiang Nuan wasn’t familiar with Mulan’s abilities to the point that she could predict her moves. Chen Yinghu showed her all of Mulan’s abilities while letting her hide at the side: “Don’t cast out the second ability randomly. Sometimes, not using it is more effective than using it.”

Xiang Nuan could understand what he meant. When she played Zhang Fei, sometimes she would delay releasing Zhang Fei’s ultimate so the enemy would slow down their advance, wary of her ultimate.

Both of them were very much into the teaching session. Fans kept leaving comments like, “Chuyan, come back quick. Your wife is going to run away with Hu Ge!”

Lin Chuyan sent Xiang Nuan a message a while later: What do you want for dinner?

Xiang Nuan: Anything is fine.

Lin Chuyan came back with a lot of stuff. There was dinner along with snacks and drinks for staying up whole night. There was even a small pillow for Xiang Nuan. If she became too tired to continue, she could sleep with the pillow which would be much more comfortable than on her arms.

Xiang Nuan was still uneasy thinking about what had happened earlier and didn’t really know how to face him. She buried her head in her dinner and didn’t say anything.

Then she heard Lin Chuyan suddenly chuckle.

“What are you laughing about?” She looked up at him.

“It’s nothing.” Lin Chuyan tried to press down the corner of his lips.

“Don’t laugh.”

“En.” Just as he answered, the corner of his lips curved up every so slightly again. He took a glance at her.

Xiang Nuan lifted the chopsticks up as if to strike him.

Lin Chuyan pushed the take out box forward: “I’ll let you eat the meat. Don’t hit me.”

“Lin Chuyan, you big silly.”

“Xiang Nuannuan, the little rascal.”


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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 57 Part 1

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 57 Part 1

The audience had livened up by the episode that had just occurred on stage. It looked like people were having a lot of fun with the after game surprise.

Little Fatty, followed right behind Lu Sicheng and Tong Yao, dumbfoundedly asked: “What are you two doing? Zhu Bajie carries his wife on his back?”

Lu Sicheng: “Who’s Zhu Bajie?”

Tong Yao’s face turned bright red and patted Lu Sicheng’s back while whispering: “Aren’t you missing the point? Put me down.”

Lu Sicheng didn’t move. He took a look at Little Fatty, then kicked his fat leg which was still on Tong Yao’s sandal: “Move your leg.”

Little Fatty looked down and it suddenly dawned on him what had happened. He quickly pulled his leg back. Lu Sicheng then slightly bent over to put Tong Yao back down on his own shoes. Tong Yao breathed out a long sigh of relief and looked down to find her other sandal. She then discovered that the toe thong on the sandal had broken off during her struggle to keep her balance-- --Tong Yao wasn’t too happy about it. Jinyang had given this pair of sandals to her for Christmas. They had black bottoms with a white camellia on top of each of the straps. Though they were basically a pair of flip-flops, they were a pair of very expensive flip-flops……

As if this wasn’t the worst thing that could happen to her now, a staff member who had kept a lookout for a while now finally came up to Tong Yao to ask: “Smiling, are you ready for the MVP interview?”

Tong Yao thought to herself: do I look ready with one broken sandal, but couldn’t actually voice her thoughts. The interviewer had already gotten in place not too far from her and the lighting was ready as well. Many ZGDX fans also gathered in front of the interview area looking at her direction……

Tong Yao quieted down and limped over to the interview area-- --After a couple of steps, she heard a sigh coming from behind. She was about to turn and ask Lu Sicheng what he was sighing for. Suddenly, she fell a pair of big hands clapped down on her waist, then both of her legs left the ground, the next second, her whole body was in the air-- --

The fans at the interview area shrieked and kicked up quite a commotion. Some male fans even whistled and jeered!

“Ah, ah, weiwei!”

The back of Tong Yao’s head hit Lu Sicheng’s solid chest. From her angle, she could only see the perfect curve of his under chin-- --

Lu Sicheng, expressionless, lifted Tong Yao all the way to the interview area and put her down on the stool at the interview area. He remained poised despite the flashing lights aimed at his face. After he put Tong Yao down on the chair, he turned to go back to his seat to collect his gears together with Tong Yao’s.

Tong Yao sat on the stool watching Lu Sicheng packed her own earphones into her backpack. She was still in a daze when she looked back at what was right in front of her-- --She was sitting under the spotlight, with a dark mass of fans under the stage. She was nervous and went blank for a moment, however, she did remember one thing: The staff member seemed to have forgotten to give her the interview questions in advance.

Under such hasty situation, the interview started.

The interviewer congratulated ZGDX’s 2 : 0 win over Lan with a smile. The accumulated points for ZGDX so far was 3, the top team in group A-- --

The interviewer: “Smiling, do you have anything you would like to say about your performance so far?”

Tong Yao held tight the mic in her hand: “That…..I’m very happy with it. Thanks to my teammates for helping me win. I hope we can keep doing it till the end of the season.”

The fans started to laugh. Tong Yao also regained some of her senses and her pumping heartbeats began to calm down…...The lady interviewer kept her smile and praised Tong Yao for her straightforwardness. Then she looked at the cards in her hand and asked the second question: “Smiling, you’re the only girl in the major league professional teams. I’m sure everyone is very much interested in knowing that, being the only girl, is there any inconveniences or annoyances that you face more than the other players?”

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 42 Part 4

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 42 Part 4

Xiang Nuan grew more and more curious about this miraculous song. Why hadn’t she heard it before? She decided that she had to listen to it.

She searched for the song on her phone. It turned out to be a Japanese song, no wonder she didn’t know about it.

Xiang Naun rarely listened to any Japanese songs.

Xiang Nuan didn’t bother asking further and clicked on the song.

Neither she nor Lin Chuyan had plugged earphones into their cell phones. The song flowed out of her cell phone.

To be more exact, it would be more accurate to call it moaning rather than singing.




Ah ha, en……

Ah, ah, ah!......

Xiang Nuan: “......”

Lin Chuyan: “......”

Both of them looked as if they had been struck by lightning. The embarrassing moaning and panting, in rhythmic disarray, suddenly filled the whole room.

Xiang Nuan was dumbfounded.

Lin Chuyan was the first to react, grabbing the phone from her and pressing the stop button.

The moaning instantly disappeared. Xiang Nuan finally realized what had happened and her whole face became flushed.

Lin Chuyan didn’t fare any better than Xiang Nuan, he was also blushing.

The shock was too much for him, especially when he was in the same room with Xiang Nuan……

His heart was pumping, his throat tightened, and his mouth felt dry.

Xiang Nuan was so embarrassed that she couldn’t move, burying her face in her arms. From Lin Chuyan’s angle, he could only see her black, shiny hair and her ears which were red as cooked shrimp.

They were alluring to him.

Lin Chuyan felt that he couldn’t stay in the room anymore. The air in the room was filled with her presence, silently permeated into his every pore.

It was hard for him to resist.

Lin Chuyan stuffed the cell phone back into Xiang Nuan’s hand. The tip of his finger unintentionally touching hers.

Then he stood up and whispered: “I’m going out for a while.”

Xiang Nuan lightly nodded. Lin Chuyan picked up his cell phone and glanced at the screen before going out. The screen was filled with “hahaha.”

…...What the fuck.

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 28 Part 3

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Starlight Has No Past Chapter 28 Part 3 When Ye Qiao walked out of the lobby, the wind had stopped. In the dusk, dark clouds
loomed over the horizon. The air seemed stagnant, unsettling her. Ye Qiao walked down the steps and saw Zhou Tingsheng’s car through all the flowers.
He was sitting inside the car with the window wide open. His hand stretched out with a
cigarette between his fingers. The side of his face, handsome but indifferent, reflected
in the rear view mirror seemed to be filled with indescribable loneliness. Two or three cigarette butts were scattered on the ground near the car door. Ye Qiao opened the door to the passenger side and sat in. She wanted to say something
to smooth out the awkwardness between them but nothing came out when she opened
her mouth. In the end, she said: “I thought you’d left.” “It’s only two hours, I can afford to wait.” Zhou Tingsheng put the cigarette in his mouth,
pulled up the window half way, and started the car without saying anything more. Ye Qiao took a deep breath and asked: “What should we eat tonight?” She only realized
after the word had left her mouth that it sounded like she was trying to please him. Zhou Tingsheng used one hand to hold the steering wheel with the cigarette in his left
hand. He blew out a long smoke and spoke with a hoarse voice: “It’s up to you.” Ye Qiao was about to speak after giving it some thought, but coughed as she choked on
the smoke. Even her eyes were irritated by the smoke. Zhou Tingsheng threw the
cigarette out of the window after hearing her cough and said: “What do you want to eat?”
“Let’s go eat crab? Autumn is the perfect time for crabs. After this period, the crabs won’t
taste as good.” He laughed all of a sudden, but even the laugh was detached and aloof: “There are
several restaurants of southern cuisine. They do good crabs.”
Ye Qiao was a bit uneasy: “En. You pick one.” They went to a restaurant which specialized in Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisine. Ye Qiao
asked for two plates of spicy crabs but the dish wasn’t spicy enough for her. She felt the
crabs didn't taste as good as when they were spicy hot. She suddenly remembered
Wen Shaoqian’s theory about endorphins and chuckled.
Zhou Tingsheng just pulled off the top shell of a crab and looked up at her. Ye Qiao tried to initiate a conversation: “According to that doctor today, the reason why
spicy foods taste good isn’t because spicy tastes good. But it’s because spicy food
causes pain and the brain secretes something called endorphins from the pituitary gland
in order to protect the body from the painful sensation.”
“What?” “Endorphins. Hormones secreted within the brain and nervous system, similar to morphine.” Zhou Tingsheng found the subject quite unappetizing, and nodded absentmindedly. Ye Qiao saw him concentrate at breaking the crab apart and figured that he probably
wasn’t listening to her. She continued on her own: “Endorphins are very effective at
stopping pain. So, a person’s desire for spicy food isn’t because they enjoy the pain, rather
it’s from the endorphins. Some people will get addicted to endorphins and keep looking for
stimulants, like drugs.”
Zhou Tingsheng broke the crab in half and cleaned his hands with wipes: “As long as it
tastes good, who cares about endorphins.” Ye Qiao took another crab from the plate and pretended to be lighthearted as she spoke:
“Don’t you think it feels somewhat similar to Stockholm Syndrome?” Zhou Tingsheng totally lost his appetite. He coldly played with a lighter and said: “You
think I have Stockholm Syndrome?” “No.” He was far from that kind of condition. Ye Qiao failed to get her point across and
dejectedly said: “I don’t know how to put it.” Zhou Tingsheng sipped some beer: “Then don’t say anything, just eat.” As if afraid that
she wouldn’t listen to him, he added: “I can understand all of it.” Ye Qiao stopped talking, cast her eyes down and concentrated on the food and beer.
Half way through the meal, she got a message on her phone. It was from Wen Shaoqian.
He gave her a self-introduction and extended his regards. It looked like, though Ye Qiao
wasn’t aware that it had been arranged as a blind date for her, she had left a very good
impression on the doctor nonetheless. Zhou Tingsheng, sitting across from her, acted
like an irritable lion and grabbed the phone from her hand. He glanced at the message and noticed Wen Shaoqian delivered his regards in a rather
flirtatious manner. Zhou Tingsheng suppressed his emotions and looked up at Ye Qiao.
Her eyes were fixed on the cellphone. Zhou Tingsheng coldly emphasized: “Keep your
mind on the food.” For some reason, Ye Qiao felt she was the guilty party and didn’t get offended by his
overbearing attitude. She went back to deal with the crab legs. She noticed that Zhou
Tingsheng only drank quietly and hardly touched his plate of crabs. She had a
premonition, which were usually accurate, from his aloofness; instinctively, she felt this
would be the last meal they would eat together.
Both of them had lost the appetite for crabs. Ye Qiao slowly picked the meat out from
the crab’s ten legs and set them on the plate. She then quietly pushed the plate over
to him.
At first, Zhou Tingsheng thought she was only dawdling until she pushed the plateful of
perfectly picked out crab leg meat to him. He really didn’t know how to make sense of
this woman.

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 28 Part 2

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 28 Part 2

Ye Qiao’s hand was very slim. Wen Shaoqian had to gathered his fingers close together to hold her hand. He had taken a liking to the quiet, elegant woman in front him.

He gently said: “Don’t call me doctor, my name is Wen Shaoqian.”

“Doctor Wen.” Ye Qiao only added his last name, then she casually brought up what she had been thinking since she came through the front door: “The flowers in your garden are very beautiful.”

“You’ve come right at the time when they’re in full bloom. It must be fate for us to meet at this time .” He handed a business card to Ye Qiao and said with a smile: “Qianxi has given me your contact information. I’ll send you a message tonight. If you need anything in the future, you can contact me anytime.”

Ye Qiao took the business card and became more attentive when she heard the word ‘fate.’ She particularly noticed the coziness with which he mentioned Qianxi. She asked: “Do you know Qianxi very well?”

“Not that well. Her father and my mother are college classmates. But I studied in England since high school, so I haven’t had much interaction with her family.” Wen Shaoqian had a gentle and warm smile, even when he jokingly said: “If I know Qianxi had such a beautiful cousin like Ms. Ye, I probably would’ve stayed in the country for a few more years.”

Ye Qiao immediately understood what was going on behind the scene. She had no intention of bringing it to the surface, but implied: “Then, there was little ‘fate’ at play today.”

The hallway in the old building was dim and a bit chilly. Ye Qiao closed the door to the consultation room behind her. An orange light lit up by the motion sensor.

At almost the same moment the light lit up, Ye Qiao took out her cell phone from her bag and called Qianxi.

Qianxi had a night shift last night and had slept till the evening. She had been woken up by the call: “Hello-- --Cousin? Have you been to Shaoqian Ge’s place? How do you feel?”

Ye Qiao sneered: “Do you mean how do I feel about the consultation or the doctor?”

Qianxi shuddered, now wide awake. She could hear in the phone the echo of Ye
Qiao’s high heels walking in the empty hallway. Each clunk felt like the heels digging in her face. She pleaded: “Cousin…...don’t kill me.”

“Kill you for what?”

Qianxi couldn’t take the pressure and completely let out the whole story: “I really didn’t do this on purpose…...It’s my dad. He heard about what had happened to you, so he wanted to arrange for you to meet a suitable man. It so happens that his classmate’s son has good looks and just returned back home. He happened to be a very good psychiatrist. Such a coincidence, it’s fate!”

Ye Qiao sneered again at the mention of ‘fate.’

Ye Qiao was at the end of the hallway and found Zhou Tingsheng wasn’t in the tea room. She remembered what had happened two hours ago and the fierce look in his eyes. She became anxious.

Qianxi was still on the phone trying to persuade her cousin: “I’ve checked him out for you beforehand. Shaoqian Ge certainly isn’t as handsome as those male actors, but he’s good looking as well. Besides, he got a PHD abroad, has a nice disposition and good taste. Furthermore, his family background is terrifyingly good. Where can you find this kind of eligible bachelor! If I don’t have my Doctor Fu, I would’ve chased after Shaoqian Ge long ago!”

“Go ahead.”


Ye Qiao was unswayed: “There’s no next time. Don’t do this kind of silly thing again. I’m hanging up.”

Qianxi looked at her cell phone and scratched at her hair into a mess. Ahhhh! She couldn’t count how many times her cousin had hung up on her!

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 56 Part 4

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 56 Part 4

The match was still on.

Though the enemy team worked well as a team, each individual player’s skill was somewhat
lacking compared to ZGDX, except for their mid who was comparable to the new comer
Tong Yao. Since the enemy team lost the team fight early on, they didn’t have much of a
chance to turn the tide around-- --

ZGDX quickly won the second match.

They won today’s match with ease again for a 2-0 win.

Lu Sicheng thought back about the two matches, from beginning till end, Tong Yao had only
spoken once with the word ‘tax’ to him-- --There hadn’t been much communication from her,
but she had no problem cooperating with her teammates. As a captain, he couldn’t find
anything to pick on her performance during these two matches.

After they destroyed the enemy nexus, ZGDX players took off their earphones and went over
to shake hands with the other team. Tong Yao walked straight over without looking back. From
where Lu Sicheng was standing, he could only see the side of her face. Her quietness made
him feel awkward, but he couldn’t tell how exactly it was awkward.

After shaking hands, the five players from the winning team walked to the front of the stage to
bow to the audience.

Lu Sicheng seemed absent-minded during the entire time. After bowing, he was the first one
to turn and walk back. As he was pondering how long Tong Yao could keep her silence, a
sudden squeak came from behind. He subconsciously turned around-- --

From the angle of the audience, what they saw was: After the five players from ZGDX bowed,
they turned to walk back; Lu Sicheng was first, Tong Yao second, Little Fatty third, followed by
Old Cat and Old K…...Little Fatty turned to chat with Old Cat as they walked and accidentally
stepped on the back of Tong Yao’s sandals. Tong Yao staggered and lost her balance, she
was about to fall to the ground……

At that second, Lu Sicheng who was walking in front abruptly turned around as if he had a pair
of eyes on his back. He stopped Tong Yao’s fall with his arms from behind and lifted her up
onto his shoulder like she was a huge toy.

The air seemed freezed at that very second.

The person, who was hanging face down from Lu Sicheng’s shoulder with one bare foot, was

Little Fatty, the culprit, was stupefied.

The entire audience was amazed.

It wasn’t until a shout broke the silence in the audience that Tong Yao lifted her head in a daze
from Lu Sicheng’s shoulder. She saw numerous cell phones and cameras aimed at them and
flashes lit up like stars in a dark night-- --

Lu Sicheng said to Tong Yao: “How can you fall walking on a flat surface? Are you calcium

Amid the man’s baritone voice, Tong Yao didn’t even have a chance to argue that it was his
support who had stepped on her sandal.


[Originally, we thought we’re here to watch a competition. We didn’t find out until the end that
we actually are here to watch a Korean drama…...Tsk, tsk, tsk, at that moment, tsk, tsk, tsk,
I’m even embarrassed to describe it. I only dreamt that kind of scene in my dreams when I
was 14.

…...I also want to trip accidentally, then be picked up by someone onto his shoulder.

My teenage heart thus wished.]

-- --from someone in the audience who wished to remain anonymous.

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 42 Part 3

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 42 Part 3

Lin Chuyan saw the bullet comments and couldn’t help himself from burying his head in his
arms and laughing.  Xiang Nuan took a look at him while she came back to base to recover
her champion’s health. She saw Lin Chuyan keeping his head low as his shoulders quivered.

She thought Lin Chuyan was acting strangely and asked: “What’s wrong with you?”

“It’s nothing.” Lin Chuyan answered with a smile.

His voice caused another wave of bullet comments. Some asked who was this young man
with such a pleasant voice. Some greeted him. Some urged him to sing.

Chen Yinghu explained to his fans: “Tomorrow, ‘It’s Nuannuan’ is going to have a one on one
against someone. I’m helping her do some practice tonight. Today’s stream probably will be
just our practice matches.”

Many fans were complaining that it would be quite boring if it was going to be a tutoring
session with the same two champions the whole night. Some threatened to leave and
some others had already left. The number of viewers kept dropping.

Xiang Nuan turned to check the comments on Lin Chuyan’s phone screen and felt very
sorry to Chen Yinghu. “Hu Ge, let Chuyan practice with me.”

“No, he’s not good enough.”

Lin Chuyan: = =

Chen Yinghu came up with a brilliant idea: “How about this, Chuyan will sing a song every
half hour then no one will feel bored. Type 1 in chat if you agree.”

The whole screen was covered with 1.

Lin Chuyan chuckled: “Alright.”

From that moment on till Lin Chuyan finished his first song, the bullet comments covered the
whole screen. After the song, most of the fans said: “Bye, Hu Ge, will be back in half hour.”

Chen Yinghu sadly discovered that there didn’t seem to be many true fans watching the stream.

Chen Yinghu and Xiang Nuan continued with their one on one session. Some fans stayed to
watch. After a while, some started dissing Xiang Nuan’s skill. Lin Chuyan blocked all of their

Half an hour later, the viewers suddenly surged in for another round of Lin Chuyan’s singing.

“What do you want to hear?” Lin Chuyan asked.

Most of comments said “Ifuudoudou.”[1]

Xiang Nuan had already stopped playing the game, because whenever Lin Chuyan sang,
she couldn’t concentrate on playing. She decided she might as well wait till he finished singing
then continue with her game. She came closer to watch the bullet comments on Lin Chuyan’s
cell phone and asked him: “What is Ifuudoudou?”

Lin Chuyan avoided her eyes and bit his lip: “I don’t know.”

Xiang Nuan’s attention was on the screen and didn’t see Lin Chuyan’s ears were turning red.

Fans who had heard Xiang Nuan’s question enthusiastically explained:

-- --Ifuudoudou is a very refreshing song! Excellent for showing off a singer’s voice!

-- --That’s right! Nuannuan, I beg you to ask Chuyan to sing Ifuudoudou! I’m willing to warm
your bed for you~ ~

-- --It’s a song that you shouldn’t miss out on!

[1]: A Japanese song by Umetora that’s full of sexual innuendo.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 56 Part 3

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 56 Part 3

Lu Yue used one hand to support his head and the other to eat Tong Yao’s cake as he watched the match on the screen-- --

The ban and pick phrase was over, both sides entered Summoner’s Rift.

Diana had difficulty in the early game. Her most useful ability could swing around the tank in the front and strike at the weaker champions behind. To play this champion well, the player had to have quick reactions, good map sense, and agile fingers. This was a champion who could change the outcome of the game in a split second.

After Tong Yao entered her lane, she was careful to not give the enemy many chances and concentrated on farming while using the corner of her eyes to constantly monitoring the mini map on the lower right corner on the screen-- --

When Tong Yao was level five and halfway to leveling, she sudden noticed the enemy mid and top had both teleported. There were two flashes of light at bot-- --

Tong Yao: “? ? ? ?”

Old Cat: “Damn, what’s happening? What’s wrong with their bot? No one’s reached level 6 yet, why the heck are they teleporting now?”

Old Cat hurriedly teleported as well.

Tong Yao had no choice but find a spot to teleport Diana as well-- --

In no time, ten players from both teams were gathered at bot.

“I just took a glance at their support, really, just one glance!” Little Fatty innocently called out: “Shit, just one glance, why so sensitive! Is one glance so serious that warrants a team fight? !”

“You didn’t just take a glance, you also used your hook.”

Lu Sicheng slowly reminded Little Fatty while avoiding enemy abilities. At this moment, Tong Yao and Old Cat also arrived. Old Cat’s champion placed a pillar separating the enemy’s mid and adc from their teammates. Tong Yao followed up and quickly took down the low health adc!

The other team wanted to retreat after their adc died. But Lu Sicheng didn’t give them the chance. His champion made a sudden turn and chased after the enemy’s top, shooting arrows at him-- --At this point of the game, none of the players were well equipped yet, the enemy’s top died easily. Only the enemy support, jungler, and mid were left, they were unable to turn the table against the five players of ZGDX……

In addition, Lu Sicheng still had full health at this point.

The team fight the enemy had initiated had placed them in a disadvantageous position.

Tong Yao didn’t use any abilities on the enemy mid and let Lu Sicheng have the kill. Lu Sicheng took a look at the person sitting right next to him: “Feeling generous today?”

Tong Yao didn’t bother to reply.

Old K, Old Cat, and Little Fatty were taking down the first dragon. Lu Sicheng, with three kills in hand, was thinking about going back to base when he saw another wave of minions were coming by. He decided to farm the minions so he could have another few hundreds more gold-- --As he was about to start farming, the moment the minions were pushing down, Tong Yao, who was recalling in a nearby bush, came out and slew all the minions.

Lu Sicheng: “......”

Many question marks appeared on Tong Yao’s minimap from her team’s adc. It is said that anyone who dared to steal minions from Lu Sicheng would already have three feet tall grass growing on top of their tomb.

Tong Yao leisurely went back to the bush and resumed recalling back to base as if she hadn’t seen all those question marks. Before her champion disappeared, amid the pinging question marks, she coldly said: “Tax.”

What the heck about taxes.

Little Fatty who had witnessed what had happened was laughing so hard that he was almost out of breath and collapsed in his chair. Lu Sicheng turned to look at Tong Yao frustratedly. If this was in any other ranked games, if anyone had stolen Lu Sicheng’s minions, he would probably never sprawn again from the spring once he had returned to base.

But right now, he didn’t say anything and simply returned to base and bought his items-- --

Little Fatty: “Finally, there’s someone who can bully you.”

Lu Sicheng: “Don’t you speak.”

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 42 Part 2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 42 Part 2

The map for duel was relatively simple, there was only one lane and no jungle. Each side
had a turret before the nexus. One won the match by destroying the turret, then the nexus.

Xiang Nuan’s Diaochan encountered Mulan at the space between the two turrets.

Xiang Nuan threw a flower ball at Mulan. Mulan came at her with a combo of moves and
killed Diaochan.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Chen Yinghu was embarrassed: “I didn’t mean to kill you. Sometimes,
my hands go ahead of my brain.”

Xiang Nuan: “......” She was surprised to see how Chen Yinghu handled Mulan.

To avoid widening the gap between the two sides, Chen Yinghu stopped farming minions
and went back to his own turret to wait for Xiang Nuan to revive. He said to Xiang Nuan:
“Let me introduce Mulan’s abilities to you first.”

Mulan was considered a warrior. She had two kinds of weapons: a large sword and a pair
of small swords. She could switch between these weapons and each weapon gave her
different attributes and abilities. She had a larger ability toolbox to perform different combos
and made her very versatile on the battlefield. All in all, Mulan’s abilities were quite
comprehensive, highly mobile, crowd control, crowd control immunity, damage reduction,
and could buff her own damage. Mulan could run, chase, fight, and defend, a perfect
well-rounded warrior.

The more Xiang Nuan listened, the more formidable Mulan sounded……

“But you don’t have to worry too much.” After introducing Mulan, Chen Yinghu turned the
tables by saying: “In a solo game, Diaochan can totally neutralize Mulan.”


“Because Mulan’s main ability to deal damage is when she has her large sword equipped.
In that form, Mulan’s bulky, slow. Diaochan moves rather flowingly and can easily get away
from Mulan. In addition, Diaochan has abilities that deal true damage and has lifesteal.”

“True damage” meant that any armor or damage reduction was ignored by that ability.

It was like the winter in the southern part of China, no matter how heavily one dressed, it
couldn’t protect one from the bone chilling coldness.

After Hu Ge’s analysis, Xiang Nuan had new respect for Diaochan.

-- --

Chen Yinghu had his stream as he played with Xiang Nuan. His fans found their idol playing
one on ones today. After a while, the fans discovered that it wasn’t really a one on one match
at all, it was more like a tutoring session. The two players used the same two champions over
and over for several matches. Hu Ge would teach his opponent during the match how to fight
against his champion more effectively. It seemed that all he wanted was to die.

However, the one who got slain was always someone by the id of “it’s Nuannuan.”

Most of the bullet comments were puzzled:

-- --Hu Ge’s helping a girl play?

-- --Even if you’re helping a girl play, but in one on one, don’t you have anything better to do?

-- --Isn’t this Nuannuan? What are you doing, Hu Ge? Are you trying to steal your friend’s

-- --Wait, wait, who’s Nuannuan? What do you mean stealing girlfriend? Gossip, please!

-- --Hu Ge, why isn’t Chuyan here?

-- --Who’s Chuyan then?

-- --Chuyan and Nuannuan are a couple, they were playing ranked games with Hu Ge before.
It looks like now Hu Ge is trying to steal Chuyan’s girlfriend……

-- --Chuyan, come quick, your wife’s going to run away with someone else!

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